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Scranton Tribune-Republican, Tuesday, December 20, 1910


Partridge, Warren G., Baptist, Penn Ave. Baptist, Scranton, PA, 1890-1895 now Pittsburgh, First Baptist, 309 Halkert St., formerly known as 4th ave. Baptist

Rev. James McCullough from NY Presby to succeed E. G. Fullerton, at First Church, Wilkes-Barre

Rev. F. B. Newman, from Presbyerian of North Brunswick, NJ, to be recieved for call to Tunkhannock

Rev. William Usher, disolves relationship with Uniondale and Mt. Pleasant

Rev.James Thompson, examined for charge at Lackawanna and Duryea Presbyterian


Teacher’s certificates issued by PA:

Nellie Lenahan,
Gertrude Weaver,
Kathryn Donnelly,
Nellie McAndrew, Olyphant.
Grace Bell position in Clarke Bros’ store, Olyphant

Lena Roche, Hill St., Archbald, stenographer DL&W company

Florence Nicholson, Jermyn, Baxter Bros. store, Jermyn

Jennie Wheeler, Jermyn, clerk, Place’s store, Mayfield

Real Estate:


To Ladies Aid Society, Honesdale Hospital, from Mrs. Alice Young Barnes, Oklahoma and Horace G. Young, Albany, NY

Arrest Warrant:

John E. Hughes. DL&W ticket agent, Orange, NJ, skipped 12/1 w/ $800, deserting wife and 2 children, age 24


M/M John Brown, W. Gibson St, sailed for Scotland on Sat., will return in April.


James Wynd and family from the Bissell Farm, to Frank Cleveland house on Turnpike St., Tunkhannock

M/M Byron Ace, Nicholson to Stroudsburg

Mrs. Howell Jones, N. Blakely st, yesterday to Grand Bay, AL


Marriage License Applications: Social & Personal:


Helen Jessie Parrish to Edwin Harold Clark, yesterday, at bride’s parents, M/M Justin E. Parrish, 839 Clay, Rev. Joseph H. O’Dell, 2nd Presbyterian, sis- Charlotte Parrish. Also mentioned: Miss Katherine Sheldon, Boston; Miss Esther M. Parrish, Mrs. J. E. Parrish, jr.; M/M Claude Rayfe, M/M T. J. Doyle, M/M E/ L. Parrish, Phildaelphia; M/M W. E. LeGrand, Ella LeGrand, Dr//M F. M. Parkin, Mrs. Margarte Aikman, M/M C. P. Hunt, Mrs. Ella Parrish, Mrs. C. F. Parrish, Anna Hunt, Ellswood Hunt, Judge/M H. A. Fuller, Laura Reilly, Julia Schwagger, all of Wilkes-Barre; M/M F. A. Clark, Robert Clark, Mrs. E. A. Clark, Mt. Holly, NJ; Judge/Mrs Davis Freeman, Savannah, GA; M/M J. E. Parrish, Jr., Montreal; Ester M. Parrish, Savannah, GA. Groom is son of {O. P. Clark}, Mrs. O. P. Clark, he works for Lackawanna RR, will reside 905 Mulberry St.

Miss Eva Millard and master Earle Richards have returned from a four months visit to relatives in Wisc and MN.

M/M Paul K. Holgate, married last week in NYC, have returned to Scranton and will reside in the Florence Apts, Adams Ave.

M/M C. E. Coursen, who were married several weeks ago in Rockaway, NJ will return to this city today.


Dietrick-Long, Scranton, Dec 17, 1910, Rev. J. S. Wrightnour, DD, Gertrude Long, Frederick Dietrick, both Scranton

Mumford-Foster, Carbondale, Dec 19, 1910, Rev. T. F. Hall, DD, Winfred H. Mumford,Honesdale, and Miss Lulu Foster, Carbondale

Clark-Parrish, in Scranton, Dec. 19, 1910, Rev. Joseph H. O’Dell, DD, at bride’s parents, Edwin Harold Clark, Miss Helen Jessie Parrish

Winfred H. Mumford, Honesdale, Lulu Foster, dau of Mrs. Lenora Foster, Park Place, Carbondale, Rev T. F. Hall, Fist M. E., attended by M/M Royal Foster, groom is connected to the local office of the Bell Telephone Co. (Carbondale news)


Clara L. McHenry, West Pittston, A. Everett McHenry, Infidelity, m-1906, granted by Judge George Ferris, Luzerne Co.

Abbie Thomas, Wilkes-Barre, W. D. Thomas, desertion, m-, ?, Luzerne CO.

Mary Lampkin, Wilkes-Bare, Frederick Lampkin, desertion

Divorce filed:

Leman O. Hopkins, Scranton, Aristine E. Hopkins, desertion, married at Perry, Wyoming Co, PA, 7/19/1888, wife ran off w/ theatre troop 6/16/1903

Harry G. Eyatt, Scranton, Mary Wyatt, desertion, married 12/2/1900, separated 1/12/1902

William M. Williams, Scranton, Viola F. Williams, desertion, married 1/10/1908, she left May 14, 1908



Harriet Bender, Thurs (12/15), step-daughter of M/M William T. Davis, Washburn St.

Miss Mary McNally, Luzerne St., Friday (12/16), 19


Michael Kalot, 50, 255 Elm St., Scranton, run down by engine at Pennsylvania Coal Co, Dunmore, yesterday


Thomas Mason, Blakely, Johnson #2, roof fall

Michael Lorimmeski, S. Washington ave, miner Bellvue mine, Saturday, knocked down by mine motor


Mrs. M. Phillips, Pittston, former resident of Wayne ave, N. Scranton


Transcribed and contributed by Richard M. Reese, 2001
December 1910 Continued

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