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The Providence Register

The Providence Register, Saturday, January 12, 1889

Our young friend Richard R. Cowles, who for the past two years has been with his brother, W. C. Cowles, in the hardware business, left on the first to take a commercial course at Wood's College.

Died, in Providence, Pa., January 8, 1889, Anne, wife of John Timlin, aged 35 years.  Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon and interment was made at Dunmore.  She is survived by a husband and six children.

During the wind storm on Wednesday evening last a house owned by Dennis Munly, at the Notch, was blown over and the furniture turned upside down. The kitchen stove rolled out the door.  Fortunately no serious damage was caused.

At a meeting of the Councils on Thursday evening the following persons were elected as delinquent tax collectors for this section of the city:  First and Second wards, John D. Evans; Third and Twenty-first wards, Thomas Quinan; Thirteenth ward, M. L. Fine.

The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Lewis deeply sympathize with them in the loss of their son, Stanley R., aged over two years, who died on Wednesday evening last, from malignant scarlet fever.  Interment was made in Dunmore cemetery yesterday morning.

At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Third National Bank Tuesday afternoon the following directors were elected: Messrs. Wm. Connell, James Archbald, John Jermyn, Alfred Hand, G. H. Catlin, Henry Belin, jr., and W. T. Smith.  The directors will meet next Monday to elect officers for the ensuing year.

The funeral of F. O. Slocum was held on Sunday afternoon last in the Presbyterian Church....The funeral was attended by members of Scranton Encampment, 31; Celestial, 833, of which he was a member...Lodges I. O. O. F.  The pall bearers were:  Messrs. Dickerson, Corwin, Tague, Meyers, Reynolds and Pierce, members of Celestial Lodge....Interment was made at Forest Hill.

The Providence Register, Saturday, March 30, 1889

The Providence line of the electric railway will be extended in a short time.

Married, in Providence, March 27, 1889, by Rev. George Forsyth, Evan Faulkner of Newark, N. J., and Miss Nora Emery, of Green Ridge.

Our Business Places--To give readers an idea of the number of business places in Providence and Green Ridge we print below a complete list of the mercantile places.

First Ward--Frank N. Aylesworth, Thos. Bromage, W. H. Barney, Carter & Co., C. E. Cooper, Clark & White, E. Dillon.,F. C. Day, James Devers, F. C. Fritz, Enos Flynn, Gerrity & Loftus, Henwood & Co., C. W. Hoyt, T. J. Harris, E. A. Knight, H. W. Loftus, Lewis Bros., T. J. Morgan, A. Mulley, G. S. Maloney, M. D. Osterhout, Finley Ross, W. B. Rockwell, F. G. Rarrick, H. J. Vail, J. D. White.

Second Ward--A. M. Atherton, A. W. Atherton & Son, W. B. Christmas, D. Corino, Joseph Duggan, J. M. Devers, B. Davis, W. D. Donne, T. J. Detweiler, M. J. Davis, Fenner& Chappel, Evan Gabriel, John Harris, John Hawks, Jordan Bros., D. D. Jones, H. T. Jackson, David Jehu, Andrew Johnson, T. D. Lewis, Wm. & J. H. Moore, J. Merkes, C. T. Miller, P. F. O'Hara, G. H. O'Donnell, Mrs. A. P. O'Donnell, R. E. Patterson, Ruane & Clark, R. J. Richardson, C. A. Robinson, F. B. Silkman, James Sunny, Terwilliger Bros., Finn & Van Bergan, A. E. White.

Third Ward--John Flynn, Lynott Bros.

Thirteenth Ward--A. C. Bailey, Conrd [Conrad?], Williams & Bro., Dunning, Tripple & Co., Green Ridge Lumber Co., Green Ridge Store Co., G. W. Hornbaker, J. F. Hangi, Hazard & Atherton, M. E. Hunt, S. S. Lee, Lewis W. Lewis, T. J. Madden, McPeck & Son, Newell & Baker, A. B. Reed, A. L. Spencer, E. C. Stevenson, I. E. Stedens, C. C. Simmons.

Personal--Col. Ira Tripp is ill.

Mrs. T. D. Lewis and two children are visiting relatives in Minersville.

Mrs. S. Osterhout, who has been ill for some weeks, is convalescent this morning.

Dr. Strang went to New York on Monday to meet Mrs. Strang who returns from Scotland, where she has been spending the winter.

The Providence Register, Saturday, July 6, 1889

St. Mary's Commencement Exercises--The sixth annual commencement exercises of St. Mary's Academy were held at St. Mary's Hall on last Tuesday afternoon....The distribution of prizes was as follows:

First division, First class--To Misses Katie Maloney, Winifred Lynch, Maggie Purcell, Maggie White, Libbie Neary, Lillie O'Donnell, Clara Grier and Mary Comerford.

A Class--Premiums awarded to Misses Nellie Bell, Bridget Manley, Celia Walsh, Celia Devers, Isabel Burns, Annie O'Malley, Masters John Gallagher, Michael Murtaugh and James Jordan.

B Class--Premiums awarded to Misses Mary O'Malley, Bridget O'Reilly, Nellie Tonnery, Katie Flynn, Annie Bell, Mary Malin, Mary Devers, Maggie Moran and Annie Leonard.

C Class--Premiums awarded to Misses Teresa Duggan, Maggie Burke, Annie Glynn, Katie Wells, Katie Ready, Eva Griffin, Mary May, Teresa Burnes, Sadie Coleman, Nora Comerford, Masters John O'Boyle, Anthony Regan, John Loftus, Patrick Flynn, Ed. O'Malley, John Lynott, James Bell, Willie Fitzgerald, Pius Sweeney.

Second Division, A Class--Premiums awarded to Misses Bridget Devine, Katie Lynott, Katie Ruddy, Maggie Evans, Nora Martin, Lizzie Mulherin, Fannie Hoban, Teresa Loftus, Masters Frank Loftus, John Sullivan, Edward Loftus, William Kivlin, Patrick Lynott, John Boland, Clement Pressman, Willie O'Donnell.

A military drill, a dialogue entitled, "Union and Liberty," a solo and chorus, "Hail to Our Banner," a polka, rendered by Misses Duggan, Moran, Burke, Devers, Griffin and Flynn, and a song "List to the Convent Bells" were the concluding numbers of the afternoon program.

The members of the anthracite Chautauqua Circle held their last meeting of the season at the residence of Mr. W. D. Kennedy on Friday evening of last week, where they enjoyed an excellent supper.  Those present were:  Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Hull, Mrs. Dr. VanCleef, Mrs. Dr. Chambers, Mrs. M. E. Berry, Mrs. H. M. Bookstaver, Misses Maggie and Mary Nicol, Florence Hull, Effie Davidson, Jennie Reynolds, Bertha VanCleef, Maggie Petrikin, Messrs. G. B. Davidson and J. H. Fisher.

The annual anniversary exercises of the Presbyterian Church were held on last Sunday morning....The Sunday School reports were also very satisfactory.  The following were elected officers of the same:  Col. F. L. Hitchcock, superintendent; Mr. T. F. Wells, esq., first assistant; Miss Maggie Nicol, second assistant superintendent; Mr. Gibson, secretary; Mr. J. A. Marvine, assistant; Mr. Hunt, treasurer; Mr. I. R. Nicols, librarian; Mr. Charles Carr, assistant.

Green Ridge Notes--Mrs. J. B. Farries and son are at Atlantic City.

Mr. G. A. Clearwater has returned from an extended southern trip.

Mrs. I. H. Burns and family are rusticating in Susquehanna County.

Miss Annie Robinson, of Capouse avenue, is home from Philadelphia for the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Addyman and children, of Monsey-avenue, spent the Fourth with Mrs. A. Coston, of Cherry Ridge.

Mrs. and Mrs. Charles Fowler are living for the present with her parents and will probably remain there during the summer months.

Married, in Green Ridge, Scranton, Pa., June 30, 1889, by Rev. N. F. Stahl, Mr. James J. Randolph of Scranton, and Miss E. Weidman, of Paterson, N. J. They will commence housekeeping at once at 1549 Penn-avenue.

The Providence Register, Saturday, February 8, 1890

If there is an ordinance relating to cows running at large no one seems to have the authority to enforce it in this locality.

By an explosion of gas in the Nottingham Colliery at Wilkes-Barre on Saturday last six men were killed and one seriously injured.

Adelade, aged six years, daughter of Wm. J. Williams, died on Monday morning last from membraneous croup.  Interment was made on Wednesday last.

Married, at the home of Mrs. G. Tyler, Feb 6, 1890, by Rev. Geo. E. Guild, Mr. Wm. Bell, of Scranton, and Mrs. S. A. T. Lillie, of Milanville, Wayne county, Pa.

Political Chatter--James Harris is a candidate for Constable in the Second Ward.

Mr. Alfred Parry is not a candidate for council in the Second ward.

Mr. Samuel Tilston is a candidate for Inspector of Election on the Republican ticket in the Second ward.

Henry P. Williams, Bernard Davis and George Sisco will seek the nomination for constable at the Second ward caucus this afternoon.

J. L. Lawrence, Wade M. Finn, David R. Davis and D. P. Birtley will contest for the Aldermanship of the Second ward at the caucus to be held this afternoon.

W. O. Miller is not a candidate for the nomination of Select council in the Second ward...The candidates are D. P. Thomas and J. U. Hopewell.

There is no truth in the report that J. L. Lawrence has withdrawn from the caucus for the nomination of Alderman in the Second ward.  He is a candidate in every sense of the word and is in the field to win.

A large and enthusiastic meeting of the Democrats of the First ward was held in St. Mary's Hall on Saturday evening last when the following ticket was placed in nomination:  Select Council, Edward Griffin; Common Council, Enos Flynn; School Controller, Joseph Silkman; Alderman, Thomas Young; Assessor, Jacob Johler; Judge of Election, Patrick Dempsey; Inspector, Daniel Silkman.

The Providence Register, Saturday, July 19, 1890

Mr. Harrry Samuels, clerk in Osterhout's store, and Miss Edith Davis, were married by Rev. J. E. Evans, at the home of Mr. Jack Danvers, on Thursday evening.

Died, in Scranton, Pa., July 13, 1890, Enos Leo, aged 8 months, son of Enos and Nellie Flynn.  The funeral was held on Tuesday afternoon last and interment was made at Hyde Park Catholic Cemetery.

Misses Kate Lutton and Bertha Longshore, of Hyde Park, spent Sunday last with Miss Mary Davies.

Mrs. Joseph Haldeman and daughter Lizzie are visiting friends and relatives at the Delaware Water Gap.

Miss Lena Nyhart has returned home after a pleasant visit with Miss Lydia Perkins, of Clark's Summit.

Mahlon, Charles and Austin Haldeman, of Oak-street, are visiting relatives in Lehighton and other places.

Chester A. Ingalls, of Boston, Mass., formerly of Providence, is in town visiting relatives and friends for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Couch and children, of Carbondale, spent Sunday last with her sister Mrs. A. J. Clark, Church-avenue.

Prothonotary Thos. H. Dale has been entertaining Mr. T. W. London and wife, of New Oregan, who are on their way home from an European trip, the past week.

The Providence Register, Saturday, October 18, 1890

Mrs. John Carter returned on Tuesday last from an extended trip through England.

Mrs. Wheeler, of Honesdale, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. M. A. Goodwin, on Monsey-avenue.

Mr. and Mrs. Van Fleet, of Oxford, N. Y., are guests at the home of Mr. Richard Williams, on East Market street.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams, of Gardner-avenue, lost an interesting little son by death on Tuesday last.  Interment was made in Forest Hill on Wednesday.

On Saturday last Mr. G. B. Monies celebrated his birthday.  His employees, to properly show their appreciation of his kindness to them, presented him with a handsome silk umbrella.

On Thursday morning a small house, owned by Lewis Huff and occupied by Wm. Martin, on Parker-street, was entirely destroyed by fire....Niagra Hose company responded promptly and rendered good service.

The following are the newly [elected?]officers of the Samuel Randall Democratic Club for the ensuing year:  President, E. A. Knight; Vice President, M. J. Walsh; Recording Secretary, James Flynn; Financial Secretary, John Jones; Treasurer, James May; Sargeant-at-arms James Flynn.

The Providence Register, Saturday, November 15, 1890

Benj. Wells, of East Benton, visited friends in Providence on Wednesday.

Misses Emma and Clara Richmond have returned from a pleasant visit with friends at Canton, Mass.

Patrick Flynn has returned to Providence after an absence of nine years at Butte City, Montana.

Mrs. D. B. Atherton will leave for Wilkes-Barre today where she will remain for two weeks.

Mrs. N. P. Osterhout and children left on Monday for Philadelphia where they will reside hereafter.

Miss Phoebe McDonnell, who is attending school in New York state, is visiting at her home on Main-avenue.

D. W. Griffin, of Glenburn, visited his old friends in the North End on Wednesday.  While here he signed the petition for a pave in front of his property.

Green Ridge Notes--Mr. and Mrs. James Atherton spent Sunday last with friends at Glenburn.

Married, at the home of the brides father on Madison avenue, November 12, 1890, by the Rev. F. A. Chapman.  Mr. Henry E. Moore and Miss Nettie D. Griffin, both of Scranton.

S. G. Dilley, having moved from this city to Rochester, N. Y., where he will permanently reside, has resigned the superintendency of the M. E. Sunday School.  Mr. Austin Swartz has been elected to fill the unexpired term.

The Providence Register, Saturday, December 13, 1890

Mrs. J. D. Evans is recovering from a severe illness.

George McDonnell, who has been sick for several weeks, was out on the street yesterday.

A little great-grand-child of Mr. John Staples, Wm. B. Coleman, aged 5 months, died on Thursday.

On last Saturday morning Mrs. Edward Murphy, of Putnam street, fell upon the icy sidewalk and broke her leg.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shotten began housekeeping yesterday in Mrs. N. P. Osterhout's house on Oak street.

Mr. Valentine Birtley, a highly respected citizen of the North End, has been quite poorly for the past few weeks.

Mrs. J. B. Casterline, of Syracuse, is visiting her parents, on Church avenue.

Mr. E. W. Weston's condition is very much improved at this writing, Friday evening.

Mr. Ambrose Mulley and John McDonnell have been in New York during the past week.

Dr. W. P. DeLacy is now able to attend to his business after an illness of several weeks.

Messrs. A. B. and H. G. Dunning and J. H. Moore have returned from a visit to New York.

Died, in Scranton, Pa., December 7, 1890, Mrs. Bridget Flynn, wife of Michael Flynn, aged 70 years.

Mrs. W. M. Briggs has moved her household effects to Carbondale where she will reside in the future.

Mrs. James W. Pike, of Washington, D. C., has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Burgess, on Court street, during the past week.

The Providence Register, January 24, 1891

Mr. Uriah McDonnell has been ill the past week.

W.B. Rockwell and F.B. Ward have returned from a pleasant trip to Lake Superior.

Mrs. Bryden, of Carbondale, has been visiting Mrs. O.P. Miller during the past week.

Mr Wm. Chappell, of the Ready Pay Stores,  has been in Boston during the last week on business.

Mr. Enos Flynn has returned from Pittsburgh whither he went to be treated for neuralgia.  He has been cured.

The Misses Atherton, of North Main avenue, have returned from an extended visit with friends ;in Washington and Baltimore.

Married, in Dickson City at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Loyd, Jan. 22, 1891, by Rev. Geo. E. Guild, Mr. William H. Tennis and Miss Mary Dell Richmond, both of Jermyn.

Rev. R.S. Jones, of Philadelphia, has received and accepted a unanimous call to the pastorate of the Puritan Congregational Church.

Rev. J.A. Evans, late pastor of the Welsh Baptist Church, of this place, has moved to Sharon, of this state, where it is understood he has accepted a call.

A sleighing party composed of Misses Amy and Anna Mulley, Miss Jennie O'Hara, Miss Bridget Walsh, Mrs. John McDonnell, Miss Mamie Fitch,  Miss Phoebe McDonnell, Miss Fanny Boyce, Miss Myra Clark, Miss Jennie Mitchell went Tuesday evening to Factoryville Hotel where a most enjoyable time was had by all.

The Providence Register, January 31, 1891

Mr. A.J. Clark is about again after a week's illness.

Mr. and Mrs. S.R. Henwood will spend Sunday at Honesdale.

Miss Gertie Blackmore, of Wilkes Barre, visited Mrs. D.D. Jones on Thursday last.

Rev. R.S. Jones, D.D., and wife visited friends in Taylorville during the past week.

Miss Fannie Wilson, of Danville, is visiting her sister, Mrs. B.S. Robinson on Main avenue.

Mrs. Thomas Fallon, of Oswego, N.Y., as been visiting Mr. Enos Flynn on Market Street the past week.

The Misses Hattie Dennison and May Fredricks, of West Pittston, spent a part of this week with North End friends.

Miss Carrie Dickerson , of New Jerssy, sister of G.A. Dickerson of the Ready Pay Stores, is visiting at O.P. Miller's, Church avenue.

S.M. Corson, the D.&H. Station agent, was 50 years old yesterday and last evening a surprise was tendered him by his wife and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Winton will leave on Monday next for an extended trip through the South and East.

On Saturday last the sad news came that Mr. James Vessey, a former resident, had been killed at Olyphant.  The story proved to be true.  He had gone to draw his pay and while crossing the track at Grassy Island he was struck by a trip of cars and his neck was broken.  He is survived by an invalid wife and three children.  Interment was made on Tuesday last.

The Providence Register, Saturday, March 14, 1891

Miss Blanche Silkman left on Monday for a visit to New York City.

Mr. Herbert Frear, of Peckville, visited C.W. Benjamin during the past week.

Mr. Jacob Bloom has been confined to his room the past week with rheumatism.

Miss Lydia Rogers, of Clarks Summit, spent Thursday with friends in this section.

Miss Lulu Haywood, of Hyde Park, visited Miss Lula Clark, of Church avenue, yesterday.

Patrick Flynn, formerly of this place, but now of Butte City, Montana, is visiting relatives and friends here.

Mr. Ambrose Mulley, and daughter, Miss Anna and Miss May Albright, returned on last Saturday evening from a trip to the Florida coast.

Mr. S.P. Fenner, wife and son have been in Rochester during the past week and while there attended the golden wedding Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fenner.

Silas E. White, of Mulley's Store, will leave Providence about April first and go to Gibson, Susquehanna County, where he will engage in business for himself.

The Providence Register, Saturday, April 4, 1891

Mssrs. E.E. Teal and R.W. Kellow will spend Sunday at the Wyoming Conference at Waverly, N.Y.

Miss Lizzie Kellow returned home tuesday after a pleasant visit with friends in Carbondale.

The members of the Lackawanna Art Association met at the residence of Mr. Thomas E. Jones on Wednesday.

A. L. Jones, of the D. & H. C. Co. office, has moved his family to Scranton and is now located on Adams avenue.

Mr. George Bigelow, for four years employed in Mr. Ambrose Mulley's triple stores, and Mr. Ira Stevens, another clerk at the same store, have assumed the management of the store of the Fuller Brothers on Capouse avenue and Marion street.  They have purchased the stock and interest of the Fullers and gone into business on their own account.

The funeral of the late Mrs. Leslie, of New York street, took place Saturday at eight o'clock and was quite largely attended.  Interment was made at Montrose.

Mr. Will Stevens, late of the L.I. & C. Co. store, will be in business at the stand recently owned by Pierce & Holgate, after April 9th.

The Providence Register, Saturday, April 18, 1891

On Thursday Judge Connolly granted a non-suit in the case of Oscar White against the city.

John Gibbons is suffering from injuries received by a barn which he was raising falling upon him.

A.J. Clark, of Clark  & LaMonte, has been confined to his house the past week with rheumatism.

A beautiful and convenient soda water fountain, made by A.D. Puffer Sons, has been put in position during the past week at Lewis' drug store.

On Thursday evening Mayor Fellows, under the new act, appointed the present efficient Chief of the Fire Department, H.R. Madison. Mr. Madison has proved himself to be a model Chief.

A new cash register has just been placed in the hardware store of W.C. Cowles.  It is one of the prettiest pieces of furniture of its kind that was ever manufactured.

The Providence Register, Saturday, June 13, 1891

Remember that you can get Fresh Bread, Cakes and Pies daily at C.W. Hoyt's Bakery, Market street.

For Sale--a good, fresh milk cow.  Full blooded Jersey, six years old.  Will be sold cheap for spot cash.  Inquire of Mrs. Bridget Neary, Whale street, Providence, Pa.

Arrangements have been made to have an excursion for the benefit of the Home of the Good Shepherd.  Committees have been appointed throughout the city.  P.R. Ruane and Enos Flynn have been selected from the Holy Rosary.

A new fire company has recently been organised in the Third ward and the following officers have been elected; President, John J. Costello; Secretary, William Hopkins; Treasurer, Joseph Stewart.  A committee of the following gentlemen was chosen to bring the matter of admission to the Fire Department of the city before the Council:  Patrick O'Malley, A.T. O'Boyle, James
Hopkins and Joseph Stewart.

The cozy home of select councilman, O.P. Miller, on Church avenue, was the scene of a pleasant time on Thursday evening, when his daughter, Miss Jessie, was united in holy wedlock, to Mr. G.A. Dickerson, head clerk at Fenner  & Chappell's large store.Rev. George E. Guild performed the ceremony.  After congratulations had been extended and the usual wedding feast enjoyed the happy young couple were driven to their already newly-furnished home on East Market street, where they will commence house-keeping.

The Providence Register, Saturday, June 20, 1891

The Commencement exercises of the Holy Rosary Academy will be held at St. Mary's Hall, Market street, on Friday next.  The following named young ladies compose the graduating class:  Misses Winifred Lynch, Katie Maloney, Nellie Bell, Libbie Neary, B. Manley.

The Providence Register, Saturday, August 8, 1891

Mrs. Wm A. Price has returned to Spring Brook.

C. M. Maynard visited his father at Harford on Thursday.

Rev. Geo. E. Guild is enjoying his vacation in New York state.

An infant daughter of Enos and Nettie Flynn died on Wednesday last.

W. D. Kennedy and family have returned from a visit to Asbury Park.

Mrs. Donald McPerson, of Washington, D.C., is visiting her parents at Capouse works.

Thomas R. Williams, of Atherton & Co. stone store, is able to be on duty again after a brief illness.

Misses Jennie and Alice Ziegler, who have been visiting friends at Towanda, have returned home.

Col. Ira Tripp, one of the oldest and best known residents of theis valley, died suddenly at his late home on Monday evening last, at the age of 77 years. Ira Tripp was the second son of Isaac and Catherine LaFrance Tripp, and was born January 6, 1814, in the old township of Providence.  Isaac Tripp, his great-grand-father, moved with his family from Providence, Rhode Island, and was one of the first settlers in the Wyoming valley, locating in Wilkes-Barre in 1769.  He was killed by the Indians while foddering his cattle. Ira Tripp spent his youth on his father's farm, and his educational facilities were limited to the common schools of Providence.  In February, 1838, he married Rosanna G., daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Shoemaker, of Wyoming  They had two sons and one daughter, all of whom passed away before the hale old gentleman.

The Providence Register, Saturday, July 2, 1892

The family of T. D. Lewis go to Lake Winola today to occupy their Hiawatha cottage.

Dr. J. J. Sullivan returned home on Thursday evening from a short but pleasant trip to Ireland.

Miss Nellie Bell, who is a student at the Normal School at Mansfield, is home spending the summer vacation.

Mrs. W. H. Sadler and children have returned home from a sojourn of several weeks in New York state.

Mr. Linus Shook and family will spend the Fourth of July with his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Doran, at Lenox, Susquehanna Co.

S. B. Robinson and family will go to Lake Winola next Wednesday where they will occupy their new cottage for several weeks.

The Parlor Concert Thursday evening at the Providence Presbyterian Parsonage, under the auspices of the Endeavor Society, attracted a fine audience.  The programme which included Miss Lizzie Webb, Miss Rebecca Harris, Mrs. Powell, Mr. Fred Widmeyer and Rev. R. Sirhowy Jones, was of recognized excellence. Miss Webb's performance on the piano evinced her musical genius and cultivation.

The Providence Register, Saturday, July 23, 1892

Floyd Fuller, son of Re. M. D. fuller, has been lying dangerously ill during the past week.  At this writing, Friday evening, he is somewhat improved.

There will be regular services in the Providence M. E. Church tomorrow morning and evening.  On account of the illness of Floyd Fuller the bell will not be tolled.

The body of the late John Flynn, who died in Ireland Monday, was shipped from Liverpool Wednesday.  Mr. Enos Flynn and the deceased's widow, son and daughter accompany his remains.

C. F. Kline has removed his meat market to Roger's old stand, 111 West Market Street, where he will be pleased to meet his customers.

The Providence Register, Saturday, July 30, 1892

The remains of Mr. John Flynn, who died while on a visit to the old country, arrived in this city on Wednesday.  Interment was made on Thursday.

Mr. Enos Flynn, the Market street merchant, who left for a trip to Ireland three weeks ago, was compelled to return home on account of the death of his brother.

Alderman Williams was thrown from his carriage on Sunday last and received painful injuries about the head and shoulders.  He is convalescent.

Mrs. Thomas Hughes, aged thirty-two years, died at her home on Market street on Monday evening last.  Interment was made at Forest Hill on Wednesday.

We learn from reliable authority that Mr. J. L. Atherton, who has been superintendent of the Manville colliery for some years, has been promoted to Assistant Supertintendent of the D. & H. Coal Department, in place of J. M. Chittenden, who has been seriously ill for some months.  Mr. Atherton has been in the employ of the D. & H. for about thirty years and in being promoted to his present position the officials of the company know that they have just the right man in Mr. Atherton.  Mr. B. B. Atherton has taken the position made vacant by Mr. Atherton as outside superintendent of Manville mines.

The Providence Register, Saturday, October 22, 1892

Captain W. B. Rockwell has returned from an extended tour through the west and was present at the drill of Co. H on Tuesday evening.

Wanted, a good, stout boy, about 16 years of age, to learn the blacksmithing trade.  Good position and good wages.  Inquire at Wm. Bright's carriage shop.

Samuel McEachen, of this city, is one of the directors of the newly chartered Shamokin and Mt. Carmel Electric Railway company, with a capital stock of $100,000.

Police Officer Alma Palmer and Miss Ann Jenkins, both of this section of the city, were married at Binghamton on Thursday afternoon.  They will commence housekeeping at once.

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Sanders have issued invitations to the fifteenth anniversary of their marriage, to take place at their new home, 1505 Church avenue, on Monday evening, October 31, 1892.

The Providence Register, Saturday, January 21, 1893

Mrs. F. C. Fritz, of Church avenue, is visiting friends in Rochester.

Captain Wm. May has been elected president of the Scranton Board of Trade.

Mrs. Vail has been very sick with pneumonia at the home of her daughter, Mrs. --to [Otto?] Meyers, on Church avenue.

Died, in Providence, Scranton, Pa., January 17, 1893, Patrick Neary, aged 93 years.  The funeral services took place at the residence of P. A. Rowland, West Market street, on Thursday.

Niagra Hose Company Officers--At a meeting of the members of Niagra Hose Co., No. 7, held on Thursday evening last, the following officers were elected: President, E. Evans; Vice President, Wm. Kline; Secretary, W. J. Lewis, Jr.; Treasurer, Wm. A. Mulley; Foreman, M. V. Morris; Assistants, Rees Evans, P. J. Dempsey; Pipemen, Bernard Davis, W. White, Wm. Zimmerman, S. B. Robinson; Axemen, Wm. A. Mulley, M. W. Adams; Trustees, S. B. Robinson, J. Weathers, W. H. Thomas.  During the past year the company laid 5650 feet of hose.

The Providence Register, Saturday, June 17, 1893

Louis Fuller, son of Rev. M. D. Fuller, the Providence M. E. church, was married in St. Louis Park, Minn., one day last week to Miss Minnie Hamilton.

Orton Jackson, of the United States Navy, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. --S. Jackson [illegible first initial], Weston Place.  He is one of the graduating class of '93 at Annapolis.

Word has reached us from the West announcing the marriage of Dr. T. W. Kay and Miss Edna Fuller, daughter of Rev. M. D. Fuller, of the Providence M. E. church.

Mrs. Byron Winton has returned from a short trip to New York City.  Her daughter Annie Bell, a student in a school near Boston, returned with her for the summer vacation.

Mrs. Ann Moran has begun an action against the Scranton Traction company to recover $10,000 for the death of her husband who was killed on the Providence line, near the Providence M. E. church, one year ago yesterday.

Leonard P. Smith, one of the best known men of this valley, died at his home in Bulls Head on Sunday last after an illness of several months.  Funeral services were held on Wednesday afternoon and interment was made in Dunmore cemetery.

O. P. Miller will leave on Monday next for Atlantic City where he will attend the Supreme Conclave of the Improved Order of Heptasophs.  He will represent Providence Conclave No. 195.  J. F. Hangl will represent Green Ridge Conclave No. 199.

The commencement exercises of Holy Rosary Academy, Providence, will take place on Thursday, June 29, 1893, at 7:30 p.m.  The graduating class consists of Misses Cecelia Walsh, Annie Bell, Cecelia --vers [first letter illegible], Mame Flynn, Mary Grady, Maggie --oran [Moran?] and Kate Wells.

Miss Lena Clark is ill at her home on Wood street and confined to her bed.

George Stansbury has sold his Main avenue property to the West Ridge Coal Co.

Mrs. A. M. Holvey, of West Pittston, will address the meeting at the North End Reading tomorrow afternoon....

The meat market of J. H. Armstrong is now in excellent shape and supplied with all the best meats in the market.  Mr. Armstrong has Rush Brader and John Hoyt associated with him in charge of the delivery wagons and they understand their business.

The demonstration connected with the unveiling of the Washington monument on the Fourth of July by the P. O. S. of A. promises to be a grand success.  All the civic societies throughout the valley have been invited to participate and many have declared their intentions to take part.

Dr. Furman B. Gullick, one of the best known physicians in this city, committed suicide at an early hour yesterday morning at his home on Wyoming avenue....

The Providence Register, Saturday, September 2, 1893

This Year's Inter-State Fair--September 12, 13, 14 and 15 are the dates of the Inter-State fair to be held in Scranton this year.  Premiums to the amount of $3,000 and speed purses to the amount of $3,000 have been offered. Additional buildings have been erected on the grounds this season and it is expected that the exhibition will be one of the finest in its various departments of any seen on the grounds of the Lackawanna Agricultural society.

Clark's Tunnel Colliery--The colliery known as the Clark tunnel breaker, toward the Notch to the right of West Market street, as you approach the mountain, which has been operated by various parties during years past and recently by Mr. James Flynn, has been leased by him to M. C. Carr, who will make some improvements and continue operations.  The colliery is among the smallest in the anthracite region, having a capacity of about 150 tons daily.  The colliery has no direct connection with any railway.  Its product has hitherto gone to the Green Ridge Glass Factory, but since that institution has adopted gas as a fuel, anthracite has been discarded and bituminous coal is needed instead, and another outlet for the product will be found.  The tract worked by the Clark Tunnel Company is not large, though the coal is among the best in the valley.  The two lower veins yet remain to be worked.

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Soper and children have returned home from a trip to Walton, N. Y.

Miss May Mason, of Sanderson avenue, has returned home from a pleasant [trip?] to the seashore.

F. E. Nettleton has broken ground and will erect a handsome new house on Washington avenue, next to A. L. Spencer.

William Woodhouse, aged 16 years, was hit by a D. & H. engine near the Manville breaker on Monday last and instantly killed.

D. E. Neeld has moved into his new and beautiful home on Columbia avenue, in the First ward.  We hope that he and his companions will live long to enjoy the pleasantness of their own fireside.

The new and beautiful Asbury M. E. church will be dedicated on Sunday, September 10 with imposing ceremonies.  Among those who will be present and participate are Bishop Fitzegerald, Dr. Couch, and Dr. R. R. Doherly.

John Cochrane, jr., died on Saturday last at the home of his parents on Breaker street after a short illness with typhoid fever. He was 14 years of age....

The Providence Register, Saturday, September 16, 1893

Providence Heptasophs--Providence conclave, No. 195, Improved Order of Heptasophs, held an interesting meeting on last Tuesday evening and the following officers were also elected for the ensuing year:  Past Archon, I. A. Reichart; Archon, W. B. Hendricks; Provost, Lewis Huff; Secretary, A. B. Munn; Financier, B. B. Atherton; Treasurer, George Griffin; Inspector, Irwin Gearhart; Prelate, T. E. Potter; Warden, William S. Maye; Sentinel, Thomas Kennedy; Trustees, B. S. Robinson, George Griffin and I. A. Reichart.

Postmaster Vandling has recovered from his illness and is now at his post.

A Good Entertainment--The Father Whitty Society have a most enjoyable entertainment in Co. H armory on Wednesday evening for the reception of the trophies won in the competitive drill at the Driving Park on September 9, 1893.  The following programme was rendered:

Opening and Welcome--Rev. N. J. McManus
Instrumental Duet--Misses Annie and Mary Grady
Speaker of the Evening--Hon. P. P. Smith
Vocal Solo--Miss Sadie Dougherty
Instrumental Solo--Mr. Charles Berry
Recitation--Miss Nellie Duggan
Piano Solo--Miss Mamie Johnson
Presentation--Mr. John H. Devine, President,--T.A.U. [first initial illegible]
Receptance--Rev. N. J. McManus
Vocal Solo Miss Selina Noon [Noone?]
Recitation--Mr. James H. Taggart
Remarks--Hon. T. V. Powderly
Clarinet Solo--Mr. M. J. Murphy
Surprise--Capt. J. E. Moran
Vocal Solo--Miss Gertie McEachen
Comments--Ezra H. Ripple, Capt. James Moir
Vocal Solos--Will F. Burke, Chas. Connolly

The Providence Register, Saturday, October 7, 1893

Our old and esteemed townsman, Mr. Alfred Pitt, is dangerously ill at the home of his daughter, Mrs. T. S. Morgan, Church avenue.

Charles Henwood and W. C. Cowles have returned from the World's Fair and both are loud in their praises of the magnitude of same.

Rev. R. S. Jones, D. D., of the Congregational church, and Rev. W. F. Davies, of the Welsh Baptist church, will make an exchange at the service tomorrow.

The home of John Roland, Albright Avenue, was badly damaged by fire on Tuesday afternoon.  In three different place it was discovered that kerosene had been placed.

Father Matthew's Day will be appropriately observed in this section on Tuesday evening next by a social in St. Mary's Hall under the auspices of the St. Mary's T. A.  [Total Abstinence] Society.

Died, in Providence, Scranton, Pa., Sept. 30, 1883 [ I think this is a typesetting error and should read "1893"], Hannah Flynn, mother of Michael Flynn, aged 91 years.  She was the oldest person living in the Providence section of the city.

In The Register last week alluding to the committee appointed by the Board of Trade at the last meeting the names of Wm. Chappell and Marvin P. Carter were unintentionally omitted.

William D. Davis, aged 62 years, died at his home on Green street, on Providence, on Thursday afternoon.  He was a member of the Ivorites*.  The funeral service will be held tomorrow afternoon.

The rails have been connected, the switches put in place and the trolley wire suspended and now we have a complete system of electric railway from South Scranton to Archbald, twelve miles up the valley.

*NOTE: The Ivorites formal title was the Philanthropic Order of True Ivorites, St David's Unity. They were a Welsh established secular society imported from Wales. They were linked to improvement and benevolent societies and cultural organisations. The were a large number of 'lodges' in Scranton in the 1890s.

Glen Jenkins

The Providence Register, Saturday, November 3, 1894

The pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Manley, of Brick avenue, was the scene of an enjoyable gathering on Wednesday evening, the occasion being a surprise to their daughter, Miss Bee....

The Cambrian Glee Society, consisting of about thirty-five members, has been organized for the purpose of competing at the eisteddfod to be held in Forest City on Christmas.  Wm. J. Owens is the president; David Smith, vice president; R. Thomas, jr., secretary; John Stopford, treasurer; W. D. Watkins, conductor; Griffith Davis, assistant conductor.

A large force of men began work on the excavation for the foundation of the new St. Joseph's Polish Lithuanian church on Monday and nearly all the ground has been removed.  About fifty men were at work, all members of the congregation, and they worked with a vim that showed great enthusiasm in their desire to obtain a place of worship.

The cave-in affecting the surface over the workings of Von Storch slope in the Keiser Valley section continued working to some extent up to yesterday, and the edge of the Cayuga culm pile on the eastern side of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western tracks was slightly disturbed.  The section affected by the squeeze extends over a rather extensive area, but very little of this space is where there are buildings.

Miss Lizzie Morgan, of Kingston, is visiting her aunt, Mr. D. P. Thomas, Church avenue.

Miss Mary Flynn, of West Market street, delightfully entertained a number of friends on Wednesday evening.

John Andrews, one of the oldest residents of the Providence section of the city, died on Thursday evening.

Charles Reily, aged 63 years, died at his home on Margaret avenue on Thursday.  Interment will be made this morning.

Miss Mary Vaughn, of Pittston, a daughter of William Davis, of Green street, died yesterday morning after a short illness.

The many friends of Miss Jennie Fields tendered her a pleasant surprise on Wednesday evening at her home on Thompson street.

General election returns will be received at the Postal telegraph station in Jacobs' store on Tuesday evening.  Operator Greely will read the reports as they come in.

H. W. Putney, who has been with J. H. Teal, the jeweler, for the past five years, has gone to New Brunswick, N. J., where he has secured employment at his trade.

The Providence Register, Saturday, April 13, 1895

The land keeps settling in the neighborhood of the Prospect Place tract.  On last sunday evening a portion of Clearview street, near Atherton's livery, fell in, leaving a hole about fifteen feet in diameter and nearly five feet in depth.

W. W. Adams, for many years a resident of the North End, was buried on Wednesday from his home in South Scranton.  Rev. George E. Guild officiating.  Mr. Adams was a member of Lieut. Ezra Griffin Post and that organization had charge of the funeral services.

John J. Roland, aged 32 years, a prominent young man of this section of the city, died on Saturday last after a few days' illness. He was a member of Excelsior Hose company.  Interment took place on Monday and a large concourse of friends followed the remains to the grave.

At the meeting of the Father Whitty Society last Sunday afternoon the following officers were elected for the ensuing term: President, George G. Weathers; vice president, J. E. Lynott; corresponding secretary, J. T. white; Treasurer, Edward George; superintendent, L. H. Burns; Sergeant-at-Arms, C. P. Stewart; librarian, E. A. Saltry; major, P. T. May; captain, Company A, C. P. Stewart; Company B, T. J. Mason; Company C, T. J. Biglin.  The dramatic branch of the society are making the most active arrangements for producing the stirring comedy-drama "Strife" at St. Mary's hall on the evening of May 6, the event to be followed by a social.

"A Fisherman's Luck"--a drama with the above title will be presented at Co H armory on next Monday evening by the Keystone Literary Club, under the management of the Electric Social Club.  The following is the cast of characters:  J. E. Moran, G. J. Wethers, J. J. Campbell, C. F. Connolly, J. J. Evans, Lawrence Burns, Helen Duggan, Miss Mamie Kevelihan, Miss Maggie Thornton, Miss Maggie L. Mahon....[names of the play's characters omitted--ed.].

James Silkman, on of the oldest and best-known residents of this section of the city, died at the home of his brother, Mr. John Silkman, North Main avenue, on Tuesday morning last at abut 2 o'clock, at the age of 64 years and 27 days.  Deceased had been ill for some months but was only confined to his home for a few weeks.  About two years age he suffered a light stroke of paralysis from which he never fully recovered.  He is survived by four children, a son living in New York, and Mrs. Charles Knapp, of Weston Place, and Misses Libbie and Grace.  The funeral services were held on Thursday afternoon and interment was made in Forest Hill cemetery.  Rev. George E. guild conducted the services.  The pall-bearers were George Wilder, J. K. Smith, R. W. Woodworth, C. S. Von Storch, W. B. Christmas and Amasa Palmer.

The Providence Register, Saturday, July 20, 1895

George Jackson is at Mt. Gretna.

Miss alma Pearce is visiting in Derby, Conn.

Mrs. C. B. Wescott, of Church ave., is visiting in Montrose.

Henry Atherton is visiting with friends in Binghamton.

Miss Elsie McDonnell is visiting friends in Wilkes-Barre.

Miss Blanche Halstead, of Oak street, is at Crystal Lake.

Mrs. S. R. Henwood visited Honesdale during the past week.

Miss Jessie Kiefer, of Summit avenue, is visiting friends in Canada.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henwood have been at Mansfield the past few days.

A delightful social was held on the lawn of A. H. Keisling last evening.

Miss Bessie Williams, of School street, is visiting friends in Baltimore.

W. H. Squires, of Binghamton, is a guest at the residence of E. A. Reynolds.

Mr. and Mrs. William Pearce are at Sayre, Pa., visiting their son, Richard C. Pearce.

The Misses Mame Grady and Mame Flynn are visiting with friends at Corning, N. Y.

Misses Hannah and Elizabeth Williams, of School street, are visiting friends in Washington, D. C.

Miss Lou Hughes, book-keeper for A. M. Atherton & Co., has returned home after a two weeks' vacation.

Mrs. Stephen Chappell, of Hagerstown, Md., is visiting her mother, Mrs. M. E. Thomas, West Market street.

The congregations of the Puritan Congregational and Welsh Congregational churches, the former being an offspring of the latter, held a union service in the edifice of the former last Sunday morning.  The occasion was made memorable by the presentation by the parent church of the handsome triple window that adorns the front of the new structure....Committee on Window: Messrs. Samuel Daniels, William B. Jones, Luther Edwards, Henry Jenkins, David H. Price, Thomas Thomas, David H. Reese, John Henry, David D. Lewis and Thos. J. Evans.

Short addresses were made by Rev. Mr. Matthews, Mr. Isaac Price and Mr. John Grier....

Transcribed and provided by Anne Tullar, 2001-2.

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