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The Providence Register
The Providence Register, Saturday, February 29, 1896

For Fire Department Chief--The many friends of ex-councilman O. P. Miller, of the Second ward, are making a strong fight to have him appointed Chief of the Fire Department under the incoming administration of Mayor Bailey.  Mr. Miller has been a very prominent and active fireman for the past twenty-five years and has filled every position, even as to district chief.  He is now and has been since its organization a member of Liberty Hose company No. 2, and no man in the department ever rendered more vauable services than Mr. Miller....

Resolutions of Condolence--At a meeting of the Y. P. S. C. E. of the North Main Avenue Christian church held last Sunday evening the following resolutions were adopted as a tribute of respect to the memeory of the late William Moore, who died February 16th [ resolutions omitted--ed.]. Committee:  E. A. Biddleman, Evan McGennis, Mame Drown.

Green Ridge Notes

George Mitchell made a business trip to Syracuse during the past week.

H. L. Burdick, of Capouse avenue, has been seriously ill during the past week.

Miss Sadie Bender entertained a number of her young friends on Thursday evening.

Fred Seely, of Honesdale, has moved to Green Ridge and occupies a residence on New York street.

Rev. H. G. Russell and wife, of Wilkes-Barre, visited their son. W. H. Russell, during the past week.

Miss Sadie Monies, of Kansas, was a guest at the old homestead on East Market street during the past week.

W. H. Evans, of Richmond Park, was tendered a birthday surprise party on Thursday evening by a number of his friends.

Hebert E. Dolph gave a party on Monday evening to his cousin, Miss Hazel Hessler, who left for Patterson, N. J., on Tuesday morning.

H. M. Walton, who has been with the New England Life Insurance company for a number of years, has resigned and accepted a position with another company.

Miss Lizzie Tillou has returned from a visit to New Jersey.

[End of Green Ridge items]

Miss Mame Lewis, daughter of Mrs. T. D. Lewis, accompanied Mrs. Sallie Murray to Minersville, Pa., on Tuesday, where she will visit for some time.

Applicants for Licenses-Below will be found a list of the persons who have applied for licenses in this locality.  It will be noticed that in a number of cases it is proposed to ask for new houses.


Martin Clark, 118 W. Market street.
Thos. Harrington, 2825 Marvin street.
Harry P. McCabe, Amelia avenue.
John Koch, Driving Park.
John Walkenshaw, 2339 N. Main ave.
Thos. Simms, 116 W. Market street.
Thos. E. Jones, Wayne, c. William st.
J. R. Linney, 225 W. Market st.
Alice O'Malley, 316 W. Market st.
Geo. W. Mabey, Main, c. W. Market st.
J. K. Jones, 180 Parker street.
B. J. Davis, 2716 N. Main avenue.
Michael Gilboy, 342 W. Market street.
F. W. Davis, 302 W. Market street; res. 1947 Wayne avenue.
Thos. H. Deacle, Pond, c. Depot street.
Edward Loftus, 302 W. Market street.
M. J. Leonard, 113 W. Market street.
John Kelly, 223 W. Market street.
Chas. C. Martin, 1339 N. Main avenue.
Morgan & Jones, 137 W. Market street res. do and 21st ward resp.
M. J. Horan, 1777 Brick avenue.
H. R. Richardson, 1835 N. Main avenue.
M. V. Morris, 1827 No. Main avenue.
Walsh & Sullivan, 1804 Brick avenue.
Michael Gilbride, 1819 Brick avenue; res. Keyser avenue.
Regan & Flynn, 343 W. Market street.
Wm. Jervis 1837 N. Main avenue.
J. E. Pedrick, lll W. Market street.
Wm. Cusick, 707 W. Market street.
J. H. Horn, 1536 Dickson avenue.
Herman Hagen, 1112 Albright avenue; res. 827 Capouse avenue.
Wm. Jordan, 1247 Washington ave.
Edward McAndrew, 1507 Von Storch av.
George L. Brock, 615 Green Ridge st.

The Providence Register, Saturday, August 1, 1896

Miss Hattie Silkman is at Ocean Grove.

Miss Phoebe Armstrong is at Atlantic City.

S. R. Henwood and wife are at Block Island.

Miss Louise De Munn has gone to Bainbridge, N. Y.

Miss Kate Gordon is visiting Miss Jennings, Clover street.

Miss Kate Grady, of William street, is visiting friends in Wilkes Barre.

Mr. James Coleman, of Binghamton, is a guest at the home of G. W. Griffin.

Mrs. Wade Finn and Miss Finn return today from a month's stay at the sea shore.

Six children in the family of John Walsh, Jones street, are afflicted with diphtheria.

Miss Mame Owens, of Susquehanna county, is visiting Miss Cora Roberts, Putnam street.

Mrs. Ed. Whelan, of Philadelphia, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. F. O'Boyle, Cusick avenue.

Mrs. George Archbald and Mrs. F. M. Smith are at Atlantic city enjoying their vacation.

Dr. Franklin Taylor, the dentist, has returned from a two weeks visit to Toronto, Canada.

Tomorrow evening there will be another Endeavor rally in the North End. which will take place in the Christian church, Rev. D. M. Kinter pastor.  Miss May Benedict, Mrs. E. A. Reynolds, Miss Nettie Knapp and Mr. George W. Benedict, who gave such interesting reports in the Providence Presbyterian church last Sabbath evening of the great Endeavor convention in Washington, D. C., will be present....

The Providence Register, Saturday, August 22, 1896

Dr. W. D. Donne has been ill during the past week but is convalescent.

Miss Laura T. Fish, of North Main avenue, is visiting in Binghamton, N. Y.

Fred Teal, of Binghamton, visited his father, J. H. Teal, during the past week.

The handsome new residence of D. H. Christmas, Edna avenue, is nearing completion.

Miss Evann Huff, of Parker street, has returned from a pleasant outing at Lake Winola.

Mrs. M. M. Bloom and her mother of North Main avenue have returned from Asbury Park.

David Jones, son of Rev. R. S. Jones, of Edna avenue, left on Friday for Olvet, Michigan.

Mrs. Charles Klotz, of Oak street, has been visiting friends in Allentown during the past week.

The wife of W. N. Cole, who disappeared last week, is stopping with friends in Philadelphia.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Evans, of Edna avenue, have been visiting friends in Atlantic City during the past week.

Miss Lizzie Parry, of Olyphant, visited her aunt, Mrs. John B. Davis, Wayne avenue, during the past week.

Mrs. Emily C. Fish, of New York city, is spending some time with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Fish, of North Main avenue.

Mr. Charles Kline, who conducted a meat market on Providence Square for a number of years, has retired from business.

Richard Roland, of Brick avenue, was badly injured by a fall of rock at the Von Storch mines on last Saturday morning.

Miss Jennie Owens, of North Main avenue, and Miss Ida Christmas, of West Market street, returned from a three weeks' visit at Portland, Me.

Claude B. Holly and Miss Jennie Slowthers were married in the Court Street Methodist Episcopal Church last Saturday afternoon by Rev. George Price.

On account of the absence of the musical instructor, Reese Watkins, there will be no rehearsals of the Christian Endeavor choir until the second week in September.

The nine months old child of officer John Duggan died on Tuesday morning last.

Mrs. J. K. Bentely and daughter have returned from a pleasant visit to the seashore.

Doctor Bessey is attending to the practice of Dr. Sullivan while he is at Atlantic City.

Miss Margaret Mitchell, of Bloomsburg, is the guest of Mrs. H. C. Hutton, of Providence.

Mrs. C. W. Zeigler, daughter Hattie and son Karl have been at Ocean Grove during the past week.

Mrs. T. S. Morgan and family, of Church avenue, have returned from their summer vacation, which was spent in the vicinity of Honesdale.

A child of E. A. Biddleman, of Parker street, has been dangerously ill during the past week with diphtheria but is convalescent this morning under the care of Dr. Jenkins.

Lost--...a ladies black cape.  The finder will receive a liberal reward by returning it to Mrs. Wm. Moore, West Market street.

The Providence Register, Saturday, September 5, 1896

Mr. T. M. Jones returns to Olivet College next Monday.

Lester Losey has accepted a position in the Acme meat market.

Delos Moore, of Parker street, has been very ill during the past week.

Miss Helen Hurlbutt visited friends in Otsego county, N. J., during the past week.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mason, Edna avenue, on Thursday, September 3, a son.

Miss Bee Manley has returned from a month's visit with relatives at Syracuse, N. Y.

Mr. Chas. Henwood is expected home today from a trip to his old home in England.

Miss Hazel Hapeman, of Pittston, was a guest of Mrs. R. E. Westlake during the past week.

Miss Breineing, of Philadelphia, is the guest of her cousin, Mrs. E. Z. Bower, Main avenue.

Mrs. N. P. Osterhout and family returned on Wednesday from a three weeks camping at Gravel Pond.

Mr. H. G. Keefer, of Summit avenue, returned Thursday from a months visit with friends at Thorold, Canada.

Eugene Stanton, of North Main Avenue, entertained his sister Mrs. S. E. Stanton, of Elmira, N. Y., during the past week.

Mrs. Finlay Ross and daughter are at Ocean Grove.

John Burke has returned to Epephany college, Baltimore.

Mail carrier Armit Thomas has been enjoying his vacation during the past week.

John Burligh had his leg fractured by a car passing over it at the Storrs mines on Tuesday last.

Mrs. James Grady and daughter, Mary, of William street, are visiting friends in Cortland, N. Y.

The High Works Young Men's Beneficial society has adopted a set of resolutions upon the death of one of their members, John Carroll, who was killed August 6.

David E. Jones, son of Rev. R. S. Jones, D. D., who received his first instructions in the newspaper business in The Register office, has been appointed acting editor of the "Olivet Optic," published at Olivet, Michigan, where Mr. Jones is attending college....

The Providence Register, Saturday, September 26, 1896

The Democratic Convention of the First Legislative District was held in O'Donnell's Hall on Tuesday afternoon last.  The convention was called to order at 2:40 by John P. Mahon.  James Flynn and P. S. Boland were appointed secretaries.

On motion of Mrs. Casey, Mrs. J. C. Gaffney was elected chairman.  James Flynn and William A. Grady were chosen secretaries.  The following committees were named.

On organization--John M. Casey, Peter Cosgrove, Thomas Durkin, Thomas P. Mullin and Thomas F. Noone.

On resolutions--W. A. Grady, J. F. Hannis, Thomas P. Cosgrove, P. S. Boland and Patrick Fox....James H. McCann, of West Scranton, and John LaBar, of North Scranton, were nominated for Representative.  Mr. LaBar won....the convention was harmonious throughout and unlike the one held at Hyde Park last week.

Green Ridge Gatherings

H. B. Reynolds and wife left yesterday on a visit to Virginia.

Mrs. Geo. D. Brown and daughter are visiting friends in Norwich, N. Y.

W. L. Carr, of Capouse avenue, is in New York this week on business.

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Patterson, of North Park, spent the past week at Mt. Carmel.

School No. 27 is in need of a new flag.  Will some patriotic society please take notice.

F. C. Hazzard, C. S. Seamans and David James attended the races at Pittston on Thursday.

Mr. Bears and daughter, of New Jersey, have been guests of M. C. Carr during the past week.

The Providence Register, Saturday, October 26, 1896

Frank Sherer, who has been sick at the home of his uncle, J. L. Atherton, is convalescent.  Frank is a sociable young man and his many friends are anxious to see him about again.

A new Camp of the Patriotic Order of Sons of America was instituted at Brooklyn, Susquehanna county, on Thursday evening by A. B. Conger and J. U. Hopewell....

Mrs. J. R. Peck, Mrs. B. B. Atherton, Mrs. George Wilder, Mrs. Theo. Von Storch, Mrs. Thomas Morgan and Mrs. George E. Guild attended a convention of the Ladies' Home Missionary Society at Wilkes-Barre today.

A beautiful portrait of the late G. W. Miller was presented to the Methodist Episcopal Sunday School on Sunday last, J. L. Lawrence making the presentation speech....The speech of acceptance was delivered by C. W. Dawson, the present superintendent.

While Mr. and Mrs. Miles Gibbons, of Summit avenue, were returning from the cemetery, whither they had gone to view the graves of departed loved ones, Mrs. Gibbons suddenly became prostrated and fell by the wayside.  Her husband was alone with her and did all he could for her by she expired in a few moments.  The funeral services were held on Wednesday morning and interment was made in Hyde Park.

Lawrence Flynn, a miner at the Dickson shaft, East Market street, was instantly killed by a fall of roof last Monday morning. The slab, which was fifteen feet long, ten feet wide and nine inches thick, fell so quickly that it was impossible for him to get from under it.  His body was badly crushed. Deceased lived on Amelia avenue and is survived by a wife and two children. Interment was made at Hyde Park on Wednesday.

The Providence Register, Saturday, May 15, 1897

Mrs. Joseph Moore, of Wilkes-Barre, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Price, on Dickson avenue.

James W. Garney, Jr., and Miss Edith Woodling, both of this city, were married in Philadelphia on Tuesday last.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gunster and daughter, Miss Hattie, of Washington avenue, will leave next week for a trip through Europe.

D. E. Neeld returned Wednesday fro Louisville, Ky., where he represented Green Ridge Conclave of Heptasophs at the Supreme Conclave.

While School No. 28, H. E. Burdick, principal, is being rebuilt, about two hundred of the scholars are being accommodated at the old No. 27 school on Breaker street.

The Green Ridge Lumber Company has a large force of men at work on the new No. 28 school, Wyoming avenue.  When completed, it will be one of the finest buildings in the city.

Thomas Flynn will next week commence the erection of a handsome new double house on the corner of Sanderson and Electric avenues.  It will contain all the modern improvements.

Mrs. Seley Bradley announces that she will dispose of the remainder of her stock of Millinery goods at greatly reduced prices in order to close out. Call and examine at No. 605 East Market street.

Thomas Williams and Mrs. Mary Jones, both of the North End, were united in marriage on Thursday by the Rev. R. S. Jones, D. D., at the parsonage.

The Providence Register, Saturday, April 2, 1898

It looks very much like war.

Mrs. D. D. Jones is at Glen Lyon.

Mr. John Atherton and Miss Carrie Atherton were in Albany on Thursday.

Miss Bertha Watkins has returned to Bucknell University to resume her studies.

Merchant Enos Flynn is home from a pleasant visit to Old Point Comfort and the South.

Lewis Rinslaud's Barber Shop is now located at 107 Wyoming avenue, under Luther's Jewelry store.

The Woman's foreign Missionary society of the Presbyterian church met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. K. Smith.

N. M. Gardner is dangerously ill at his home on North Main avenue.

Mrs. C. H. Scharar continues quite ill at her home on North Main avenue.

There will be an entire suspension of work at the Brisbin mines until further notice.

W. C. Cowles is now pleasantly located in his new store in the building so many years occupied by D. D. Jones & Son.

The indications are that there will be a very little work about the mines during the month of April.  It is likely that about one third time will be the order.

Mr. Jerry Arnold and Miss Lizzie Morgan were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents on Wayne avenue on Wednesday last by Rev. Horace Peckover....

Mrs. S. R. Henwood was called to Honesdale yesterday by the death of her father, Mr. C. C. Lane, aged about 70 years, who died very suddenly from heart trouble.  Interment will be made to-morrow afternoon.

Mr. John Shotton, aged 72 years, father of Mr. Thomas Shotton, of Oak street, died at his home in Kenieworth, Kansas, last week.  Mr. Shotton was a former resident of this valley and lived at Parsons.  He is survived by his wife and three sons.

The Providence Register, Saturday, April 23, 1898

Mr. Lewis Jones, of this section and Miss Martha Williams, of Taylor, were united in marriage at the home of the bride on last Saturday evening.  A reception was tendered the newly wedded couple at the home of Mr. Jones, on Wayne avenue, on Monday evening.

The following are the newly elected officers of Excelsior Hose Company:
President, John Burns; vice president, P. F. Gordon; treasurer, P. A. Roland; financial secretary, Martin Jennings; corresponding secretary, P. F. Knight; foreman, James H. Reilly; first assistant, John J. Timlin; second assistant, Martin Jennings; pipeman, Thomas Hughes; first pipeman, P. F. Lynott; second pipeman, Thomas Golden; third pipeman, John King; fourth pipeman, P. J. Lynott; fifth pipeman, Lawrence Lynch; captain, Joseph H. Duggan; first lieutenant, Michael J. Walsh; second lieutenant, Patrick Cannon; trustees, J. H. Duggan; P. A. Roland, Thomas Duggan, M. J. Clark, P. F. Gordon and Michael May.

Dr. Herman Bessey and Miss Matilda McShane, of Nay Aug avenue, were joined in marriage at the home of the bride on last Wednesday evening, the ceremony being performed by Rev. N. J. McManus....The bridesmaid, Miss Bridget Walsh, and groomsman, Dr. W. H. McGreevy, entered first, followed by the bride and groom.  Miss Celia Noone presided at the piano and rendered the wedding march of Mendelsohn.  The bride was attired in gray silk and carried a bouquet of white carnations and roses.  The bridesmaid was gowned in black satin and also carried a bouquet of carnations....The newly wedded couple will...take up their residence on Church ave.

Glen Woodhouse, aged 7 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Woodhouse, was buried at Clark's Summit on Wednesday last.

Fred Carter, who has been working for Mr. C. H. Scharar for some time, deceived his employer, obtained an advance payment check for wages, buncoed a number of our business men, deserted a wife and little one and left for parts unknown on Monday last.

The Providence Register, Saturday, June 25, 1898

James Bell, Jr., of the Georgetown University, is home for the summer vacation.

Martin Flynn, of Greeley, Neb., is a guest of Merchant Enos Flynn, Market street.

Miss Mary A. Davis, daughter of Rev. W. F. Davis, is home from Bucknell University.

Ira Winters and Miss Jennie Jehu were married on Wednesday evening by Rev. J. A. Evans.

House for rent in rear of Main avenue.  Inquire of Wm. Bright, at the carriage repository.

Death of Mrs. Mary M. Scharar--Calmly, peacefully, resignedly with the dawning of day Mrs. Christian H. Scharar last Saturday morning passed from life unto death at her home on North Main avenue this city....Mrs. Scharar was born June 2, 1840, at Verplanck, N. J.  Her maiden name was Mary M. Stevens.  In 1861 she was married to Mr. Christian H. Scharar, chief engineer of the Delaware and Hudson mining department, and twenty-five years ago they came to this section of Scranton, residing here since.  Her husband survives her; also two sons, Charles W., of East Market street, and Joseph, who lives at the family residence on North Main avenue.  Her brother, George Stevens, Wilkes-Barre, and her sister, Mrs. Washburn, of Lake Carey, Wyoming county, also survive....

The Providence Register, Saturday, March 18, 1899

Green Ridge Gatherings--

Mrs. G. W. Hornbaker and daughter visited friends at Factoryville during the past week.

Fred Mason, of Sanderson avenue, entertained Frank Wood, of Honesdale, during the past week.

H. C. Lucas and wife, of Monsey avenue, have removed to Philadelphia where they will reside.

Mr. Charles Slade and Miss Nellie Burdick will be married next Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. C. Burdick, on Larch street.

J. Orman Cox, who has managed Spencer's store for several years, has resigned his position and will leave for York, Pa., on Monday next.

East Market Street to be Paved--Residents of East Market street are happy in anticipation of the pave to be laid within the next two months.  At the meeting of the councils on Thursday evening the contract for putting down the pave was let to Mears & Flynn at the price of $1.78 per square yard.  Work will be commenced just as soon as the weather permits.  The paving of this street will be of great value and benefit to all the property owners.

B. F. Dunn left for New York city on Tuesday last where he will superintend the erection of a large building.

The Providence Register, Saturday, July 15, 1899

A Mammoth Power House--Mr. James J. Flynn has sold a piece of ground 100x150 feet, on Nay Aug avenue, to the Delaware & Hudson Company.  The plot of land is near the Von Storch breaker and the negotiations for its sale have been going on for some time.  It is the intention of the Delaware & Hudson Company to erect a large steam power house on the ground.  The building will be 88x62 feet, and one-story high.  A large force of masons are now at work on the sub-structure and by Monday next work on the super structure will begin.

At this plant steam will be generated that will furnish the motive power for the Von Storch mines, the Dickson mines, the Von Storch shaft and the D. & H. machine shops....

Miss Mary Gilbert pleasantly entertained a number of young people at her home on Oak street on Tuesday evening.

Rev. W. F. Davies was called to the West Side yesterday to officiate at the funeral of Mrs. John Davies of that place.

Miss Lizzie Williams, formerly of this place, but now of New Haven, Conn., will sail for Europe August 15 where she will spend one year.  While there she will visit Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy, and be at Paris for the Fair.

The services in the North Main avenue Baptist church will be held as usual Sunday.  David Thomas, a theological student at Bucknell university, will occupy the pulpit morning and evening....

The Providence Register, Saturday, August 26, 1899

William Meredith has gone to Newburg, N. Y., to accept a position with the New York Tea Company.

William Eldridge, permanent man for Niagra Hose Co., has been at Bath, N. Y., during the past week.

Luther Edwards, of Wayne avenue entertained Mr. Thomas Evans, of Plymouth, during the past week.

Mr. Briggs and wife, of Wilkes-Barre, have been the guests of Mr. A. B. Biggs, North Main avenue, during the past week.

Hon. W. J. Lewis, of Edna avenue, has so far recovered from his recent illness as to be able to be around among his friends.

Mrs. W. C. Cowles and daughter, Catherine, and Mrs. J. K. Bentley returned on Thursday evening from a two weeks' visit at Asbury Park.

Mr. Arch Johnson, buyer for the grocery department of Wm. Chappell's store, is at Uniondale, where he and his wife will enjoy a week's vacation.

The people of Providence can stand at the public square and see a nice paved street across the river.  East Market street presents a fine appearance now.

John Evans, of Wayne avenue, was seriously injured about the back, arms and side by an explosion in the West Ridge mines on Thursday.  He is attended by Dr. Donne.

Mrs. Magdalena Lutz, aged 83 years, died at the home of Mrs. Stoft, No. 317 West Market street, on Friday morning. Deceased was born in Baden, Germany, November 25, 1815.  The funeral services will be held to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at No. 317 West Market street and interment will be made in Forest Hill.

Mr. Richard J. Beamish, of this city, and Miss Mary E. Flynn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Enos Flynn, of West Market street, were joined in wedlock at the Holy Rosary church on last Wednesday morning.  Rev. N. J. McManus, rector of the church, officiated.  Miss Anna Bell was the bridesmaid.

The Providence Register, Saturday, December 16, 1899

Mrs. C. F. Crossman, of Throop street, was called to Thompkinsville, Pa., during the past week to attend the funeral of her step-mother, Mrs. A. G. Wheeler.

The fifth annual social of Marquette Council, Young Men's Institute, at the Auditorium on last Wednesday evening, was one of the most enjoyable and fashionable social functions ever held by that popular organization.  The hall was tastefully decorated with pink and white bunting.  Bauer's orchestra furnished the dance music and was seated behind a bower of potted plants. The grand march, which was led by Peter J. Saltry, was participated in by about 150 couples.  J. J. May was the master of ceremonies.  He was assisted by J. H. Flannagan and John J. Higgins.  The affair was in charge of the following committee:  J. H. Kelly, James Flynn, Dr. J. P. Stanton, J. F. Murtaugh, James F. McAndres, J. Grier, B. F. McBride, J. J. Kearney, Thomas Barrett, M. J. Neary, James F. Lynott, J. N. Mullen, F. Evans and D. F. Noone.

A. L. Francois--Of the Second ward, announces himself as a candidate for school controller on the Democratic ticket, subject to the decision of the Democratic caucus.

The Providence Register, Saturday, May 5, 1900

Mrs. Delos Moore, of Parker street, was called to Honesdale last Saturday by the serious illness of her sister.

Messrs. Archie Morgan and Clarence Morss attended the county endeavor convention in Carbondale on Thursday.

The funeral services of Mr. Joseph Sweetser were held at the Court street M. E. church on last Sunday afternoon and interment was made in Forest Hill cemetery.

A handsome flag was flung to the breeze on the pole at the Auditorium on last Monday morning in recognition of the commencement of paving North Main avenue.

Michael Neary, a miner at the von Storch slope, was badly injured by a fall of roof on last Tuesday morning.  His leg was broken, four ribs were fractured and his shoulders dislocated.

James Morgan, aged fifty-five years, died at this home on Mead avenue on last Tuesday evening.  He was ill only a few days.  He is survived by a wife and eight children.  Interment was made in Forest Hill cemetery on Friday.

Mr. D. I. Phillips, school controller of the fifth ward of this city, died at his home in Hyde Park on Saturday last after an illness of two days.  He was a very popular gentleman and highly respected by the community at large.

[The beginning of the following article about road paving is not on the section of the page I copied--ed.]

....therefore we may confidently look for the abandonment of the old but familiar Providence canal, which we have watched for the past twenty years.

The work was commenced at Court street and will be continued to the city line, nearly two miles.

A large crowd was present on Monday morning to see the work commenced.

The pave will be vitrified brick, laid on a six-inch concrete base and the superintendent, Mr. Arthur L. Shreve, says that the work will be pushed with all possible haste and that the job will be a good one.

At present sixteen teams and sixty-five men are employed and the work is progressing very well.  The company having the work in charge have decided to pay each week, consequently there will be a lot of money circulated in the North End during the coming summer.

The Providence Register, Saturday, August 11, 1900

Mrs. O. D. Myers is visiting relatives in Scott.

Miss Alice Osterhout has returned from Crystal Lake.

Mr. T. S. Morgan and family, of Church avenue, are at Atlantic City.

Mrs. William Chappell and children will enjoy the remainder of August at Waverly.

Mrs. Wm. Dale was in Binghamton Tuesday and attended the wedding of her nephew.

The works of the Metal Black varnish Company were closed by the sheriff on Monday last.

Bert McKeen, of Newark, N. J., visited his parents on Jones street during the past week.

Mark Halstead, of Shamokin, has been visiting his parents of Oak street during the past week.

Burnham Guild, of the Girard Construction Company's office, will leave for Walton, N. Y., to-day.

Mrs. R. E. Westlake, Miss Mary Lewis and Miss Minnie Stoft will leave this morning for Ocean Grove.

Killed in the Mines--Thomas Rolland, of West Market street, a miner at the von Storch shaft, was killed at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon by being struck by a trip of cars.  He had quit work for the day and was walking up the plane when suddenly a trip of cars which had just ascended the plane broke loose and came down the track.  Before Rolland could get out of the way he was struck by the cars and four of them passed over his body.  Fellow workmen picked up his remains, which were removed home in the hospital ambulance.

Death of Thomas Gillespie--Mr.Thomas Gillespie, who for years was a resident of this section, but of late of Vermont, died at the home of his brother, C. J. Gillespie, last Monday morning at the age of 49 years.  His survived by a wife and three sons.  The funeral services were held last Wednesday morning and were private.  Interment was made in Dunmore cemetery.  Rev. G. E. Guild, pastor of Providence Presbyterian church, conducted the services.  The following gentlemen acted as pall-bearers:  I. A. Reichardt, T. I. Parsons, W. E. Anderson, William Bell, J. K. Smith and J. R. Silkman.

The Providence Register, March 9, 1901

At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Peck Lumber Manufacturing company, held in the board of trade building, the following directors were chosen:  J. D. Peck, F. L. Peck, E. S. Peck, Dr. D. B. Hand, C. D. Jones, J. L. Schroeder and C. P. Davidson.  Officers were also elected as follows:  J. D. Peck, president; C. P. Davidson, vice president; C. B. Shoemaker, secretary; Edson S. Peck, treasurer and general manager.

District Deputy Roach, assisted by a degree team from the Central City tent, instituted the Providence tent of the Knights of Maccabees at the Auditorium lodge rooms on saturday evening.  The officers elected and installed are: Sir knight commander, M. E. Sanders; lieutenant commander. John E. Moran; record and finance keeper, P. J. Mulherin; chaplain, P. J. Cummings; physician, Dr. John J. Stanton; sergeant-at-arms, George B. Weathers; master-at-arms, S. N. Evans; first master of guard, Daniel J. Hoolihan, second master of guard, John Devers; sentinel, Peter Doyle; picket, D. McEachen; trustees, John J. Flynn, one year; Charles Anderson, two years; P. J. Connolly, three years.

The Providence Register, April 20, 1901

The North Scranton Bank

Capitalized at Fifty Thousand Dollars--Will Open for Business on Monday Next.

Below will be found a list of the names of the shareholders of the new bank:
A. M. Atherton, J. R. Atherton, J. L. Atherton, Geo. G. Brooks, Grace B. W. Brooks, R. G. Brooks, Mary Ann Brooks, John H. Brooks, Chas. A. Burr, Dr. Herman Bessey, Valentine Bliss, William Bright, James B. Casterline, Fred Cerini, W. C. Cowles, M. P. Carter, Clifford Case, John Copeland, W. S. Casterline, H. A. Coursen, William Chappell, Stephen Chappell, Geo. A. Dickerson, Thos. H. Dale, M. H. Dale, Berton E. Davis, G. W. Davis, O. D. DeWitt, W. Spencer DeWitt, R. C. Dean, J. F. Evans, Edw. L. Evans, Enos Flynn, Robt. M. Fish, J. B. Fish, Wm. Froelich, James Fitch, E. Burnham Guild, A. F. Gibhardt, Jno. Hourigan, Lewis Hancock, Jr., Chas. Henwood, Thos. Harrington, Chas. R. Hopewell, J. U. Hopewell, T. B. Howe, H. R. Hurlbut, Geo. R. Homer, Patrick J. Jordan, Jas. A. Jordan, Robt. Jones, Mrs. C. M. Jones, Danl. D. Jones, David L. Jones, F. G. Kruegerman, J. A. LaBar, W. J. Lewis, M. J. Lloyd, Jno. F. McGowan, Ernest B. Miller, W. H. Morgan, L. W. Morss, O. P. Miller, Geo. M. Mulley, E. L. Merriman, Thos. J. O'Malley, F. J. Olver, Jno. Pressman, Clement Pressman, Clara M. Peck, J. Russell Peck, O. V. Palmer, C. W. Pearce, C. H. Pond, Finlay Ross, Vaughn Richards, A. B. Ruddy, P. J. Ruane, D. S. Rolls, Adam Spitzer, Dr. Theo. Sureth, T. M. Symonds, C. B.Shoemaker, James M. Thomas, A. A. Vosburg, D. J. Witford, G. G. Wells, R. A. Williams.

[ I wonder if  "Morss" should have been "Morse" or "Morriss"?]

The Providence Register, May 18, 1901

Mrs. E. C. Dimmick and daughter have returned from a tour through California.

Work has been commenced upon the foundation walls of the Memorial Baptist church.

Mrs. Baker, of Carbondale, is spending a few days with her brother, G. W. Benedict, of North Main avenue.

No. 25 School Entertainment--The elegant new Auditorium was filled with a large audience on last Tuesday to witness the entertainment given by the pupils of the school, under the direction of Miss Jessie L. Stearns, the elocutionist, of Peckville.  Miss Wilhelmina Griffin was accompanist.  The proceeds will be used in replenishing the library and we learn from Prof. Martin, the principal, that a nice sum has been received for that purpose.

Explosion of Gas in a Cupalo--The cupalo in the foundry of the D. & H. machine shops, located on East Market street, in some manner became charged with gas on last Thursday afternoon and exploded with great force.  The entire bottom of the cupalo was destroyed, the side of the building blown out and other portions of it damaged.  Hot iron, brick and debris were thrown all about and the flying missels hit several of the workmen.

Leo Duggan had his leg broken, was burned and had three fingers smashed; Willard Benjamin received a scalp wound and was badly cut; John Grady, cuts on the head and back; David Laird, cut and bruised about head and body; Bernard Williams, cut on face and hands; William Widmeyer, face and hands badly cut, and six other workmen received slight injuries.

The Providence Register, August 3, 1901

Rev. Geo. E. Guild, pastor of the Providence Presbyterian church, is enjoying his vacation at Walton, N. Y., the home of his boyhood days.

Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Sutton, of Blakely, pleasantly entertained a number of intimate friends on last Thursday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Fowler, of Church avenue, entertained a number of little ones on last Saturday afternoon in honor of their daughter, Dorothy, it being her seventh birthday.

There was a slight settling of the earth at the intersection of Pond and Depot streets on last Wednesday, caused by a cave-in, which occurred in the abandoned workings of Legitt's Creek colliery.  The hole will be filled up at once.

A party of prominent North Scranton men left Tuesday afternoon for Wellsboro, Tioga county, where they presented Rev. J. J. O'Toole, formerly an assistant at the Holy Rosary church, with a purse of $650.  The party was composed of Rev. J. V. Moylan and P. J. Ruane, Enos Flynn, Martin Gerrity, Martin Caveney, W. A. Lynott, John E. Lynott, Dr. J. J. Sullivan, jr., and Joseph F. Evans.  Mr. Evans made the presentation speech.

Mrs. Martha Jerman Clark, of Clark's Summit, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Joseph Wigley, on Summit avenue, on Tuesday last, at the age of 62 years.  She is survived by her husband, W. N. Clark, of Clark's Summit, and three daughters, Mrs. Elias B. Edwards, of Forest City, Mrs. Thomas J. Gwynne, of Cayuga street and Mrs. Joseph Wigley, of Summit aveue, city. Deceased has been a resident of the North End for over 85 years and she was respected by all her acquaintances.  The funeral services were held at the Welsh Congregational church yesterday afternoon and conducted by Rev. R. S. Jones and Rev. R. J. Reese.  Interment was made in Forest Hill cemetary.

The Providence Register, October 19, 1901

Mrs. G. E. Guild, of North Main avenue, is visiting the Pan-American.

J. U. Hopewell and wife will enjoy the next few days at the Pan American.

Miss Eva Meredith was quietly married at her home on Wayne avenue last Tuesday evening to Mr. John J. Swartz, of Green Ridge, by Rev. G. A. Cure, of the Providence M. E. church.  The bride was attended by Miss Carrie Lewis, of Wilkes-Barre, while the groom was attended by William Meredith, brother of the bride.  Mendelssohn's wedding march was played by Mrs. Stegner, of Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Swartz left on the 11;35 Lackawanna train for a two weeks' wedding tour to Buffalo and Jamestown, after which they will reside with the bride's mother, on Wayne avenue.

Miss Mary Grady, daughter of James Grady, of No. 334 West Market street, and Geo. McMullan, one of the leading young business men of North Scranton, were united in marriage at Holy Rosary church on last Wednesday morning with a nuptial mass by Rev. N. J. McManus.  The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Kate Grady, and the groomsman was Gus Brown.  The ushers were Edward O'Malley, Bernard Kelly and John McMullan, a brother of the groom. After a reception at the bride's home Mr. and Mrs. McMullen left for a trip to the Pan-American.  On their return they will take up their residence on Theodore street, where the will be "at home" after November first.

The Providence Register, November 30, 1901

Friends are entertaining Mr. and Mrs. H. H. McKeehan on their return home from New Jersey, where they have been living for the past six months.  They have taken up their residence on Jones street.

Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Wheeler, of Clark's Green, visited Mr. Wheeler's sister, Mrs. C. F. Crossman, on Thanksgiving day.

At a meeting of Court Capouse, No. 3988, Independent Order of Foresters, held November 26, the following officers were elected to serve during the year 1902: Chief Ranger, W. C. Cowles; Vice Chief Ranger, B. S. Robinson; Financial Secretary, Geo. M. Keefer; Recording Secretary, J. G. Cowles; Treasurer, J. U. Hopewell; Orator, J. B. Casterline; Senior Beadle, Fred Woosnam; Junior Beadle, Geo. H. Cooper; Senior Woodward, Chas. B. Davies; Junior Woodward, W. D. Christmas; Court Physician, Dr. Herman Bessy; Trustees, Dr. W. C. Honeywell, C. Steele, Saml. Lewis, Jr.; Finance Committee, C. B. Davies, C. B. Sherman, Dr. Theo. Sureth.

Special Thanksgiving exercises were held in the various departments of No. 25 school on Wednesday afternoon.  The following program was rendered by the pupils of Principal Martin's room:  Song, True Freedom, school; essay, Origin of Thanksgiving, Alice Munn; organ selection, Southern Melodies, Genevieve Flynn; recitation, A Gem, Mary Kelley; reading, Thanksgiving, John Belles; song, Yankee Doodle, school; reading, The Turkey's Lament, Blance White; declamation, The Noble Boy, Joanna Twining; reading, The Lost Son, Lewis McCusker; song, Molly, Gretta Purcell; reading, The Pumpkin, Maud White; recitation, The Reprieve, Minnie McCusker; song, America, school.

The Providence Register, December 28, 1901

Rev. Dr. Guild will occupy the pulpit of the Providence Presbyterian church to-morrow.  The choir will render two anthems and a quartette.  Many friends of Mrs. Jessie Pennypacker vonStorch who remember her as organist of the church will be pleased to know that at the service tomorrow evening she will sing a solo.  Mrs. vonStorch possesses a voice of much sympathy and sweetness and of evident cultivation and she will be heard with much pleasure.

James Flynn, the well known coal operator, died at the Scranton Private Hospital on last Thursday evening at the age of 53 years.  He had been sick for several months but was able to be around until a day before his death. The cause of his death was dropsy.

Transcribed and provided by Anne Tullar, 2001-2.

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