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The Providence Register
The Providence Register, Saturday, January 4, 1902

Miss Jennie Belle Smith is entertaining Miss Morris, of Plymouth.

John L. Wolf, now of Ithaca, N. Y., was a welcome visitor to this section on New Year's day.

Mr. Henry O. Silkman, of Lake Henry, was calling on Providence friends one day this week.

The remains of the late James Flynn were interred in the Dunmore Catholic cemetary on Sunday last.

Born, in Scranton, Pa., December 30, 1901, to Rev. and Mrs. Albert Hatcher Smith, of Oak street, a daughter.

Mr. George H. Shires, who has represented the First ward on the board of control for a number of years was defeated Saturday last by Mr. Walter B. Christmas in his effort to secure the Republican nomination for another term.

Notice to Republican Voters--Candidates can register with the secretary not later than Thursday, January 2, at 6 0'clock p.m.  Walter Simpson, Chairman. John Von Bergen, jr., Secretary.

The Providence Register, July 19, 1902

The ladies of the Home and Foreign Missionary societies of the Providence Presbyterian church and their friends intend holding a basket picnic at Nay Aug Park on next Tuesday, leaving Weston place at 4:00 p.m.  All who purpose going are requested to leave word at the parsonage by Sunday noon in order that a special car may be secured.  Fare, 20 cents for the round trip.

The Father Whity drill corps, which forms Company C of the C.T.A.U. lancers, began a week's camp at Lake Lodore yesterday with the regiment.  Rev. J. V. Moylan, of Holy Rosary parish, who is the spiritual adviser of the regiment, will celebrate a military mass near the lake on Sunday, assisted by a number of priests who are prominent in the temperance movement.  Special music will be rendered by the Holy Rosary choir under the direction of Miss Libbie Neary.

The Providence Register, Saturday, April 25, 1903

School No. 25 will furnish the valedictorian again this year in the graduating class from the Scranton High School in the person of Miss Margaret Stone, daughter of M. J. Stone, of Church avenue.

James E. Thomas, a miner at Leggitts Creek colliery, was instantly killed by a fall of rock while at work on last Tuesday morning.  He had fired a shot and returned to learn the result and was caught just as he entered the chamber.  He was badly crushed and mangled.  His remains were taken to the residence of Mrs. T. Lloyd, 117 Rockwell street, where the funeral services will be held this morning.  Interment will be made in Forest Hill cemetary.

The body of little Paul Skoda, who disappeared from his home several months ago, was found last Sunday morning on West Mountain.  Patrick Norton, Thomas Evans and  Christian Asbury, who, accompanied by several dogs, were out walking on the mountain side, made the discovery.  The boy left home on the morning of November 20 last to drive a cow to pasture a short distance away. He did not return and searching parties were sent out but no trace could be found of the little fellow.  When found, he had one of his shoes and stockings clasped in his hands.

Mr. William Smith and Miss Margaret Chilvers were married by Rev. R. J. Reese on last Tuesday evening.

The Misses Ida and Mabel Bisbing have returned home after a two weeks' stay with relatives at Lake Ariel and vincinity.

Miss Katharine A. Grady, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Grady, of 322 West Market street, was united in marriage to Augustin J. Brown, of South Scranton, at Holy Rosary church last Wednesday morning.

Sunday last was the anniversary of the thirty-first year of the pastorate of Rev. R. S. Jones, of the Welsh Congregational church, and a roll call was made of the members, each one responding and making a few remarks appropriate to the occasion.  The pastor was absent but the members of his flock did not forget him.

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Cowles entertained a number of young people on last Tuesday afternoon in honor of the tenth birthday of their daughter, Katherine.

The Providence Register, Saturday, September 19, 1903

A birthday surprise party was held last Wednesday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Weston, of Hollister avenue.

At the Marvine colliery on Tuesday Anthony Clemons, of 1619 Nay Aug avenue, was painfully though not weriously injured by a blast, and William Uhlackni, of Throop, was cut and bruised about the head and back by a fall of coal.

James Mulherin, an unmarried man, aged 32 years, hanged himself with a piece of wire on one of the trees in Frear's Grove on last Monday afternoon.  As soon as discovered the body was cut down and given in charge of undertaker Jones, who prepared it for burial.

The remains of the late Mrs. Alice O'Malley, who died in Victor, Col., Thursday, September 10, were laid at rest in the Cathedral cemetery on Monday forenoon.  The body arrived here over the Lackawanna road on Sunday morning. It was accompanied by her son, Edward, and daughter, Mary.  The funeral was held at 10 o'clock from the home of P. J. Ruane, on Brick avenue.  A solemn high mass of requiem was said in the Holy Rosary Church.  Rev. N. J. McManus was celebrant; Rev. J. V. Moylan, deacon; Rev. Joseph Kelly, sub-deacon, and Rev. J. A. O'Reilly, of the Cathedral, master of ceremonies.  The pall-bearers were Messrs. M. J. Gerrity, Enos Flynn, Edward Loftus, Patrick Nolan, Michael Hoban and M. J. Clark.

Stephen Van Wert, age 69 years, a veteran of the civil war, died at his home on Pond street on last Tuesday afternoon.  Death came as a result of wounds received by an exploding shell during the battle of the Wilderness, which never entirely healed.  Van Wert was one of Scranton's pioneer citizens, settling here in 1855, and was employed continually by the Delaware and Hudson company when not away to war.  Stephen Van Wert was the grandson of John Van Wert, the man who captured Major Andre in the early days of the revolution.  Stephen himself was a civil war veteran, having served with distinction under Grant and others for one whole term of enlistment and part of the second.  The funeral services were held Friday afternoon, conducted by Rev. R. W. Clymer, of the Firtst Christian church.  Interment was made in the Dunmore cemetery.  Lieut. Ezra Griffin Post, of which deceased was a member, attended in a body.

The Providence Register, Saturday, December 26, 1903

Miss Florence Silkman, of North Main avenue, has returned from a visit with friends in Philadelphia.

Archie Morgan is home from Lehigh university to enjoy the holidays with his parents on Church avenue.

T. M. Jones, of New York, enjoyed Christmas with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. R. S. Jones, of Edna avenue.

Mr. Percy Shires a student at Brown university, has returned to his home on North Main avenue for the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Saxon entertained their chilren and grand-children on Christmas at their home in the Auditorium.

Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Newman have gone to Buffalo, N. Y., to spend the Christmas season with their daughter, Mrs. Barnard.

Stanley Silkman, of Buffalo, enjoyed Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Silkman, North Main avenue.

Griffith Thomas returned Wednesday from Brown university, to eat Christmas dinner with his parents, on William street.

Miss Helen E. Riley, of Springfield, Mass., is visiting Miss Gertrude E. Guild, North Main avenue.  Both are colleagues at Wheaton seminary.

Willard Lewis, of North Main avenue, who is taking a course in one of the electric institutions at Washington, D. C., is home to spend the Christmas holidays.

Edward C. Fowler, a former resident of this city, died in California on Friday.

Mrs. Jane A. Williams, of Wayne avenue, is convalescent after a three week's illness.

Charles Thomas and Miss Elizabeth Service were married by Rev, G. A. Cure at the M. E. parsonage on last Thursday evening.

Mark Moran, employed at Legitt's Creek mines, received a fractured leg and several broken ribs on last Wednesday afternoon, caused by a fall of roof.

"Twenty Years Ago in Providence"  [December, 1883] :

The great Mulley's store accomodated nearly the whole of Providence.

Mr. James Knapp was buried from the home of his son, Z. B. Knapp, East Market street.

T. C. von Storch was home from Harvard college enjoying his holiday vacation with his parents.

There was a great Eisteddfod in the old armory hall and it was attended by over a thousand people.

The Providence Register, Saturday, June 25, 1904

J. J. Owens, a student at Olivett, Mich,, is home for the summer vacation.

Percy Henry, a well-known young resident of Warren street, who graduated from the engineering department at Princeton college last Saturday and has been spending intervening time here, left on Tuesday morning to accept an important position in Charlestown, W. Va.

Dickerson's new building is a big addition to the North End.

Geo. Mulley will have a white enamel brick front in his new store.

Following is a list of the graduates of No. 25 school, with their averages, all of whom will enter the Scranton High school at the commencement of the school term [I am not going to enter the averages]:  Nellie Thomas, Oswald Jones, Rose Costello, Randolph Swank, George Meade, Bessie Baer, Thomas Reese, Fred Robinson, Reese Simms, Joe Cohen, Louise Chappell, William Moore, Fred Igler, Ruth Benjamin, Howard Wells, Hilda Nyhart, Lillian Steele, Willard Robinson, Ambrose Mulley, Harry Wright, Bert Snaith, Clare Robinson, Helen Corcoran, Esther Williams, Helen McNeish, Mary O'Malley, Lulu Griffin, Tracy Babcock, Mary E. Jones, Walter Sharar, Belle Mabey, Agnes Mackey, James Tretheway, Nelson Elsby, Helen Flynn, Bessie Williams, Mabel Howey, Annie Jones, Mary Rowley, Francis Saltry, Anthony Donahoe.

"Twenty Years Ago in Providence" [1884]:

J. W. Gillespie, Ambrose Mulley, S. S. Wint and W. A. Mulley were after trout at Bowman's Creek.

The pupils of Mrs. Marion Bloom's school held a picnic in the Grove near the Providence D & H depot.

A select roller skating party was held in Co. H armory.  It was conducted by Mssrs. Graham and Cobb.

At No. 25 school "The Flower Queen" was rendered under the direction of Miss Nellie Hoyt, teacher, and was given by the Misses Maggie Thomas, Blanche Halstead, Alice Lymer, Edith Houser, Edith Hoyt, Carrie Anderson, Ollie Fritz, Celia Gabriel, Fannie Coleman, Kate Griffith, Hannah Evans, Grace Silkman, Bessie Williams, Gertie Kennedy and others.

The Providence Register, Saturday, October 22, 1904

Our enterprising merchant, Simon Melavas, has purchased the Lackey homestead, opposite the Auditorium, and has already set to work to improve it.  The building will be raised four feet, have a good cellar placed under it, moved close to Crippen's harness shop, have a fine new front put in it and otherwise improved.  It will add another fine structure to this section.

In the resume of twenty-five years in our last issue we unintentionally omitted the names of a few persons who have been in business continually all this time, and while they were not all located on what is known as the "square," are yet in the business portion.  We refer to William Bright, wagon maker; Samuel Davis, blacksmith; O. P. Miller, barber; Enos Flynn, merchant; H. R. Hurlbutt, real estate.  Rev. George E. Guild, pastor of the Providence Presbyterian church, is the only minister who is now serving the same congregation as of twenty-five years ago.

A neat and quiet home wedding took place on Wednesday evening last at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Moore, of Hollister avenue, when their daughter, Maude E., became the wife of Mr. Kenith Charlesworth.  Near relatives of the contracting parties were present to witness the ceremony, which was performed by Rev. C. H. Hayes, of the Providence M. E. church.  Mr. and Mrs Charlesworth intend making their home at 135 Hollister avenue.

The home of Mrs. William Frease, on Dean street, was the scene of a very attractive wedding ceremony on Monday evening.  The contracting parties were Miss Susie Owens, Mrs. Frease's sister, of Olyphant, and Andrew Pritchard. Rev. R. J. Rees, pastor of the Puritan Congregational church, of West Market street, performed the ceremony.

The Providence Register, Saturday, April 1, 1905

Miss Lydia Thomas, of William street, is visiting her sister at Kingston.

Mrs. Geo. Wilder has returned after a visit of several weeks in Washington, D.C.

Rev. W. F. Davis officiated at the funeral of Mrs. Wm. R. Williams, of Carbondale, on last Monday.

Armit Thomas, our popular mail carrier, of Willliam street,  has been kept indoors all week with the rheumatism.

Miss Lillian Morris has returned to resume her studies at West Chester Normal school, near Philadelphia, after an extended visit to her home on William street.

Miss Genevieve Flynn has returned from East Stroudsburg Normal school, to spend a vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Enos Flynn, on West Market street.

Mr. and Mrs. William Williams, of Parker street, will return home next week after spending their wedding tour in Du-Bois.  They will reside on Parker street.

A force of forty men have commenced work on the Ferdinand street sewer.

The Providence Register, Saturday, April 8, 1905

James Grady, a miner at the North End Coal company mines was caught under a heavy fall of rock while at work on Tuesday and received painful injuries.

The ladies of the Foreign Missionary society of the Providence Presbyterian church met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. S. Jackson, Monroe avenue.

John Hyland, aged about 85 years, one of the oldest residents of this section of the city, died at his home on Mary street on Wednesday last after an illness of two months.

The partnership lately subsisting between W. S. DeWitt and O. D. DeWitt, doing business as DeWitt Bros., was dissolved on the 4th day of April, 1905, so far as relates to the said O. D. DeWitt.  The business is to be continued by W. S. DeWitt at the old stand, No. 207 E. Market street, in the city of Scranton, under the name of DeWitt Lumber Company.

"Twenty Years Ago in Providence" [1885]:

E. A. White opened a milk depot at 117 Market street.

J. B. Farris was elected president of the select council.

The Parnell guards gave a social in their armory on Oak street.

Rev. N. C. Naylor preached for the Providence Baptist Mission in the armory.

G. C. Rogers rented the building in front of the old armory building and conducted it as a temperance house for some time.

Mrs. Cornelia J. Putney, wife of H. C. Putney, died at her home, 1928 North Main avenue, at the age of 42 years.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. A. J. van Cleft and interment was made in Dunmore cemetery.

The Providence Register, Saturday, June 3, 1905

McKinley lodge, No. 48, Modern Protective association, was instituted Thursday evening in Mulley's hall, by District Deputy William Linney.  The officers installed were:  Past president, John R. Linney; president, James Thomas; vice president, James S. King; Prelate, Joseph Linney; guide, Edgar Cornell; outside watchman, Thomas Ricardson; secretary-treasurer, Jonathan Vipond; trustees, David John, David W. Smith and George C. Devine.

Theodore Sherman, of Shawnee street, a miner at the Marvine mines, was caught under a fall of roof on Monday and received slight injuries.

John Gallagher, of McDonough avenue, was injured at the von Storch slope on last Saturday by being caught under a fall of top rock.  His injuries are very serious.

Andrew McAndrew and Dennis Neary were caught beneath a fall of roof at Storrs No. 8 mine Saturday morning.  The former, a miner, was killed, while Neary, his laborer, was seriously injured.  They were in their chamber when the fall occurred.  McAndrew, who resides on Wales street, was the father of six children, the eldest being sixteen years old.  About a year ago his wife died.

The Providence Register, Saturday, July 22, 1905

W. C. Cowles has received the contract for the plumbing for the new building for the North Scranton Bank.

Own your own home.  See Benedict, 20 Republican building, and he will tell you all about it.  Lots from $375 to $450.

The annual recital of the pupils of Miss Libbie Neary was held last Wednesday evening in St. Mary's hall and was a very pleasant event.

David Jones, working in the von Storch mines, fell under a car while at work on Monday.  The wheels passed over his legs but the injuries are not serious.

John Murphy, a miner  at the von Storch slope, was preparing a hole when a spark dropped into a keg of powder, setting it off.  The explosion burned him in a number of places and he was taken to his home.

Death entered the home of Major J. B. Fish, No 2062 North Main avenue, on Saturday last and claimed the subject of this notice, calling from our midst one who had been with us for the past forty years and was identified with the business interests of the city and village all this time.  Deceased was born in Liberty, N. Y., in the year 1829.

The Providence Register, Saturday, August 19, 1905

Mrs. James Bell, of West Market street, is at Atlantic city.

Dr. F. P. Hollister has returned from a drive through the country.

The Misses Jessie and Marion Hill have been enjoying the past week at Moscow.

Mrs. Enos Flynn and daughter Genevieve, of West Market street, are at Ocean Grove.

Mrs. G. M. Mulley and son will return today from a six weeks' vacation enjoyed in Canada.

William Jenkins, an employee of The Register office, is enjoying his vacation at Chapman's Lake.

Mrs. Nellie B. Garihan and Miss Esther Hopewell will leave tomorrow for a brief stay in Buffalo and Elmira.

Mrs. W. C. Cowles and daughter, Katherine, have been enjoying country life at Waverly during the past week.

Bert E. Messmer, prescription clerk at Griffin's pharmacey, is enjoying his vacation at Monticello, N. Y.

Mrs. G. D. Fowler and daughters, Dorothy and Louise, of Church avenue, are enjoying a week's vacation at Montrose.

On last Tuesday evening, Mrs. W. J. Lewis, of Edna avenue, pleasantly entertained a number of young people in honor of her guest, Miss Florence Jenkins, of Chicago.

From a paper issued at Mount Washington, N. H., we note that the Camp Weldwere party had arrived there and were having a good time.  Amont the number is Walford C. Lewis, son of Mrs. W. J. Lewis, of Edna avenue.

The Providence Register, Saturday, August 18, 1906

August Brown, a member of the firm of Brown & McMullan, died at his home on William street on last Wednesday evening at 10:30 o'clock.  Deceased had not been well for many months and had traveled extensively in quest of health, but to no avail.  He had resided in this section many years and was highly esteemed and respected by those who knew him.  At the time of his death he was surrounded by his family and Rev. J. V. Moylan.  He was 33 years of age and is survived by his parents, his widow, and four sisters, Mrs. Daniel Gelbert, Mrs. Joseph Hannon, Miss Lucy Brown and Miss Mary Hafner.  The funeral will be held Saturday morning at 9 o'clock, with a requiem mass in Holy Rosary church.  Interment in Cathedral cemetery.

During the past week electric lights have been placed in the hardware store of W. C. Cowles.

Otto D. Myers mysteriously disappeared on Thursday and no one seems to know where he has gone.

Mrs. Mable Weiss Frantz, wife of William H. Frantz, jr., died, on last Wednesday morning, at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Evan Mills, 1733 North Main avenue.

"Twenty Years Ago in Providence" [1886]:

Miss Annie Atherton visited Miss Gertie Raymon at Carbondale.

J. C. Taylor was appointed principal of grammar A grade of No. 25 school.

Miss Mary Rockwell left for a two weeks outing in the Adirondack mountains.

David Sweeney, aged 70 years, while working on the D & H tracks near the Marvine mines was struck and instantly killed.

John E. Evans, W. W. Williams, John McDonnell, Thomas Shotton, W. H. McKean, and Charles Barrett were elected delegates to the Republican county convention.

The Providence Register, Saturday, May 11, 1907

Mrs. Hannah A. Miller, widow of the late George W. Miller, died at her home on West Market street on last Saturday, May 4, 1907, after an illness of several weeks.  Deceased was eighty -two years of age and was one of the early settlers in this valley.  She is survived by a sister, Miss Cornelia A. Bristol, who had lived with deceased many years.  She was a devout member of the Providence M. E. church and a prominent member of the Ladies' Aid society.  She was a most excellent woman and even though she had lived beyond her three score and ten years her death will be mourned by many.  She was a good woman, a devoted christian and a kind neighbor.

Born, in Scranton, Pa., May 7, 1907, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beers, of West Market street, a son.

The sneak thief is around again and on Thursday entered the store of Mrs. Grady, on Market street, and stole a purse containing $65.

It is against the law to dump or throw ashes or garbage, into the public streets.  Now let that law be enforced on all classes and condition of people.

It is confidently expected that cars will be in operation on the electric railway between Scranton and Dalton by June 1.  The power plants are ready and cars await shipment.

"Twenty Years Ago in Providence" [1887]:

Snow fell on the eleventh day of May.

The mines were being worked on one half time.

Dr. Henry Roberts and wife were visiting friends in Virginia.

J. B. Farries went to Philadelphia to represent Celestial lodge of Odd Fellows at the convention.

The Providence Register, Saturday, September 7, 1907

J. S. Judici, the meat man, has purchased the lot adjoining Crippen's harness shop and will soon commence the erection of a large brick building which will be used as a store and dwelling for his own use.  This is another move for a Greater Providence, which is surely coming.

Mrs. Patrick F. Neary, a well known lady of this section of the city, died at her home on Oak street, on last Wednesday afternoon, after a brief illness. She is survived by her husband and two children.  The funeral services well be held this morning and interment will be made in Cathedral cemetery.

A branch of the Wedeman Home Bakery has been established in the North End and desirable quarters have been secured in the Evans building, on North Main avenue, next to The Register building.

M. Walenk, who has a steamship ticket agency on the corner of North Main avenue and Market street, has received word from the offices of the Red Star and White Star lines announcing a big reduction in fares to the old country.

The Providence Register, Saturday, August 1, 1908

The annual convention of the Christian churches of Eastern Pennsylvania will be held at Harrisburg, August 4 to 6.  Among those who will attend from this place are Mrs. Nelson Elsby, the Misses Lulu Davis, Carrie Perry and Rev. E. E. Manley.

There will be a lawn social on the lawn at Rev. Dr. Bradshaw's, 1926 North Main avenue, on next Thursday evening, August 6th.  Music for [the] entire evening by S. S. Orchestra.  Ice cream and cake and also ice cream cones for sale.  Everyone cordially invited.

Kenneth Richards, aged six years, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Richards, of Summit avenue, was trampled upon by a farmer's horse on last Wednesday afternoon and so badly injured that he died in a few minutes.  The little fellow in some manner got between the horse and a wall and was crushed and then fell down and the horse tramped on him.  His cries attracted the attention of neighbors and he was picked up and carried home.  The funeral services will be held this afternoon and interment will be made in Washburn street cemetery.

Frank Crisman is at Atlantic City enjoying his vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Gillespie, of 222 Oak street, are entertaining Mrs. A. Reese, of Maryland.

Mrs. W. C. Cowles has been enjoying the summer breezes at Lake Arial during the past week.

Miss May Benedict, D. O., starts today for Kirksville, Mo., to attend the Osteopathic National Convention.

Mrs. H.W. Albertson and daughter returned on Monday from a two weeks outing enjoyed in Columbia county.

Mrs. E. E. Manley, with her daughter, Dorothy, will visit her parents, and other relatives, in Bradford county, starting next Tuesday.

John Simms, proprietor of the Scranton House hotel in New Bedford, Mass., is spending his vacation as the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Simms, on West Market street.

The Misses Flynn entertained pleasantly at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Enos Flynn, on West Market street, in honor of  their guest, Miss Honore Devers, of Idaho....

Mrs. J. U. Hopewell and Mrs. H. U. Hopewell are chaperoning the following young ladies at a house party at Lake Winola:  Misses Harriet Williams, Lorene Weichel, Esther Hopewell, Martha Hughes, May Hopewell, Helen Hopewell, and Margaret Cobb of Wilkes-Barre.

The Providence Register, Saturday, August 15, 1908

Lee Coolprice, an oiler working at the Leggits Creek colliery, was hit by a heavy belt on last Wednesday and received a bad laceration of the leg.

A little son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schraeder, of Putnam street, died on last Tuesday.  Interment was made in the Throop cemetery on Thursday.

John Wolbaugh, a laborer at the North End Coal Company mines was run over by a trip of cars on last Wednesday and had his foot badly crushed.

Mrs. Thomas Ruddy, aged sixty-one years, died suddenly at her home on West Market street on last Wednesday.  She is survived by her husband and an adult family.  The funeral services were held yesterday afternoon and interment was made in Cathedral cemetery.

From the Scranton Times of last Tuesday:  Mr. D. R. Atherton has now taken full charge as cashier of the North Scranton Bank....

Miss Gwen Powell, of Spring St., is at Newark, N. J.

D. A. Hinds, of LaPorte, Indiana, is visiting his brother, G. D. Hinds, North Main avenue.

Mrs. L. B. Frink enjoyed a part of the past week with Mrs. J. U. Hopewell, at Lake Winola.

A surprise party was tendered Miss Sadie Kearney at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Kearney, of Oak street, Monday evening.

Miss Nellie Flynn, of Brick Avenue, and Mr. John A. Timlin, of the West Side, were united in marriage at the Holy Rosary church on last Wednesday.

Hon. H. A. Corey, of Pittston, will occupy the pulpit of the North Main Avenue Baptist church tomorrow morning and evening.

The Providence Register, Saturday, November 4, 1908

Mrs. Elizabeth Flynn, of Brick avenue, dropped dead while going into the cellar at her home on last Saturday.  She is survived by an adult family. The funeral services were held on last Wednesday and interment was made in Dunmore cemetary.

Thomas C. Grif[f]in, well known in this section of the city, a brother of George Griffin, of West Market street, died at this home on North Washington avenue, on last Thursday morning from heart failure.  He had been ill for some time.  For a number of years he was in the employ of the Delaware & Hudson company.  The funeral services will be held this morning at ten o'clock from his late residence and interment will be made in Dunmore cemetery.  Rev. G. E. Guild will officiate.

John Mahon died at his home, 1932 Brick avenue, on Thursday morning in his seventieth year.  Mr. Mahon was born in Bally Castle, County Mayo, Ireland, and came to this country about twenty five years ago.  He was a man highly esteemed among his neighbors and acquaintances in North Scranton.  He is survived by a wife, three sons and one daughter, P. J. Mahon, James Mahon, and John Mahon, and Mrs. Margaret Scanlon.  The funeral will take place today from his home with a solemn requiem mass at Holy Rosary church.  Interment will be made in Cathedral cemetery.

The Providence Register, Saturday, January 16, 1909

The funeral of Patrick J. Flynn, who died on Friday of last week, was held on last Monday morning and was one of the largest ever held in this section. The young man was very popular and his death was a shock to very many people.

The following are the newly elected officers of the Third National bank: William Connell, James L. Connell, James Archbald, Henry Belin, jr., George H Catlin, J. Benj. Dimmick, Luther Keller, J. W. Oakford, W. A. May and William H. Peck.

The newly elected officers of Panooka lodge, No. 308, Knights of Pythias, were installed last evening by Joseph England and his staff.  After the lodge session the members enjoyed a smoker at the pleasure of the new Chancellor Commander, J. U. Hopewell.

"Twenty Years Ago in Providence" [1889]:

Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis, aged sixty-two years, died at her home on Putnam street.

Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Grier were called upon to mourn the death of a little son, aged three years.

Miss Lizzie J. Williams won a silk quilt at a contest held in the Welsh Congregational church.

Reese Simms, aged seventeen years, died from the effects of inujuries received while at work at Legitt's Creek shaft one year previous.

Michael Cusick, aged thirty-eight years, died from the effect of injuries received while at work at the mines of the Providence Coal compay.

The executors of the estate of Alveh F. Fenner received two thousand dollars by the hands of W. J. Welsh, agent for the Northwestern Insurance company, for an insurance policy on the deceased.

The Providence Register, Saturday, February 6, 1909

James Grady, of McDonough avenue, was injured at the Legitt's Creek mine yesterday.  He was repairing the roof in his chamber when he slipped from a board he was standing upon and fell across a wooden saw, breaking three of his ribs.  He also sustained internal injuries.

The members of the choir of the Providence Methodist church went to the home of their leader, J. H. Cousin, on last Monday evening and gave him a very pleasant su[r]prise and presented him with a very fine music cabinet....

John Henry Koch, aged sixty-three years, was struck by a train on the N. Y. O. & W. railroad on last Thursday evening and instantly killed.  He was walking on the track near the Parker street bridge and had just crossed the bridge when the train hit him throwing him high in the air.  He lived on Depot street and is survived by a widow, one son and one daughter.

Charles Hallstead, aged eighty years, died at his home, corner Wyoming avenue and Green Ridge street, yesterday morning.  He is survived by his widow and one son and one daughter.

Fred Rolland, of West Market street, had two of his ribs fractured in the Marvine mine Wednesday by a mine prop falling on him.

A meeting of all those interested in the Lake Lincoln project will be held in the Auditorium on next Monday evening....

Mrs. Alfred Pennington will give the last talk of the season at the Providence Y. W. C. A., Thursday evening, Feb. 11.  Her subject is "Germany." Mrs. Pennington returned from Europe only last spring so will surely have many interesting things to tell us.  Everybody welcome.

The Foreign Missionary ladies of the Providence Presbyterian congregation held their monthly meeting yesterday afternoon at the home of Miss Laura Fish.  The leaders of the conference were Mrs. E. S. Jackson and Miss Jennie Smith.  Following the program Miss Fish served dainty refreshments.

The Providence Register, Saturday, April 3, 1909

There was a general suspension of work in this section on last Thursday in honor of the adoption of the eight-hour day by the United Mine Workers.

The members of the Foreign Missionary Society of the Providence Presbyterian church met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. S. W. Nyhart, Hollister avenue, and discussed "India."  The leaders were Mrs. Osterhout and Miss Griffin.

John P. Neary died at his home on Mary street on last Wednesday morning after an illness of one week with pneumonia.  He is survived by his wife and parents and a number of brothers and sisters.  Interment will be made in Cathedral cemetery today after services at the Holy Rosary church.

Adelbert S. Rowley, who lived in this section some years ago and was janitor of the Auditorium when it was first erected, died at his home in Jersey City on Thursday evening of last week.  He was at one time one of the most prominent conductors on the line of the street railway and a member of many secret societies.

The members of the congregation of the Providence Methodist Episcopal church are very greatly gratified at the action of the Wyoming conference in returning Rev. John Bradshaw as pastor of that church for another year....

The Providence Register, Saturday, November 20, 1909

The members of the Women's Home Missionary society of the Providence M. E. church held a regular business session at the home of Mrs. Richard Thomas, Belmont Terrace, yesterday afternoon.

Mrs. S. B. Robinson, of 1807 North Main avenue, is recovering from the effects of an operation which she recently underwent at the Hahnemann hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. John Grady, of Ferdinand street, celebrated the twenty-second anniversary of their marriage on last Wednesday evening and pleasantly entertained a number of intimate friends.

Twenty-five members of Celestial lodge of Odd Fellows were royally entertained at the home of J. M. Fahringer on last Thursday evening with progressive pinochle....

The Providence Register, Saturday, March 11, 1911

Some very excellent pictures will be shown at the Simms nickelet and the Auditorium theatre this evening.

Anthony Neary, an aged resident of this section, died at his home on Mary street on last Monday.  The funeral services were held on last Thursday and interment was made in the Cathedral cemetery.

Miss Annie Levins, aged twenty years, died at her home on Putnam street on last Tuesday morning after a brief illness.  The funeral services were held yesterday morning and interment was made in Cathedral cemetery.

The North Scranton Juvenile choir are making extensive arrangements for their concert, to be held in the First Welsh Baptist church, West Market street, Tuesday evening, March 14, under the direction of Prof. Henry Danvers.

Frank Shotto, aged forty-eight years, died at the State hospital on last Thursday following an operation for cancer of the stomach.  He is survived by his wife and five children, a mother and several brothers and sisters.  He lived on Brown avenue.  Deceased was a member of Providence Conclave of Heptasophs.

Mr. John Ward, one of the oldest residents of this section of the city, died at his home at 2720 North Main avenue, on last Saturday afternoon, after an illness of several weeks.  He is survived by a widow and two sons, Frank and Willard.  The funeral services were held on last Tuesday afternoon and the remains were taken to Taylor where interment was made.

On last Saturday a deal was closed by the management of the Northern Electric Street Railway whereby all the right, title and interest of the Lake Winola Improvement Association, owned by Messrs. Struppler, Paine and others is transferred to the railroad company.  This will give the company the use of the new dancing pavill[i]on, steamboats, pleasure boats, and other rights, claimed by the Association.  The railway company will at once proceed to put things in proper shape for the summer season and the strife and contention that has been prevalent at the lake will be [at] an end, much to the pleasure of the cottagers....

"Twenty Years Ago in Providence" [1891]:

Miss Blanche Silkman was visiting friends in New York city.

Mr. Ambrose Mulley and daughter, Anna, and Miss Mary Albright returned from an enjoyable trip to the Florida coast.

John Williams, a miner at the von Storch mines, was slightly injured by having a piece of coal fall upon him while at work.

Mr. Avery Atherton and Miss Ella Williams were joined in marriage at the home of the bride on Hollister avenue, the ceremony being performed by Rev. E. A. Reynolds....

"Providence a Quarter of a Century Ago" [1886]:

Rev. Rufus Underwood was conducting special evangelistic services in the Providence Presbyterian church.

Mr. P. J. Ruane and Miss Kate Ludden were joined in marriage at St. Mary's Catholic church, Rev. Father Kernan officiating.  Mr. M. J. Clark and Miss Mary Fenerty were the attendants.  After the ceremony a wedding supper was enjoyed at the home of Mrs. O'Malley, a sister of the bride.

The Providence Register, Saturday, September 23, 1911

A grand concert will be given in the Auditorium on the evening of October  16th for the benefit of Miss Belle Cousins....

The house of Brian Moran, on Iron street, was totally destroyed by fire on last Tuesday morning.  It is situated high up on the mountain and there is no water protection in that section.

While attending mass at the Holy Rosary church on last Sunday morning, Miss Mary Roland, of Mary street, was stricken with heart failure and died in a few minutes.  The body was taken to the home of her sister, Mrs. Edward Neary, on Mary street.

According to the recent registration there are three thousand three hundred and seventy voters in the Providence section of the city....

Chester Stevens, a respected resident of this section and a veteran of the Civil War, died at his home on Spring street on last Saturday....

By a force of circumstances several vacancies have been made in the pulpits of the Wyoming conference which will cause many changes, and this affects the pulpit of the Providence M. E. church.  Rev. J. S. Crompton, who came here two years ago from Jermyn...has been assigned to the High Street Methodist Episcopal church at Binghamton....

"Twenty Years Ago in Providence" [1891]:

Mrs. T. D. Lewis was visiting friends in Minersville.

Mrs. Richard Thomas and daughter returned from a  pleasant trip to Wales.

John Mullen and Annie Ryan were married at the Holy Rosary church by Father O'Donnell.

Fenner & Chappell were having a big clearance sale in the Peter Welsh building prior to moving to the Rockwell block.

John Horan and two Polish laborers who were working with him were killed by a fall of roof while at work in the Cayuga mines.

Mr. Thomas R. Hughes and Miss Carrie Hazzard were united in marriage at the home of the bride on Dickson avenue in the presence of a few immediate relatives and friends.  The nuptials were pronounced by Rev. N. F. Stahl, and immediately after the happy young couple left for New York to enjoy their honeymoon.

The Providence Register, Saturday, October 14, 1911

"Twenty Years Ago in Providence" [1891] :

R. J. Richards discontinued his grocery on West Market street.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Benjamin visited friends in Williamsport.

Mrs. H. Hollister picked a second crop of red raspberries from bushes in her garden.

L. N. Roberts, the insurance agent, was absent on a business trip to Newton, West Virginia.

The Misses Lewis, of Kingston, were guests of Misses Carrie and Annie Atherton, North Main avenue.

Dorothy, aged nine months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Calkins, died. Interment was made in Forest Hill cemetery.

Dr. Orchard and Mrs. G. Hamlin, of Wayne county, were visiting their sister, Mrs. W. B. Christmas, North Main avenue.

Alexander Gibb, of School street, and Miss Mary Dunlop Schinbert Simpson, of England, were united in marriage by Rev. G. E. Guild.

Miss Nettie Moore and Mr. E. I. Pains were united in marriage at the home of the bride on West Parker street, by Rev. D. M. Kintner, pastor [of] the Christian Church.

"Providence a Quarter of a Century Ago" [1886] :

A little daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Williams, East Market street.

Miss Clara Paul, of Elmira, was visiting her cousin, Mrs. G. D. Fowler, East Market street.

Dr. W. W. Jenkins and Miss Hannah Harris were joined in marriage by Rev. J. E. Davies.

Mr. Enos Flynn and Miss Tessie Burke, of North Main avenue, were joined in marriage by Rev. T. F. Kiernan, pastor of the Holy Rosary church.  Miss Tillie McShane was bridesmaid and Mr. Timothy White was groomsman....

Miss Lillian Hopewell and Mr. Gilbert D. Fowler were united in marriage by Rev. J. E. Price, at 628 East Market street....

The Providence Register, Saturday, November 4, 1911

"Providence a Quarter of a Century Ago" [1886]

Miss Lizzie Parsons, of Florida, was a guest at the home of H. R. Hurlbutt.

Mrs. Patrick Neary, aged eighty six years, died at her home, 558 West Market street.

You could buy twenty-five pounds of rice for one dollar, and twenty-one pounds of sugar at the same price.

Mrs. W. D. Kennedy was elected president of the Ladies Aid society of the Providence Presbyterian church.

Four little children were playing in a sand pit near the Cayuga mines when the earth caved in and suffocated them.  Their names were James Caffery, aged seven; and James, John and Ellen Dougherty, aged seven, six and three years, respectively.

The Providence Register, Saturday, December 20, 1911

Dr. Henry Roberts, one of our oldest and best citizens, enjoyed Christmas with his daughter, Mrs. Turner, at Towanda.  In a letter to the editor he states that he is enjoying good health and is very active for one in his ninety-second year.  This will be good news for the genial doctor's many friends in Providence.

Miss Molly Noone, the charming daughter of Mrs. Catherine Noone, of West Market street, and Mr. William O'Donnell, of Perth Amboy, N. J., were joined in marriage at the Holy Rosary church on last Wednesday afternoon in the presence of a large circle of friends, the church being filled to its capacity.  The nuptials were pronounced by the pastor, Rev. N. J. McManus. The wedding was the largest and most prominent held in the Providence section for many years.

Cecelia, the 11-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walsh, of 1005 Oak street, died on Sunday after a brief illness.

Died, in Scranton, Pa., December 25,1911, Mrs. Emily C. Rhule, aged sixty five years.  The funeral services were held at her late home, 950 Johler avenue on Thursday afternoon and interment was made in Dunmore cemetery.

John F. Grady, formerly of Dunmore, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John McAndrew, on last Wednesday afternoon after a brief illness.  The funeral services will be held this morning with a requi[e]m mass in Holy Rosary church.

Transcribed and provided by Anne Tullar, 2001-2.

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