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Blackwell Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Saturday, August 20, 1910

    The second family reunion of the Blackwell family, and the seventy-fifth birthday anniversary of C. M. Blackwell, were observed, Saturday, August 13, at the home of C. W. Blackwell, Mountain Valley, Lackawanna county.  Those present were:

[Blackwell's moved to Ransom Township, 1842]*
BLACKWELL, C. M.    Avoca
BLACKWELL, Eugene M., Mr and Mrs.   Avoca
- BLACKWELL, Jessie   ?  
- BLACKWELL, Donald son  
- BLACKWELL, Marvel son  
- BLACKWELL, Eugene son  
- BLACKWELL, Mary daughter  
ANDERSON, John, Mr and Mrs.   Avoca
BLACKWELL, C. W.   Mountain Valley
- BLACKWELL, Abram son  
- BLACKWELL, William son  
- BLACKWELL, Josephine daughter  
- BLACKWELL, Mary daughter  
BLACKWELL, John   Mountain Valley
- BLACKWELL, Alice daughter  
- BLACKWELL, Della daughter  
MAAS, Charles, Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
- MAAS, Jacob son  
- MAAS, William son  
LANDSADEL, Christoper, Mr and Mrs.   Mountain Valley
- LANDSADEL, Flossie daughter  
- LANDSADEL, Bessie daughter  
- LANDSADEL, Grace daughter  
- LANDSADEL, William son  
- LANDSADEL, George son  
HOFFMAN, Fred, Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
- HOFFMAN, Joseph son  
HOFFMAN, Charles, Mr and Mrs   (not given)
- HOFFMAN, Norman son  
BREEZE, Sarah, Mrs.   (not given)
ACE, Edward, Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
- ACE, Sarah daughter  
- ACE, Abram son  
MAAS, Wesley, Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
- MAAS, Albert son  
ECKHART, Harry, Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
- ECKHART, Mable daughter  
HARDING, Joseph, Mrs.
 [nee Landsadel, Margaret daughter of Emma Blackwell Landsadel.]*
  (not given)
- HARDING, Arthur son  
- HARDING, Raymond son, 2  
- HARDING, Merritt son, 4  
WILLIAMS, John M., Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
ACE, Ann, Mrs.   (not given)
ACE, George, Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
AMES, Ida, Mrs.   Mountain Valley
- AMES, John son  
POWELL, Lewis, Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
- Powell, Eugene son  
ACE, E. L., Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
- ACE, George son  
CROUSE, A. , Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
CHAMBERS, Martha, Mrs.   (not given)
MAAS, Willard   (not given)
BIESECKER, Delbert   (not given)
SHEERS, Edith   (not given)
METZGAR, Peter, Mr and Mrs.   Mountain Valley
- METZGAR, William son  
OBENANDER, Harriett, Mrs.   Berwick
EVANS, S., Mr and Mrs.   Dalton
- EVANS, Anna daughter  
- EVANS, May daughter  
- EVANS, Charles son  
RAIF, William, Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
- RAIF, Willard son  
- RAIF, George son  
- RAIF, Archie son  
RICKETT, William, Mrs.   Moosic
RICHARDS, C. E., Dr. and Mrs.   West Pittston
COURTRIGHT, Jacob, Mr and Mrs.   West Pittston
DRAKE, Ira, Mrs.   Newton
WINTERS, Phillip, Mr and Mrs.   Newton
- WINTERS, Alma daughter  
- WINTERS, Zida daughter  
- WINTERS, Helen daughter  
BOGART, C., Mr and Mrs.   Newton
DRAKE, J. L. , Mr and Mrs.   Newton
- DRAKE, Ira son  
METZGAR, E., Mrs.   Newton
SHERMAN, Lewis, Mr and Mrs.   Schultzville
- SHERMAN, Leo son  

    After dinner had been served the organization was called to order by the president.  The old officers were re-elected for another year. The committee on refreshments will hold over for another year, with the additional appointment of Mrs. C. W. Blackwell, making six instead of five.  It was decided to hold the next reunion in the grove near the home of Peter Metzgar, on the birthday of C. M. Blackwell, August 13, 1911.

    A vote of thanks was given Mr and Mrs. C. W. Blackwell for their kindness and hospitality in entertaining the relatives.  After the business session was over, Dr. C. E. Richards, of West Pittston, made a short, but eloquent address.

* = source Gladys Harding (Mrs. Frank) Lidy, New Brunswick, NJ
It is believed that Mountain Valley was near Milwaukee and that the AMES farm was next to the LANDSADEL's. The Joseph Harding family, her grandfather, lived in Plainsville.

Blewett Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Friday, August 12, 1910

   The Blewett reunion will be held at the home of John J. Blewitt, Orson, Pa., August 13.  All interested parties will be made welcome. Come and have a good time.
     Your's truly,
     E. F. Blewitt

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Saturday, August 20, 1910

   The fourth annual reunion of the Blewett family was held August 13, at the home of J. J. Blewett, of Orson.  Those present were:
BLEWETT, William, Sr.   Pleasant Mount
BLEWETT, Clarence   Niagra
BLEWETT, Elias W.   Pleasant Mount
BLEWETT, Ezra F.   Dalton
THOMAS, W. H. , Mrs.   Factoryville
- THOMAS, Roy son  
- THOMAS, Raymond son  
PAYNE, Charles, Mr and Mrs.   Pleasant Mount
- PAYNE, Harold son  
- PAYNE, Edwin son  
HENSHAW, James, Mr and Mrs.   Bethany
- HENSHAW, Bessie daughter  
- HENSHAW, Lillian daughter  
KRESGE, Charles, Mrs.   Schultzville
- KRESGE, Emogene daughter  
- KRESGE, William son  
BROOKING, M. J., Mrs.   Orson
CLEMO, Willie   Pleasant Mount
CLEMO, Stephen   Pleasant Mount
BLEWETT, J. J., Mr and Mrs.   Orson
- BLEWETT, Glenn son  
- BLEWETT, Etta daughter  

   A pleasant time was had talking over the family history, listening to phonograph and songs, and speaking from the grandchildren.  At the usual hour all gathered around the festal board and partook of the good things that each had prepared for the occasion.  At the close of the day they seperated for their several homes, hoping each would be spared to meet next year.

Bortree Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Thursday, August 25, 1910

     The first Bortree reunion was held at the home of A. H. Bortree, Sterling, Pa., August 20.  The celebration was held in honor of the ninetieth birthday of Mrs. Elmira Bortree.  The day was ideal, and a large company gathered early in the day and much merrymaking was indulged in until 1 p.m., when all were invited to the dining room, where a dinner was served which did credit to those who prepared the feast and, best of all, some of the goodies were prepared by Mrs. Bortree's own hands.  A birthday cake, large enough to accommodate the requisite number of candles, had been prepared, and the candles were lighted by Helen Miller, of Stroudsburg, a two-year-old great-grand-daughter of Mrs. Bortree.

     Among the guests were:
COLVIN, Oscar, Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
HACKETT, E. A. , Mr and Mrs.   Hancock, NY
- HACKETT, Edgar son  
- HACKETT, Ray  son  
DOOLEY, Myra, Mrs.   Waymart
DUNKELBERG, Helen   Seeleyville
MILLER, Joseph, Mr and Mrs.   Stroudsburg
- MILLER, Helen daughter  
WILCOX, Judson, Mr and Mrs.   South Clinton
- WILCOX, Mary daughter  
GILPIN, James D., Mr and Mrs.   Sterling
UBAN, Charles, Mr and Mrs.   Sterling
BORTREE, Seth, Mr and Mrs.   Sterling
LEE, Jane, Mrs.   Sterling
BORTREE, Albert   Sterling
BORTREE, Lafayette   West Lebanon, NH
YOUNG, Mary, Mrs.   South Royalton, VT
TUTTLE, George, Mr and Mrs.   Hamlin
- TUTTLE, Grace daughter  
- TUTTLE, Ruth daughter  
- TUTTLE, Cassie daughter  
- TUTTLE, Oscar son  
BORTREE, S. M., Mr and Mrs.   Hub
- BORTREE, Ethel daughter  
- BORTREE, Virga daughter  
- BORTREE, Della daughter Scranton
BORTREE, R. M., Mr and Mrs.   Hub
- BORTREE, Loren son  
BORTREE, D. M. Hub  
- BORTREE, Ella daughter  
- BORTREE, Ida daughter  
- BORTREE, Ada daughter  
- BORTREE, Grace daughter Scranton
BORTREE, Addie, Mrs.   Stroudsburg

   Late in the afternoon the guests departed, declaring they had a splendid time and wishing Mrs. Bortree many happy returns of the day.

Briggs Reunion

[Editor's note - names spelled as typeset even though there are obvious conflicts between the two reports.]

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Friday, August 12, 1910

    The descendants of Job and Cynthia Hill Briggs will hold their annual reunion, Wednesday, August 17, at the home of A. B. Davison, Fleetville.  Conveyances will meet DL&W and Northern Electric at LaPlume.  Relatives and friends of the family cordially invited.
    Jennie B. Fidiam

Scranton Tribune-Republican Tuesday, August 30, 1910

    Descendants of Job and Cynthia Hall Briggs assembled Wednesday at the home of A. B. Davidson, Fleetville,  It was the fifth annual reunion and was attended by fifty members of the family.  J. W. Tiffany presided at the business session.  It was decided to hold the next reunion at the home of G. W. Davidson, Wednesday, August 19, 1911.  The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: president, W. G. Briggs, Peckville; vice-president, Fred Rought, Factoryville; secretary, Jennie B. Fidiam, Scranton; treasurer, Captain S. H. Briggs, Peckville; entertainment committee, Helena Clark, Mrs. Nellie Degraw Freas, Scranton.

These present were:
BRIGGS, S. H., Capt.   Peckville
BRIGGS, W., Mr and Mrs.   Peckville
- BRIGGS, Earl son  
- BRIGGS, Lewis son  
- BRIGGS, Ralph son  
FINN, Nelson   Foster
TIFFANY, J. W.   Fleetville
NAFUS, Bessie, Mrs.   Fleetville
- NAFUS, Allen son  
DAVISON, G. W., Mr and Mrs.   Fleetville
- DAVISON, Harry son  
- DAVISON, Esther daughter  
- DAVISON, Hazel daughter  
DAVISON, A. B., Mr and Mrs.   Fleetville
SEAMANS, Roy    Fleetville
SEAMANS, John    Scranton
FREAS, H. P., Mr and    Scranton
- FREAS, Nellie DeGraw, Mrs.    
DeGRAW, Arthur, Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
- DeGRAW, Clair   daughter
- DeGRAW, Donald   son
- DeGRAW, Dorothy   daughter
- DeGRAW, Ruth   daughter
FIDIAM, Joseph   Scranton
FIDIAM, Sue G.   Scranton
CLARK, Helena   Scranton
CLARK, G. L., Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
- CLARK, Jennie B. daughter  
ROUGHT, G. L., Mr and Mrs.   Factoryville
ROUGHT, Fred, Mr. and Mrs.   Factoryville
- ROUGHT, Floyd son  
- ROUGHT, Wilson son  
FRUMAN, Giles, Mr and Mrs.   Factoryville
BRIGGS, C. A., Mr and Mrs.   Nicholson
SOUGER, C. L. , Mrs.   Nicholson
- SOUGER, Pauline daughter  
- SOUGER, Laura daughter  

Scranton Tribune-Republican Friday, September 2, 1910

   One of the most enjoyable reunions in that region was the meeting of the Briggs family at the home of Wallace and Alva Davison, of Fleetville.  On the beautiful lawns were placed a number of extension tables and these were bountifully provided with the delicacies of the season and lots of more substantial edibles besides.  A good time was enjoyed by all.

   Those present were:     [No locations given]

BRIGGS, S. H., Captain
BRIGGS, Warren, wife and two sons
BRIGGS, Albert, Mr and Mrs.
DAVISON, Alvah, Mr and Mrs.
DAVISON, Wallie, Mr and Mrs.
ROUGHT, Giles, Mr and Mrs.
FREEMAN, Giles, Mr and Mrs.
CLARK, Giles, Mr and Mrs.
FREASE, Harry, Mr. and Mrs.
DeGRAW, Arthur, Mr and Mrs.
FIDIAM, Jennie, Mrs.
FIDIAM, Susie, Miss
FIDIAM, Joseph
DAVISON, Hazel, Miss
DAVISON, Esther, Miss
CLARK, Helena, Miss
KELLEMS, Miss(es)
SEAMONS, Roy, Mrs.
ROUGHT, Fred, Mrs. and son
TOURGEE, Mr and Mrs. and two daughters
GREEN, Parden
DeGRAW, Claft, Master
DeGRAW, Dorothy
DeGRAW, Donald
DeGRAW, Ruth
 and a number of others.

Brundage Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Thursday, August 11, 1910

     The fifteenth annual reunion of the descendants of Parmenas Brundage will be held at the home of A. W. Brundage, Peckville, Thursday, August 24.

[August 24, 1910, is a Wednesday, this was probably last year's announcement -ed.]

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Wednesday, August 31, 1910


    The sixteenth annual reunion of the descendants of Parmenas Brundage was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Brundage, Peckville, on Wednesday, August 24.  Guests began to arrive at an early hour and at 12:30 sixty-eight members of the Brundage family from near and far sat down to a sumptuous chicken dinner served on the spacious lawn at the rear of the house.  After the dinner the formal business meeting was held.  In the absence of the patriarch president, Dr. A. T. Brundage, of Harford, A. W. Brundage presided.

    The following officers were elected: president, Dr. A. T. Brundage, of Harford; first vice-president, A. W. Brundage, of Peckville; second vice-president, F. D. Brundage, of Fleetville; secretary, Edna J. Brundage, of Peckville; treasurer, N. H. Johnson, of Welsh Hill; Mrs. Hurd, Jennie Brundage, Mrs. A. Carpenter, and Mrs. Lavina Stevens comprise the executive committee.

  A number of solos were beautifully rendered by Mrs. Lizzie Hughes-Brundage, of Carbondale, who is so well known in musical circles throughout the state.  A duet by Misses Alice and Edna Brundage, her daughters, was also greatly enjoyed and appreciated.  After remarks by John I. Ensign, of Alabama, Alfred Hobbs, Rev. H. A. Nye, and others, a vote of thanks was rendered to Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Brundage for their kind hospitality and the meeting adjourned.

[No list of attendees published.]
BRUNDAGE, A. W.   Peckville
BRUNDAGE, F. D.   Fleetville
BRUNDAGE, Edna J.   Peckville
JOHNSON, N. H.   Welsh Hill
HURD, Mrs.   (not given)
BRUNDAGE, Jennie   (not given)
CARPENTER, A., Mrs.   (not given)
STEVENS, Lavina   (not given)
BRUNDAGE, Lizze Hughes, Mrs.   Carbondale
- BRUNDAGE, Alice, Miss daughter  
- BRUNDAGE, Edna daughter  
ENSIGN, John I.   Alabama
HOBBS, Alfred   (not given)
NYE, H. A., Rev.   (not given)

Buckingham Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Wednesday August 24, 1910

    The Buckingham reunion will be held at George Corey's grove, Treslarville, next Saturday, August 27.  A stage meets all early trains at Lake Ariel.

[No further information was found.]

Bunnell Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Saturday, August 20, 1910

[photo caption]

     Descendants of William Bunnell, who landed in New Haven, Conn., in 1639 held the thirteenth annual reunion of the Bunnel family Saturday last on the Bunnell farm in Montrose.  The attendance was the largest of any of the annual events, and the program was directed by Willard M. Bunnell, the prothonotary.  The farm on which the gathering was held has been in the Bunnell family close to ninety years.  It was cleared and settled on by James Bunnell about 1820, and has been maintained since by some member of the Bunnell family.  Its present owner is Willard M. Bunnell, whose mother resides on it.

Burns Reunion

[Editor's note - This was a very difficult article to transcribe as the microfilm camera apparently vibrated.  The issue appears double printed, out of focus, and very heavy; so I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies.]

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Thursday August 18, 1910

    The reunion of the Burns family was held in Teddi's grove, Uniondale, Susquehanna county.  After indulging in dinner they held their business meeting electing officers as follows: president, George C. Burns, druggist, of Montrose; vice-president, Edward Burns, of Uniondale; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. George Brandon, of Carbondale.

[No list of those attending was published.]

BURNS, George C.               Montrose
BURNS, Edward                   Uniondale
BRANDON, George, Mrs.    Carbondale

Transcribed and Contributed by Richard M. Reese
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