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Callender Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Tuesday, August 9, 1910

     The Callender family (descendants of Samuel Callender of the American Revolution) will hold their twenty-second annual reunion at Nay Aug Park on Thursday, August 25.

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Friday, August 26, 1910

     The twenty-second reunion of the descendants of Samuel Callender of the American Revolution was held at Nay Aug Park yesterday.  There were one hundred and fourteen present.  A very pleasant day was spent. A  short program was rendered consisting of speeches, vocal music and recitations.  The following officers were elected for the coming year: president, Samuel N. Callender, of Scranton; vice-president, M. W. Callender of Pittsburg {sic} ; treasurer, Fred G. Hurd, Peckville; recording secretary, Mrs. A. E. Lister, Glenburn; corresponding secretary, Mary L. Callender, Peckville.

    Mrs. A. E. Lister extended an invitation to the association to hold the next reunion at her home at Glenburn, PA, next August.  It was so decided.

  The following were present:
CALLENDER, M. W.   Pittsburgh
CALLENDER, Etta F.   Pittsburgh
OAKLEY, E. H. , Mrs.   Clifford
FINN, I. O., Mr and Mrs.   Clifford
FINN, A. O.   Clifford
WILLIAMS, D. M. , Mrs.   Jermyn
FINN, E. E., Mrs.   Jermyn
COLE, Leroy, Mrs.   Scranton
HOWE, John T., Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
CALLENDER, A. L., Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
CALLENDER, R. S., Mrs.   Scranton
- CALLANDER, Murial daughter  
- CALLANDER, Marion daughter  
JONES, E. R., Mrs.   Scranton
- JONES, Helen daughter  
- JONES, Marshall son  
CALLENDER, Mabel C.   Scranton
CALLENDER, Grace H.   Scranton
CALLENDER, Margaret E.   Scranton
CALLENDER, Gordon   Scranton
CALLENDER, F. I. , Mrs.   Scranton
WILCOX, Estella   Scranton
SIMRELL, Henrietta   Scranton
IVES, Mary, Mrs.   Scranton
ROBERTSON, Florence   Scranton
WILCOX, J. F.   Scranton
TANNANT, Ella E.   Scranton
COLE, E. O., Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
COLE, M. C., Mrs.   Scranton
- COLE, Clarence son  
TENNANT, E. E., Mrs.   Scranton
- TENNANT, Francis son?  
- TENNANT, Marjorie daughter  
- TENNANT, Arlene daughter  
BENNETT, E. F. , Mr and Mrs.   Plainsville
- BENNETT, Leland son  
- BENNETT, E. F. , Jr. son  
- BENNETT, Lester son  
LISTER, Bertha Colvin, Mrs.   Glenburn
COLVIN, Mabel   Glenburn
COLVIN, Jeanette H., Mrs.   Glenburn
HALL, Jeanette   Glenburn
LISTER, Marjorie C.   Glenburn
CALLENDER, William H.   Minersville
BAKER, A. M. , Jr.   Dalton
NIEMEYER, Myra H., Mrs.   Dunmore
HIGGINS, Helen, Mrs.   Dunmore
HILGERT, Bert, Mrs.   Dunmore
HESSLER, George, Mrs.   Dunmore
DOLPH, Blanche L.   Dunmore
SMITH, ALbert, Mr and Mrs.   Dunmore
UTLEY, O. L., Mrs.   Carbondale
LEWIS, Elnora, Mrs.   Wilkes-Barre
MOSS, Rosa, Mrs.   Wilkes-Barre
CALLENDER, Mary, Mrs.   Wilkes-Barre
- CALLENDER, Lela daughter  
- CALLENDER, J. H.   Peckville
CALLENDER, S. J. , Mr and Mrs.   Peckville
HURD, Fred G., Mr and Mrs.   Peckville
- HURD, Pierson  son  
- HURD, Reuel M. ?  
CARVOLTH, Richard, Mrs.   Peckville
- CARVOLTH, Richard, Jr. son  
- CARVOLTH, Clarence son  
- CARVOLTH, Hazel daughter  
- CARVOLTH, Arthur son  
CRAIG, Charles, Mrs.   Peckville
CALLENDER, Mary L.   Peckville
CALLENDER, Lephe   Peckville
CALLENDER, J. H., Mrs.   Peckville
GREEN, Ann E., Mrs.   Peckville
JERMYN, Martha, Mrs.   Peckville
NOACK, Orville E., Mrs.   Olyphant
WELLS, M. E. , Mrs.   South Canaan
DIBBLE, H. G., Mrs.   Sanataria Springs, NY
JOHNSON, J. H., Mrs.   Danville
CALLENDER, Stephen   Thompson
CALLENDER, Willard   Thompson
CURTISS, Fred E., Mrs.   Thompson
- CURTISS, E. Marie daughter  
PARKER, J. E., Mrs.   Waverly
KINGSLEY, S. D., Mrs.   Blakely
- KINGSLEY, Amelia daughter  
- KINGSLEY, Burton E. son  
- KINGSLEY, Dwight S. son  
WILLIAMS, E. B. , Mrs.   Blakely
- WILLIAMS, Jane E. daughter  
FREW, R. P. , Mr and Mrs.   Blakely
DOUGLAS, John N., Mr and Mrs.   Clark's Green
- DOUGLAS, Carolyn K. daughter  
CALLENDER, Nellie   Clark's Green
CALLENDER, Mae   Sweet Valley
CALLENDER, Estella   Sweet Valley
WINTERMUTE, Anne   Madisonville
DEEMER, G. B., Mrs.   Sykesville (Jefferson Co.)
SLIMMER, P. H. , Mrs.   Soldier (Jefferson Co.)

[Relationships implied by layout of article. -ed.]

Ezra Capwell Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Thursday August 18, 1910

    The ninth reunion of the descendants of Ezra Capwell will be held at Brookside Park, near Dalton, Thursday, August 25.  All friends are cordially invited to attend.

     F. M. Young, secretary

[No further information was found.]

Capwell Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Thursday, August 11, 1910

     The annual reunion of the Capwell family will be held on the Keystone Academy grounds, Factoryville, Pa., Friday, Aug. 12, 1910. Arrangements have been made to use the academy dining room and dishes. Ice cream will be served with the dinner.  Expense to be met by collection.  Bring your picnic baskets and come prepared to enjoy the day.  All relatives are cordially invited.  If you cannot be present send a letter to be read,
    Dr. D. A. Capwell, president
    Mrs. G. B. Mathewson, secretary

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Wednesday, August 17, 1910

    More than one hundred of the Stephen and Hannah Capwell descendants gathered in Keystone Academy for the annual reunion and picnic dinner, August 12.  The day was perfect and after enjoying the dinner all assembled in the chapel where the business meeting was conducted.  The minutes of the last meeting being approved, letters from the following relatives were read:

  Mr and Mrs. C. S. Seamans, Scranton;
  Mr and Mrs. Geoge F. Alleman, Cokeville, N.Y.;
  Mr and Mrs. W. N. Caswell, Theneston, Utah;
  Mrs. Louise Jane Pitney and
  Mrs. Almina Hallstead Phillips, of Rockford, Illinois;
  Claude Capwell, of Minneapolis, Minn.;
  Mrs. Ella Atherton Chichester, of Sheffield, Iowa;
  Mrs. G. A. Capwell and Mrs. Bertha Robbins, of Lewisburg, Pa.;
  and Mrs. Frank Atherton, of Lee, Ill.

    Mrs. Robbins and Mrs. Atherton each enclosing one dollar for the treasury.  Mrs. Pitney and Mrs. Phillips each sending fifty cents to purchase flowers for the dinner table.  Mrs. R. H. Holgate, of La Plume, Pa, family historian, read a short sketch of the pioneer Capwells who were leaders here in church and temperance work, June 1833 to 1837.

Brief speeches were given by the following:  Myron Dean, Factoryville; Rev. George B. Smith, Kutztown; A. B. Clay, of Scranton.  Misses Jane and Christina Mathewson being called on for music sang a pleasing duet and were heartily encored.  President Capwell called on the following gentleman who responded with short speeches: Charles Sisk, Factoryville; S. W. Capwell, Carbondale;  Attorney J. B. Davidson, Scranton; Attorney R. H. Holgate, La Plume.  Motion carried to extend vote of thanks for courtesies and privileges extended the Capwell reunion by principal B. F. Thomas of Kingston [Keystone -ed.] Academy.

  Officers were elected as follows: president, Dr. D. A. Capwell; vice-president, E. A. Capwell; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. G. B. Mathewson; executive committee, Mrs. Hannah Chase, Mrs. R. H. Holgate, Mr and Mrs. H. N. Capwell, Miss Amy Capwell.  Voted to hold the next meeting in Kingston chapel, August 12, 1911.

[No list of those who attended was published.]
HOLGATE, R. H., Atty. and Mrs. LaPlume
SMITH, George B., Rev. Kutztown
CLAY, A. B. Scranton
DEAN, Myron Factoryville
MATHEWSON, Jane, Miss (not given)
MATHEWSON, Christina (not given)
SISK, Charles Factoryville
CAPWELL, S. W. Carbondale
DAVIDSON, J. B., Atty. Scranton
CAPWELL, D. A., Dr. (not given)
CAPWELL, E. A. (not given)
MATHEWSON, G. B., Mrs. (not given)
CHASE, Hannah (not given)
CAPWELL, H. N., Mr and Mrs. (not given)
CAPWELL, Amy (not given)

Carpenter Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Friday, August 12, 1910

      The twelfth annual reunion of the Carpenter family will be held at Bradford Carpenter's, New Milford, Pa., Wednesday, August 24.

[No other report was found.]

Cary Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Monday, July 4, 1910

    Descendants of the Cary family to the number of about two hundred held their annual reunion at Nay Aug Park Thursday and the affair was very enjoyable.   Attendants gathered during the morning hours and fraternized, baskets will laden with eatables becoming very much in evidence.

    During the afternoon a business meeting was held at which it was decided that the reunion next year would be held on the last Thursday in June at Fernbrook Park, near Dallas.  A. feature of the afternoon was an address by Rev. Seth Cary, of Boston, a member of the New England branch of the family.  The Cary family was among the pioneers, the early progenitors having settled in what is now South Wilkes-Barre during the eighteenth century, younger sons later taking up residence in this valley and in Wayne county.

[No list of those who attended was published.]

CARY, Seth, Rev.  -  Boston, MA

Chapman Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Wednesday August 24, 1910

     The Chapman reunion will be held at nay Aug park, August 27.

[No futher information was found.]

Clark Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Wednesday, September 7, 1910

   The Clark families, relatives and friends to the number of one hundred met in Northern Electric Park, Clark's Summit, on Wednesday, August 31, for their 11th annual reunion.  While the day was not bright as usual, it was favorable to cheerfullness and good appetites, and all enjoyed a bountiful dinner.  Clayton Clark was congratulated for the long table of children and grandchildren.  At 2:30 order was called by president Giles Clark.  A short program was carried out. It included songs by C. L. Clark and son, Arthur Clark.  Prof. B. F. Thomas, of Keystone Academy, offered prayer.  President Giles Clark gave an address of welcome.  Prof. Thomas Arthur Clark and Miss Esther Clark sang a trio.  Last year's minutes were read and approved.  The officers were re-elected.  Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, of Thompson, Pa., sang a duet.  Clayton Clark gave a select reading on "Homes, Sweet Homes, God Give us Sweet Homes".  The reports of the committees were read and the committees were continued.  The names of C. L. Clark, T. E. Clark, L. E. Clark, and Prof. Thomas were added to the tablet committee. A fund was started for the tablet.  As soon as necessary money can be raised, the tablet will be erected in the vicinity in memory of Deacon William Clark, a Revolutionary soldier, and founder of Clark's Green in 1799, for whom Clark's Green and Clark's Summit are named.  The exercise closed with the singing of "America".  The remainder of the afternoon was spent in social enjoyment.

[No list of attendees was published.]

CLARK, Clayton
CLARK, Giles
- CLARK, Arthur  -   son
THOMAS, B. F., Prof.
CLARK, Thomas Arthur, Prof.
CLARK, Esther, Miss
LEWIS, Mr and Mrs.  -   Thompson

Cobb Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Monday August 22, 1910

    The descendants of Zepron and Sallie Cobb will hold their fourth annual reunion in Finn's Hall, Clifford, Saturday, Sept. 3, 1910.
All relatives are cordially invited.

[No further information was found.]

Coffman Reunion

[Editor's note - This was a very difficult article to transcribe as the microfilm camera apparently vibrated.  The issue appears double printed, out of focus, and very heavy; so I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies.]

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Thursday, August 18, 1910

    In spite of inclement weather, twenty-five of the descendants of Isaac and Nancy Coffman gathered for their annual reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Carpenter, of Marshbrook, on Wednesday, August 10.

    The hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter is well-known and it was very evident to their guests on Wednesday, who in turn made the old farmhouse ring in their appreciation of the hospitality.  Another thing which was equally as evident was the fact that there are no poor cooks in the family, and everyone seemed hungry enough to eat his or her share of the good things provided.  After dinner a program was rendered which was much enjoyed.  There has been one death in the family since last year, that of A. H. Ridgeway, of Marshbrook, which occurred at his late house in July.

  How we missed you, dear old Uncle,
  Your bright face and silvered hair,
  Missed you from your place among us,
  Yes, there was one vacant chair.

  Missed you, when our thoughts were happy,
  Missed your stories, all so gay;
  For they always helped to cheer us,
  As we trudged along life's way.

  Missed you when ever thoughts were sober,
  For it 'twas ere your constant prayer,
  That your loved ones all might meet you
  When the roll is called up there.

  Eighty years on earth you journeyed,
  And you did not live in vain;
  For the Christ, the blessed father,
  In your heart and life did reign.

  O, may we who knew and loved you,
  Learn the lessons which you taught,
  Of the loved One who died to save us
  And our sins on Calvary bought.

  Now that you have gone and left us,
  And we miss you on this day
  Of our annual reunion,
  We would each of us now say

  When our gatherings have ended,
  On this earth forever more,
  May we have a grand reunion
  With you on the other shore.

     Every one seemed unwilling to depart, but by 5:30 all had gone, happy in the anticipation of meeting on August 16, 1911 at the home of W. H. Robinson, of Clark's Green.

     Those present were:
ROME, Mary, Miss   Ararat
RIDGEWAY, Enos, Mr and Mrs.   LaPlume
- RIDGEWAY, Ira daughter  
- RIDGEWAY, Howard son  
- RIDGEWAY, Glenn son  
- RIDGEWAY, Ansel son  
ROBINSON, W. H., Sr.   Clark's Green
- ROBINSON, W. H., Jr. son  
ROBINSON, Jennie, Miss   Clark's Green
ROBINSON, A. D., Mr and Mrs.   Clark's Green
- ROBINSON, Lillian daughter  
- ROBINSON, Dorothy daughter  
- ROBINSON, Helen daughter  
- ROBINSON, Theodore son  
MULLINEX, J. L., Mr and Mrs.   Clark's Green
TOWNSEND, A. B., Mrs.   Clark's Summit
- TOWNSEND, Edna daughter  
- TOWNSEND, Howard son  
CARPENTER, Sallie, Mrs.   Marshbrook
- CARPENTER, Harry  son  
CHORAL, Miss   Marshbrook
RIDGEWAY, Ann, Miss   Marshbrook
BLAINE, Minnie, Miss   Marshbrook
CARPENTER, Ansel, Mr and Mrs.   Marshbrook

Coleman Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Wednesday August 24, 1910

     The Coleman reunion will be held at Nay Aug Park, Thursday, September 1.

[No futher information was found.]

Colvin Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Thursday, August 11, 1910

    The Colvin family reunion will be held at Northern Electric Park Saturday, August 13.

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Monday, August 15, 1910

    The second annual reunion of the Colvin family was held at Northern Electric Park, Clark's Summit, Saturday [8/13].   After a very interesting report of the committee on family history by Alfred E. Lister and some routine business, it was decided to hold a reunion each year on the third Saturday in August.  The following officers were re-elected for the next year: president Jared B. Colvin, of Dalton; vice-president, Dexter W. Colvin, of Clark's Summit; secretary, Floyd E. Colvin, of Clark's Summit, treasurer, George H. Colvin, of Dalton.

[No list of attendees was published. -ed.]

LISTER, Alfred E.  -  (not given)
COLVIN, Jared B.  -  Dalton
COLVIN, Dexter W.  -  Clark's Summit
COLVIN, Floyd E.  -  Clark's Summit
COLVIN, George H.  -  Dalton

Transcribed and Contributed by Richard M. Reese
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