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Jenkins and Gangwer Reunion

[Editor's note - This was a very difficult article to transcribe as the microfilm camera apparently vibrated.  The issue appears double printed, out of focus, and very heavy; so I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies.]

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Thursday, August 18, 1910

     The Jenkins and Gangwer reunion which was held Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Doyle, of Grassey, was one of the largest attended reunions that was ever held by the Jenkins-Gangwer descendants. The following officers were chosen for the ensuing year: president, John S. Jenkins, Pittston; vice-president, Sylvester Decker, Lehighton; treasurer, Jesse Gangwer, Scranton; secretary, Ira Jenkins, Peckville. The date set for the next reunion is Thursday, August 17, 1911, to be held at Nay Aug park.

     Those present were:
JENKINS, (John S.), Mr and Mrs.   Pittston
- JENKINS, Ralph son  
JENKINS, C. G., Mrs.   Scranton
- JENKINS, John, Jr. son  
- JENKINS, Charles son  
KNOX (?), Charles   Dunmore
GANGWER, Jesse   Scranton
- GANGWER, Ruby daughter  
DeTEMPLE, Robert, Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
HARRIS, David E., Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
GANGWER, William   Scranton
- GANGWER, Adelaid daughter  
JENKINS, Harry   Scranton
JENKINS, Webb, Mrs.   Scranton
DEVANS, Walter, Mr and Mrs.    Kingston
BIERLEY, Maurice, Mr and Mrs.   Wilkes-Barre
KNOX, Walter, Mr and Mrs.   Lehighton
- KNOX, Beatrice daughter  
- KNOX, Thelma daughter  
- KNOX, Clotus  (?) son  
DECKER, Sylvester, Mr and Mrs.   Lehighton
- DECKER, Dorothy daughter  
HONTZ, Addie H., Miss   Lehighton
JENKINS, Ira, Mr and Mrs.   Peckville
- JENKINS, Layton son  
JENKINS, Worden, Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
- JENKINS, Grace daughter  
- JENKINS, Mabel daughter  
BRADLEY, James, Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
- BRADLEY, Hattie daughter  
- BRADLEY, Edgar son  
WALTON, Otis, Mr and Mrs.   (not given)
- WALTON, Miles son  
- WALTON, Elwood son  
WALTON, Carrie, Miss   Olyphant
DOYLE, Myrtle, Miss   Olyphant
DOYLE, Frank   Olyphant
DOYLE, William   Olyphant
DOYLE, Ira   Olyphant
DOYLE, Harry   Olyphant
WALTON, Leroy   Olyphant
WALTON, Horace   Olyphant
WALTON, Arthur   Olyphant
RIPPLE, Mrs.   Carbondale
- RIPPLE, Robert  son  
- RIPPLE, William son  

Keller Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Friday, August 26, 1910

      The second Keller reunion will be held Saturday, September 10, at the Wind Gap Park, Northampton county.   Trolley cars pass the park coming from Allentown, Bethlehem, Nazareth, also Easton and Bangor. In case of rain, a large pavilion will afford shelter.  There will be a full program, speaking, music, family history, business meeting, etc. Dinner and supper will be served at the park, by addressing the manager, John Edwards, Wind Gap Park, Pa., a few days in advance.  Hot dinner 85c.  Chicken and waffle dinner, 65c.  A cordial invitation to attend this reunion is extended to all relatives and friends.

[No other report found.]

Keller of Avoca Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Sunday, September 25, 1910

    The Keller family of Avoca held its annual reunion at Nay Aug Park this week.  At the reunion four generations were represented, the feature of the reunion being that the great-grand mother, Mrs. John Keller, is only fifty-nine years of age.

Those who attended the reunion were:
RIGALLIA, William, Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
SHALL, EARL and   Scranton
- SHALL, FRANCIS   Scranton
GRESS, Frank, Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
- BELL, Dana daughter  
KELLER, Frank, Mr and Mrs.   Avoca
KELLER, Mary and   Avoca
- KELLER, Constance    
FINBURG, Charles, Mr and Mrs.   New York
KELLER, Glen, Mr and Mrs.   Avoca
KELLER, Frank,   Avoca
- KELLER, Alma and    
- KELLER, Della Mae    
RICE, A. L., Mr and Mrs.   Dunmore
KRIDLER, Ernest, Mr and Mrs.   Avoca
- KRIDLER, Willard  son  
KELLER, John, Jr., Mrs.   Avoca
KELLER, Charles, Mr and Mrs.   Avoca
- KELLER, Beatrice daughter  
- KELLER, Mae daughter  
- KELLER, Irene  daughter  
- KELLER, Charles, Jr. son  
STALBIRD, M. L.   Avoca
STALBIRD, Adrian and   Avoca
- STALBIRD, Mr and Mrs. Clarence    
HALLER, John, Mrs.   Scranton
- HALLER, Leavie daughter  
SCOTT, John   Scranton

Kern Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Wednesday, August 17, 1910

     The reunion of the Kern family will take place tomorrow at Valley View park at Inkerman.  The members will assemble during the morning and at noon will have a basket dinner in the grove.  The business meeting will take place in the afternoon.

     The reunion of the Williams family that is closely connected by relationship with the Kern family, will take place at the same park at the same time.  Large gatherings always attend the reunions of both the Williams and Kern families.

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Friday, August 19, 1910

     The annual reunion of the Kern family was held yesterday at Valley View park, Inkerman.  The attendance numbered about one hundred and twenty-five.  The gathering was held in conjunction with that of the Williams family, who are intermarried with the Kerns.  The two families always seek to hold their reunions at the same place and on the same day.  The third Thursday of August is usually selected for their annual events.  At noon there was a big dinner under the trees of the park, the table fairly groaning with the weight of good things.

     The attendance included:
BERLEW, W. M., Mr and Mrs.   Sutton's Creek, PA
KIRCHER, Susan, Mrs.   Bald Mount
KERN, G. W., Mr and Mrs.   Pittston
- KERN, Marion  ?  
- KERN, Elsie daughter  
- KERN, Florence daughter  
KERN, J. E., Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
- KERN, William son  
- KERN, John son  
- KERN, David son  
MILLER, E. K., Mrs.   Scranton
- MILLER, Ruth  daughter  
- MILLER, Joseph  son  
- MILLER, Carolyn daughter  
- MILLER, Esther daughter  
- MILLER, Louise daughter  
KERN, E. A., Mr and Mrs.   Clark's Summit
- KERN, Mabel  daughter  
- KERN, Laurence son  
STAMBACH, T, M., Mr and Mrs.   Pittston
LINES, Harriet, Mrs.   Pittston
IVES, Mary, Mrs.   Ransom
ROTH, T. M., Mrs.   Bald Mount
AYRES, George, Mr and Mrs.   Ransom
AYRES, John, Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
- AYRES, Ralph son  
- AYRES, Lester son  
- AYERS, Beatrice daughter  
VANDERBURG, Louise, Miss   Ransom
HELME, Charles F., Mr and Mrs.   West Pittston
- HELME, Nellie daughter  
- HELME, Charlotte daughter  
KERN, George W., Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
AYRES, Alden W., Mr and Mrs.   Ithaca, NY
- AYRES, John  son  
- AYRES, Alden son  
- AYRES, Kenneth son  
- AYRES, Mary daughter  
JAGGARDS, Ethel, Miss   Pittston
- JAGGARDS, Emma, Miss sister  
LINE, Ruth   Pittston
- LINE, Gordon  ?  
THOMPSON, Margaret H.   Prospect Place
LINE, E. J., Mrs.   Prospect Place
DAVIS, W. J., Mr and Mrs.   Pittston
- DAVIS, Neva daughter  
- DAVIS, Louis son  
- DAVIS, Edith daughter  
CLEVELAND, Warren   Scranton
- CLEVELAND, Saul brother  
- CLEVELAND, Cecil brother  
VANDERBURG, Henry   Falls
- VANDERBURG, Will    brother
KERN, A. W.   Scranton
[not listed, but mentioned as in attendance:]    
KERN, Jessie, Miss   Scranton
DOLPH, James, Mrs.   Chinchilla
WILLIAMS, A. W.   Factoryville

   At the business session the old officers were re-elected as follows: George W. Kern, of Pittston, president; Miss Jessie Kern, of Scranton, secretary and treasurer; J. E. Kern, of Scranton, was selected as family historian.  A committee of the Kern and Williams families on entertainment at the next reunion consists of Mrs. James Dolph, of Chinchilla; A. W. Williams, of Factoryville; Miss Jessie Kern and Mrs. J. E. Kern, of Scranton.

   An original poem that was loudly applauded was recited by Mrs. E. A. Kern.  Both the Williams and Kern families decided to hold their 1911 reunion at Northern Electric park, at Clark's Summit.

Knight Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Sunday, September 25, 1910


 Members of Family Gather for Annual Event at Wallsville

   The first annual reunion of the Knight family was held Thursday at the home of J. B. Knight, Sr., of Wallsville.  Dinner was served beneath the large shade trees on the lawn surrounding the farmhouse at noon.

   President J. R. Knight, Sr., of Wallsville, and secretary Dell Knight, of Dalton, were unanimously re-elected for the coming year. The next gathering is to be held at J. B. Knight's, Wallsville, September, 1911.

 Those present were:
KNIGHT, J. B., Sr.   Wallsville
KNIGHT, Nellie, Miss   Wallsville
LONG, Frank   Wallsville
KNIGHT, Dell, Mr and Mrs.   Dalton
SMITH, Louisa, Mrs.   Dalton
TAYLOR, Margaret, Mrs.   Dalton
KNIGHT, John B., Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
GRISWOLD, George, Mr and Mrs.   Factoryville
- GRISWOLD, Richard son  

Leach Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Tuesday, August 16, 1910

     The Leach family reunion will be held at Northern Electric park, Clark's Summit, Saturday, August 27.  Assembly at 10 o'clock a.m. Dinner at 12 o'clock.

     Make an effort to be present, and extend this invitation to members of the Leach family and their friends.  Notify secretary at once of marriages, births and deaths in family.

     B. Fenton Tinkham,

[No further report was found.]

Lewis Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Thursday, August 11, 1910

     The descendants of Gideon and Sarah Spencer Lewis will hold their thirty-fifth annual reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lewis, near Hop Bottom, Pa., on the fourth Thursday in August, 1910.  All relatives and friends are invited to attend.

      Maud Cook, secretary

[No other report was found for this reunion.]

McLaughlin Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Thursday, August 11, 1910

   The descendants of Thomas and Margaret McLaughlin will hold their annual reunion on Friday, Aug 12, at Lee's Grove, Chapman Lake.

[No further information was found.]

Miller Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Friday, August 12, 1910

     The Miller reunion will be held August 17, at Miller's grove, on the old homestead.
     A. L. Miller

[No further information was found.]

Morris Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Tuesday, September 27, 1910


       The descendants of John and Rachel Morris, of Llanelly, Breconshire, South Wales, held their first family reunion at Rocky Glen on September 14, 1910.  Regular officers were elected and it was decided to hold a reunion every year.  Those in attendance were:

MORRIS, M. V., Mr and Mrs.; Scranton
MORRIS, Matthew, Mr and Mrs.; Scranton
MORRIS, Thomas S., Mr.; Scranton
- MORRIS, Montgomery
GAMES, Gomer, Mr and Mrs.; Scranton
GAMES, David, Mr and Mrs.; Scranton
- GAMES, Irene, Miss; Scranton
SAMUELS, Harry, Mr and Mrs.; Scranton
- SAMUELS, Roland
- SAMUELS, Catherine, Miss
MORRIS, Craddoc; Scranton
MORRIS, Martha, Miss; Scranton
MORRIS, Thomas; Scranton
GRIFFIN, Thomas, Mrs.; Scranton
- GRIFFIN, Annie, Miss
DAVIS, Sarah, Mrs.; Scranton
- DAVIS, Rosser
THORNTON, John F., Mr and Mrs.; Scranton
SHAFER, George; Scranton
SHAFER, John, Mr and Mrs.; Scranton
WHARTON, Simpson, Mr and Mrs.; Scranton
DAVIES, David M., Mr and Mrs.; Scranton
DAVIS, Marian, Miss; Scranton
DAVIS, William; Scranton
DAVIS, John; Scranton
DAVIS, Jennie, Miss; Scranton
DAVIS, Bessie, Miss; Scranton
DAVIS, Margaret, Miss; Scranton
HAVARD, Solomon; West Pittston
- HAVARD, Viola, Miss
- HAVARD, Lillian, Miss
- HAVARD, Alma
PUGH, Martha A., Mrs.; West Pittston
- PUGH, Hattie, Miss
- PUGH, David
- PUGH, Solomon
- PUGH, Blance, Miss
- PUGH, Voiloa, Miss
MORRIS, Joseph, Mr and Mrs.; West Pittston
- MORRIS, Jennie, Miss
- MORRIS, Thomas
HAVARD, Evan J., Mr and Mrs.; Pittston
MORRIS, Thomas, Mr and Mrs.; Pittston
- MORRIS, Rebecca, Miss
THOMAS, George A., Mr and Mrs.; Pittston
- THOMAS, Isaac M.
- THOMAS, Stanley
- THOMAS, Gertrude, Miss
- THOMAS, Jennie, Miss
- THOMAS, Beatrice, Miss
MORRIS, A. T., Mr and Mrs.; Pittston
- MORRIS, Albert
MORRIS, John E., Mr and Mrs.; Parsons
- MORRIS, Hattie, Miss
- MORRIS, Arthur
- MORRIS, John
HARDING, William, Mr and Mrs.; Parsons
- HARDING, Mildred, Miss
- HARDING, Howard
- HARDING, Thelma, Miss
MORRIS, William J.; Philadelphia
MORRIS, Clayton; Philadelphia
MORRIS, Clayton, Mrs.; Philadelphia
- MORRIS, Edith, Miss; daughter
- MORRIS, Clayton, Jr.; son
MORRIS, Isaac, Mr and Mrs.; Philadelphia
- MORRIS, Bertha, Miss
KNOTT, John; Philadelphia
WILLIAMS, Charles R., Mr and Mrs.; Philadelphia
THOMAS, Lulu, Miss; Phillipsburg
BAIR, Edna, Miss; Phillipsburg
MORRIS, William J., Mr and Mrs.; St. Clair
-  MORRIS, Herman
FRANTZ, G. L. C., Jr., Mr and Mrs.; Wilkes-Barre
BUCKINGHAM, Fred, Mrs.; Wilkes-Barre
MORRIS, George, Mr and Mrs.; Taylor
- MORRIS, Margaret, Miss
PRICE, Peter; Taylor
PRICE, Beatrice, Miss; Taylor
MAPLESON, James; Taylor
MAPLESON, James, Mrs.; Taylor
MORRIS, Thomas; Olyphant
MORRIS, Rueben; Olyphant
MORRIS, William; Olyphant
MORRIS, Samuel; Olyphant
MORRIS, Arthur; Olyphant
STANLEY, C. A., Mrs.; Priceburg
- STANLEY, Edmund
- STANLEY, Elizabeth, Miss
MORRIS, Rueben; Blakely
MORRIS, Katie, Miss; Blakely
MORRIS, Ethel, Miss; Blakely
MORRIS, Charles; Blakely
MORRIS, Alice, Miss; Plymouth
MAGEE, John; Plymouth
MAGEE, Bella, Miss; Plymouth
MORRIS, Silas, Mr and Mrs.; Sugar Notch
- MORRIS, Ralph
- MORRIS, Ada, Miss
- MORRIS, Irene, Miss
MORRIS, J. R., Mr and Mrs.; Sugar Notch
- MORRIS, Bertha, Miss
- MORRIS, Edna, Miss
- MORRIS, Lucille, Miss
- MORRIS, May, Miss
- MORRIS, J. R., jr.; son

Mumford Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Thursday August 18, 1910

    The Mumford reunion will be held in Carpenter's grove, Carbondale, August 26.

[No follow up report found.]

Osler Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Tuesday, September 27, 1910


     The Osler reunion was held yesterday at Nay Aug park in honor of Mrs. Ludwig, of Wisconsin, who has been visiting relatives in this section for the past few weeks.  Mrs Ludwig was formerly of this city, but has been absent for the past thirty-tree years [1877]. Refreshments were served by the ladies in charge of the outing.

 Those present were:     [No locations given]  

WENZEL, Victor, Mrs.
SCHAFFER, Mr and Mrs.
SMITH, H., Mrs.
LUDWIG, Mrs.; Wisconsin

 [If anyone figures out who these women were, please let me know so that I can update this; without first names this could be very hard to work into a family tree.]

Peck Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Thursday August 18, 1910

    The annual reunion of the Rev. Elijah Peck family will be held in Carpenter's grove, Uniondale, Friday, August 26.  The Delaware and Hudson 7:55 a.m. train from Scranton will stop at the station.

[No further information was found.]

Polley Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Friday, June 24, 1910

     The fifth annual reunion of the descendants of Amous Polley was held at home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Curtis, one mile east of Lake Ariel, Saturday, June 18.  Base ball, pinnacle and other games were indulged in and at 12:30 all sat down to a sumptuous dinner prepared by the ladies.

     At 2:30 o'clock all gathered under the old apple tree and held a business meeting.  Bills (to the amount of $1.39) were read and ordered paid.  Election of officers resulted as follows: president, Florey Chapman; vice-president, Wayne Merring; treasurer, Raymond Chivers; secretary, H. E. Polley.

     A vote of thanks was tendered Mr. and Mrs. Curtis for the free use of their home.  It was decided to hold the next reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George France, Lake Ariel, on the third Saturday of June, 1911.

    Those present were:
CHAPMAN, Florey, Mr and Mrs.   Hamlin
- CHAPMAN, Clara daughter  
- CHAPMAN, Flossie daughter  
- CHAPMAN, Dudley son  
POLLEY, O. L., Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
- POLLEY, Delbert  son  
NEWCOMB, James, Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
POLLEY, Nelson, Mr and Mrs.   Scranton
HUMMER, John, Mr and Mrs.   Avoca
BIDWELL, Dan, Mr and Mrs.   Wilkes-Barre
- BIDWELL, Perry son  
BIDWELL, Charles, Mr and Mrs.   Hawley
- BIDWELL, Carl son  
- BIDWELL, Maxwell son  
- BIDWELL, Warren son  
- BIDWELL, Orrie daughter  
POLLEY, M. E.   Hawley
- POLLEY, Harold son  
- POLLEY, Edison son  
- POLLEY, Evelyn daughter  
FRANCE, George, Mr and Mrs.   Ariel
- FRANCE, Mildred daughter  
- FRANCE, Teddy son  
- FRANCE, Charles son  
- FRANCE, Stanley son  
- FRANCE, Harry son  
POLLEY, FLOREY, Mr and Mrs.   Ariel
- POLLEY, Frederick son  
POLLEY, Sidney   Ariel
- POLLEY, Russell  son  
- POLLEY, Grant son  
PEET, Edward, Mr and Mrs.(could be Post, Edward)   Ariel
CURTIS, Earl, Mr and Mrs.   Ariel
- CURTIS, Irene daughter  
- CURTIS, Leonard son  
POLLEY, Lillian, Mrs.   Seeleyville
MERRING, Wayne, Mr and Mrs.   Maplewood
- MERRING, Pearl daughter  
- MERRING, Edith daughter  
- MERRING, Raymond son  
MOLTER, Henry, Mrs.   Seeleyville
KREGGER, Clarence   Hawley
CRISMAN, J., Mrs.   Scranton
KELLY, H., Mrs.   Ariel
MOON, Kate, Miss   Ariel
ASTERLY, Vera, Miss   Ariel

Potter Reunion

The Scranton Tribune-Republican  Tuesday, August 9, 1910

     The sixteenth annual reunion of the descendants of Captain Joseph and Lois (Guernsay) Potter will be held at the home of Ernest S. Potter, Thompson, Pa., Thursday, August 18.  As this is but a few minutes walk from the station, it can easily be reached from by all form down the valley who wish to attend.  A cordial invitation to all. Please report all births, deaths and marriages since last meeting to the secretary before that date.

     Julia A. Potter, secretary
     Thompson, Pa., R.F.D. No. 3

[No follow up report was found.]

Powell-Williams Reunion

Scranton Tribune-Republican Friday, September 2, 1910

  "The Powell-Williams reunion was held on Wednesday, August 31, at the Northern Electric Park.  A very pleasant and sociable time was had during the day.

   The following were present:"      [no locations given]  

POWELL, Reese D. 
POWELL, Isadore 
GWYNNE, John D., Mr and Mrs. 
- GWYNNE, Edith; daughter
- GWYNNE, Elizabeth; daughter
- GWYNNE, Pricilla; daughter
EVANS, Oliver, Mr and Mrs. 
- EVANS, Edith; daughter
- EVANS, Genevieve; daughter
SAXE, William, Mr and Mrs. 
- SAXE, Harry; son
- SAXE, Walter; son
- SAXE, Reese; son
- SAXE, Irene; daughter
WELSH, Don, Mr and Mrs. 
TAYLOR, R. W., Mr and Mrs.
- TAYLOR, Paul; son
EDWARDS, Robert, Mr and Mrs.
- EDWARDS, Josephine; daughter
- EDWARDS, Bessie; daughter
- EDWARDS, Dorothy; daughter
- EDWARDS, Robert, Jr.; son
POWELL, John D., Mr and Mrs.
- POWELL, Jeanette; daughter
- POWELL, Margaret; daughter
PATTEN, Thomas, Mr and Mrs.
PATTEN, William, Mr and Mrs.
PATTEN, David, Mr and Mrs.
- PATTEN, Glendon; son
- PATTEN, Elizabeth; daughter
- PATTEN, Benjamin; son
- PATTEN, Ruth; (?) daughter
EVANS, William J., Mr and Mrs.
- EVANS, Benjamin; son
- EVANS, Thomas; son
WEAVER, Thomas, Mrs.
WEAVER, John, Mr and Mrs.
- WEAVER, Jessie; daughter
- WEAVER, Gertrude; daughter
- WEAVER, Emma; daughter
- WEAVER, Thomas; son
- WEAVER, George; son
MORRIS, Edward, Mrs.
- MORRIS, Esther; daughter
- MORRIS, Mary; daughter
HOYES, John, Mr and Mrs.
PARRY, Samuel, Mr and Mrs.
- PARRY, George; son
FREW, Alex, Jr., Mr and Mrs. *
- FREW, Anna; daughter
- FREW, Agnes; daughter
- FREW, Willard; son
ROGERS, G. C., Mr and Mrs.
- ROGERS, Sadie; daughter
- ROGERS, Leland; son
ROGERS, C. A., Mr and Mrs.
- ROGERS, Curtis; son
- ROGERS, Lorraine; daughter
GRIER, ALbert, Mr and Mrs.
- GRIER, Dorothy; daughter
SMITH, Ann, Mrs.
- SMITH, Marion; daughter
ROGERS, G. B., Mrs.
NEWTON, Leonard
REED, Maggie
PHILLIPS, John, Mr and Mrs.
PHILLIPS, Harry, Mr and Mrs.
PHILLIPS, Edward, Mr and Mrs.
EVANS, Elizabeth
DAVIS, William, Mr and Mrs.
- DAVIS, Ila; daughter
WILLIAMS, William H.
POWELL, Job, Mrs.
POWELL, Grant, Mr and Mrs.
POWELL, Arthur, Mr and Mrs.
DAVIS, David J., Mr and Mrs.
- DAVIS, Verna; daughter
- DAVIS, William; son
- DAVIS, Melvin; son
LLEWELLYN, William, Mr and Mrs.
- LLEWELLYN, Isabel   daughter
- LLEWELLYN, Margaret   daughter
EVANS, David, Mr and Mrs.
- EVANS, Lulu; daughter
JONES, David, Mr and Mrs.
- JONES, Florence; daughter
- JONES, Mabel; daughter

*= surname was not legible, interpreted from pattern of article  (children were listed with surnames).

Transcribed and Contributed by Richard M. Reese
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