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1886 Obituaries

Surnames D through G. This information is in two sections. Part 2 is below.


Last Name First Name Published Age Birth Sex Birthplace Death Father Mother Spouse Children
Dakin ? 1/18/1886 ?   m   1/16/1886        
Dale Edward 1/29/1886 25   m   1/29/1886        
Dana Milton, Capt. 2/19/1986 65   m Tunkhannock, PA 2/18/1886        
Davey Caroline 1/4/1886 37 12/1849 f   prev. week        
David Lena 3/8/1886 7 mo 8/1885 f   prev. week        
Davies John W. 1/5/1886 45   m Rhandlrmyn, S. Wales       (yes) 2
Davis Edith 1/7/1886 ?   f            
Davis Edward 2/21/1886 ?   m   2/19/1886     (yes) 3 children
Davis Elizabeth 2/8/1886 36 11/1849 f   prev. week        
Davis John W. 1/10/1886 ?   m         (yes) 2 ch
Davis Leslie 1/26/1886 ?   ?            
Davis Samuel P. 3/14/1886 28   m            
Davis Sarah Black Sal 3/16/1886 ?   f   3/15/1886        
Davis T. Y. 3/31/1886 50   m   3/30/1886        
Davis Thomas 3/28/1886 21   m     Joseph Davis      
Dewey Loran 2/6/1886 ?   m   1/31/1886     {}, died in Tunkhannock several years ago Henry C. Dewey
Dilts Fred 3/15/1886 10 wks 1/1886 m   prev. week        
Distler Joseph J. 3/25/1886 ?   m            
Dolphin Margaret 3/4/1886 ?   f            
Dolphin Michael, Mrs. 3/1/1886 52   f   2/27/1886     Michael Dolphin P. C. Dolphin, Michael Dolphin
Doremus C. H., Mrs. 1/5/1886 71   f            
Doud James 2/14/1886 ?   m   2/13/1886     (yes) none
Dougher Frank 2/14/1886 ?   m   2/12/1886        
Dreher Charles 1/15/1886 51 2/1834 m            
Duffy Patrick, Mrs. 3/15/1886 ?   f   3/14/1886     Patrick Duffy 4
Dunn John 3/23/1886 42   m   3/21/1886 {Paul Dunn}      
Dunn John W. 1/10/1886 40   m            
Edgar Charles F., Mrs. 2/9/1886 ?   f            
Edwards Benjamin 2/20/1886 21   m   last Monday        
Edwards John H. 2/5/1886 26   m   1/19/1886     (no)  
Eley Florence 2/22/1886 20 mo 6/1884 f   prev. week        
Eley Henry 3/12/1886 ?   m            
Ellis Lizzie 1/3/1886 ?   f     Job Ellis   unmarried  
Eshleman Uric 1/3/1886 77   m            
Eva John 3/1/1886 6 mo 8/1885 m   prev. week        
Evans (Mena) Aldwen 3/13/1886 ?   f   3/11/1886 T. Cidcenim Evans      
Evans George 1/13/1886 ?   m            
Eyer Harry 3/1/1886 1 yr 1 mo 18 d 1/1885 m   prev. week        
Fadden Daniel 3/25/1886 ?   m            
Fadden James 2/14/1886 ?   m   Sat. last (1/31?)        
Fadden James A. 2/8/1886 53   m   2/6/1886        
Fahey Frank 2/17/1886 ?   m   Mon. 2/15        
Fallihee John 3/16/1886 57   m   3/15/1886        
Farber Joseph 2/24/1886 ?   m   2/23/1886       Hon. George Farber
Farkey Christian 2/27/1886 ?   m            
Farrell Mary 3/29/1886 58   f   3/28/1886     Michael W. Farrell  
Fassold Anna 1/14/1886 28   f            
Ferguson James 1/27/1886 2 yr 2 m 11/1883 m   1/26/1886        
Fetheringill Richard 2/8/1886 40 3/1845 m   prev. week        
Fidiam Joseph, Mrs. 3/29/1886 19 1/3/1867 f   3/25/1886 Rev. H. C. Russell   Joseph Fidiam  
Finch John G. 1/17/1886 91 5/1795 m            
Fish James 1/10/1886 26 -14752 m   1/9/1886 Capt. J. B. Fish (yes) (yes) 1 ch
Flanaghan Ann, Mrs. 2/21/1886 ?   f   (buried 2/20)       Thomas Flanaghan, title clerk for Mr. Ward
Flynn Margaret 3/6/1886 ?   f            
Foly Eliza, Mrs. 3/25/1886 ?   f   3/23/1886 {Paul Dunn}      
Foster ? 2/21/1886 17 mo 9/1884 ?   (buried 2/15) August Foster (yes)    
Foster August 2/15/1886 ?   m            
Fox (unnamed) 3/15/1886 at birth   ?   prev. week        
Frew ? Son 3/24/1886 2   m   3/23/1886 Ebenezer Frew      
Frew Mary 3/15/1886 10 5/1875 f   prev. week        
Frohan? Christian 3/1/1886 50 yrs 3 d 2/26/1836 m   prev. week        
Gallagher Peter 1/13/1886 ?   m   1/12/1886        
Gallagher Willie 2/8/1886 2 1/2 8/1883 m   2/7/1886        
Gammon Jack 2/3/1886 ?   m            
Ganer Ellen 2/16/1886 ?   f            
Gannon Partick 2/24/1886 ?   m            
Gardner William, Mrs. 2/15/1886 77   f            
Garringer W. A. 3/16/1886 55   m   3/15/1886        
Gaughan Mamie 3/17/1886 (infant)   f   3/16/1886 Patrick Gaughan Bridget Gaughan    
Gibbons John 1/24/1886 54   m   1/22/1886        
Gibbs Evan 2/27/1886 ?   m            
Gilbert Mary 1/21/1886 ?   f            
Glosner Jacob 2/20/1886 80   m   2/19/1886        
Good T. J. 2/10/1886 53   m            
Gordon Catherine, Mrs. 3/16/1886 83   f   3/15/1886        
Gorman Catherine 3/4/1886 ?   f            
Grady Mildred 3/27/1886 ?   f            
Grady Patrick 1/14/1886 ?   m     John Grady      
Grant Sanford 1/31/1886 ? 1800 m Talland, CT Fri. 1/30        
Grant Sanford 2/7/1886 ?   m            
Greek Albert 3/17/1886 35   m Poland       (yes) 5
Green (unnamed) 2/11/1886 (infant)   m   2/9/1886 Henry S. Green      
Gregory Julia 1/10/1886 abt 20   f            
Gressler Catherine 3/2/1886 58   f            
Grierson Jennie Carlyle 1/3/1886 74 12/25/1811 f   12/25/1885       Mrs. John Nelson
Griffiths Thomas 3/11/1886 71   m            
Gruver Mary A. 3/15/1886 74   f   prev. week        

Last Name First Name Occupation Street Street ID County City Cemetery Church Notes:
Dakin ? worked at Consumer Powder Co., Winton     Lackawanna Winton      
Dale Edward         Rockdale, PA      
Dana Milton, Capt. lawyer       Conway, NH     bro- F. L. Dana, Wilkes-Barre. practiced law in Tunkhannock, went to Texas before (civil) war, returned to W-B, Quarter Master 143rd Regiment, then to New Haven, CT, and finally Conway, NH
Davey Caroline       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
David Lena       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Davies John W. inside foreman, Central shaft DL&W mines Eynon St.   Lackawanna Scranton Washburn   in Scranton 22 yrs., funeral info 1/7
Davis Edith     15th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Davis Edward Dodson Colliery     Luzerne Plymouth      
Davis Elizabeth       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Davis John W.   905 Eynon St.   Lackawanna W. Scranton      
Davis Leslie     5th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Davis Samuel P. medical student, Bellvue Medical Hospital     Susquehanna Dundaff     was in Pittston news
Davis Sarah Black Sal   234 Raymond Alley   Lackawanna Scranton      
Davis T. Y. timekeeper, DL&W car shops     Lackawanna Scranton Forest Hill    
Davis Thomas   Kidder St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre ?      
Dewey Loran Squire     Luzerne West Pittston      
Dilts Fred       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Distler Joseph J.     10th ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Dolphin Margaret     2nd Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Dolphin Michael, Mrs.   Wayne Ave. Provodence Lackawanna Scranton Hyde Park Cathedral    
Doremus C. H., Mrs.   Wyoming Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton Hackensack, NJ   son-in-law, A. A. Snyder. also 1/6
Doud James       Luzerne Newtown     formerly of Ashley. duplicate report with surname changed
Dougher Frank   Market St.   Luzerne Pittston      
Dreher Charles     7th Ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 1/14
Duffy Patrick, Mrs.   Second St. 6th ward Lackawanna Scranton     died while walking to church
Dunn John   Kidder St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre      
Dunn John W. priest     Luzerne Plains   Sacred Heart  
Edgar Charles F., Mrs.   S. Franklin St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre      
Edwards Benjamin         NY     formerly of Dundaff
Edwards John H. miner, Von Storch     Lackawanna        
Eley Florence       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Eley Henry       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Forty-Fort    
Ellis Lizzie       Lackawanna Dunmore      
Eshleman Uric baker N. Main Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton     Eshleman's Bakery
Eva John       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Evans (Mena) Aldwen       Luzerne ? Nanticoke   oldest daughter
Evans George     2nd Ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 1/12
Eyer Harry       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Fadden Daniel   1740 Brick Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton Dunmore    
Fadden James   Hampton St.   Lackawanna Scranton Forest Hill    
Fadden James A.   728 Southampton St. Park Hill Lackawanna Scranton Forest Hill    
Fahey Frank       Luzerne Hanover Twp.      
Fallihee John   518 Olive St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Farber Joseph     10th Ward Lackawanna Scranton Petersburg   son-in-law Jacob Stark
Farkey Christian     11th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Farrell Mary   Capouse Ave. Pine Brook Lackawanna Scranton      
Fassold Anna       Lackawanna Hyde Park      
Ferguson James       Lackawanna Olyphant Catholic Cem.    
Fetheringill Richard       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Fidiam Joseph, Mrs.     Green Ridge Lackawanna Scranton Forest Hill    
Finch John G.         Dunning      
Fish James asst. paymaster, D&H Main Ave.   Lackawanna Providence   Providence Presbyterian 1 sister. 9/6 indicates 3 vacancies by death at the D&H offices: James D. Fish, D. T. Morgan; and J. B. Ferries
Flanaghan Ann, Mrs.   Price St.   Lackawanna Scranton     sis- Mrs. P. Ward, Main Ave.
Flynn Margaret     12th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Foly Eliza, Mrs.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre   St. Mary's sister of John Dunn, d 3/23.
Foster ?       Lackawanna Scranton      
Foster August       Lackawanna Scranton   St. John's  
Fox (unnamed)       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Frew ? Son       Luzerne Pleasant Valley      
Frew Mary       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Frohan? Christian       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Gallagher Peter Diamond mine Grant St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre     injured two weeks ago
Gallagher Willie       Lackawanna Olyphant Archbald    
Gammon Jack     4th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Ganer Ellen   Grant St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Gannon Partick     14th Ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/23
Gardner William, Mrs.       Lackawanna Dalton      
Garringer W. A.       Luzerne Dallas      
Gaughan Mamie       Lackawanna Scranton      
Gibbons John       Luzerne Edwardsville      
Gibbs Evan     15th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Gilbert Mary   Price St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Glosner Jacob   Center St.   Lackawanna Scranton     wife died 6 yrs ago
Good T. J. druggist, Northampton St.     Luzerne Wilkes-Barre      
Gordon Catherine, Mrs.       Lackawanna Scranton Hyde Park Cathedral    
Gorman Catherine     2nd Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Grady Mildred       Lackawanna Hyde Park      
Grady Patrick     Sandy Banks Lackawanna Scranton Hyde Park Cathedral St. Patrick's Cathederal  
Grant Sanford owner/founder - Scranton, Grant & Co., iron mfg. Jefferson St.   Lackawanna Scranton Dunmore   nephew - A. H. Gilmore (Jefferson ST.)
Grant Sanford       Lancaster Lititz, PA     gd Annie K. Grant returned from Lititz to Linden Hall Seminary
Greek Albert miner, Prospect Shaft alley nr Johnson St. Lackawanna Scranton      
Green (unnamed)       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre New Milford, PA    
Gregory Julia   S. Washington Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton Hyde Park Cathedral    
Gressler Catherine     7th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Grierson Jennie Carlyle               1st c, Thomas Carlyle (historian, essayist)
Griffiths Thomas miner     Lackawanna Scranton      
Gruver Mary A.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    

 Transcribed and contributed by Fran and Richard Reese, 2000

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