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1886 Obituaries

Surnames H through L. This information is in two sections. Part 2 is below.


Last Name First Name Published Age Birth Sex Birthplace Death Father Mother Spouse Children
Hadley Ely 3/10/1886 72   m            
Hagouski Andrew 2/11/1886 ?   m   2/8/1886        
Hand Emma L. 2/1/1886 2 y 7 m 21 d 6/1883 f   prev. week        
Harding Christopher 3/1/1886 62   m   prev. week        
Harrington John D. 2/16/1886 abt 50   m            
Harrington John D. 2/19/1986 ?   m            
Harrison Martha 3/22/1886 11 mo 12 d 3/1885 f   prev. week        
Hausom William 2/15/1886 2 1/2 8/1883 m   prev. week        
Haynes Oswald 3/6/1886 ?   m            
Herriots Sarah 3/8/1886 4   f   prev. week        
Herschel (unnamed) 3/11/1886 ?   ?       {E. L. W. Herschel}    
Herschel E. L. W. 3/11/1886 ?   f            
Hess Annie 2/24/1886 ?   f            
Hetchel Herman 2/8/1886 50   m   prev. week        
Higgins Mary 3/28/1886 18   f            
Hight Edward 1/10/1886 ?   m            
Hodgson Samuel 3/1/1886 45   m   prev. week        
Hoffman Charles 3/4/1886 ?   m            
Hollow ? son 2/7/1886 ?   m     John Hollow      
Hopkins Peter 2/24/1886 ?   m            
Horn George W. 2/11/1886 ?   m   Sunday last (1/31/1886?)        
Houser Clarence 1/13/1886 ?   m            
Howard Amos 1/19/1886 47   m   1/16/1886        
Howley Bessie 2/16/1886 ?   f            
Hoyt Arthur 2/19/1986 ?   m            
Hughes Edward 1/7/1886 ?   m            
Hunt Carl (son) 1/29/1886 2 1/2   m   1/29/1886 Charles P. Hunt      
Hunt Charles P., Jr. 2/1/1886 3 1/2   m   prev. week        
Hunter Julia S., Mrs. 1/29/1886 30   f Carbondale       Dr. Hunter Bert Hunter (16), June Hunter (12)
Jackson C. I., Mrs. 3/25/1886 50   f            
Jacoby Eliza 2/22/1886 18 mo 8/1884 f   prev. week        
James James, Mrs. 3/6/1886 73   f   3/4/1886       s - W. P. James
James Rachel R. 3/28/1886 41   f            
Jaret Thomas 1/16/1886 ?   m            
Jeho John 2/10/1886 41   m         (yes) (yes)
Jenkins Thomas 2/20/1886 ?   m            
Jenkins Thomas 2/21/1886 ?   m            
Jenkins Thomas 2/21/1886 ?   m         (yes) 1 child
John William A. 3/10/1886 ?   m            
John William A. 3/8/1886 40   m            
Johns John 2/10/1886 41   m   2/8/1886     (yes) (yes)
Johnson Peter 3/15/1886 40   m   prev. week        
Johnson Thomas M. 3/15/1886 39   m   prev. week        
Joice Thomas (Patrick?) 3/11/1886 ?   m         (yes) (yes)
Jones Blodeyn 3/8/1886 1 yr 11 mo 3/1883 f   prev. week        
Jones David 2/8/1886 ?   m   2/6/1886        
Jones David A. 3/4/1886 ?   m            
Jones Elizabeth 1/12/1886 ?   f            
Jones Elizabeth 2/16/1886 ?   f            
Jones Evan 1/2/1886 23   m         unmarried  
Jones Evan 3/13/1886 ?   m            
Jones Henry 2/15/1886 12   m   prev. week        
Jones Jenkin B. 2/10/1886 60   m   2/8/1886     (yes) 2
Jones Jenkin B. 2/15/1886 59   m   prev. week        
Jones Llewellyn 2/18/1886 ?   m   2/17/1886     (yes) 3 children
Jones Mary Ann 2/22/1886 73 3/15/1822 f   prev. week        
Jones Oscar 3/28/1886 14 mo 1/1885 m            
Jones Thomas A. 1/18/1886 22 mo   m   prev. week        
Jones Thomas B. 2/1/1886 21 d 1/1886 m   prev. week        
Jones William 2/14/1886 ?   m   2/9/1886        
Jones William A. 3/14/1886 ?   m            
Jones William, Mrs. 2/14/1886 ?   f   2/9/1886        
Kays John Fordham 3/16/1886 9 mo 6/1885 m     Martin R. Kays      
Keane John Francis 3/17/1886 2 12/1883 m     M. B. Keane      
Kearney Mary 3/4/1886 ?   f            
Kelly James 2/19/1986 ?   m            
Kelly Thomas, Mrs. 1/24/1886 74   f   1/22/1886        
Kelly William J. 2/10/1886 49 5/30/1846 m   2/9/1886        
Kennedy James 2/20/1886 ?   m            
Kennedy Thomas 2/12/1886 25   m   2/11/1886     (yes) 2 ch
Kilkelly John 2/10/1886 ?   m            
Kilroy William 3/19/1886 40   m Scotland 3/17/1886     (yes) 7
King John 3/5/1886 ?   m   a few days ago        
Kintner J. C., Col. 3/28/1886 46   m   3/26/1886        
Knapp Peter 3/30/1886 10 1/2/1876 m   3/29/1886 Peter Knapp Elizabeth Knapp    
Kochler George 2/27/1886 17   m   2/26/1886        
Kramer Gottlieb 3/10/1886 ?   m            
Krotzer Emma M. 1/7/1886 60 12/20/1825 f   1/5/1886     Jacob Krotzer  
Krotzer Emma M., Mrs. 1/7/1886 60 12/25/1825 f Abingtons 1/5/1886 P. Alger   Jacob Krotzer  
Lackey Robert H. 2/8/1886 83?   m   2/7/1886       Dr. Lackey
Lahr Samuel 2/15/1886 30   m   prev. week        
Landmesser Frederick, Mrs. 3/30/1886 62   f   3/28/1886        
Lane Stella Cutler 2/5/1886 28   f Hazleton 2/4/1886 R. Cutler   S. D. Lane  
Langan Martin 1/12/1886 71   m   1/10/1886        
Lavis Charles 1/29/1886 67   m   1/28/1886        
Leeds Benjamin, Mrs. 2/16/1886 abt 50   f   Thur 2/11/1886       3 children
Lewis Joseph Thomas 1/4/1886 2 2/1883 m   prev. week        
Lewis Miriam 2/1/1886 1 yr 5 m   f   prev. week        
Lewis Richmond T. 2/1/1886 15   m   prev. week        
Lewis William 2/26/1886 ?   m   2/25/1886     (yes) 2
Lewis William E. 3/1/1886 28   m   prev. week        
Leyshon Daniel Webster 1/21/1886 ?   m   1/20/1886 Thomas Leyshon      
Lincoln Mary E. 2/3/1886 ?   f            
Litzenburger Wilhemia 2/27/1886 ?   f            
Loeb Adda 3/22/1886 29 d 2/1886 ?   prev. week        
Loeb Charles 3/15/1886 24   m   prev. week        
Long George 3/31/1886 ?   m   3/30/1886        
Long M. E. 2/25/1886 ?   f   2/21/1886     Rev. John Long  
Longshaw Jennie 2/26/1886 ?   f            
Lynch Celia, Mrs. 2/27/1886 56   f   2/25/1886        
Lynch Thomas 1/18/1886 70   m   1/16/1886        
Lynott Johnnie 3/7/1886 ?   m            

Last Name First Name Occupation Street Street ID County City Cemetery Church Notes:
Hadley Ely   Hyde Park Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton Washburn    
Hagouski Andrew laborer, Hollenbach Colliery     Luzerne Wilkes-Barre      
Hand Emma L.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Harding Christopher       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Harrington John D.         New York state     body found in river nr Berwick 2/15
Harrington John D.         Mifflinville Auburn, NY   body conveyed by brother, W-B news item
Harrison Martha       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Hausom William       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Haynes Oswald     5th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Herriots Sarah       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Herschel (unnamed)   1 Alder St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Herschel E. L. W.   1 Alder St.   Lackawanna Scranton     a child...another child same family died a day or two ago
Hess Annie     11th ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/23
Hetchel Herman       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Higgins Mary     15th ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Hight Edward       Lackawanna W. Scranton      
Hodgson Samuel       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Hoffman Charles     19th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Hollow ? son       Lackawanna Dunmore      
Hopkins Peter     6th ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/23
Horn George W.         Dundee, NY     nephew - George S. Horn, Esquire
Houser Clarence       Lackawanna Olyphant     report to Board of Health, 1/12
Howard Amos farmer     Luzerne Shickshinny      
Howley Bessie   Anthony St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Hoyt Arthur     10th ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/18
Hughes Edward   Garfield Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Hunt Carl (son)       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre      
Hunt Charles P., Jr.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback   appears to be duplicate of 1/29 for a 2 1/2 yr old Carl
Hunter Julia S., Mrs.       Susquehanna Brooklyn, PA Clifford   youngest child placed in Orphans Home, Harford, PA
Jackson C. I., Mrs.       Lackawanna Scranton      
Jacoby Eliza       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
James James, Mrs.       Luzerne Hazleton     son was Clerk of Courts
James Rachel R.     15th ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Jaret Thomas     Feltzville Lackawanna Taylor     2 yrs in Taylor
Jeho John labor, Von Storch     Lackawanna Scranton      
Jenkins Thomas       Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/19
Jenkins Thomas     Brigg's Shaft Lackawanna Scranton Washburn    
Jenkins Thomas (laborer in Briggs Shaft) Jackson St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
John William A.   2008 Wayne Ave.   Lackawanna Providence Washburn    
John William A.       Lackawanna Providence      
Johns John miner, Von Storch     Lackawanna Scranton      
Johnson Peter       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Johnson Thomas M.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Joice Thomas (Patrick?)     Joiceville Lackawanna Minooka Minooka   struck by engine of Phila & Rdg RR
Jones Blodeyn       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Jones David   Price Alley at Hillside Farms Lackawanna Washburn      
Jones David A.   Eynon St.   Lackawanna Scranton   Welsh Congregational, S. Main Ave.  
Jones Elizabeth       Lackawanna Jermyn     Letters of adminstration granted to Thomas Walkey
Jones Elizabeth   Lincoln Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton     may be duplicate of 2/9
Jones Evan brakeman, RR 23 South Front St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre      
Jones Evan miner, Bellvue mines (killed in fall of top coal)     Lackawanna Scranton      
Jones Henry       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Jones Jenkin B. mine Superintendent     Luzerne Miners Mills      
Jones Jenkin B.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback   duplicate report
Jones Llewellyn miner, Briggs Shaft     Lackawanna Scranton?      
Jones Mary Ann       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Jones Oscar     5th ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Jones Thomas A.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Jones Thomas B.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Jones William   Lincoln Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton     buried Thurs 2/11, listed once as Mr., once as Mrs.
Jones William A.   200 S. Wayne Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton Washburn   duplicate report ? Funeral was Tues (3/9)
Jones William, Mrs.   Lincoln Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton     buried Thurs 2/11, listed once as Mr., once as Mrs.
Kays John Fordham   Sanderson Ave. Green Ridge Lackawanna Scranton Forest Hill    
Keane John Francis       Lackawanna Scranton Hyde Park Cathedral    
Kearney Mary     12th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Kelly James     3rd Ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/18
Kelly Thomas, Mrs.       Luzerne Larksville Forty-Fort    
Kelly William J.     nr Von Storch Coll. Lackawanna Providence     bro- John M. Kelly; sis- Mrs. C. W. Tyler, Providence; Mrs. S. B. Haley, Honesdale
Kennedy James       Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/19
Kennedy Thomas       Lackawanna Carbondale     relatives in Pittston. Moving family to Carbondale from Hyde Park w/ b-l, killed by train, f-l is P. C. Moran
Kilkelly John fireman     Luzerne Drifton      
Kilroy William miner, Blackman mines Blackman St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre     wife and 3 children here in US, 4 children in Scotland. arrived here less than 3 years ago (mid-late 1883?)
King John         Cincinnatti, OH      
Kintner J. C., Col. Colonel, 52nd Regiment, PA Volunteers     Wyoming Mehoopany      
Knapp Peter   Blakely St.   Lackawanna Dunmore      
Kochler George in mines     Lackawanna Taylorville      
Kramer Gottlieb     11th ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Krotzer Emma M.       Lackawanna Scranton     duplicate report
Krotzer Emma M., Mrs.   Blakely St.   Lackawanna Dunmore      
Lackey Robert H.       Lackawanna Providence Windsor    
Lahr Samuel       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Landmesser Frederick, Mrs.   Kidder St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre      
Lane Stella Cutler       Luzerne Pittston      
Langan Martin       Lackawanna Clark's Summit     at Hillside Farms since 1883
Lavis Charles       Lackawanna Scranton Hyde Park Cathedral    
Leeds Benjamin, Mrs.       Luzerne West Pittston (area)     children to b-l Tony Leeds. buried by poor board
Lewis Joseph Thomas       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Lewis Miriam       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Lewis Richmond T.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Lewis William laborer, Henry Colliery     Luzerne Port Blanchard     bro - inside foreman
Lewis William E.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Leyshon Daniel Webster   216 Bromley Ave.   Lackawanna Hyde Park   Jackson St. Baptist  
Lincoln Mary E.       Lackawanna Lackawanna Twp.      
Litzenburger Wilhemia     14th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Loeb Adda       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Loeb Charles       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Long George   177 South St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre      
Long M. E.         Douglassville, PA   Lutheran 1st pastor of St. Luke's, Scranton
Longshaw Jennie       Lackawanna Scranton   St. Luke's  
Lynch Celia, Mrs.       Luzerne Pittston Market St.    
Lynch Thomas   135 S. Seventh St. 18th Ward Lackawanna Scranton Hyde Park    
Lynott Johnnie in Twin breaker     ? ? Church Hill   father is councilman elect

 Transcribed and contributed by Fran and Richard Reese, 2000

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