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1886 Obituaries

Surnames M through P. This information is in two sections. Part 2 is below.


Last Name First Name Published Age Birth Sex Birthplace Death Father Mother Spouse Children
Madden Margaret, Mrs. 3/17/1886 45   f   3/16/1886     {widow} 4 children
Mahon Annie, Mrs. 1/31/1886 51   f County Mayo, Ireland 1/30/1886     P. J. Mahon J. Mahon, A. J. Mahon, Agnes Mahon
Malloy Phillip 3/9/1886 55   m            
Mangan Bridget, Mrs. 2/21/1886 ?   f   2/20/1886        
Manville Carrie A. Oakes, Mrs. 1/19/1886 ?   f   1/17/1886     C. Rollin Manville  
Marcy John H. 1/11/1886 ?   m   1/8/1886       son- Legrand Marcy, Esmond Marcy
Marian John 1/17/1886 ?   m   1/15/1886     unmarried  
Matthews Alice B. 3/13/1886 ?   f   3/12/1886     William Matthews (yes)
Maxey Richard, Mrs. 3/2/1886 ?   f            
McAlligate Edward 3/13/1886 45   m   Tues. 3/9     (yes) 9
McAllister (unnamed) 2/1/1886 at birth   ?   prev. week W. McAllister      
McCann Peter 2/20/1886 ?   m   2/19/1886     (yes) 2 dau, 4 sons
McCann Peter 2/21/1886 ?   m   2/18/1886       4 sons, 2 dau
McCormick James 1/11/1886 ?   m   1/9/1886        
McDermott John 1/29/1886 ?   m            
McDonald ?, Mrs. 2/24/1886 79   f Scotland 2/22/1886       son - David McDonald
McDonnell Thomas, Mrs. 1/24/1886 ?   f   several days ago     (yes) large number
McDonough William 2/16/1886 54   m   2/16/1886        
McGuigan Isabella 2/23/1886 92   f   Sun 2/21       dau - Mrs. James McDade
McGuire ? 2/9/1886 ?   ?            
McGuire Neal 2/1/1886 ?   m   1/31/1886        
McHale John 2/21/1886 ?   m            
McHugh Edward 1/23/1886 54   m   1/20/1886        
McLaughlin (infant) 2/7/1886 (infant)   ?     George McLaughlin      
McLeod L. A. 1/29/1886 ?   f   Wed. (1/27) Capt. E. MCleod      
McNally (unnamed) 3/19/1886 (infant)   ?       Mary McNally    
McNamarra Laurette 3/27/1886 3   f   3/26/1886 P. F. McNamarra      
McNicholas John 3/6/1886 17 9/1868 m            
McNish James 2/24/1886 74   m            
Meyers Otto, Mrs. 3/26/1886 30   f   3/25/1886     Otto Meyers  
Milatt Eugene, Mrs. 2/16/1886 ?   f            
Miller (unnamed) 2/14/1886 infant   f   2/12/1886 Charles Miller      
Miller ? (father) 2/23/1886 ?   m            
Miller Joseph M. 3/1/1886 36   m   prev. week        
Miller Samuel 1/17/1886 12 6/1873 m            
Mitchell Addison 1/4/1886 34   m   prev. week        
Monroe S. F. 2/13/1886 ?   m   2/10/1886        
Moore Thomas 3/16/1886 42   m   3/13/1886     (yes) 5
Moran ? 2/9/1886 ?   ?            
Moran Edward H. 2/16/1886 ?   m            
Morgan Bernard 2/24/1886 ?   m            
Morgan Thomas 3/7/1886 ?   m   3.4/1886        
Morris Mary Ann 3/28/1886 19   f            
Morrison John 2/12/1886 24   m   2/11/1886     (yes)  
Moyer Alice 1/11/1886 25 8/1860 f   1/9/1886 Robert Penman   Frank M. Moyer  
Moyer Alice 1/13/1886 ?   f            
Mulady Sarah, Mrs. 1/19/1886 73   f Huntington (Luzerne Co), PA 12/19/1885 ? Kingsbury      
Muldoon Matthew 3/4/1886 ?   m   3/3/1886        
Muldoon Matthew 3/6/1886 ?   m            
Mullen James 3/30/1886 17   m   3/29/1886 Peter Mullen      
Mulligan John 1/26/1886 30   m            
Mulligan Mary E. 2/24/1886 ?   f            
Murphy Genevive 3/4/1886 ?   f            
Nealon Patrick 3/29/1886 51   m   3/28/1886        
Newcomb Charles 2/25/1886 ?   m   2/24/1886       son - Atty. E. C. Newcomb
Nicholas Edward 3/27/1886 ?   m   3/26/1886        
Nichols ? 1/16/1886 ?   ?   1/15/1886 Frank E. Nichols      
Nichols ? 1/22/1886 3 1/2   ?   1/21/1886 Frank M. Nichols      
Nichols Lester 1/18/1886 6   m   prev. week        
Niemeyer Harry M. 1/18/1886 3 7/1882 m   prev. week        
Nok Emily 2/15/1886 1 mo 17 d 1/1886 f   prev. week        
Noll (infant) 3/14/1886 ?   ?   bef 3/7 William Noll      
Norris Polly 3/18/1886 ?   f   3/17/1886 William Patrick   Samuel Norris  
Nugesser ? 1/16/1886 ?   m   1/13/1886     (yes) (yes)
O'Boyle Ella (dau) 1/7/1886 14   f   1/5/1886   Bridget O'Boyle    
O'Boyle F. 2/21/1886 ?   m   2/19/1886     (yes) 6 children, youngest are twins, 3 mo.
O'Doud James 2/14/1886 old   m   2/13/1886     (yes) none
Olvich Anna 1/4/1886 4   f   prev. week        
Overpeck Theo. W. 3/13/1886 ?   m   3/10/1886     (yes)  
Palmer Thomas 2/21/1886 ?   m   2/20/1886        
Paneratius S. R. 3/3/1886 ?   ?            
Pearson Bennett 2/8/1886 15 3/1872 m   prev. week        
Penman R. B. 2/24/1886 ?   m            
Penman R. Bruce 2/23/1886 22   m     Robert Penman      
Peters John F., Mrs. 2/13/1886 ?   f            
Peters Mary 2/16/1886 ?   f            
Phillips Pearl 3/8/1886 ?   f     Joseph P. Phillips Esther Phillips    
Phillips Richard 3/28/1886 65   m            
Phillips William K. 1/11/1886 62y 6m 4d 7/1823 m            
Phillips William K. 1/5/1886 ?   m   1/3/1886        
Pinnelli Mary, Mrs. 1/26/1886 63   f   1/26/1886     {Robert Pinnelli} Jones Pennelli, Wesley Pinnelli
Polsue Johnson 2/15/1886 38   m   2/13/1886       (yes)
Posser Lewis 2/25/1886 16   m   2/23/1886        
Potter S. C. 1/13/1886 ?   m            
Price Margaret 3/30/1886 73   f   3/29/1886        
Price Mary 3/28/1886 49   f            
Pringle Charles 3/6/1886 31   m         (yes) 3 children
Pringle George E. 3/20/1886 64   m Plymouth 3/19/1886        
Pringle George I. 3/23/1886 ?   m   last Fri. (3/19)        
Puckey Elizabeth 3/27/1886 51   f   3/26/1886     John P. Puckey  

Last Name First Name Occupation Street Street ID County City Cemetery Church Notes:
Madden Margaret, Mrs.   2255 Pittston Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton     lived with 18 yr old son
Mahon Annie, Mrs.       Lackawanna Dunmore Dunmore Catholic   came to America 1850, married 5/25/1862
Malloy Phillip   Scott St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre      
Mangan Bridget, Mrs.     Sebastopol Luzerne Pittston      
Manville Carrie A. Oakes, Mrs.   Washington St.   Lackawanna Carbondale Walds___, ME   Husband is supt of D&H Co. PA Division
Marcy John H.       Lackawanna Carbondale      
Marian John Nottingham mine, Plymouth     Lackawanna Plymouth      
Matthews Alice B.   821 Olive St.   Lackawanna Scranton Forest Hill (Rev. T. R. BeeBar) maiden name - Bailey
Maxey Richard, Mrs.       Lackawanna Scranton Washburn Hyde Park M. E.  
McAlligate Edward miner, Avondale Colliery     Luzerne ?      
McAllister (unnamed)       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
McCann Peter   509 N. Chestnut Ave.   Lackawanna Dunmore      
McCann Peter   509 N. Chestnut Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton     bro- P. McCann, merchant
McCormick James laborer Lafayette St.   Lackawanna Hyde Park     injured in mine
McDermott John       Lackawanna Winton      
McDonald ?, Mrs.       Luzerne Parsons Plymouth   inside foreman, Conyngham Colliery
McDonnell Thomas, Mrs.   Potter St.   Lackawanna Dunmore      
McDonough William       Lackawanna Dunmore St. Mary's    
McGuigan Isabella   258 South St.   Luzerne? Wilkes-Barre?   St. Mary's  
McGuire ?     2nd Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
McGuire Neal     2nd Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
McHale John         ?     killed by LV rr train, Fairview
McHugh Edward     nr Freeland Luzerne Foster Twp. Drifton    
McLaughlin (infant)     3rd Ward, nr the 'Notch' Lackawanna Scranton      
McLeod L. A.       Lackawanna Carbondale   Carbondale Presbyterian  
McNally (unnamed)     13th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
McNamarra Laurette       Lackawanna Hyde Park      
McNicholas John   414 Fourteenth St.   Lackawanna Scranton Hyde Park Cathedral    
McNish James   McDonough Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton Hyde Park Cathedral    
Meyers Otto, Mrs.       Lackawanna Providence      
Milatt Eugene, Mrs.     6th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Miller (unnamed)       Lackawanna Dunmore      
Miller ? (father)       Lackawanna Scranton     Jacob R. Miller. son is on staff of Washington Republican
Miller Joseph M.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Miller Samuel                
Mitchell Addison       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Monroe S. F. farmer, early settler     Luzerne Huntington Mills      
Moore Thomas engineer, LV RR (20 yrs empl) Canal St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback, soldiers lot St. Stephen's Episcopal children aged 3 to 13
Moran ?     3rd Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Moran Edward H.   26th St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Morgan Bernard     21st ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/23
Morgan Thomas       Lackawanna Scranton     taken to Olyphant for buriel
Morris Mary Ann     4th ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Morrison John       Lackawanna Carbondale     married 1 yr, relatives in Pleasant Valley. Moving family to Carbondale from Hyde Park w/ b-l, killed by train, f-l is P. C. Moran
Moyer Alice   235 E. Market St. 1st W Lackawanna Scranton     father is foreman, National breaker
Moyer Alice     1st Ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 1/12
Mulady Sarah, Mrs.         Hotchkiss, CO      
Muldoon Matthew     Meadow Brook Lackawanna Scranton      
Muldoon Matthew     12th Ward (Meadow Brook) Lackawanna Scranton Hyde Park Cathedral   duplicate report
Mullen James       Lackawanna Minooka      
Mulligan John brakeman, RR     Luzerne White Haven      
Mulligan Mary E.     18th Ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/23
Murphy Genevive     11th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Nealon Patrick     Greenwood Lackawanna Minooka     formerly of Carbondale
Newcomb Charles       Lackawanna Benton Twp      
Nicholas Edward     west side Lackawanna Scranton      
Nichols ?       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre     probably Lester buried in Holleback
Nichols ?       Lackawanna Scranton      
Nichols Lester       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback     
Niemeyer Harry M.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback     
Nok Emily       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Noll (infant)   N. Main St.   Lackawanna Scranton     buried last Sunday (3/7)
Norris Polly     Hyde Park Lackawanna Scranton Washburn Jackson St. Baptist  
Nugesser ? carpenter, Hotel Glen     Luzerne ?     killed by LV rr train
O'Boyle Ella (dau)       Lackawanna Scranton Hyde Park Cathedral    
O'Boyle F. Moosic Colliery     Luzerne Pittston     injured a month ago
O'Doud James       Luzerne Newtown     formerly of Ashley
Olvich Anna       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Overpeck Theo. W.         Summit, NJ     son-in-law of B. H. Brodhun, Wilkes-Barre
Palmer Thomas laborer, #5 Shaft     Luzerne Plymouth      
Paneratius S. R.       Lackawanna Scranton St. Mary's St. Mary's  
Pearson Bennett       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Penman R. B.     11th ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/23
Penman R. Bruce   Elm St.   Lackawanna Scranton Forest Hill    
Peters John F., Mrs.   Washburn St. 1700-1800 block, opp cemetery Lackawanna Scranton      
Peters Mary   Washburn St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Phillips Pearl   Swetland Ave. cnr Lincoln AVe. Lackawanna Scranton Forest Hill (Rev. G. M. Colville)  
Phillips Richard     21st ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Phillips William K.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Phillips William K. former boatbuilder, Plymouth 141 N. River St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Pinnelli Mary, Mrs.       Lackawanna Dunmore   Dunmore M. E.  
Polsue Johnson freight conductor, Philadelphia & Reading rr     Luzerne Newtown     large family, injured at Green Ridge
Posser Lewis       Lackawanna Priceville     Jermyn #4 Shaft
Potter S. C.       Lackawanna Edella Miller    
Price Margaret       Lackawanna Providence      
Price Mary     7th ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Pringle Charles outside foreman, Red Ash Colliery # 2     ? ?      
Pringle George E.       Luzerne Kingston     killed by lightening in New Columbus boro
Pringle George I.       Luzerne Kingston Forty-Fort M. E. (Rev. A. Griffin) duplicate report
Puckey Elizabeth       Luzerne Nanticoke   (Rev. W. J. Hill)  

 Transcribed and contributed by Fran and Richard Reese, 2000

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