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1886 Obituaries

Surnames R through Y (end). This information is in two sections. Part 2 is below.


Last Name First Name Published Age Birth Sex Birthplace Death Father Mother Spouse Children
Randall Wesley 3/3/1886 ?   m   2/28/1886        
Randolph Oscar, Mrs. 3/14/1886 ?   f   3/11/1886     Oscar Randolph 5
Reed John B. 1/11/1886 65   m   1/9/1886        
Reed Madeline 2/24/1886 ?   f            
Reed Spencer, Mrs. 2/22/1886 73 1/4/1813 f           dau - Mrs. V. G. Schoonmaker
Reese Rosanna 1/4/1886 9 mo 24 d 3/1885 f   prev. week        
Regan Martin 2/16/1886 ?   m            
Reith Helen C. 2/25/1886 16   f            
Reynolds ? Son 2/21/1886 youngest   m   (buried 2/16) Rosar Reynolds (yes)    
Reynolds C. B., Mrs. 2/25/1886 ?   f   2/24/1886        
Rhoda Mary 3/6/1886 ?   f   3/4/1886        
Rhodes Frank 1/29/1886 ?   m     Simon Rhodes      
Richards James 1/31/1886 ?   m   1/30/1886     (yes) 1
Richards James 2/7/1886 ?   m   1/31/1886     (yes) 1 ch
Richards James L. 2/3/1886 31   m   1/30/1886     (yes) 1
Richmond ? 3/7/1886 ?   f            
Rinehamer George 3/16/1886 80   m   3/13/1886        
Rineman (unnamed) 2/15/1886 at birth   ?   prev. week John Rineman      
Robbins William 2/20/1886 27   m         (yes) 1 child
Robbins William 2/21/1886 ?   m   Fri (2/19)        
Robbins William 2/24/1886 ?   m            
Roberts Kate 3/17/1886 ?   f   3/16/1886     John B. Roberts  
Rose Elizabeth A., Mrs. 2/9/1886 54                
Rosenstock Jacob, Capt. 3/9/1886 ?   m   3/6/1886        
Ross Peter, Mrs. 3/6/1886 ?   f            
Roth (unnamed) 2/8/1886 at birth   ?   prev. week Alfred C. Roth      
Roth Helen C. 3/1/1886 16   f   prev. week        
Rush (unnamed) 1/18/1886 at birth   ?   prev. week        
Russell Arthur Guerney (son) 1/21/1886 ?   m   1/20/1886 William D. Russell      
Russell Emanuel 3/20/1886 60   m   3/18/1886        
Sailer John G., Sr. 2/7/1886 55   m   2/6/1886     (yes) 2 sons, 4 dau.
Sax Thomas D. 1/5/1886 ?   m   Sat. (1/2/1886)     (yes) 6
Schimpff John 1/21/1886 ?   m            
Schneider Paul 2/15/1886 13 mo 1/1885 m   prev. week        
School Charlotte 1/26/1886 ?   f            
Schultz Josephine 3/30/1886 ?   f     John W. Schultz      
Schumber Jane, Mrs. 2/27/1886 ?   f            
Scofield John 1/7/1886 71   m   12/21/1885        
Scott Anna Eliza 1/4/1886 5 mo 8/1885 f   prev. week        
Scull Sarah A. 1/12/1886 ?   f            
Shelman Minnie 1/5/1886 ?   f            
Shilber James Richard 2/22/1886 5 m 2 d 9/20/1886 m   prev. week        
Siebert Thomas 3/19/1886 50   m   3/17/1886     (yes) 7
Simms George W. 3/5/1886 15 2/1871 m            
Simms George W. 3/8/1886 15 2/1871 m   prev. week        
Skinner Pearl H. 2/5/1886 ?   f     R. Skinner      
Slattery Patrick 3/2/1886 2   m            
Slocum Samuel, Mrs. 1/20/1886 ?   f   1/17/1886        
Slyker Matilda 3/22/1886 54   f   prev. week        
Smith ? Dau 1/14/1886 2 wks   f Ashley     Mary >Smith {?}, killed 7/19/1885  
Smith Frederick D. 3/21/1886 ?   m   3/19/1886 D. J. Smith      
Smith Valentine R. 1/14/1886 44   m Mt. Vernon, PA (now Winton)          
Smythe Edith 3/22/1886 2 mo 15 d 1/1886 f   prev. week        
Snover Mary 1/5/1886 82 12/26/1803 f           10, 2 s 4 dau living
Spell Augustus Walter 1/4/1886 51   m   prev. week        
Spiess Fred, Jr. 2/19/1986 ?   m   2/18/1886        
Stackhouse Cyrus 2/20/1886 45   m   2/19/1886     (yes) several children
Stahlheber Elizabeth 1/5/1886 ?   f            
Stanton Thomas 3/11/1886 76   m            
Stark Charles 2/22/1886 12   m   prev. week        
Stark Sophia C. 2/24/1886 10 5/25/1875 f     Jacob Stark Sophia Farber    
Steele William 3/17/1886 47   m         (yes) 1
Stene Charlie 2/8/1886 14   m   prev. week        
Stout Eliza 2/15/1886 14   f   prev. week        
Swayze Floyd I 3/1/1886 3 mo 10 d 11/1885 m   prev. week        
Swift ?, Mrs. 1/17/1886 63   f   1/16/1886        
Swift Grace (dau) 1/19/1886 2 yr 4 m 7 d 9/10/1883 f   1/17/1886 Rev. W. H. Swift      
Swift Patrick 2/25/1886 45   m   2/24/1886     (yes) 3 young children
Tennant William H. 1/27/1886 ?   m            
Tennant William H. 2/1/1886 49   m   prev. week        
Thomas (unnamed) 2/22/1886 at birth   ?   prev. week John P. Thomas      
Thomas Alice 3/8/1886 10 12/1875 f   prev. week        
Thomas Benjamin 1/7/1886 ?   m   1/5/1886        
Thomas Benjamin 1/7/1886 ?   m            
Thomas Morgan W. 1/17/1886 60   m            
Thomas Morgan W. 1/20/1886 ?   m   1/16/1886        
Thomas Sarah Jane 3/1/1886 2 mo 7 d 12/1885 f   prev. week        
Tiffany I. B. ? 3/23/1886 ?   m   3/19/1886        
Tillsley William 3/6/1886 ?   m   3/5/1886        
Timlin Wayne 1/18/1886 6   m   1/16/1886 James Timlin      
Tomihak Patrick 1/6/1886 ?   m            
Torrigan John 1/22/1886 58   m            
Tweed Charles H. 2/7/1886 ?   m            
Tyler Joseph P. 3/15/1886 38   m   prev. week        
Tyler Joseph P., Jr. 3/12/1886 39   m   3/11/1886     (yes) 2
Tzunski Joseph 2/24/1886 ?   m   2/23/1886        
Tzunski Joseph 2/25/1886 ?   m            
Vaon Ida 2/15/1886 26   f   prev. week        
Wallace Fannie A. 3/4/1886 ?   f            
Wallace Furman Blair 3/3/1886 4 4/23/1881 m     Thomas Wallace Fannie Wallace    
Wallace Henry 2/16/1886 ?   m            
Wallace Henry 2/22/1886 77 12/2/1809 m   prev. week        
Walsh Mary, Mrs. 1/15/1886 70   f   1/13/1886       5 ch
Walsh Richard 2/14/1886 old   m   prev. week        
Walter Christian, Mrs. 1/27/1886 ?   f         Christian Walter  
Walter Mary Allen 2/1/1886 35   f   prev. week     Christian Walter  
Watres Harriet G. 3/4/1886 ?   f            
Watson Willie 3/6/1886 2 11/24/1883 m     James Watson Mary Watson    
Webb Jennie M. 2/8/1886 4 mo 10/1885 f   prev. week        
Weichel Catherine 2/15/1886 70 11/1815 f   prev. week        
Weinstein Jacob 3/22/1886 69 12/1816 m   prev. week        
Weir A. R. 2/25/1886 40   m   Tue 2/23        
Weir A. Roy 3/1/1886 44   m   prev. week        
Wheeler Clarissa 2/13/1886 80 6/1805 f   2/12/1886        
Wheeler Clarissa F. 2/16/1886 ?   f            
Whiteman Daniel J. 1/23/1886 88 1797 m Fishing Creek Twp, Columbia Co. 1/22/1886       son- Stephen J. Whiteman, Luzerne Co. treasurer; Milo J. Whiteman; dau- Mrs. George J. Major, Lehman
Williams ? 3/14/1886 ?   m   bef 3/8 Thomas F. Williams      
Williams Ann 3/4/1886 ?   f            
Williams Ann, Mrs. 3/1/1886 61   f   2/28/1886     {James I. Williams}  
Williams Ann, Mrs. 3/3/1886 ?   f   2/28/1886       dau - Mrs. A. Davis, Mrs. D. M. Jones
Williams Evan R. 1/4/1886 35   m   prev. week        
Williams Jacob 1/7/1886 ?   m            
Williams Lottie 3/15/1886 6 8/1879 f   prev. week        
Williams Mary, Mrs. 3/26/1886 ?   f         {Henry T. Williams}  
Williams Ray 1/15/1886 4 6/1881 f     David A. Williams      
Wilson Fannie E. 2/16/1886 20   f            
Wilson Frances, Mrs. 1/20/1886 81   f   1/18/1886        
Wilson Samuel Ramsey, Rev. 3/6/1886 ?   m   3/3/1886     (married three times) 4 or 5 children
Wolf Burr T. 3/2/1886 13 d 2/17/1886 m            
Wolfe (unnamed) 2/28/1886 infant   m     E. L. Wolfe, Jr.      
Wright William 1/4/1886 61   m   prev. week        
Yale Omellia 3/8/1886 9 2/1877 f   prev. week        
York Ann 3/28/1886 10 mo 5/1885 f            
Young Anna M., Mrs. 1/13/1886 ?   f            
Young Levi 2/7/1886 ?   m            

Last Name First Name Occupation Street Street ID County City Cemetery Church Notes:
Randall Wesley       Luzerne Plymouth      
Randolph Oscar, Mrs.   Chestnut St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Reed John B. mail carrier     Luzerne Yatesville      
Reed Madeline     17th Ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/23
Reed Spencer, Mrs.   613 Spruce St.   Lackawanna Scranton Windsor, NY    
Reese Rosanna       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Regan Martin   Market St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Reith Helen C.   E. Market St.   ? ?      
Reynolds ? Son   519 Decker's Ct.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Reynolds C. B., Mrs.       Lackawanna Benton Twp      
Rhoda Mary       Luzerne Nanticoke      
Rhodes Frank       Lackawanna Hyde Park   Washburn St. Presbyterian  
Richards James miner, Archbald Mine Eynon St.   Lackawanna Bellvue      
Richards James Archbald mine Eynon St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Richards James L. miner, Von Storch Eynon St.   Lackawanna Bellvue     duplicate report, also 2/5 (3rd)
Richmond ?     Butler Hill Luzerne Pittston      
Rinehamer George     nr. Hock's Corners Luzerne Dorrance Twp. Slocum    
Rineman (unnamed)       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Robbins William middle brakeman, DL&W Eight St. nr Finch's Foundry          
Robbins William brakeman   nr Pocono          
Robbins William     14th Ward Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/23
Roberts Kate   1638 Sanderson Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton Harrisburg, PA   sister of Dr. J. L. Bea, Green Ridge. funeral from residence of Alex Roberts, Esq., 18th St., Harrisburg
Rose Elizabeth A., Mrs.       Luzerne Pittston      
Rosenstock Jacob, Capt.       Luzerne Hazleton      
Ross Peter, Mrs.     14th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Roth (unnamed)       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Roth Helen C.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Rush (unnamed)       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Russell Arthur Guerney (son)     Green Ridge Lackawanna Scranton   Church of the Good Shepherd youngest son
Russell Emanuel       Lackawanna Jermyn      
Sailer John G., Sr. grocer and bakery Cedar Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton Washington Ave.   came to Scranton 1855
Sax Thomas D. laundry business S. Franklin St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Old Forge   formerly in lumber business in Moosic
Schimpff John       Lackawanna Dunmore      
Schneider Paul       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
School Charlotte     19th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Schultz Josephine       Lackawanna Dunmore   M.E. (Rev. S. Ewell)  
Schumber Jane, Mrs.     16th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Scofield John         Newburgh, NY      
Scott Anna Eliza       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Scull Sarah A.       Lackawanna Spring Brook     Letters of adminstration granted to C. P. Van Brunt
Shelman Minnie     4th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Shilber James Richard       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Siebert Thomas   Jackson St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Simms George W.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Simms George W.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City   duplicate report
Skinner Pearl H.   Chestnut St.   Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/4. father lives on Swetland St. (funeral notice 2/7)
Slattery Patrick     6th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Slocum Samuel, Mrs.       Lackawanna Waverly, PA Shoemaker's (Dalton)    
Slyker Matilda       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Smith ? Dau       Luzerne Ashley     family lived in Hazleton 5 yrs ago, son & dau liv in Hazleton; brother in Wilkes-Barre, brother in Colorado, sister in Scranton
Smith Frederick D. fireman, Erie & Wyoming Valley RR     Lackawanna Dunmore      
Smith Valentine R. locomotive engineer, Phila and Reading RR     Luzerne Penobscot (White Haven)   Civil War Vet. pall bearers listed
Smythe Edith       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Snover Mary   231 Ninth St.   Lackawanna Scranton Forest Hill Washburn St. Presbyterian youngest son is T. C. Snover, tobacconist Clark & Snover
Spell Augustus Walter       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Spiess Fred, Jr.         New York City, NY     b-l of Gus Robinson and Charles Robinson, Hyde Park
Stackhouse Cyrus Salem Coal Company     Luzerne Schickshinny      
Stahlheber Elizabeth     21st Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Stanton Thomas     poor farm Lackawanna        
Stark Charles       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Stark Sophia C.     10th Ward Lackawanna Scranton Petersburg   gf Joseph Farber
Steele William miner, DL&W Coal Co, Price (aka Hyde Park) Shaft   nr Oxford St. Lackawanna Scranton      
Stene Charlie       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Stout Eliza       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Swayze Floyd I       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Swift ?, Mrs.     Southville Luzerne Pittston Market St.    
Swift Grace (dau)       Wayne Honesdale     also published 1/21
Swift Patrick miner, O. S. Johnson's, Pine Brook   7th Ward Lackawanna Scranton Dunmore St. Peter's Cathedral  
Tennant William H.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback Central M. E.  
Tennant William H.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Thomas (unnamed)       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Thomas Alice       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Thomas Benjamin       Lackawanna Scranton     duplicate report
Thomas Benjamin   Fifteenth St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Thomas Morgan W.       Lackawanna Scranton (Ashland)    
Thomas Morgan W.     5th Ward Lackawanna Scranton Ashland, PA    
Thomas Sarah Jane       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Tiffany I. B. ? proprietor     Luzerne Pittston      
Tillsley William   Cannon St.   Lackawanna Carbondale     injured 3/2 (last Tue)
Timlin Wayne       Lackawanna Jermyn Archbald Catholic    
Tomihak Patrick   Remington Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Torrigan John looking for work at D&H Coal Co. slope # 4     Luzerne Pringle Hill      
Tweed Charles H.       Luzerne Pittston      
Tyler Joseph P.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Tyler Joseph P., Jr.   Lincoln St.   ? ?     dau - age 11 and 3. member Pump Manufacturing Co.
Tzunski Joseph laborer, Scranton Steel Mill     Lackawanna Scranton      
Tzunski Joseph     Washington Flats Lackawanna Scranton      
Vaon Ida       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Wallace Fannie A.     14th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Wallace Furman Blair   432.5 N. Eighth St.   Lackawanna Scranton      
Wallace Henry   Railroad Ave.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre      
Wallace Henry       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City   duplicate report
Walsh Mary, Mrs.   New St. Pine Brook Lackawanna Scranton      
Walsh Richard       Lackawanna Dunmore     funeral 2/12
Walter Christian, Mrs.   57 Ross St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre      
Walter Mary Allen       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Watres Harriet G.     17th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Watson Willie   145 Main St.   Lackawanna Scranton? Hyde Park Cathedral    
Webb Jennie M.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Weichel Catherine       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Weinstein Jacob       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Weir A. R. Station Agent, L&S RR     Luzerne Miner's Mills      
Weir A. Roy       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback    
Wheeler Clarissa   Jefferson St.   Lackawanna Scranton     son-in-law, Dr. B. A. Squire
Wheeler Clarissa F.   Jefferson Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 2/15
Whiteman Daniel J.       Luzerne Lehman Center      
Williams ?   1163 Hampton St.   Lackawanna Scranton     funeral last Mon. (3/8)
Williams Ann     12th Ward Lackawanna Scranton     may be duplicate of 3/3
Williams Ann, Mrs.   410 Brook St.   Lackawanna Scranton Forest Hill    
Williams Ann, Mrs.       Lackawanna Scranton      
Williams Evan R.       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Williams Jacob     5th Ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Williams Lottie       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Williams Mary, Mrs.   230 Northampton St.   Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
Williams Ray   238 Muller   Lackawanna Hyde Park     report to Board of Health, 1/14
Wilson Fannie E.   Mifflin Ave.   Lackawanna Scranton Forest Hill    
Wilson Frances, Mrs.         Berwick, PA Berwick    
Wilson Samuel Ramsey, Rev. minister       Louisville, KY     served Green Ridge Presbyterian Church
Wolf Burr T.       Lackawanna Scranton      
Wolfe (unnamed)       Lackawanna Scranton Washburn    
Wright William       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Hollenback     
Yale Omellia       Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre City    
York Ann     25th ward Lackawanna Scranton      
Young Anna M., Mrs.   Gibson St.   Lackawanna Scranton     report to Board of Health, 1/12
Young Levi invalid for last 7 years   Bunker Hill Lackawanna Dunmore Forty-Fort   p-b were b-l John Hersch, Kingston; F. H. Poole, Hyde Park; cousins- Alonzo Keller, Joseph Keller, William Keller of Plymouth, Frank Gates, Kingston.

 Transcribed and contributed by Fran and Richard Reese, 2000

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