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Group in Scranton, 1907

Group in Scranton, PA 1907
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This picture was purchased on an eBay auction by Susan White Pieroth. The seller had no information other than what is on the postcard. A copy of this card is the cover illustration for "Wish You Were Here...A Picture Postcard History of Lackawanna County, Pa.", by Jack Hiddlestone and Maryellen Calemmo, copyright 1997 The Lackawanna Historical Society. The book provides no information.

The card was published by "Horgan CF Scranton." Printing pictures on a postcard was not unusual at that time. The picture would seem to have been taken at the time of a meeting (fraternal?) of the men. The men far outnumber the women and there are only a few children, so ....? Obviously the fashion was to have flowers on hats.

If you have more information, even on the building, please contact 1907 Photo.

The back has been scanned because there is writing. It was not mailed, but written in the space for the address is Miss Emma Stoff or Stopf. At the bottom is, I think, Adolph & Amanda.

Enlargement of the left side
Enlargement of the middle section
Enlargement of the right side

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