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Finn Family Archive, Pennsylvania

First Generation

The Back states: James Finn, Born 1783, Died 1864. Father of Wm. S Finn, Grand Father of Wm. J. Finn, Great Grandfather of Douglas and Leroy Finn Sons of Wm. J. Finn The Back states: Polly Wells Finn, Born 1789, Died 1865. Grandmother of Wm. J. Finn, etc. 1850 Census for James and Polly. Other children were Ezra and probably John.

Main Lines in this Collection
William S Finn | Ezra Finn | John Finn - Most for son Milo Hastings Finn (Next Page)
Miscellaneous and Unidentified People

The photos presented on these page were rescued from a New Jersey garage sale. Thank you Carla for not splitting them up. The whole collection is available at the Scranton Albright Library. Dates, unless they were printed on the back of a picture, are from Census and other documents found using Links are provided for some of these. The information is provided to help you with your research. It's accuracy is not guaranteed (I've seen mistakes in the census as I did this research). I have no additional information - these are not my ancestors.

William S Finn, Son & Grandchildren

William S. Finn, son of James and Polly Finn. The Back states he is the father of William J. Finn. The Back: William J Finn, son of William S Finn. 1920 Census shows the wife is Delphia S.
Douglas M and Leroy O Finn, sons of William J. Finn. The Back shows that Leroy was called Roy. There is no picture of their mother, Delphia S. Finn. The Back says Roy, Doug, Hattie. The boy at the left might be Alfred J Finn, Hattie's brother (children of Milo).
Left: The Back says "Douglas and Le Roy"

Ezra and Elizabeth Finn, son of James & Polly Finn
Ezra Finn, son of James and Polly. Born Nov. 20, 1826, in Clifford, Pa. The Back. Elizabeth Coleman Finn, wife of Ezra. On The Back she's called Betsy.

Left is a portion of page 385 of "Portrait and Biographical Record of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania" (1897) containing information about James, his son Ezra and family. For your records: Title page, Page 385, Page 386.

1850 Census. 1870 Census. 1880 Census.

John and Irene Finn and their Children
John Finn. I have no proof, but I think he is a son of James and Polly. Contact me if you know. The Back. Died in 1873? The Back states: Irene Brundage Finn, wife of John and mother of Milo H. Finn.

The Back part says "Grandmother Finn." Based on other information, this would be John and Irene.Finn. The Back says this is Irene Brundage Finn's father, Asa Brundage, 85 years old, Christmas 1886.
Harriett Finn Decker (called Hattie). In the 1880 Census Irene was living with them. The Back. George Decker. The Back.

The Back says, "Clarence Decker. George & Hattie's son builder in California, stayed in Calif." The Back says, "Edith Decker Coon"

Miscellaneous and Unidentified People

The Back says Uncle Oscar Miller. A different handwriting says "Milo Hastings Finn's Cousin." Information that was erased looks like what is on the back of Ruth's. The Back has a lot of writing. This is apparently Ruth Miller and a copy was ordered by Della Miller of Scranton in 1890. A different handwriting says "Milo Hastings Finn's Cousin."
The Back says, "Uncle Oliver's apartment house, #607 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, Cal." January 1901

Milo Finn family members and Bryant family - mid 1890?
The Back says "Bryant Family Homestead." The Back Pearl, Olive & Flossie Bryant. Hattie Finn.

Left: The Back of another copy of the photo says, "Eva Bryant and Mama." "Mama" is Miranda Adelaide Depew Finn

This 1910 Census for Fred J Bryant seems to be this family.

Some Information or Identification
The Back says "Sat. Aug. 27, 19??, Lake Scranton?" The edge of the holder (click image to view) says, "Marjorie Irene & Dorothy Adelaide."

Above: The Back says, "Hazel and Frances Ackerson"

Left: The Back says, "Amy ?? Coleman"

No Identification
This CDV (carte de visite) is the oldest photo in the collection. The Back shows it was taken in New York The enlargement of the tax stamp on the back shows a date that looks like 1866 - very possible.
Above left - the date 1914 is on the boy's photo.

Left: The Back only has a date of 1908

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Scans and text provided by Susan White Pieroth, August 2013. Contact me if you have documented information about the unidentified photos so I can post it here.
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