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Jobs Family, Scranton, PA

Anita Traber provided these pictures and information. She thinks the date of the picture above would be around 1905 and the location Scranton. Anita Traber's ancestors were the Jobs, Schmdits and Westpfahls in Scranton, PA.

Back Row Upper left to right- unidentified man- I am wondering if this is my great-grandmother Amelia Schmidt Jobs brother, Herman Schmidt, because he is smoking a cigar in the picture which is kind of odd. Herman Schmidt was a cigar manufacturer in Scranton who died in 1910 (I think he was 40 when he died). 2nd man - unknown. On right, August Jobs, Sr., my great-grandfather who built the house at 329 Stafford Avenue - blacksmith by trade - came to this country in 1879 from Peterkau, Prussia, Germany.
Middle Row - My great-grandmother, Amelia Schmidt Jobs (born in Scranton) to Henry Schmidt and Sophia Westpfahl (Westphal) Schmidt.
Lady with little boy-unknown (wondering if it was Amelia's younger sister, Lillian Schmidt Jobs).
Lady in middle of middle row - Catherine Walsh Schmidt (Herman's wife), next, her daughter Lillian Schmidt Roth.
Lady at the end on right - Clara Wintermantle (no relation that I know of to the Jobs family).
Front Row - Theresa Jobs (my grandmother - born in 1898) - next to her brothers August Jobs, Jr. and I think Paul Jobs.

Left: Information from Anita:

Henry and William Schmidt, back of picture says July 29, 1912, age 77 years old. The picture was taken in Scranton. By that date I know that my gr-gr-grandfather, Henry Schmidt, who born on July 29, 1835 is in that picture (don't know which one he is). Henry, a carpenter, lived on Pear St. and had 10 children, only 4 lived. William, a taylor lived on Washington St. and had I think 5 children. William was also in the Civil war. Henry died in 1916, William died in 1918. Henry is buried with wife, Sophia, in Pittston Ave. Cemetery. William is buried with wife in Washburn Cemetery.
The Family of August Jobs, Sr. of Stafford Avenue - picture taken around 1912. My grandmother is in the picture. August Jobs did not build this house until around 1912. House is 329 Stafford Avenue - no date - but the person with dog is my great uncle August Jobs, Jr. - born in the 1890's.
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Thank you to Anita Traber for providing this information, September and November 2010.

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