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Engel of Dunmore

Two girls in a goat cart - early 1900s
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These are pictures purchased from a Scranton resident on an eBay auctions. The seller said they came from the Engel estate in Dunmore. The name Ruth Engel is on the back of several pictures. No other information is available. If you have more information, please contact Engel Family. The back has been scanned if there is writing.

Engel picture #1; Back of #1: 5 Soldiers in their World War I uniforms.

Engel picture #2: 3 Soldiers in their World War I uniforms. Sept. 24, 1918 is written on the back - scanned and added to the bottom of the picture (words were cut when picture was cropped).

Engel picture #3: Woman at a small spinning wheel.

Engel picture #4: Man in open carriage pulled by one horse.

Engel picture #6 (number 5 is above); Back of #6: Man on log with oar.

Glen Jenkins wrote on Tue, 10 Apr 2001:

I like a mistery! Information you may already have but all the parts may make a pie!

A Ruth Engels is in the above census in what looks like a boarding school for girls headed by Catherine Wish. Details at end. Also in the Genweb Lackawanna website where I found your photos this is an entry for William J. Engel who graduated in 1915 from Scranton Central High School. He would be old enough to be in your picture in 1918.

From the 1910 Pennsylvania Miracode Census

Ruth Engel

Age:    16
State:  PA
Color:    W;W
Enumeration District:    0023
Birth Place:    New York
Visit:    0057
County:    Lackawanna, Dunmore
Relation:    INMA
Other Residents:    Head of Household Catherine Wish

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