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St. James Church Temperance Society
Jessup, PA
Bet. 1903-1921 (Rev. Smoulter was pastor from 1903-1921)

Some people are identified on the back and they were numbered, left to right:

Front row:

1. Rev. Father Smoulter
4. Anthony Sweeney
5. William McGinnis
7. Frank Mullen
11. Martin Sweeney
14. Joseph Reap(?, last name unclear)
16. James McGinnis

Back row:

1. James Loftus
2. Gerald Kelly
3. Edward Loftus
4. Patrick Gilroy
11. Emmet Mullen
14. ? Hoban
15. Edward Golden

The name William Caniff is also written at the bottom of the photo, but no number is associated with it.

Eileen Muldoon Flannelly wrote (January 2012):

my grandfather, Samuel G Hodgetts is in the front row somewhere near one of the cracks in the picture. He is a very short man. Another man is Mr. Murray. I think his first name was Eddie. I remember this picture very well. My grandfather was a convert and a well known wrestler. He died in 1945 on Palm Sunday.
If you can identify anyone else in the photo, please Send me an Email and I will add the names.

Submitted by Terri Pointon, 2002
If you wish a clearer or larger copy, please email Terri

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