Will Of William Garrison

No. 527               Year: 1913
Estate of William Garrison
Oath of Administrator
Filed: July 3, 1913
Register: John P. Mahon
Attorney: George Morrow
Adm. Docket No. 11         Page No. 96

Return of Collateral
Inheritance Tax Appraiser
Filed Jan 18th 1914
Docket No. 3               Page: 305

Registers Office
Lackawanna County, ss.:

Now, to wit, the third day of July A.D. 1913 personally came Lewis D. Garrison and on his solemn oath he did depose, declare, and say that he believes that William Garrison died without a will.

That he will, as the administrator well and truly administer the goods and chattels, rights and credits of said deceased, according to law.

That he will immediately publish for creditors, once a week for six successive weeks, and render into the Register’s Office, within thirty days from this date, a just and true inventory and appraisement of the personal estate of said deceased, and additional inventories when necessary. Also a just and true account, calculation, and reckoning of his said administration in one year from this date, or when thereunto legally required.

That he will diligently andfaithfully regard, and well and truly comply with the provisions of law relating to collateral inheritance.

And also that the decendents let to survive him:
           Lewis D. Garrison, brother
           Cordilia Alger, sister
           Theny Smith, sister
           Ruth Ann Rosencranz, sister

and also that the whole of the goods, chattels, rights and credits of the estate and effects, for or in respect of which Letters of administration are applied for which William Garrison died possessed of, in the aggregated do not in the value exceed the sum of Two Hundred dollars, at the best of his knowledge and belief.

Signed by: George Morrow, Lewis D. Garrison

Real Estate, $800.00


I hereby certify that the foregoing is a just, true and correct appraisement of the estate which was of William Garrison, late of the township of Newton, County of Lackawanna and state of Pennsylvania, deceased, which is subject to collateral inheritance tax of this commonwealth, so far as the same has come to my knowledge.

Sworn and subscribed to before me this 18th day of June, A.D. 1914

Signed by: Harry t. Kechler and Thomas Beynon, register





APPRAISEMENT OF THE ESTATE, real and personal, which was of William Garrison, late of the township of Newton, county of Lackawanna and state of Pennsylvania, deceased, which is subject to collateral inheritance tax of this commonwealth.

REAL ESTATE:- The decedent died seized and possessed of about twenty-three acres of land situate in Newton Township, county of Lackawanna and state of Pennsylvania, on the road leading from Clarks Summit to Newton, said land being bound on the north by land of William Smith, and J. Ware, on the east by land of C. F. Smith, on the south by lands of L. Garrison, and on the west by lands of Amzi Rosenkranz, said real estate is valued at: -------$1300.00

PERSONAL PROPERTY:The decedent died possessed of personal property consisting of miscellaneous articles which were converted into money and sold for -----$190.00.

TOTAL amount of real and personal property,----$1490.00


Debts of decedent, including funeral expenses, ---$307.50
Cost of administration, -------------------------------$209.00
Total debts and costs of administration, -----------$516.50
Amount subject to collateral inheritance tax, -----$873.50
Amount of tax, 5% of 873.50, ----------------------$ 43.67

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