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Lawrence County Cemeteries




Volant Cemetery



Route 208, east of New Wilmington, west of Volant

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Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


ALLEN, Lillie M. 1872   1941  

wife of Seldon A. Allen

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ALLEN, Seldon A. 1867   1932  

husband of Lillie A. Allen

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BELL, John B. 1828   1870  

Civil War Veteran; Pvt, Co. M, 212th PA Vol

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BRADEN, Margaret 1843   1906   view headstone  
BROADBENT, Benjamin F. 1874   1924  

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BROADBENT, Charles E. 1848   1929   view headstone  
BROADBENT, Maria 1853   1943   view headstone  
CARR, Elizabeth 1852   1937  

wife of W. J. Carr

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CARR, W. J. 1854   1937  

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COBLENTZ, Fay L. 1899   1932      
COLLINS, Anna F. 1868   1944  

sister of John W. Collins, daughter of James S. and Mary E. Collins

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COLLINS, Hiram James 1874   1957   view headstone  
COLLINS, James S. 1836   1908  

husband of Mary E. Collins

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COLLINS, Jennie M. 1875   1939  

wife of Hiram J. Collins

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COLLINS, John 1810   1888  

husband of Martha Collins

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COLLINS, John W. 1865   1899  

brother of Anna Collins, son of James S. and Mary E. Collins

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COLLINS, Martha 1802   1864  

wife of Martha Collins

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COLLINS, Mary E. 1837   1907  

husband of Martha Collins

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CORYEA, Amanda A. DRAKE 1862          
CORYEA, P. Mead 1866   1937      
CORYEA, Sara B. 1859   1932      
CUMMINGS, Alvie 1895          
CUMMINGS, Alvie N. 1920   1942   World War II Hero  
CUMMINGS, Kathryne D. 1897   1957      
DONLEY, Hattie M. 1891   1926      
DONLEY, Martha E. 1865   1891  

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DONLEY, Robert E. 1890   1958      
DONLEY, Thomas 1856   1929   view headstone  
EDEBURN, Margaret E. 1872   1922  

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EDEBURN, Margaret U. 1837   1860   view headstone  
EDEBURN, Mathias 1837   1923   view headstone  
EDEBURN, Sarah S. 1836   1871   view headstone  
EDEBURN, Susanna E. 1845   1917   view headstone  
EDEBURN, (infants)     1862  

infants of M & S.S.

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HIGHBARGER, Hugh Albert 1874   1958   view headstone  
KELLER, John H. 1883   1898   view headstone  
KELLER, John W. 1846   1919   view headstone  
KELLER, Kate L. 1862   1938   view headstone  
MICHAEL, Louise Fern SPLITSTONE 22 Feb 1937   24 Sept 1998    

Kathie Hoovler- Davis

MOORHEAD, Frank B. 1858   1926  

husband of Mary E. Moorhead

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MOORHEAD, Mary E. 1857   1927  

wife of Frank B. Moorhead

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NIMMO, George W.  1828   1894  

husband of Margaret L. Nimmo

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NIMMO, Margaret L. 1838   1899  

wife of George W. Nimmo

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POTTER, Henry 1870   1945      
POTTER, Mary Ellen 1867   1931      
POTTER, McClelland 1865   1925      
POTTER, Nannie 1866   1940      
POTTER, Wallace C. 1873   1937      
POTTER, William 1864   1950      
SHULTZ, Charles G. 1867   1935  

husband of Margaret L. Shultz

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SHULTZ, Margaret L. 1870   1932  

wife of Charles G. Shultz

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SPENCE, Alexander 1889   1970  

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SPENCE, Mary 25 May 1857   3 Dec 1947   view headstone  
TILLIA, Paul Louis 17 Nov 1907 Wampum 6 Aug 1997 Tigard, OR


son of Louis and Ruby Tillia; lived in Volant  
WOODLING, Jacob     15 Dec 1872  

son of J. B. & R. C. Woodling; aged 2 mos, 15 days

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