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Lawrence County Bible Records


Houk - Cline - Wellhausen Bible

Pages from Bibles that apparently first belonged to Eliza Alice Cline Houk family, then to William Wellhausen-Margaret Houk family, then to Reed C. Wellhausen, then to Sara Wellhausen Donley Black, and are now (genealogy pages, at least) in possession of Patricia Donley Mellor.

1. "This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between William Wellhausen of Energy, Pa. and Miss Maggie A. Houk of Energy, Pa. on the 27th day of Nov. 1895, at (Energy, Pa.) by Samuel Barber, Pastor, SRPC" (Slippery Rock Presbyterian Church, located in Ellwood City, PA)

2.On a page headed, Marriages,

"Charles W. Wellhausen, September 22, 1920"

"Mary (Middle Initial obscure) Wellhausen Sept. 12th, 1922"
"Reed C. Wellhausen March 14th 1923"
"Alfred A. Wellhausen June 12, (19)28"
"Eva Wellhausen" (no date)
"Samuel R. Wellhausen Sept. 16 1943"

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3. On a page headed, "Births":

"William Wellhausen October 12th-1866

Margret A. Wellhausen Sept. 22-1877

John Henry, Sun. Oct 18th -1896
Charls. William Sat. Jan 1st-1898
Reed Conrad Tue. Aug 16th-1899
Mary Ella Sun Feb 16th-1902
P. Alfred H. Sat. Jan 23rd-1904
Eva Margret Sat. Jan 15th 1910
Samuel R. Mon. April 3rd 1918
Eva Louise Wellhausen Feb 7-1928*

[* Eva Louise was the daughter of Alfred. --PM

In the margins someone has noted what day of the week each child was born; the margins are frayed and fragmented and so someone went back to the original center of the page and wrote in as noted what day each child was born. This appears to have been done quite a bit later than the original writing. There is a note there that says, Eva Louise was born on Thursday, but this was not transcribed onto the main body of the page as were the others. -PM]

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4. On a page headed, DEATHS:

"John Henry Wellhausen March 27th 1897 age 5 months 9 days

John C. Houk died----(no date given)
Mrs. John C. Houk (no date)
William Wellhausen Nov. 9-1951
Eva W. (Wellhausen) Mayberry Dec. 11-1956
Eva Louise Wellhausen Daughter of Alfred Died March 20th 1929 age 6 weeks
Hannah Rock Wellhausen Dec. 23--1904 age 80 yrs. 6 months
Lillian Zuella Wellhausen April 6--1908
Henry Wellhausen April 4--1922 age 90 yrs. and 22 days"

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5. On a page which appears to be from an even earlier Bible, headed Family Record, and in smaller subheadings, Births and Deaths, which the writer chose to ignore:

"Deaths" (written under the "Births" heading of the book)

"Sarah L. Cline died December 28 a.d. 1850
Margaret E. Cline died December the 14th A.D. 1862
Mary Cline died Oct. the 25th A.D. 1865
Conrad Cline died January 18, 1892
David Hardman died February 26, 1892"

Under the "Deaths" subheading:
"Mariah Cline died May 27 in the year of Our Lord 1845
"Jacob Cline departed this life February the 2(1st? writing is very faint brown ink) 1854
"Barbary Cline died December the 31 A.D. 1863
"Henry Cline died Sept. the 15 AD 1866"

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6. Another Family Record page subheaded "Marriages" and "Births" where the Marriage column was sometimes appropriated to other uses:

"Henry Cline was born in the year of our Lord March the 10th 1782"

"Barbary Book was born December the 10 in the year of Our Lord 1785"
"Henry Cline and Barbary Book was Married March 22 in the year of our Lord 1805"
"Mary Cline was Brom Jan the 30th in the year of our Lord 1806"
"Jacob Cline was Born June 30th in the year of our Lord 1807"
"Sarah Cline was Born May 28th in the year of our Lord 1811"
"Elisa Cline was born July 28 in the year of our Lord 1816"
"Mariah Cline was born May 1st In the year of our Lord 1821"
"Conrad Cline was Born Oct. 19th In th_ year of our Lord 1___"(this portion of the page is missing)

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Baptism Certificate of John Henry Wellhausen

Submitted by Patricia Donley Mellor


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