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Lawrence County Ancestral Heroes

War of 1812










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 BAKER, Jacob



Settled in Hickory Twp.




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 BANNON, Jeremiah






Westfield Presbyterian Cemetery


 BAY, William V.

Sergeant, Capt John Fisher's Co 135th Reg PA Militia under Col Christy



17 Mar 1859


Shenango United Presbyterian Church Cemetery


 CASTEEL, Samuel



Came from Allegheny Co in 1816.




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Captain, sharpshooter, wounded several times.

12 Oct 1843

Shenango Township, Lawrence Co.








From Westmoreland Co.




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Captain of the Company from Hickory and Neshannock called to Erie.


Westmoreland Co.; member of the Fisher Family who built early mills in Hickory and Neshannock and founded Eastbrook.

abt 1841

Eastbrook, Lawrence Co., PA

Fisher Cemetery, near Eastbrook

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Researcher: Stephen Fisher

 GAULT, James

Major, 135th Regiment, PA Militia, Christy's Regiment.

11 Jan 1873

Fayette Co., PA; coroner of Mercer Co. in 1818; also Justice of the Peace

15 Apr 1859

New Wilmington, PA

Neshannock Presbyterian Church Cemetery, New Wilmington

Researcher: Peggy Shrader

 GUY, Moses







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 HOUK, William


8 Jan 1789


10 Dec 1870


Mt. Hermon Cemetery, Slippery Rock Twp

Researcher: Tami McConahy

 McCREARY, Enoch

Served in Erie


From Ireland; came to Lawrence Co abt 1802.




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 McCUNE, James Sr.

Capt of Militia, Slippery Rock Twp.

7 May 1771

Huntingdon County, PA

6 Apr 1825

Plain Grove Twp, Lawrence Co., PA

South Plain Grove Cemetery, Plain Grove Twp.

Researcher: Marva Novitz

 McCURDY, Abraham

Private, Beaver Hornetts, 4th Regiment, PA Volunteers

6 Jun 1781

New Jersey

7 Apr 1856

Princeton, PA

Mt Herman Cemetery

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 McMULLEN, Galbreath


8 Apr 1779

Winchester, VA

24 Sept 1884

Between Sandy Lake and New Lebanon, Mercer County

Oak Hill Cemetery, Sandy Lake Township, Mercer County

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 MILLER, William








 MOORE, John

Capt. John Fisher's company; served in Erie


From New Castle, Delaware

15 Aug 1842



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 MORROW, Jesse

Ensign, Captain James Stewart's Company, 2nd Regiment, PA Infantry

19 Mar 1780


29 Aug 1852


Slippery Rock Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Ellwood City

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 PEARSON, George

Captain John Junkin's Company, "Mercer Blues"






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 SANKEY, Ezekiel

Captain John Junkin's Company, volunteer Riflemen 134th Regiment PA Militia


Lewistown, Mifflin Co., PA

9 Jul 1813


Shenango United Presbyterian Church Cemetery



Served in Erie.


Settled in Neshannock and Hickory Twps

1853 -54



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Captain of the militia


Settled in Hickory Twp.




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 WALLS, Jesse

Pvt., Capt. Wilson Caldoo's co., 138th Reg, PA Militia, comm by Lieut-Col Robert Miller

6 Dec 1784

Sussex County, Delaware, Lived in Shenango Township between 1810 and 1846

17 Sept 1857

New Castle, Lawrence County, PA

New Castle, Lawrence County, PA

Researcher: George Fahnline




From Centre Co., PA; lived in Neshannock Township




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 WATSON, William



From Centre Co., PA; lived in Neshannock Township



Shenango United Presbyterian Church Cemetery

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