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Soldiers from Lawrence County


9th Regiment
Lawrence County, Pennsylvania

Transcribed from Civil War era newspaper articles from the New Castle Courant.
Spellings (or misspellings of names) left as originally printed in the article.

9th Regiment


December, 18th, 1862

Mrs. Cole: Dear Madam. It becomes my painful duty to announce to you that God in his providence has removed from our midst a dear comrade. Your son, George Albert Price. Bravest of the brave - he fell while gallantly contending in one of the most glorious causes, that of maintaining the American Liberty and Independence. I am sorry to say that I was not with him after he was struck. The contest was fearful. There was a rebel battery at one point which was creating fearful havoc among the men on our right' a few us determined to silence it; we rushed forward, gained cover near it and drove the gunners away and kept it silent until over powered by numbers and were forced back. It was while I was forward that George received his death blow, and not until the fight was ended did I learn that he was no more. His body was recovered next day and interred; but, everything had been taken from his pockets - nothing was left as a memorial. I would have given all I possess to have been with him, but even then would have done nothing, for the following order was read to us that morning. "No armed man shall have his company or regiment, for the purpose of assisting any wounded man or officer. Any soldier violating this order shall be punished to the fullest extent of the Army Regulations." Which punishment is death. - Men were detailed on purpose to care for the wounded; but, there were so many that scores were left to be cared for by the enemy. The ball that caused his death struck him on the top of the head and passed out near his neck on the back part. He was buried by a detail from a Maine Regiment, who were on picket the next day.

Please accept my sympathy in this your loss. He was a noble boy, and a dear comrade. I loved him as a brother and his loss is felt deeply by the whole company. May God sustain you in the trying hour and at last receive you into his kingdom, where I feel that George has gone. His was noted for his moral department while with us.

Give my best respects to the family also to all the friends and believed me to be your friend in the hour of affliction.

T. J. Marshall,
Serg't. Comp. H, 9th Regt. P. V

Wednesday Morning, Feb. 4, 1863.


On the death of G. A. Price, Company H, 9th Regiment, P. R. C. Killed at the battle of Fredericksburg.

Alas, vain hope, then now art crushed,
And all our joys are fled;
For he, who once our joy and pride,
Lies mouldering with the dead.

He heard of treason's wild career,
He heard his county's call,
Then to the rescue, forth he went,
To conquer or to fall.

Tho' much he loved his friends and home,
He bade them all adieu;
And onward rushed, with manly tread,
To shield the right and true.

Twas first at Drainsville he met,
The foe in dread array,
Where, when the battle widly raged,
Much valor did display.

And then, though all those dreadful days,
On Fair Oaks gory field;
Our noble boy in front was seen,
Nor thinking once to yield.

And next on Antietam's plain,
Where crimson clothed the ground;
His God did guide him safely through,,
Tho' thousands fell around.

But in the conflict, dire and fierce,
Near Rappahannock's shore,
'Twas Heaven's mandate he should fall,
On earth to rise no more.

Until the Archangels' trump shall sound,
To call the nations forth;
To meet their Ruler in the skies,
The East, South, West and North.

Weep not fond Mother tho' he sleeps,
Beneath a Southern sky,
But trust that Jesus heard his prayer,
And now he is on high.

For thus he wrote - ere I engage,
In conflicts bloody fray,
To God may spirit I commend,
For help Divine I pray.

That He will lead and guide me,
Who marks the bullets path,
Or take me to himself above,
If I should fall in death.

O, Mother, Sisters, cease your tears,
Weep not the loved one slain,
But view him borne the angel bands,
Safe to the heavenly plains.

And let us each through Jesus' grace,
Strive to possess the crown,
That we with him may meet at last,
When this life's work is o'er.

M. A. B.

Submitted by Tami McConahy

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