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Revolutionary War Soldiers from Lawrence County

Please Note--this is an index to use for research purposes. This may not be a complete listing and there may be a few typo errors. Regardless, this could be a good starting point for those still looking for ancestors that served in the Revolutionary War.

Alsworth James PFC

Armstrong David Pvt

Aughenbaugh Philip Pvt

Bannon Jermial Pvt

Blair Charles Army Pvt Cumberland Co. Militia

Book George

Book Jacob Pvt

Brown John Capt

Buchanan Robert Pvt

Caldwell William LT

Carson William Pvt

Clark Walter

Cooper Nathaniel Washington Co. PA Militia

Dilly,Sr Price Army Pvt

Emery John Pvt

Ewing Alexander Army Pvt

Frew Alexander

Fulkerson John Pvt

Gibson Charles

Glenn James Pvt

Hamilton Hugh Pvt

Harlan Jonathan Pvt

Henderson Hugh Pvt

Houk Phillip Pvt New Jersey Militia

Houston William Pvt

Jackson Carl J. Army

Jamison Marmaduke Milit Pvt Westmoreland Co., PA Militia

Jordon Henry

Kennedy Miller

Lewis John

Locke William Pvt

Manning John Pvt

Martin Charles Army Sgt

McDufy William

McMeans Andrew Pvt

Mershimer Sebastian Army Sgt 5th Reg

Monteith Daniel

Moore John Drum

Morton John Pvt 2/C

Murrey Mathew Pvt

Myers John Pvt

Nelson William

Nesbit Francis

Nye John T.

Phillips Elisha Pvt

Pounds John Corp

Richards William Pvt

Robinson James Pvt

Sadler Michael Lancaster Co. Militia

Saviers John Pvt

Stewart Mathew Pvt

Stewart Robert

Tindall William

Trott Charles Arnold Sr.

Vangorder Jacob

Wallace Hugh Army Pvt

Whiting John Pvt 4/C

Wilkins George

Wimer Adam

Wood Charles LT

Young John Pvt

Submitted by Judy Anne Champion Frates

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