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Buried Alive

Frightful Accident in Allegheny- Two men killed and two injuried-Buried
Beneath a Mass of Rock-Coroner's In quest.

An accident of a shocking character occured about half-past ten o,clock Saturaday morning, in the seventh ward, Allegheny, resulting in the death of two men and the serious and probably fatal injury of two others. Me??? Howard & Company have a contract for grading Vista Stree,in the Seventh ward, Allegheny, where for some weeks they have had a large force of men at work, the job being a heavy one. The street passes through a hill, necessitating a cut of twenty feet, a great portion of which is solid rock, which had to be blasted. At the time mentioned four men, James Gallaher, Barney Henry, James Dennison and Michael Moore were at work undermining a large rock, which, from the force of the powder usedin the blasting has become detached from the surrounding rocks and without a moments warning it came down with a crash bringing with it several tons of loose dirt and debris, completely covering the four men above mentioned. The other workmen as soon as it was safe begin working from the amount of detached peices of rock that continued to fall for some minutes after the first crash, went to the rescue. Denniston and Moore were first taken out, and although they had sustained serious injuries about the head and body were still living. Some minutes elapsed before Gallaher could be extricated from beneath the massive rock and when taken out the former was quite dead, and the latter, although living had received injuries necessarily fatal, and he expired about twenty minutes afterwards.

Surgical attendence was summoned and the injuried men was properly attended to.

The bodies of the deceased removed to the place of residence in the ninth ward, this city, when Coroner Clawson held an inquest upon them yesterday morning and the injury returned a verdict of accidental death in accordance with the above facts.

Source: The New Castle Courant, New Castle, Pa, Friday, June 10, 1870

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