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Lawrence County Newspaper Articles

Dismissions 1866-8, Slippery Rock

Jan. 1, 1866 Rose Ann BOGGS, to the Session of AIle. Cong.
May 14, 1866 Dr. Thomas J. BLACKWOOD, to Session of Union Cong.
May 14, 1866 J. H. WALKER, to Session of Phila.
May 18, 1866 R. J. RITCHIE, to S. O. WYLIE, Phila.
May 18, 1866 Matilda RITCHIE, to S. O. WYLIE, Phila.
May 18, 1866 George MARTIN, to Rehoboth, Iowa
May 18, 1866 Mary Etta MARTIN, to Rehoboth, Iowa, died Dec. 30, 1870
May 18, 1866 Martha Ann JONES, to Springfield, Mercer, Pa.
Sept. 23, 1867 Sarah McCOY, to Allegheny Session, Pa.
Sept. 23, 1867 Sarah M. BLACKWOOD, to Union Session, Butler Co., Pa.
Sept. 28, 1867 Robert BOGGS, to Allegheny Session, Pa.
Sept. 28, 1867 Mary BOGGS, to Allegheny Session, Pa.
[date not given] Joseph KENEDY, Jun., to Allegheny Session, Pa.
Mar. 30, 1868 Dr. T. J. M'GEE [McGee? Magee?], to Wilkinsburg Cong.
Mar. 30, 1868 Jane, wife of T. J. M'GEE, to Wilkinsburg Cong.
Sept. 2, 1868 Cynthia SCOTT, to Oil City Cong.
[not given] T. J. MARTIN, to Iowa, died 1924
[not given] Jemima MARTIN, to Iowa

Source: Dismissions, 1866-68 at Slippery Rock/Rose Point Reformed Presbyterian Church, Slippery Rock Twp., Lawrence County, Pa.

Submitted by Carol Eddleman

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