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Receives Letter From Aged D.A.R.

Charles Greer Takes Active Interest in Living Sons and Daughters of Revolutionary Heroes.

Charles Greer who has for sonic time past taken an active interest in the sons and daughters still living of the heroes of the American Revolution has received a letter front Wilwaukee's oldest in and one of the oldest living daughters of men who saw actual service In the American Revolution. In reply to a letter from Mr. Greer the following was received:

Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 11, 1915. Dear Mr. Greer:

Your request received. My father, Dr. Seth Capron, was born September 23, 1762 and died September 4, 1835-aged 73 year. He enlisted in the war of the Revolution and served three years. First at the seige of Newport, R. T., where a bullet aimed - at General LaFayette graised the top of his (my father's) head. This incident was followed by a life long friendship.

In 1824 my father met General LaFayette when he passed up the Hudson river, from New York to Troy.

My father was at thebattle of White Plains. After that he was transferred to headquarters at Newburgh, N. Y., and given command of the barge which conveyed General Washington to Elizabethtown. Was the last man to take the general's hand when he bade bood-bye to the army.

Yours truly. LOUIS K. THIERS.

Mrs. Thiers is 101 years old and in excellent health. She attributes her long life to her method of living. She says one needs just three things: Plenty of sleep, pure food, and clean living. She has never known a day's sickness in her life. For a woman of her age her continued activity is a marvel. Mrs. Thiers takes a vital interest in all the current topics, reads the newspapers, and is a great lover of books. Some time ago when pictures of the war were shown in her home city she was taken to all or them and although she states they were enjoyable she is not a movie enthusiast.

Knitting is a favorite occupation of Mrs. Thier's when she is not reading. She can work the needle with women much younger than herself and make them hustle to get as much accomplished as she does. Mrs. Thiers was born in Whitesbero, N. Y., in 1814, and moved to Milwaukee in 1888. Since the death of her hushand in 1875 she has resided with her daughter, Mrs. Charles Quarles of 539 Farewell Ave. She also has three sons living.

Another aged daughter of a Revolution hero, who Mr. Greer had the pleasure of visiting in person is Mrs. Samantha Stanton Nellis of Naples, N. Y. She will be 106 years of age on Jan. 5, next. She is living in good health and is still very active. Her father was a member of Washington's personal bodyguard.


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