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Can't Explain How Rifle Was Discharged- Believe Trigger Caught in Bush

William Bowers, Jr., aged 14 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Bowers of Brent was accidently killed while out hunting for rabbits with a thirteen year old companion, Clarence Campbell, also of Brent. The accident occurred on the Squire Rodgers farm in Plaingrove township, 16 1/2 miles from New Castle, late Saturday afternoon.

The accident has been investigated and what just caused the discharge of the weapon is not determined. The two boys were walking through the field on their way homeward, the gun being carried by Campbell, and Bowers was but a few feet from his side when the trigger caught on a bush or, for some reason was discharged accidently.

The bullet struck the Bowers lad squarely in the neck, just under the chin. He fell to the ground and died within five minutes, breathing his last before aid could be summoned.

The body was removed to the home as quickly as possible after the accident.

The Campbell lad has been deeply affected by the accident, being franticwhen he discovered the result of the accidental dischargeof the gunand Bowers dropped to the ground with a terrible wound in his neck.

In addition to the parents, seven brothers and sisters survive to mourn the death of the victim of the accident. The Campbell boy's father is dead.

The Campbell boy could give little light on the cause of the accident not being able to explain how the rifle had been discharged. He believes that the trigger became fastened on a bush and was snapped in this manner.

Source: New Castle News (New Castle, Pa) November 11, 1915

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