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Mary Blair Fury

Will and information

I discovered the name of James Blair's wife, Mary Fury, from the death certificate of their son, William W. Blair who is buried near his brother, Irvin, in Nazareth Cemetery, and was born in 1830.

Mary Blair, wife of James Blair, was born in 1791 and died 5 Mar, 1872. (This information was obtained from CEMETERIES OF LAWRENCE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, BOOK 9, PLAINGROVE TOWNSHIP, compiled by Dwight Edward Copper.)

She and James Blair were the parents of eleven children. In the 1870 Census of Plaingrove Township, Mary Blair is shown to be living with her daughter, Sarah Blair Rodgers, after the death of her husband.

Mary wrote her will in Springfield Twp., 31 Jan 1866, and it was probated 18 Apr 1872. The following is a quote from Mary Blair's will. "Mary Blair, Springfield Twp., directs suitable monument erected over grave. I give and bequeath to my beloved sons, Robert, Alexander, James, John, Irwin (spelled thus), and William, and my beloved daughters, Polly, Sarah, Margaret -- to Robert one sheep, to Alex 2 sheep, and he is to have my large Bible, to James - 2 sheep, to John my copper kettle and one bed; to Irwin (spelled thus) my bureau, looking glass, skellit and the bedsted and one bed that is at his house. To William, my bedstead that is at Alex Blair's, to Polly Bell, two sheep and my black lawn frock; to Sarah Rogers my calico quilt, not quilted line and all; to Margaret Rihel my cross band delane frock and one bed. To my grandson, Elmer Blair, 2 sheep, to be taken care of by his father. I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my beloved son, Irvin (written thus) sole executor." The will was written 31 Jan 1866, was probated 6 Jul 1872, and Irvin Blair served as executor.

Mary signed her will with an X, indicating that she was unable to read and write. Mary Blair's will is recorded at Mercer County in Book 6, Page 5, File no. 340-OS.

Elmer Blair is probably the son of Irvin Blair and Tamzen Thomas who was born 19 Apr 18 1852 and died young, buried next to his mother, Tamzen.

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