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Montour County Genealogical Society

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Past MCGS Programs

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2014 Program Schedule

March 4, 2014:  Megan Ryan and Tom Young will discuss the advances in DNA testing and genealogy research.
June 3, 2014: Ann Thomas will discuss how to get started in genealogy and her own Krum-Thomas line.
September 2, 2014: Sister Theresa Urda SSCM will present "The History of the Sisters of St. Cyril & Methodius in Danville".

2013 Program Schedule

March 5, 2013: John Moore, Historian & Storyteller will talk about Andrew Montour, son of Lady Montour.
June 4, 2013: Marty Walzer will portray former Pennsylvania Governor Pinchot (1923-1927), who also was first chief of the U.S. Forest Service.
September 3, 2013: Terry Diener will talk about Danville's participation in the Civil War.

2012 Program Schedule

March 6, 2012: "How to do genealogical research at the Montour County Courthouse" by Dianne Zamboni and Cindy Elder.
June 5, 2012: "The History of West Market Street, Danville, by Dianne Zamboni.
September 4, 2012:  "Polly Jenkins" by Fiona Siobhan Powell, folklorist and storyteller.  Fiona, the daughter of a Welsh-American lawyer and a British actress,  is an accomplished storyteller who will offer a look at the life of Welsh immigrants through the character of Polly Jenkins.
December 4, 2012:   CANCELED.

2011 Program Schedule

March 1, 2011:  Mary Brouse, author of the book she recently published about the Village of Exchange in Montour County.   Books will be for sale at the meeting.
June 7, 2011:  Sue Tinsley, co-curator of the Montgomery House,  will be speaking on "The Hidden Treasures in the Montgomery House."  She will elaborate on some of the collection and some little-known interesting stories, as well as discussing future plans for the recently-purchased Boyd House.
September 6, 2011:  George Turner will be the speaker - topic to be announced.  
December 6, 2011: This meeting has been canceled.

2010 Program Schedule

March 2, 2010:  Mr. Bill Baillie will present "General William Montgomery: Patriot Entrepreneur."  Mr. Baillie has been writing a book on Gen. Montgomery which he hopes to publish later this year and will discuss what is in the book for genealogists.  The appendixes to the book include a genealogy of the Montgomery family going  back to roots in Scotland and a listing of over 400 militiamen in Montgomery's Chester County Regiment early in the Revolutionary War, many of whom followed the General to the Mahoning region after the War.
June 1, 2010: Mr. John Deppen will discuss Memorial Day in his presentation, "I've Heard the Rifles Fire."
September 7, 2010: Robert E. Lee III will present a historical viewpoint on the outhouse excavations he has performed in Danville and surrounding areas in the past five years, including some details about Danville notables.  A video of his work and display of some artifacts will be included in the program. 
December 7, 2010: The December 7, 2010 meeting has been canceled.  Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 1, 2011.  The business meeting will be at 6:30 including Election of Officers, followed by a program at 7:00.  Program details will follow as they develop.

Past Programs 2009

March 10, 2009: "The Ironmen Go to War: Background on World War I and Local Participants" presented by Joan Gratto Liebler.
June 2, 2009: "The Dan of Danville - who was he?" presented by Bill Baillie.
September 8, 2009: MCGS 10th Anniversary Dinner at Shiloh United Church of Christ, Danville, at 6:30 PM (gather at 6:00 PM).  The program will be presented by Tom Dempsey who will speak about the Danville-Pottsville Railroad.
December 8, 2009:  Annual Christmas Party.  Please bring a $5.00 gift for exchange.

Past Programs 2008

June 10, 2008:  Business meeting at 6:30 PM.  At 7:00 PM a program titled "Women of Gettysburg and the Civil War" will be presented by Donna Crone.  All are welcome to attend.
March 11, 2008:  Business meeting at 6:30 PM.  At 7:00 PM, local historian Herman Jones will present a program on the local canals and locks.  Those who have heard Mr. Jones talk about the Welsh miners of Frosty Valley and other local history know that he is a fascinating speaker and that this will be a very interesting program.  All are welcome to attend.
September 9, 2008:  Business meeting at 6:30 PM.  At 7:00 PM, Glenda Strouse will present a program about the Auten family on Mexico Road.  Recently she has found that the previous information was inaccurate so she will share with us her latest findings.  She may also bring some old household utensils and farming tools to show us.  All are welcome to attend.
December 9, 2008: Business meeting at 6:30 PM followed by our annual Holiday party with delicious food, games and gift exchange.  Please bring a wrapped $5.00 gift to share.

Past Programs 2007

March 13, 2007: Sue Messersmith will present "How to Write Your Own Life Story."
June 12, 2007:  Dave Lembeck of State College will present a program on the “New Deal Artwork at the Pennsylvania Post Offices,” which includes the Danville Post office. 
September 11, 2007:  Sue Tinsley, former Montour County Prothonotary, and Danville Attorney George "Ollie" Wagner will speak about General Montgomery, founder of Danville.
December 11, 2007:  Business meeting and election of officers for 2008 at 6:30 PM.  Our annual Christmas Party and gift exchange will follow at 7:00 PM.  Please bring a $5.00 wrapped gift to exchange.  Refreshments will be provided.

Past Programs 2006

January 10, 2006:  Business meeting.  Canceled.
February 14, 2006: Local resident and historian, Eugene Shipe will present the history of the Franklin Furnace.  A brief business meeting will precede the program.
March 14, 2006:  Business meeting.
April 11, 2006: George Turner, President of Columbia County Historical & Genealogical Society and retired Bloomsburg University History Professor, will discuss the controversy surrounding the division of Columbia and Montour Counties. 
May 9, 2006: Although we usually have a business meeting in May, we are fortunate to have scheduled a presentation by Andrea Frantz from Bloomsburg University. She will be speaking on the Pennsylvania Indians especially from this area.
June 13, 2006: Alessa Makuch will share her discoveries and experiences in recording and restoring the Welsh Hill (or Sidler Hill) Cemetery.
September 12, 2006: Business meeting.
October 10, 2006:  Bob Lyon of Muncy will give a presentation on the Early Danville Militia from 1700's until the Civil War.  He will display Civil War artifacts and documents.
November 14, 2006:  Business meeting.
December 12, 2006: Our annual Christmas party.  Please bring a $5.00 gift to share. 

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Past Programs 2005

January 11, 2005:  Business meeting.  CANCELED
February 8, 2005:  "The Irish in Danville" by Sue Tinsley.
March 8, 2005: Business Meeting  CANCELED
April 12, 2005:  Business Meeting.  (Please note change).
May 10, 2005:  The Jewish Community in Danville by Peter and Jeff Dreifuss and Jerry Zeisler, who have done considerable research on their Montour county ancestors and have contributed much to MCGS.  (Please note change of date; previously scheduled for April).  All are welcome to attend this interesting program.
June 14, 2005:  The June meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 14 in the Jankola Library at Villa Sacred Heart,  (former St. Cyril's Academy), Danville. Sister Mercedes will share information about the Slovakian influence in Montour County and will give a tour of the museum and library which contains the largest collection of Slovakian references in the United States.  The time is from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  Parking is available in the rear of the Basilica (behind the building with the tower).  Signs will direct you to the Jankola library.
July and August, 2005:  No meetings in July and August.
September 13, 2005:  Business meeting.
October 11, 2005:  Van Wagner will present "Hard Coal: The Anthracite Industry in Northern PA and the Montour County Connection."
November 8, 2005: Business Meeting.  Election of officers for 2006.
December 13, 2005:  A German Christmas Party.  Participants will enjoy learning to fold German paper stars, Donna Spangler will display her beautiful Fraktur work, and we hope to have a demonstration and opportunity to practice German paper cutting, or Scherenschitte.  Please bring a $5.00 gift labeled for a man or woman for the gift exchange.  (Always lots of fun).
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Past Programs 2004

January 13, 2004:  Business Meeting.
February 10, 2004:  Danville attorney George "Ollie" Wagner will speak about "Researching your family history through wills, deeds and other courthouse documents."    He will also share some of his own family history.
March 9, 2004:  Business meeting.
April 13, 2004:  Program - Sarah Jane "Salty" Ferguson, of Orangeville, PA, who played two seasons in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.  Salty played for the Rockford Peaches, one of the teams depicted in the film "A League of Their Own."
May 11, 2004:  Business meeting.
June 8, 2004:  A potpourri of mini-programs by MCGS members - Sue Messersmith will describe the interesting story of the U.S. Troop Carrier, the USS Montour;  Ann Thomas will talk about her recent trip to Egypt;  Debbie Bausch will share her Mettler/Weller family history; and Lynn Reichen has an interesting Studebaker family connection to tell us about.
No meetings in July and August
September 14, 2004:  Business meeting
October 12, 2004: The history of the Jewish community in Danville by Mrs. Esther Zabitz.
November 9, 2004: Business meeting.  Election of officers.
December 14, 2004: Annual Christmas party.   

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Past Programs 2003

January 14, 2003    How to write and publish your family story by Eileen Berger.
February 11, 2003  Larry Mordan will return to talk about Danville's Ironworkers and Puddlers.
March 11, 2003  Business meeting only.  There will be no speaker this month.
April 8, 2003:  A visit with James "Paddy" Ryan, 101-year-old Danville resident, who will share memories of growing up in Danville.  (Photo at right).
May 13, 2003  Leon Hagenbuch, a fascinating speaker who has been interviewing local people and recording information for years will share information about Montour and Northumberland Counties.  (Speaker will be first and business meeting will follow).
June 10, 2003:  Ernie & Louise Bower, curators of the Mooresburg Museum, will present a slide show and narrative about the Mooresburg area.
No meetings in July and August.
September 9, 2003  Business meeting
October 14, 2003  "Forward to Gettysburg - Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock."  John Deppen, a resident of Northumberland, PA, and current president of the Susquehanna Civil War Round Table, presented a dramatic portrayal of Major General Winfield Scott Hancock, a Pennsylvania native and 1844 graduate of West Point, who played a key role in the union victory at Gettysburg.  A photo of Mr. Deppen as Gen. Hancock is at right.  We were delighted to welcome many visitors to this presentation. 
November 11, 2003  Business meeting.  Election of officers for 2004.
December 9, 2003.  Christmas party.  Fun, food, and fellowship.  Please bring a $5.00 gift to share (men bring a gift for a man; women for a woman). 
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Past Programs 2002

February 6, 2002: Mike & Kathy Wagner, Civil War re-enactors, spoke about Henry Reese, a Welsh hero from Minersville, who served with Co. F of the 48th PA Volunteers.
March 6, 2002: Business meeting only.  No speaker scheduled.
April 3, 2002: "Researching your Civil War Ancestors" presented by Sue Reichen Boardman, owner of Gettysburg Antique Center and a guide at the Gettysburg Battlefield.
May 7, 2002 "Genealogy A to Z: How the DAR Can Help With Your Genealogical Research" by  Mary Beyer & Sally Meginley.
June 11, 2002 Dave Donmoyer, of the Northumberland County Historical Society will speak about "Genealogical Resources in the Northumberland County Historical Society Library."
September 10, 2002 (Tuesday): Fiona Powell, our Montour County Welsh and Joseph Parry researcher, will share with us the vision for and progress toward the "twinning" relationship between Danville and the Welsh town of Merthyr Tydfil.  See the Welsh connection page.  This will be of special interest to those with Welsh ancestry. 
October 8, 2002  Larry Mordan will speak about the Iron Industry in Danville and the surrounding area.  If you've been on one of the mine tours during the Iron Heritage Festival, you are familiar with Larry's knowledge of the subject.  Many of our Montour County ancestors were connected with the iron mines and mills.
November 12, 2002  "Brass and Tombstone Rubbings" by Chris Linn.  Chris will demonstrate the tools and process of doing rubbings and will share ideas on how to use rubbings to preserve your heritage.  Members are encouraged to bring an item on which to do a rubbing.  Nomination of officers for the coming year.
December 10, 2002  Holiday celebration.   Bring a $5.00 gift to exchange.  Short business meeting, election of officers.
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