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Welsh Hill Cemetery

The following list of burials in Welsh Hill Cemetery was compiled from several existing lists and photographs obtained circa 1986-1992, and 2005 additions as described below.  An X in the photo column indicates that there is a photograph of the gravestone in our collection.  Note that some names were recorded by one transcriber and not the other.  Errors are likely, but an effort has been made to do the best we can with what remains visible in this abandoned graveyard.  Hopefully, it will be helpful to a descendant of someone listed here.  To view some of the photographs, click here.   If you are a descendant of any of the individuals for which we have photographs, please e-mail me and I'll send you the photo as an e-mail attachment.

Update, September 2005. 

A local Girl Scout, her family and several volunteers are currently working on restoring this cemetery.  They are doing a wonderful job up righting and restoring fallen stones and documenting all information contained on them.  She expects to publish a full report of her findings in mid 2006.  A preliminary list provided to MCGS included some stones not previously listed, and excluded some previously found, indicating that some which were visible before are now buried.  They will continue to work while the weather is good and then return in the Spring.  I visited the site in September to meet them, take some additional photos and see what had been accomplished.  I was very impressed with the painstaking, thorough job they are doing.  Below is an updated list including new information.  Revisions will be made as information is available.

Update, June 2006

The project is nearing completion and we hope to have a revised list soon.  At our June 2006 MCGS meeting Alessa spoke about her project and displayed photographs of the stones and a map of the cemetery.  There continues to be controversy over the formal name of the cemetery.  There are those who insist that the name is Sidler Hill Cemetery and those who grew up in the neighborhood who say emphatically that it is Welsh Hill.  Others say they grew up calling it the "Irish Cemetery."  Until it is proved otherwise, I'll continue to call it Welsh Hill and will trust that you know to what I'm referring.  No one challenges the fact that the cemetery was the burying ground for St. Joseph's Catholic Church and that burials ceased in that cemetery when a new cemetery was opened in Mahoning Township, adjacent to the present Odd Fellows Cemetery.  The majority of the burials appear to be Irish, but there are obviously surnames familiar to other ethnic backgrounds, including German and Welsh.

Update, April 2007

We now have the completed booklet and CD on the Sidler Hill/Welsh Hill Cemetery, complete with photographs of all stones and a map of their locations.
Last Name First Name Middle or Maiden Born Died Aged Comments Listed by Listed by Listed by Photo
___ott Pat___ 12/23/1855 Native of Ireland X
Bigler William SRB RJ AM X
Brady ? RJ X
Brady Sara RJ
Brennan ? AM
Brown Simon 07/19/1875 65 y SRB RJ AM X
Clifford Peter AM
Conaughton James   05/1820 10/14/1871   Born in the Parish of Sligo, Ireland SRB RJ AM X
Conaughton Mary     11/23/1867 84 y w/o James Conaughton, d/o James & Margaret Boughan. Parish of Ballymole, County Sligo, Ireland SRB RJ   X
Crilley Rosa 03/29/1862 28y? SRB AM X
Curtin Hannah     05/16/1861 16 y d/o Dennis & Elizabeth Curtin SRB RJ says Hanna Currin AM X
Detrick Lydia A.   02/15/1864? 29y4m11d w/o David Debrick SRB RJ AM X
Dennin Matthew     03/04/1863 2y3d s/o Patrick & Jane Dennin SRB RJ AM X
Dillon Mary     09/12/1872 22 y w/o John Dillon, Born in the parish of __, County __. Ireland SRB RJ AM X
Dougherty Ann               AM  
Dougherty Charles 03/22/18-- 28y SRB RJ AM X
Dougherty Margaret 08/18/1862 30y Born in Ireland RJ AM X
Dougherty Susanna RJ X
Dougherty William RJ AM X
Duran Hanna SRB
English Bridget w/o John English X
Fallon ? RJ
Fallon Catherine J.     11/12/1882? 60 or 69? w/o Michael Fallon SRB RJ AM X
Fallon Michael 05/10/1884 Our Brother SRB AM X
Fallon Michael 10/29/1882 60? Our Parents SRB RJ X
Fidley James RJ
Finnigan Alice Couchran   02/05/1872 68 y w/o James Finnigan. Native of Ireland. SRB RJ   X
Finnigan James 11/28/1858 70 y b. in Ireland SRB RJ AM X
Finnigan William SRB RJ AM X
Foley James     10/08/1821? 27y8m?   SRB   AM X
Graham Patrick SRB RJ AM X
Gufford ? RJ
Hallinan Mary 03/12/1877 40 y SRB AM X
Hurley Henry             RJ AM says Harley or Hurley X
Jacobs George SRB RJ AM X
Jacobs Joanna     03/12/1865 23 y w/o Daniel Jacobs, d/o Daniel & Juia Holland of the parish of Ballenabonny, County Cork, Ireland.   RJ AM X
Kelly Phillip     7/1877 65 y Born in the Parish of ___,  Ireland. SRB RJ AM X
Madden Lawrence 09/07/1865 09/14/1906 SRB RJ AM X
Mc? John             RJ AM says John McGonnon  
McCue Hugh RJ
McC. A. All four on one stone X
McC. H. All four on one stone X
McC. J. All four on one stone X
McC. L. All four on one stone X
McLoughlin Mary 04/30/1870 84y SRB RJ AM X
O'Brien William     07/19/1865 or 1863 40? Erected by Patrick O'Brien to the memory of his brother SRB RJ AM X
O'Keefe Charles SRB RJ AM X
Owen Alice RJ X
Owen James             RJ AM says Owens X
Priest Bridget     06/17/1856 2y4m? d/o John & Bridget Priest SRB RJ AM X
Reyne John     12/--/1872 26   SRB RJ AM says Peyne X
Roe Terrence ?/28, 1875 AM X
Ryan Mary Ann     07/20/1862 1y d/o Thomas & Catharine Ryan SRB RJ AM X
Schweiger Magnus Anton 06/10/1821 09/16/1859 RJ X
Sheehy Catherine 7y SRB RJ X
Sheehy Johanna 07/26/1869 2y5m SRB RJ X
Sheehy Mary 186- SRB AM X
Sheehy Thomas 10/24/1876 5y SRB RJ X
Shevland Thomas   08/04/1823 04/29/1860   Born in the Parish of Killarney Co. Monaghan Ireland     AM X
Unknown Marie Therese X
Unknown Mary Ann X
Williams David     12/15/1885 58y9d?   SRB   AM X
Williams Mary C. 12/16/1885 SRB RJ AM X
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