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This is the Old Query section that existed on the Mercer County Genealogy site prior to September 1999.  The last query added to this section was added in 1998.  Queries since that time can be found on the Rootsweb Message Boards.

This is Mercer County query page no. 12.  The query pages are numbered from the oldest (page no. 1) to the latest.  All surnames mentioned in all queries are indexed on the Surnames/Index page.

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(Q345)  17 Mar 1998 - Karen Hucko


I am searching for Richmond DAUGHERTY who was mentioned in Isaac RICHMOND's will in 1837.  Can anyone help me?  Isaac RICHMOND d. 17 May 1836 in Mercer Co.  In his will, he stated that his children were: Elizabeth GUNN (she had m. Neel GUNN); Mary Ann ROFS (ROSS); Sarah (wife of Hugh SHAW); and Margaret (wife of John McCOY).  Does anyone have any info. on them?  Thanks.

(Q344)  14 Mar 1998 - Alice Jean Edwards


Does anyone have info. on the GARDNER family of Sandy Creek Twp.?  David GARDNER left a will, probated Oct 3, 1832, naming his brothers and sisters, Samuel GARDNER, George GARDNER, Martha McCARTNEY, Sidney CLARK, and Sally CRAIG.  David GARDNER m. (1) Rosanna GARDNER, m. (2) Jean MAIRS.  I am trying to discover if Martha McCARTNEY is the wife of Robert McCARTNEY Jr.

(Q343)  13 Mar 1998 - John Schweich


I am trying to locate a history of St.John's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Clark Street, Sharon.  The church was founded in 1926 and did publish a history on its 50th anniversary in 1976.  I would like to locate a history of the parish published in the 1940s or 50s, if still available.  I collect the histories of Slav Orthodox and Greek Catholic parishes.  To date, I have acquired some 800 volumes, which, I believe, is the largest collection its kind anywhere.  Many thanks.

(Q342)  13 Mar 1998 - Teri C. Merchant


Looking for info. on the GEORGE family of Mercer Co.  Martin L. GEORGE, b. 1812, d. 30 Jun 1854 in Mercer Co., buried in Perry Twp., m. Anna DAVIS, b. 1810, d. 20 Jul 1854, also buried in Perry Twp.  Their children: Reuben GEORGE, b. 1837 in Mercer Co., m. 1860 to Mary Jane MILLER; Josiah E. GEORGE; Louisa GEORGE; Victor GEORGE; Christian GEORGE; Martin GEORGE; Mary GEORGE; and Susan GEORGE.  My gg-grandparents, Reuben GEORGE and Mary Jane MILLER, settled in East Brady, Clarion Co., PA and had the following children: Edna Beatrice GEORGE; Christian Ellsworth GEORGE; Curtis GEORGE; William Martin GEORGE (my g-grandfather), b. 1866, d. 1927 in Wyalusing, PA; Ada M. GEORGE, m. BLAIR; and Orlando Dudley GEORGE.  Would really like to hear from anyone with GEORGE connections in this area.

(Q341)  11 Mar 1998 - Marjorie K. Beaumariage


I am looking for info. on and descendants of Ezra WHITE, b. in Washington Co., PA, son of George WHITE, later moved to Mercer Co., PA.  George WHITE was the son of John and Mary Ann (PATTERSON?) WHITE who had 11 children I am trying to obtain info. about.  Ezra WHITE had five children: Lavinia WHITE, m. (1) Joseph VAUGHAN who was killed in the Civil War at Gettysburg, m (2) Joseph EASTWOOD; Sarah WHITE, m. Colonel? HARTSUFF; Maria WHITE, m. LYNCH; Viobena WHITE, m. __?__ and had one child; George WHITE, m. Margaret WILSON.  Joseph and Lavinia (WHITE) VAUGHAN had 4 children: Ezra VAUGHAN, d. at age 21; Mary VAUGHAN, m. Thomas L. COOK; John VAUGHAN, m. Kate FRAME; Sarah or Sadie VAUGHAN, m. William EASTWOOD.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone who connects with this family.  I am also a descendant of Ezra's father, George WHITE.  I am willing to share info. about the John WHITE and George WHITE families.  Would like to learn the name of Ezra's wife and Viobena's husband.  It is my understanding that either Lavinia WHITE and her first husband, Joseph VAUGHAN, or their dau., Mary Lavinia VAUGHAN and her husband, Thomas L. COOK, once owned ground that they later sold to Mercer Co. where the courthouse is now located.  Could anyone confirm or deny this?  It is my understanding that there is a plaque somewhere in Mercer Co. stating this.  Does anyone know of such a plaque and where it is located?  Our family would very much like to know about this.  Thank you.

(Q340)  10 Mar 1998 - Lyn Magill-Hoch


I am looking for info on Hugh P. MECLIMENS (or McCLYMONDS), b. Apr 3, 1820 in Mercer Co., PA, m. Margaret CAMPBELL, b. Dec 24, 1821 in North Washington, Butler Co.  They lived in Butler Co.  Thank you.

(Q339)  10 Mar 1998 - William Lyle Mercer

Surnames: JUNKIN

Looking for family and descendants of Joseph or John JUNKIN who came to Mercer Co. in 1805.

(Q338)  8 Mar 1998 - Roberta Felton


I'm looking for info. on Thomas FELTON.  He shows up on the 1800 census in Mercer Co., PA.  It is believed that he may be the son of Martha PARKER and Thomas FELTON from Philadelphia, b. 3 Feb 1754.  In the 1800 census, it showed he had a son from 0-5 years old.  I'm trying to learn this child's name and birth date.  Any info. concerning Thomas FELTON would be appreciated.  I believe he went from Mercer Co. to Smith Co., TN.

(Q337)  7 Mar 1998 - N. Gayle Barnett


Seeking info. on the descendants of Isaac M. COVERT who moved to Liberty Twp. or Pine Grove Twp., near Wolf Creek, Mercer Co. in 1856.  His children: James COVERT; Jacob COVERT; Isaac Van Zant COVERT; Martha A. COVERT, m. MILLER; Martin T. COVERT; and Mary Jane COVERT, m. KLINK.

(Q336)  4 Mar 1998 - Catherine Anderson + Homepage


I am looking for info. on any of the following families.  Johnson Gary PATTON, b. 1832, m. Edna BENTLEY.  This family is listed on the 1860 census in Hickory Twp., Mercer Co., PA.  Their children were: John Edwin, b. 1867, m. Anna GRAY; Mary Virginia, b. 1855; Joeseph M., b. 1857, m. Mary A. CAMERON; James, b. 1859; Lucy E., b. 1863, m. James T. CARROLL; William N., b. 1865, m. Ida M. SHAFFER; Jessie, b. abt 1871; and Alfred, b. 1880.  John Edwin and Anna (GRAY) PATTON had the following children, all b. in New Castle, Mercer Co., PA: Mabel Jesse, b. 1890, m. Charles ANDERSON; Johnson Gary, b. 1886, d. 1898; Josephine, b. 1893, m. James R. MASSEY; William George Owen, b. 1894, m. Amy O. YARD; Margaret A., b. 1897, m. (1) Chester HARTZEL, m. (2) Hueh O'NEAL; John "Jack" Edwin, b. 1900, m. Sarah R. SMITH; Anna Elizabeth, b. 1904, m. Clifford R. SMITH.  I'd be happy to exchange any info.  Thanks.

(Q335)  3 Mar 1998 - Frances Pattison

Surnames: DAVIS

I am looking for info. on Hezekiah DAVIS and Elizabeth DAVIS.  I know they were living in Greenville, PA in 1822.  They had at least 2 children, probably more, Hezekiah DAVIS and Abraham DAVIS, b. 24 Mar 1822.  Also looking for info. on Jacob DAVIS, b. 1849 in Greenville, PA, and Isaac DAVIS, b. 22 Feb 1846 in Greenville, PA.

(Q334)  3 Mar 1998 - Jim Arnold


Henry ARNOLD and his wife, Harriet WELTY, reported in the 1880 census that two of his children, Georgia, b. May 1876, and Henry ARNOLD Jr., b. May 31, 1879, were b. in OH, other records suggest Mercer Co.

(Q333)  2 Mar 1998 - Jerry Dittman

Surnames: RAAB, STELTZ

I have recently learned that one set of my g-grandparents were in Sandy Lake, Mercer Co. in approx. mid 1850's.  Killian RAAB, b. Fulda, Germany, d. Fulda, OH.  Amelia STELTZ, his wife, b. Fulda, Germany, d. New Lexington, OH.  Has anyone in Mercer Co. encountered these names in their research?  Any info. will be appreciated and thanks in advance.

(Q332)  28 Feb 1998 - Marylou McPherson


Researching the following individuals, all of Mercer Co.  David James WHITE, b. 1735, d. 1805.  Mary CRAWFORD, b. abt 1750.  Margaret SHARP of Greenville, b. 1776, d. 1853.  Margaret BLAIR, b. 1809 in Crawford Co.  James Carrick WHITE, b. 1844.  Jane M. WHITE, b. 1848.  Mary A. WHITE, b. 1850.

(Q331)  27 Feb 1998 - Jere S. Keefer

Surnames: ROBINSON

Seek parents and data on children of Edward ROBINSON, b. 1832 in Franklin Co., PA, d. 1909 in Sharon, Mercer Co., PA, buried in Sharon, PA.

(Q330)  27 Feb 1998 - Bettie Morrow


Looking for info. on the family of Thomas BRACKEN, b. 1780, and wife, Elizabeth MORROW, b. 1780, supposedly buried in Neshanoc Church Cemetery.

(Q329)  25 Feb 1998 - Shirley Fazekas


Researching Robert CARPENTER, b. abt 1819, d. abt 1849, and wife, Elinor, b. 1819, d. 1850-1860.  Robert's father was Frederick CARPENTER, buried in Perry Chapel Cemetery, Aug 10, 1862.  Robert and Elinor had one known dau., Sarah Ellen, m. Aaron FENTERMACHER.  Robert died young and Elinor died leaving Sarah Elinor to be raised by LONGs of Perry Twp.  Any info. appreciated.  Thank you.

(Q328)  24 Feb 1998 - James B. Hendricks


Seeking info. on James HENDRICKS and wife, Sarah LAW.  One known child, Seth HENDRICKS, b. 1847 in Sharon, Mercer Co., PA.  Unable to find in 1850 or 1860 census.  State of birth unknown, either PA or OH.  James possibly had brother, Martin HENDRICKS.

(Q327)  24 Feb 1998 - Lucinda Hewitt


I am looking for info. on Jonathan YOUNG, b. 1800 in Lackawannock, Mercer Co., PA, m. Mary ZAHNIZER.  They had three children: Hiram YOUNG, Wilson YOUNG, and Mathias YOUNG.  Jonathan's father, James YOUNG, came to PA after Revolutionary War from NJ.  Any info. is greatly appreciated.

(Q326)  24 Feb 1998 - Betty Mirly

Surnames: BURNETT

Looking for info. on Quinton BURNETT, b. Feb 6, 1878, d. Jun 1967 in Hermitage, Mercer Co., PA.

(Q325)  23 Feb 1998 - Harold Matson


Looking for info. on John GRAVATT, b. abt 1804 in Mercer Co., PA, m. abt 1839 to Elizabeth BUDWELL.  They had children: Mary Elizabeth, b. Mar 20, 1840; Seth, b. abt 1836; Margaret, b. abt 1844; David, b. abt 1843; Pricilla Ann, b. abt 1849; Stewart, b. abt 1852; Sarah, b. abt 1854; and William, b. abt 1858.  John moved to Mercer Co., IL bef 1860.  By 1880, he lived in Van Buren Co., MI and d. 1887 in Lexington, Dawson Co., NE.  Thank you.

(Q324)  23 Feb 1998 - Dee Ann Crofoot


Searching for info. on James REICHARD (or RICHARD), b. abt 1822, and his wife, Annie HITTLE, b. abt 1824 in PA.  They were the parents of George Washington REICHARD (or RICHARD), b. 1848 in Greenville, Mercer Co., PA.

(Q323)  20 Feb 1998 - Janet Ochs

Surnames: ROBERTS

Looking for any info. concerning Harry ROBERTS, b. abt 1849 in Sharon, PA.

(Q322)  20 Feb 1998 - Ray E. North

Surnames: NORTH

Looking for any info. on the surname NORTH in Mercer Co., 1790-1820.  I am direct descendant of George NORTH, brother William NORTH.  I have a lot of info. on the NORTH line and willing to share.

(Q321)  19 Feb 1998 - Avis Russell

(edited, 14 Jan 2000)


(Q320)  18 Feb 1998 - Lois A. Larry


Looking for info. on: Nelson R. SMITH; Pearl SMITH, m. MOONEY; and William F. SMITH.  Above are children, I believe, of Harry M. and Jessie SMITH.  It is believed that they at one time lived in Sandy Lake area.  Pearl (SMITH) MOONEY graduated from Butler Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1927.  Nelson R. would be in his 80s, but believe he is deceased, b. abt 1914.

(Q319)  17 Feb 1998 - Kris Romain + Homepage


Researching ancestry of John ZUHOSKY, d. abt 1950, m. Sophia __?__, had 9 children: Josephine, m. Stanley ROMAIN; Stella, m. KARSINOVICH; John; Helen, m. KASIBA; Walter; Florence, m. FERDERKE; Mary, m. CARRIER; and two infant females who d. at birth.  Also looking for ancestors of Anton ROMAIN, m. Mary __?__, had 3 children: Anna, m. SIKORA; Edward; and Stanley, m. Josephine ZUHOSKY.  Both family trees have been located in the West Middlesex, Mercer, Hermitage, PA area, as well as in Youngstown, OH and Masury, OH.  Any info. would be appreciated!

(Q318)  17 Feb 1998 - Waneta Batten


Searching for info. on Armstrong WILLIAMSON, b. 1810 in PA.  His wife was July __?__, b. 1815 in PA.  In 1850, they were in Sandy Creek Twp.  Their children were Eliza, Andrew, Mariah, William, John, Mary, and Ema (?).  Eliza was b. 1833/34 in PA, m. George JEWELL, and came to MI.  George's father was Ralph JEWELL, b. 1808/09 in PA, d. Apr 1887 in PA.  Ralph JEWELL m. (1) Margaret ROBERTS who d. 1847.  Ralph was a village blacksmith.  Ralph m. (2) Elenor __?__, and m. (3) Emily __?__.  What children belong to what wife?  Will exchange what info. that I have.

(Q317)  17 Feb 1998 - Roberta Hendrick


I am looking for info. on the my STOKES family.  Anthony was b. ca 1827 in PA, Elizabeth (Betsy) HOMARS/HOMAIS was b. ca 1821/22 in E. PA, d. 7 Jun 1896 in Wayne, Crawford Co., PA.  In the 1860 census, they lived at French Creek, Mercer Co., PA, and had 6 children: William, b. 1846; Cathern, b. 1848; Sophia, b. 1852; Peter, b. 1854; Meena, b. 1856; and Matilda (my g-grandmother), b. 1859.  Three other children born to this union were: Eliza, b. 1863; Sarah, b. 1865; and Maria, b. 1869.

(Q316)  16 Feb 1998 - Sharon K. Merren


I am looking for info. on a Samuel BEST, b. ca 1829-31, m. Lucinda MEACHAM.  Marriage date unknown, I'd say sometime around 1860.  On the 1870 census, Samuel, his wife, Lucinda, and family, Margaret, Mary, Jennet, and Martha, were living at Deer Creek, Mercer Co., PA.  Would like to learn Samuel's parents, brothers, and sisters!  Any info. on Samuel and Lucinda would be very appreciated!

(Q315)  16 Feb 1998 - Ken Gibbons


Looking for info. on any of the following families and surnames.  Samuel COXSON, son of John and Martha (CAHILL) COXSON, moved ca 1840 to Mercer Co. when he m. Saloma BEARCE.  Sam's sister, Elizabeth, divorced Ben SHERWOOD and m. William MITCHELL, kin to the BEARCE family.  The MITCHELLs also lived for a time in Mercer Co. before relocating in Erie Co., PA.  I've lost the MITCHELLs and assume that they moved westward.  Any help on any of these families would be appreciated.

(Q314)  16 Feb 1998 - Sherry Neuder


Hiram D. BROWN, b. 1834 in Mercer Co., PA.  He moved to Jackson Co., IA and m. (1) Mariah ROUSH.  Served in the Civil War.  After war moved to KS where he divorced Mariah and m. (2) Serena __?__ and had one son, Edward BROWN.  Serena died and he m. (3) Mary E. ANDERSON.  Any help with Hiram's parentage would be appreciated.

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