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BRECKENRIDGE, Bertress May POOL 1868 Lake Twp, Mercer Co. 1955   Wife of William J. Breckenridge; daughter of Albert and Mahala Eberhart Pool

Nancy Brower

BROCKLEHURST, Ida Arminta POOL 17 Feb 1862 Lake Twp, Mercer Co. 15 Apr 1939 Mercer Co.  Married John Edward Brocklehurst 8 Mar 1888 in Mercer Co; daughter of Albert and Mahala Eberhart Pool

Nancy Brower

BROMLEY, Michael 1818 England 1902   Son of John Bromley, Sr; husband of Margaret B. McCormick  more

Beth Rollinson

BURDETT, Mary Elizabeth HUSTON 17 Nov 1835 Lake Twp, Mercer Co. 22 Mar 1922 obituary wife of Samuel Burdett

Norris Burdette

BURDETT, Oliver 4 Feb 1822 Naseby, England 10 Apr 1876 Worth Township


Civil War Veteran


Norris Burdette

MC CORMICK, Margaret B. 6 Aug 1825 Mercer County 20 Feb 1873 Mercer County Wife of Michael Bromley; daughter of Archibald and Jane Hill McCormick

Beth Rollinson

POOL, Albert 25 Feb 1833 Ohio 8 Dec 1899 near Stoneboro


Married Mahala Eberhart in 1855

Nancy Brower

POOL, Mahala EBERHART 4 Mar 1835 Hickory Township 20 Jun 1922 New Castle, Lawrence Co., PA Married Albert Pool in 1855; daughter of Paul and Sarah Berlin Eberhart

Nancy Brower

POOL, Nancy HOBBS MARINER 29 May 1812 Coitsville Twp., Mahoning Co., OH 29 Apr 1883 near Stoneboro Married William Warren Pool 25 Nov 1830 in Trumbull Co., OH

Nancy Brower

POOL, Olive "Ollie" M.  13 Aug 1867 Lake Twp, Mercer Co. 19 Mar 1874 Lake Twp., Mercer Co. Daughter of Albert and Mahala Eberhart Pool

Nancy Brower

POOL, William Warren


25 Jan 1811 Coitsville Twp., Mahoning Co., OH 26 Jun 1879 Mercer County

estate document

Married Nancy Hobbs Mariner 25 Nov 1830 in Trumbull Co., OH

Nancy Brower

SEIPLE, Conrad 7 Oct 1783 Franconia Twp., Philadelphia Co. (now Montgomery Co.), PA 29 Mar 1858 Mercer County  

Steve Seiple

SEIPLE, Elizabeth SCHAADE 8 May 1788 PA 9 May 1863 Mercer County Wife of Conrad Seiple

Steve Seiple

TRINE, Catherine 4 Jan 1802   3 Sept 1889   Wife of Peter Trine, Jr.  Catherine E. Reiners
ZAHNISER, Caroline "Callie" Loraine POOL 14 May 1888 Lake Twp., Mercer Co. 20 Feb 1937 Mercer County Married Michael M. Zahniser 19 Jun 1879; daughter of Albert and Mahala Eberhart Pool

Nancy Brower



25 May 1813 Lake Twp., Mercer Co. 1900   Son of Michael and Mary Mourer Zahniser; married Susannah Runkle   
ZAHNISER, William A. 17 Dec 1844 Lake Twp, Mercer Co. 1903   Civil War Veteran, Son of David and Elizabeth Zahniser



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