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Delaware Township

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Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


ADAM/ADAMS, Savilla "Sara" REASH/RICH 12 Dec 1848   19 Jun 1937      
ANDERSON, Montrose M. 30 May 1875 Jefferson
9 Jan 1955 obituary son of Matthias and Rachel Atkinson
Anderson, married, Sarah Jane Miller and Bertha Emery; father of Hollis K. Anderson and Victor M. Anderson
BAER, Caroline ECKARDT 1861   1942   Wife of William Jonas Baer; mother of Edna Baer

Pamela L. Palmer, gg

grand daughter

BAER, William Jonas 18 Jul 1866   18 Aug 1930   Husband of Caroline Eckardt Baer; Father of Edna Alda Baer

Pamela L. Palmer, gg

grand daughter

BEIL, Elizabeth SNYDER/ SCHNEIDER 1 May 1797 Allentown, Lehigh, PA 19 Oct 1884   Her husband, Peter Beil, Sr., is buried at St. John's Cemetery, Mother of David, Charles, Peter, Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Sarah, Catherine, Daniel & Caroline; Caroline married Levi Raber who carved Elizabeth's tombstone

Nancy  Hyden

BEIL, David 8 Jan 1811   12 Mar 1882   married Amy Shumaker

Nancy Hyden

BEIL, Charles 9 Feb 1815   25 May 1880   Married Frances "Fanny" Rickard in Delaware Twp,father of 10:Lydia, Thomas, Mary, David, Edward, Harriet, Elizabeth J. Louis, Sarah, & Ellie.

Nancy Hyden

BEIL, Peter Jr. 3 Jan 1816 Northampton, PA 3 Sept 1885   Peter laid out New Hamburg Village in 1838

Nancy Hydeng

RABER, Caroline BEIL Dec 1839 Delaware Township 1916   Married Levi Raber, the son of Joseph and Susan Raber

Nancy Hyden

BEIL, Henry 1838   17 Feb 1916   Henry Beil married Caroline Stoyer more

Nancy Hyden

BORTZ, Millie Matilda THOMAS 13 Sept 1896 Youngstown, Ohio 31 July 1998 Greenville, PA married Charles Sylvester Bortz, more
CADMAN, Alma Bickerton 27 Nov 1878 at the family home, near West Elizabeth, PA 5 Jun 1972 Fredonia, PA Fifth son, twelfth child of William Cadman and Elizabeth Worrall Cadman; father of nine

Pat Stainbrook, grand daughter

CADMAN, LaVina SECRIST 25 May 1879 Elizabeth, PA 24 Jan 1959 Monongahela, PA Wife of Alma Bickerton Cadman; mother of nine children:  four sons and five daughters

Pat Stainbrook, grand daughter

DIEFENDERFER, Edwin Eugene 1886   1901      
DIEFENDERFER, Frank L. 1895   1974   World War I Veteran  
DIEFENDERFER, Harvey A. 13 Mar 1879   19 Aug 1890      
DIEFENDERFER, James Monroe 17 May 1843 Lehigh Co, PA 25 Aug 1915 Mercer County    
DIEFENDERFER, Jerry 1848   1924      
DIEFENDERFER, Laura Marie BEIL 1878   1903   Married Frederick Sylvester Diefenderfer  
DIEFENDERFER, Lydia 1846   1928      
DIEFENDERFER, Malinda 1851   1915      
DIEFENDERFER, Sarah 1859   1945      
DIEFENDERFER, Sylvester 1852   1919      
GEORGE, Anna Maria 6 Jun 1804   4 Jan 1882    

Martin George

GEORGE, Henry 4 Oct 1808   25 Oct 1882    

Martin George

HAMILTON, Grace E.  1880   1942      
HAMILTON, Wilbert D.  1879   1971      
HITTLE, Frances E. DIEFENDERFER 5 Dec 1871   30 May 1940   Wife of William Hittle, lived in Pymatuning Twp  
HITTLE, William H. 1865   1953   Married to Frances E. Diefenderfer  
KELLY, Harvey Fillmore 20 Dec 1899   13 Sept 1986 Greenville Married Martha May Cadman 24 Dec 1927

Pat Stainbrook, niece

KELLY, Martha May CADMAN 7 Nov 1904 McKeesport, Allegheny County, PA 1 Mar 1987 Greenville third child and first daughter of Alma Bickerton Cadman and LaVina Secrist Cadman

Pat Stainbrook, niece

KITCH, Elizabeth Ann TRINE abt 1842 Lehigh Co, PA 4 May 1889 Otter Creek Twp Wife of Joshia Kitch, 
daughter of Peter Trine, Jr. and Catherine Wendling Trine  

Tom Kitch

KITCH, Joshia 31 Jan 1833 Otter Creek Twp 6 Dec 1916 Greenville Husband of Elizabeth Ann Trine, son of William Kitch and Fannie Bigler Kitch

Tom Kitch

LESNETT, Elmer       Greenville   Sherry Lesnett
LESNETT, Nina       Mercer   Sherry Lesnett
LITTLE, George Frederick Jr. 13 Jun 1956 Mercer, Mercer County 21 Dec 1998 Pittsburgh  

Elaine L. Gano

LITTLE, Lois Waldorf 3 Dec 1916 Erie, PA 5 Oct 1992 Greenville  

Elaine L. Gano

MONTGOMERY, Earl Elijah 1879 Sharpsville, PA 1953 Greenville. PA  

Bob Carothers

MONTGOMERY, Lorena "Rena" A. AUBEL 1879   1954 Greenville, PA  

Bob Carothers

MOYER, Clifford E. 17 Nov 1905   14 Mar 1991  

son of Frank E. Moyer & Bernice Weikel, Hamburg, PA; Married Mary Stewart of Adamsville, PA; two sons-Clifford E. Moyer Jr., Donald M. Moyer, one daughter; Louise M. Moyer Limber 

Thomas J. Limber Jr., grandson

MOYER, Mary M. STEWART 13 Jun 1909   6 Dec 1997   wife of Clifford E. Moyer,  view headstone

Thomas J. Limber Jr., grandson

PERRY, Emma Florence TAYLOR 26 Jun 1874 Pittsburg 30 Aug 1957 Meadville Hosp, Meadville, Crawford Co.  
PERRY, Ernest Justin 13 Aug 1876 Pease Twp, Belmont, OH 16 Mar 1932 Hempfield  
REAGLE, James E. 2 May 1925 Warren, OH 18 Aug 2000 Franklin, PA obituary World War II Veteran; son of Wallace E. and Stella Adams Regal; lived in Transfer; welder  
REASH/RICH, Catherine KUNTZ  29 Aug 1819   23 Jun 1901      
REASH/RICH, George  20 Mar 1816    23 Jun 1898      
REASH/RICH, Mary Ellen ADAM 8 Aug 1857 Delaware Twp. 28 Jan 1935      
REDFOOT, Glenn S. 24 Sept 1922 Jefferson Twp, Mercer Co. 10 Apr 2002 obituary World War II Veteran

REDFOOT, Norma K. CHRISTY 14 Feb 1927   31 Jan 1985  

SPROUL, Clifford Martin 9 Mar 1902 Springboro, PA 19 Apr 1995 Greenville PA Married Eleanor Elizabeth Cadman on 9 Nov 1931 in New Castle, PA

Pat Stainbrook,


SPROUL, Eleanor Elizabeth  14 Sept 1913 Aetna, Comanche County, KS 18 Apr 2003 Greenville Eleanor owned and ran the Greenville Credit Bureau from Oct 1948 - Mar 1974

Pat Stainbrook,


WASSER, Irvine H. 1 May 1906   18 Jan 1972    

Mark E. Wasser

YOUNG, Henry D. 1811   1887   Civil War Veteran



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Look in Mercer County Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume 11 for a listing of graves in Delaware Cemetery. Compiled by Loretta Barker DeSantis and Sally Dufford, Publ.  Decorah, IA: Anundsen Publishing Co., 1980




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