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Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


MATTOCKS, Ira E.     20 Oct 1866   age 3y

Frank VanTassel

MITCHELL, Samuel E.     11 Mar 1869   son of A.& L.  Mitchell, age 17 y 9 m 18 d

Frank VanTassel

MITCHELL, Sarah M.     1 Apr 1861   daughter of A. & L.  Mitchell, age 14 d

Frank VanTassel

NICKLE, Clarissa F. 9 Jan 1853   2 Mar 1862   age 10y, daughter of William & Nancy  Nickel

Frank VanTassel

NICKLE, Elisabeth     13 Mar 1846   Daughter of A.R. & Elisabeth Nickel, age 13y 11m 7d

Frank VanTassel

NICKLE, Esmerelda 20 Feb 1858   12 Mar 1873   age 16y,

Frank VanTassel

NICKLE, Eveline       25 Oct 1857   age 22y, daughter of  A.R. & Elisabeth Nickle

Frank VanTassel

NICKLE, Isabel     20 Jan 1835   Wife of William Nickel, native of Scotland, 70y

Frank VanTassel

NICKEL, Nancy Agnes     30 Apr 1894   age 71y, wife of William Nickel

Frank VanTassel

NICKLE, Sarah Ann     24 Mar 1846   age 18y 2m 8d, daughter of  A.R. & Elisabeth Nickle

Frank VanTassel

NICKLE, William 6 Oct 1758 Lancaster, PA 19 Mar 1835 Delaware Twp, Mercer County Revolutionary War Veteran, served 22 months; married Rebecca Forscythe

Frank VanTassel

NICKLE, William B. 4 May 1865   20 Aug 1871   age 7y, Son of William & Nancy  Nickel

Frank VanTassel

NOBLE, William A.     9 Apr 1864    

Frank VanTassel

PEARSON, Aubrey     2 Apr 1850   Son of William & Sophronia Pearson, age 4y 14d

Frank VanTassel

PEARSON, Henry     24 Oct 1866   Son of William & Sophronia Pearson, age 29y 4m 14d

Frank VanTassel

PEARSON, Sophronia     5 Mary 1891   wife of William Pearson, age 75y

Frank VanTassel

PEARSON, William W.     28 Sept 1875   original owner of the property later known as Pearson Cemetery, also a Justice of the Peace at one time, age 80y

Frank VanTassel

PHIPPS, George W.     14 Jul 1858   age 10d, Son of J. & M. Phipps

Frank VanTassel

ROBINSON, Zerelda Agnes     2 Jan 1886   age 31y 9m 24d, wife of Thomas Robinson

Frank VanTassel




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