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1840 Census Index

Eaglton, Lawrence, pg.297, Neshannock Twp
Eanver[?], L. N., pg.309, New Castle Boro
Earnest, John, pg.203, West Salem Twp
Eaton, Charles, pg.260, Hickory Twp
Eaton, Samuel Jr., pg.224, Pymatuning Twp
Eaton, Samuel[?], pg.224, Pymatuning Twp
Eaton, Wm. V. J., pg.322, Mahoning Twp
Ebbest[?] Ebbert[?], Henry, pg.334, Shenango Twp
Ebby, Joseph, pg.276, Salem Twp
Eberman, George A., pg.227, Delaware Twp
Eckels, George, pg.350, Lackawannock Twp
Eckles, Joseph, pg.396, Mercer Boro
Eddiburn, Henry, pg.340, Shenango Twp
Eddiburn, Henry Jr., pg.340, Shenango Twp
Eddiburn, J. W., pg.341, Shenango Twp
Eddiburn, John, pg.338, Shenango Twp
Eddiburn, John H., pg.340, Shenango Twp
Eddiburn, Wm., pg.338, Shenango Twp
Eddiburn, Wm., pg.340, Shenango Twp
Eddiburn[?], Wm., pg.335, Shenango Twp
Eddy, Alexander, pg.262, Slipperyrock Twp
Eddy, Robert, pg.262, Slipperyrock Twp
Edgar, Jos., pg.326, Mahoning Twp
Edwards, Thomas, pg.278, Salem Twp
Edwards, Wm., pg.355, Lackawannock Twp
Egbert, Lewis, pg.385, Sandy Lake Twp
Elder, Authur, pg.263, Slipperyrock Twp
Elder, Edward, pg.263, Slipperyrock Twp
Elder, Nancy, pg.263, Slipperyrock Twp
Elderkin[?], Joseph D., pg.395, French Creek Twp
Eldred, Gordon, pg.280, Salem Twp
Eldrid, Robt, pg.256, Hickory Twp
Eldrige, Alffred, pg.325, Mahoning Twp
Eley, Henry, pg.304, Neshannock Twp
Eliot, Cyrus, pg.269, Slipperyrock Twp
Eliot, James P., pg.269, Slipperyrock Twp
Elkhouse, William, pg.211, West Salem Twp
Ellis, Larrimore[?], pg.383, Sandy Lake Twp
Ellis, Robert, pg.205, West Salem Twp
Ellis ------ [Ellis may be middle name, not surname], Jas, pg.297, Neshannock Twp
Ells, James, pg.204, West Salem Twp
Ells, Richard, pg.272, Slipperyrock Twp
Ells, Robert, pg.266, Slipperyrock Twp
Ells, Thomas, pg.204, West Salem Twp
Ellwood, Phillip, pg.299, Neshannock Twp
Elour[?], Alexander, pg.386, Sandy Lake Twp
Elwood, Thomas, pg.217, Pymatuning Twp
Emerson, Alfred, pg.189, Springfield Twp
Emerson, Iry[?], pg.265, Slipperyrock Twp
Emery, Anne, pg.264, Slipperyrock Twp
Emery, Conrad, pg.247, Wolf Creek Twp
Emery, Henry, pg.264, Slipperyrock Twp
Emery, Isaac, pg.268, Slipperyrock Twp
Emery, Joseph, pg.264, Slipperyrock Twp
Emery, Luke, pg.264, Slipperyrock Twp
Emery, William, pg.262, Slipperyrock Twp
Emory, David, pg.310, New Castle Boro
Emory, Harry, pg.308, New Castle Boro
Emory, Henry H., pg.264, Slipperyrock Twp
Emory, Jacob, pg.253, Hickory Twp
Emory, John, pg.268, Slipperyrock Twp
Emory, John, pg.300, Neshannock Twp
Emory, John F., pg.271, Slipperyrock Twp
Emory, Jos H., pg.308, New Castle Boro
Emory, Joseph, pg.309, New Castle Boro
Emory, Peter, pg.263, Slipperyrock Twp
Emory, William, pg.235, Delaware Twp
Emroy, Jacob, pg.268, Slipperyrock Twp
Enbod, Danl., pg.331, Mahoning Twp
Enfield, Daniel, pg.358, Cool Spring Twp
Engle, George, pg.384, Sandy Lake Twp
English, George, pg.361, Cool Spring Twp
English, Johnson, pg.361, Cool Spring Twp
English, Robt., pg.361, Cool Spring Twp
English, Thos., pg.361, Cool Spring Twp
Erly, Robert, pg.235, Delaware Twp
Espy, Isaih, pg.230, Delaware Twp
Espy, Robt., pg.339, Shenango Twp
Espy, Sarah, pg.237, Delaware Twp
Espy, Wm Esq., pg.306, Neshannock Twp
Eu*rwer[?], Danl., pg.309, New Castle Boro
Evans, Hiram J., pg.307, New Castle Boro
Evans, Hugh, pg.397, Mercer Boro
Evans, Samuel, pg.391, French Creek Twp
Evans, Thomas, pg.237, Delaware Twp
Evans, Warren, pg.308, New Castle Boro
Evens, James, pg.197, Springfield Twp
Everand [Evesard?], Jos., pg.336, Shenango Twp
Everett, George, pg.236, Delaware Twp
Everett, Peter, pg.236, Delaware Twp
Everhart, A. F., pg.338, Shenango Twp
Everhart, George, pg.222, Pymatuning Twp
Everhart, John, pg.254, Hickory Twp
Everhart, Paul, pg.260, Hickory Twp
Everhart, Paul, pg.289, West Greenville Boro
Everit, Susanna, pg.358, Cool Spring Twp
Ewing, Eleanor, pg.273, Slipperyrock Twp
Ewing, James B., pg.335, Shenango Twp
Ewing, Thomas, pg.264, Slipperyrock Twp
Ewing, Thos., pg.331, Mahoning Twp


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