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1840 Census Index

L*rish[?] [Larush?] [S*rish?], James J., pg.394, French Creek Twp
Lackey, Henry, pg.372, Sandy Creek Twp
Lackey, William, pg.277, Salem Twp
Lackins, Thomas, pg.325, Mahoning Twp
Lacky, Thos., pg.314, Mahoning Twp
Lacy, Carlisle, pg.209, West Salem Twp
Lafferty, Wm., pg.351, Lackawannock Twp
Laird, William, pg.283, Salem Twp
Lake, Nicholas, pg.357, Cool Spring Twp
Lamb, Caleb, pg.205, West Salem Twp
Lamb, Charles B., pg.388, Sandy Lake Twp
Lamb, Joseph, pg.378, Sandy Creek Twp
Lamb, Thomas, pg.380, Sandy Lake Twp
Lamb, Wm, pg.324, Mahoning Twp
Lamer, Nathanil, pg.278, Salem Twp
Lamer [Tamer?], Robert, pg.278, Salem Twp
Lamm, Lewis, pg.321, Mahoning Twp
Lane, Isaac, pg.254, Hickory Twp
Lane, J. L., pg.318, Mahoning Twp
Lane, Martin, pg.232, Delaware Twp
Lang, David, pg.372, Sandy Creek Twp
Larimer, Esther, pg.374, Sandy Creek Twp
Larimer, Joseph, pg.375, Sandy Creek Twp
Larimer, Samuel, pg.374, Sandy Creek Twp
Larimer, William, pg.375, Sandy Creek Twp
Larky [Sarky?], Ezekiel, pg.310, New Castle Boro
Larrimer, Helena, pg.375, Sandy Creek Twp
Larrimer[?], David, pg.347, Lackawannock Twp
Larue, Peter, pg.316, Mahoning Twp
Larwence[?], William, pg.294, Neshannock Twp
Lashells, George E., pg.229, Delaware Twp
Lasure, George, pg.236, Delaware Twp
Latimoore, Benjamin, pg.255, Hickory Twp
Latta, John, pg.213, West Salem Twp
Latta, Samuel, pg.213, West Salem Twp
Lattimore, Jas., pg.302, Neshannock Twp
Laughhead, Thomas, pg.207, West Salem Twp
Lausen Laulen[?], David, pg.364, Cool Spring Twp
Lauson, Charles, pg.359, Cool Spring Twp
Law, Andrew, pg.379, Sandy Creek Twp
Law, James, pg.284, Salem Twp
Law, John, pg.357, Cool Spring Twp
Law, Livell, pg.351, Lackawannock Twp
Law, Richard, pg.232, Delaware Twp
Law, William, pg.235, Delaware Twp
Lawlin, William, pg.204, West Salem Twp
Lawrence[?], Marthew[?] Mathew? Martha?, pg.343, Lackawannock Twp
Lawson, Joab, pg.359, Cool Spring Twp
Lawson, William, pg.284, Salem Twp
Lawyer, John, pg.204, West Salem Twp
Lawyer, William, pg.232, Delaware Twp
Law[?], William E., pg.388, Sandy Lake Twp
Layman, Jacob, pg.217, Pymatuning Twp
Layman, Jacob, pg.235, Delaware Twp
Layton, James, pg.394, French Creek Twp
Leach, Robt, pg.247, Wolf Creek Twp
Leary, Philip, pg.398, Mercer Boro
Ledy, John, pg.331, Mahoning Twp
Lee, Edward, pg.334, Shenango Twp
Lee, Hugh, pg.383, Sandy Lake Twp
Lee, William, pg.280, Salem Twp
Leech, Asbury, pg.284, Salem Twp
Leech, James, pg.284, Salem Twp
Leech, Joseph, pg.279, Salem Twp
Leech, Moris, pg.215, Pymatuning Twp
Leech, Samuel, pg.284, Salem Twp
Lees, James Jr., pg.350, Lackawannock Twp
Lees, Jas., pg.349, Lackawannock Twp
Leigler [Teigler?], Jacob, pg.339, Shenango Twp
Lemon, Thomas, pg.377, Sandy Creek Twp
Lerley[?] Luley[?], James, pg.392, French Creek Twp
Letten, John, pg.352, Lackawannock Twp
Letton, John G., pg.352, Lackawannock Twp
Lett[?], Allen, pg.340, Shenango Twp
Leusen[?], Ephram, pg.244, Wolf Creek Twp
Levingston, David, pg.348, Lackawannock Twp
Levingston, Hugh, pg.287, West Greenville Boro
Levingston, John, pg.340, Shenango Twp
Levingston, Samuel, pg.217, Pymatuning Twp
Levingston, Samuel, pg.382, Sandy Lake Twp
Levingston, Wm, pg.349, Lackawannock Twp
Levy, Holloway M., pg.370, Sandy Creek Twp
Lewis, Andrew, pg.307, New Castle Boro
Lewis, Casper, pg.195, Springfield Twp
Lewis, J. B., pg.344, Lackawannock Twp
Lewis, John, pg.234, Delaware Twp
Lewis, Reuben, pg.357, Cool Spring Twp
Lewis, S. H. [L. H.?], pg.378, Sandy Creek Twp
Lewis, Sarah, pg.344, Lackawannock Twp
Licer[?] [Treer?], Daniel, pg.280, Salem Twp
Liggert[?], Jos., pg.332, Mahoning Twp
Lightner, John, pg.220, Pymatuning Twp
Ligo, Saml., pg.353, Lackawannock Twp
Ligtner[?], Turnstock, pg.252, Hickory Twp
Limber, Christopher, pg.280, Salem Twp
Limber, James, pg.376, Sandy Creek Twp
Limber, John *., pg.379, Sandy Creek Twp
Limber, Thomas, pg.279, Salem Twp
Lime, Joseph, pg.252, Hickory Twp
Lime, William, pg.281, Salem Twp
Lime [Trine?], Peter, pg.281, Salem Twp
Lin, David, pg.229, Delaware Twp
Lin, Mary, pg.229, Delaware Twp
Linager, Henry, pg.208, West Salem Twp
Lindley, Thomas, pg.278, Salem Twp
Lindsay, John A., pg.390, French Creek Twp
Lindsay, Robert, pg.391, French Creek Twp
Lindsey, Geo, pg.303, Neshannock Twp
Lindsey, James, pg.294, Neshannock Twp
Lindsey, Lewis, pg.283, Salem Twp
Lindsey, Robt, pg.294, Neshannock Twp
Lindsey, Thos., pg.303, Neshannock Twp
Lindsey, William, pg.278, Salem Twp
Linebeyer, Jacob, pg.390, French Creek Twp
Linger, Joseph, pg.209, West Salem Twp
Lininger, Andrew, pg.221, Pymatuning Twp
Lininger, Daniel, pg.216, Pymatuning Twp
Linn, Daniel, pg.280, Salem Twp
Linn, James, pg.229, Delaware Twp
Linn, James, pg.343, Lackawannock Twp
Linnger, Daniel, pg.209, West Salem Twp
Liper[?] Seiper[?], John Jr., pg.322, Mahoning Twp
Listen, Thomas, pg.200, West Salem Twp
Little, Hugh, pg.336, Shenango Twp
Little, John, pg.357, Cool Spring Twp
Liverm*** [Livermore?], Abraham, pg.351, Lackawannock Twp
Livermore, John, pg.222, Pymatuning Twp
Livermore, Samuel, pg.316, Mahoning Twp
Livermore[?], Jos., pg.360, Cool Spring Twp
Livingood, George, pg.394, French Creek Twp
Livingston, Hugh, pg.304, Neshannock Twp
Livingston, James, pg.304, Neshannock Twp
Livingston, Wm., pg.353, Lackawannock Twp
Lo*rey, Adam, pg.273, Slipperyrock Twp
Locart, Jno, pg.323, Mahoning Twp
Lock, Benjamin, pg.228, Delaware Twp
Lock, David, pg.269, Slipperyrock Twp
Lock, James, pg.265, Slipperyrock Twp
Lock, John, pg.272, Slipperyrock Twp
Lock, Sarah, pg.268, Slipperyrock Twp
Lock, William, pg.230, Delaware Twp
Lockart, David, pg.323, Mahoning Twp
Lockart, Robt, pg.323, Mahoning Twp
Lockart, Wm M., pg.314, Mahoning Twp
Locke, John, pg.308, New Castle Boro
Lodge, Benjamin, pg.282, Salem Twp
Lodge, George, pg.282, Salem Twp
Lodge, Isabella, pg.282, Salem Twp
Lodge, Samuel, pg.282, Salem Twp
Logan, George, pg.212, West Salem Twp
Logan, James, pg.212, West Salem Twp
Logan, John, pg.196, Springfield Twp
Logan, William, pg.376, Sandy Creek Twp
Lon**est, Maxwell, pg.208, West Salem Twp
Loner, Jos., pg.322, Mahoning Twp
Long, Charles, pg.396, Mercer Boro
Long, Coo*son [Coopson?], pg.392, French Creek Twp
Long, David, pg.279, Salem Twp
Long, George, pg.290, West Greenville Boro
Long, James, pg.196, Springfield Twp
Long, John, pg.279, Salem Twp
Long, Jonathan, pg.213, West Salem Twp
Long, Josep, pg.281, Salem Twp
Long, Samuel, pg.284, Salem Twp
Long, William, pg.244, Wolf Creek Twp
Long [Lory?], Elizabeth, pg.387, Sandy Lake Twp
Loolin, Argales, pg.284, Salem Twp
Loomis, Charles, pg.281, Salem Twp
Looris, Marvin, pg.283, Salem Twp
Loover, Jas., pg.346, Lackawannock Twp
Louge, Jessy, pg.227, Delaware Twp
Loup, Thomas, pg.224, Pymatuning Twp
Loutzener, John, pg.289, West Greenville Boro
Loutzeniser, Jacob, pg.213, West Salem Twp
Loutzeniser, John, pg.213, West Salem Twp
Loutzeniser, John Sen., pg.213, West Salem Twp
Loutzenser, David, pg.275, Salem Twp
Love, Benjamin, pg.260, Hickory Twp
Love, Catharine, pg.348, Lackawannock Twp
Love, Hugh, pg.257, Hickory Twp
Love, Hugh, pg.347, Lackawannock Twp
Love, James, pg.329, Mahoning Twp
Love, James, pg.346, Lackawannock Twp
Love, John, pg.346, Lackawannock Twp
Love, John B., pg.307, New Castle Boro
Love, Matthew, pg.347, Lackawannock Twp
Love, Nancy, pg.346, Lackawannock Twp
Love, Saml, pg.319, Mahoning Twp
Love, Samuel, pg.275, Salem Twp
Love, Thomas, pg.241, Wolf Creek Twp
Love, Thos., pg.315, Mahoning Twp
Love, Wm, pg.315, Mahoning Twp
Love[?], John, pg.241, Wolf Creek Twp
Lovlin, Andrew, pg.281, Salem Twp
Lowey, Thomas, pg.221, Pymatuning Twp
Lowrie[?], James, pg.360, Cool Spring Twp
Lowrie[?], Saml, pg.360, Cool Spring Twp
Lubargur, Charles, pg.254, Hickory Twp
Luce, Caleb, pg.200, West Salem Twp
Luce, Daniel Jr., pg.276, Salem Twp
Luce, David, pg.276, Salem Twp
Luce, James, pg.383, Sandy Lake Twp
Luce, Jonathan, pg.212, West Salem Twp
Luce, Joseph, pg.373, Sandy Creek Twp
Luce, Joseph, pg.375, Sandy Creek Twp
Luce, Lewis, pg.378, Sandy Creek Twp
Luch, John, pg.279, Salem Twp
Luch, Thomas, pg.277, Salem Twp
Luch, William, pg.279, Salem Twp
Lucus, Samuel, pg.224, Pymatuning Twp
Ludwick, Abraham, pg.208, West Salem Twp
Lunky, Francis, pg.206, West Salem Twp
Lurts, James N., pg.294, Neshannock Twp
Lusher, Samuel, pg.281, Salem Twp
Lusk, Lauren, pg.366, Cool Spring Twp
Lutch[?] [Leithch?], John, pg.350, Lackawannock Twp
Lutton, Geo., pg.327, Mahoning Twp
Luver[?] [Tuver?], David, pg.383, Sandy Lake Twp
Lyde, David, pg.193, Springfield Twp
Lynch, Jas., pg.359, Cool Spring Twp
Lynch, John, pg.193, Springfield Twp
Lynch, John, pg.388, Sandy Lake Twp
Lynn, James, pg.279, Salem Twp
Lyon, Joseph, pg.275, Salem Twp
Lyon, Thomas, pg.275, Salem Twp
Lytle, John, pg.388, Sandy Lake Twp
Lytle[?], David, pg.374, Sandy Creek Twp


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