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1840 Census Index

Packer, Rufus, pg.389, Sandy Lake Twp
Packridg, Andrew W., pg.358, Cool Spring Twp
Page, Jno. M., pg.367, Cool Spring Twp
Painter, Charles, pg.192, Springfield Twp
Painter, Jno, pg.298, Neshannock Twp
Painter, Philip, pg.296, Neshannock Twp
Painter, Thos., pg.308, New Castle Boro
Paisley, Andrew M., pg.302, Neshannock Twp
Paisley [Parsley?], Robert, pg.302, Neshannock Twp
Palinco, James, pg.190, Springfield Twp
Palm, David, pg.376, Sandy Creek Twp
Palm, George, pg.278, Salem Twp
Palm, John, pg.278, Salem Twp
Palm, Peter, pg.376, Sandy Creek Twp
Palm, Sarah, pg.376, Sandy Creek Twp
Palmer, David, pg.329, Mahoning Twp
Palmer, Elizabeth, pg.344, Lackawannock Twp
Palmer, Robert, pg.318, Mahoning Twp
Palmer, Saml., pg.344, Lackawannock Twp
Palmer, Thomas, pg.189, Springfield Twp
Pape, Peter, pg.229, Delaware Twp
Pappino, Seth, pg.348, Lackawannock Twp
Pardou, Robert, pg.197, Springfield Twp
Parish [Rarish?], John, pg.226, Delaware Twp
Park, Henry, pg.321, Mahoning Twp
Park, James, pg.321, Mahoning Twp
Park, Jas. Jr., pg.317, Mahoning Twp
Park, John, pg.322, Mahoning Twp
Park, Joseph, pg.318, Mahoning Twp
Park, William, pg.321, Mahoning Twp
Park, Wm, pg.300, Neshannock Twp
Park, Wm, pg.318, Mahoning Twp
Park, Wm. Jr., pg.329, Mahoning Twp
Parker, David S., pg.203, West Salem Twp
Parker, Isaac, pg.210, West Salem Twp
Parker, James, pg.278, Salem Twp
Parker, Samuel, pg.213, West Salem Twp
Parker, Win, pg.287, West Greenville Boro
Parker, Wm, pg.193, Springfield Twp
Parrett[?], Walon, pg.329, Mahoning Twp
Parshale[?], Moses, pg.327, Mahoning Twp
Parshall, William, pg.190, Springfield Twp
Partrage, Samuel, pg.280, Salem Twp
Paster, John M., pg.319, Mahoning Twp
Pattan, John, pg.257, Hickory Twp
Pattent, Robert W., pg.200, West Salem Twp
Patten[?], Thomas, pg.252, Hickory Twp
Patters, James, pg.196, Springfield Twp
Patterson, Adrew, pg.321, Mahoning Twp
Patterson, Alexander, pg.379, Sandy Creek Twp
Patterson, Andrew, pg.397, Mercer Boro
Patterson, Arthur, pg.308, New Castle Boro
Patterson, David, pg.230, Delaware Twp
Patterson, David, pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Patterson, Elizabeth, pg.240, Wolf Creek Twp
Patterson, Elizabeth, pg.397, Mercer Boro
Patterson, Harriet[?], pg.398, Mercer Boro
Patterson, Isaac, pg.251, Hickory Twp
Patterson, James, pg.221, Pymatuning Twp
Patterson, James, pg.269, Slipperyrock Twp
Patterson, James Jr., pg.221, Pymatuning Twp
Patterson, John, pg.250, Hickory Twp
Patterson, John, pg.284, Salem Twp
Patterson, John, pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Patterson, John, pg.380, Sandy Lake Twp
Patterson, Margaret, pg.397, Mercer Boro
Patterson, Robert, pg.230, Delaware Twp
Patterson, Robert, pg.245, Wolf Creek Twp
Patterson, Robert, pg.380, Sandy Lake Twp
Patterson, Samuel, pg.321, Mahoning Twp
Patterson, Samuel, pg.389, Sandy Lake Twp
Patterson, Thomas, pg.271, Slipperyrock Twp
Patterson, William, pg.226, Delaware Twp
Patterson, William, pg.245, Wolf Creek Twp
Patterson, William, pg.260, Hickory Twp
Patterson, Wm., pg.350, Lackawannock Twp
Patterson, Wm., pg.357, Cool Spring Twp
Patton, James, pg.320, Mahoning Twp
Patton, James Jr., pg.320, Mahoning Twp
Patton, Mary, pg.295, Neshannock Twp
Patton, Nathan, pg.305, Neshannock Twp
Patton, Ochabald [sic], pg.297, Neshannock Twp
Patton, Thos., pg.361, Cool Spring Twp
Patton, Wm, pg.300, Neshannock Twp
Patton[?], Jno. E., pg.305, Neshannock Twp
Paul[?] Pane[?], Richard, pg.388, Sandy Lake Twp
Paup, Daniel, pg.353, Lackawannock Twp
Paup, Danl. Jr., pg.353, Lackawannock Twp
Paup, Franics, pg.353, Lackawannock Twp
Paxton, Thomas, pg.196, Springfield Twp
Pearson, Abraham W., pg.241, Wolf Creek Twp
Pearson, Bevan, pg.397, Mercer Boro
Pearson, Chas., pg.303, Neshannock Twp
Pearson, Ezra F., pg.399, Mercer Boro
Pearson, George, pg.298, Neshannock Twp
Pearson, Harrison, pg.294, Neshannock Twp
Pearson, Henry, pg.299, Neshannock Twp
Pearson, Jno. B., pg.311, New Castle Boro
Pearson, John B., pg.294, Neshannock Twp
Pearson, John J., pg.396, Mercer Boro
Pearson, John S., pg.399, Mercer Boro
Pearson, Joshua, pg.358, Cool Spring Twp
Pearson, Saml., pg.353, Lackawannock Twp
Pearson, Saml., pg.358, Cool Spring Twp
Pearson, Thomas, pg.397, Mercer Boro
Pearson, Thomas W., pg.398, Mercer Boro
Pearson, William W., pg.231, Delaware Twp
Pech, Rechard W., pg.320, Mahoning Twp
Pegg, John B., pg.365, Cool Spring Twp
Peoples, William, pg.264, Slipperyrock Twp
Perrine, Daniel, pg.384, Sandy Lake Twp
Perrine, Enoch, pg.384, Sandy Lake Twp
Perrine, Isaac, pg.387, Sandy Lake Twp
Perrine, Jesse N., pg.384, Sandy Lake Twp
Perrine, Job, pg.384, Sandy Lake Twp
Perrine, John, pg.384, Sandy Lake Twp
Perrine, William F., pg.384, Sandy Lake Twp
Perrine, William R., pg.384, Sandy Lake Twp
Perry, Elias, pg.308, New Castle Boro
Perry, George, pg.243, Wolf Creek Twp
Perry, John, pg.243, Wolf Creek Twp
Perry, John, pg.360, Cool Spring Twp
Perry, Saml, pg.243, Wolf Creek Twp
Perry, William, pg.243, Wolf Creek Twp
Peters, J. L. D., pg.387, Sandy Lake Twp
Peters, James, pg.387, Sandy Lake Twp
Peters, Leonard, pg.347, Lackawannock Twp
Pettibone, Philo, pg.398, Mercer Boro
Pettigue, Robert, pg.215, Pymatuning Twp
Pettit, James, pg.234, Delaware Twp
Pettit, Jessy, pg.237, Delaware Twp
Pettit, Nathaniel, pg.335, Shenango Twp
Pettit, Noah, pg.218, Pymatuning Twp
Pew, Abraham, pg.397, Mercer Boro
Pew, John, pg.195, Springfield Twp
Pew, Joseph, pg.195, Springfield Twp
Pew, Margaret, pg.378, Sandy Creek Twp
Pew, Saml., pg.357, Cool Spring Twp
Pew, William, pg.230, Delaware Twp
Philipps, Saml, pg.254, Hickory Twp
Philips, John, pg.250, Hickory Twp
Philips, William, pg.230, Delaware Twp
Phillips, David, pg.375, Sandy Creek Twp
Phillips, Isaac, pg.378, Sandy Creek Twp
Phillips, Jos [Jas?], pg.367, Cool Spring Twp
Phillips, Saml., pg.341, Shenango Twp
Phillips, Saml., pg.346, Lackawannock Twp
Phillips, Sarah B., pg.375, Sandy Creek Twp
Phillips, Thomas F., pg.375, Sandy Creek Twp
Phillips, Wm, pg.314, Mahoning Twp
Phillow, Marten, pg.321, Mahoning Twp
Phipps, Joseph, pg.396, Mercer Boro
Phrits, Joseph, pg.243, Wolf Creek Twp
Pierce, John, pg.393, French Creek Twp
Pike, Benjamin, pg.386, Sandy Lake Twp
Pike, Edward, pg.377, Sandy Creek Twp
Pike, Joseph, pg.210, West Salem Twp
Piles, Jos, pg.302, Neshannock Twp
Piles, Jos Jr., pg.302, Neshannock Twp
Pindin, Isaac, pg.380, Sandy Lake Twp
Pinkerton, James, pg.334, Shenango Twp
Pinkerton, James, pg.390, French Creek Twp
Pinkerton, Jno, pg.315, Mahoning Twp
Piper, Jno, pg.315, Mahoning Twp
Pirce[?], Joseph, pg.207, West Salem Twp
Pisor, Adam, pg.264, Slipperyrock Twp
Pisor, Joseph, pg.264, Slipperyrock Twp
Pissinger[?], Nicholas, pg.258, Hickory Twp
Pitinger, Solomon, pg.250, Hickory Twp
Pitt, John, pg.365, Cool Spring Twp
Pitts, Ebenezer M. [w?], pg.391, French Creek Twp
Plank, William, pg.220, Pymatuning Twp
Plu**rd[?] [Pluinard?], John B. *. [S?], pg.288, West Greenville Boro
Plumber, Aaron, pg.228, Delaware Twp
Plumber, Jonathan, pg.269, Slipperyrock Twp
Plumber, Nancy, pg.269, Slipperyrock Twp
Plumber, Thomas, pg.269, Slipperyrock Twp
Pollock, Alexander, pg.264, Slipperyrock Twp
Pollock, B. S., pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Pollock, Davis, pg.233, Delaware Twp
Pollock, John P., pg.273, Slipperyrock Twp
Pollock, Thomas, pg.201, West Salem Twp
Polly, Abner, pg.216, Pymatuning Twp
Polly, Benjamin, pg.216, Pymatuning Twp
Polly, Josiah, pg.219, Pymatuning Twp
Pomroy, John, pg.304, Neshannock Twp
Pomroy[?], C. N.[?], pg.308, New Castle Boro
Pomroy[?] [Pormoy?], Thos, pg.314, Mahoning Twp
Pond[?], James, pg.244, Wolf Creek Twp
Portal, Michael, pg.275, Salem Twp
Porter, Alexander, pg.235, Delaware Twp
Porter, Alexander, pg.387, Sandy Lake Twp
Porter, Alexandr, pg.251, Hickory Twp
Porter, D. T., pg.398, Mercer Boro
Porter, David, pg.203, West Salem Twp
Porter, David, pg.387, Sandy Lake Twp
Porter, Henry, pg.322, Mahoning Twp
Porter, James, pg.348, Lackawannock Twp
Porter, James, pg.387, Sandy Lake Twp
Porter, James B., pg.222, Pymatuning Twp
Porter, Jas., pg.330, Mahoning Twp
Porter, Jno H., pg.330, Mahoning Twp
Porter, John N., pg.289, West Greenville Boro
Porter, Luke, pg.200, West Salem Twp
Porter, Mary, pg.329, Mahoning Twp
Porter, Nathaniel, pg.330, Mahoning Twp
Porter, Russell, pg.298, Neshannock Twp
Porter, Samuel, pg.203, West Salem Twp
Porter, T. J., pg.250, Hickory Twp
Porter, Thos. Jr., pg.347, Lackawannock Twp
Porter, Washington, pg.250, Hickory Twp
Porter, William, pg.289, West Greenville Boro
Porter, William, pg.388, Sandy Lake Twp
Porter, William, pg.389, Sandy Lake Twp
Porter, Wm, pg.331, Mahoning Twp
Porter, Wm, pg.331, Mahoning Twp
Porter, Wm., pg.347, Lackawannock Twp
Porter[?] Poster[?], Thomas, pg.347, Lackawannock Twp
Poste[?] [Peste?], Alexander, pg.323, Mahoning Twp
Pott** [Potter?], Henry, pg.266, Slipperyrock Twp
Potter, Mary, pg.213, West Salem Twp
Potter, Samuel, pg.210, West Salem Twp
Pound, Israel, pg.264, Slipperyrock Twp
Pounds, John, pg.268, Slipperyrock Twp
Powel, Isaac, pg.247, Wolf Creek Twp
Powel, Jacob, pg.242, Wolf Creek Twp
Powel, Joseph, pg.247, Wolf Creek Twp
Powel, Samuel, pg.266, Slipperyrock Twp
Powel, William, pg.247, Wolf Creek Twp
Powell{/], Ebenezer, pg.331, Mahoning Twp
Power, Michael, pg.213, West Salem Twp
Powers, Susan, pg.194, Springfield Twp
Prescot, John, pg.223, Pymatuning Twp
Pringle, John, pg.240, Wolf Creek Twp
Pringle, John Jr., pg.240, Wolf Creek Twp
Pringle, Robert, pg.187, Springfield Twp
Pringle, Robert, pg.240, Wolf Creek Twp
Pringle, Robert Sr., pg.239, Wolf Creek Twp
Pringle, Stewart, pg.187, Springfield Twp
Pringle Jr., Stewart, pg.187, Springfield Twp
Procter[?], Vincent, pg.389, Sandy Lake Twp
Proll, Edward, pg.351, Lackawannock Twp
Prossor, John, pg.243, Wolf Creek Twp
Puew, John, pg.357, Cool Spring Twp
Purse, John, pg.280, Salem Twp
Puttage[?] [Putterge?], Thomas, pg.371, Sandy Creek Twp


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