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1840 Census Index

Rambo, David, pg.366, Cool Spring Twp
Rambo, Elizabeth, pg.304, Neshannock Twp
Rambo, John, pg.365, Cool Spring Twp
Rambo, Marmon, pg.360, Cool Spring Twp
Ramey, Jas., pg.318, Mahoning Twp
Ramsay, Andrew, pg.193, Springfield Twp
Ramsay, David, pg.344, Lackawannock Twp
Ramsay, Isaac, pg.187, Springfield Twp
Ramsay, Jacob, pg.187, Springfield Twp
Ramsay, Jas. P., pg.332, Mahoning Twp
Ramsay, Robert, pg.192, Springfield Twp
Ramsay, Wm, pg.302, Neshannock Twp
Ramsey, Frances, pg.246, Wolf Creek Twp
Ramsey, Isaac T., pg.272, Slipperyrock Twp
Ramsey, James, pg.272, Slipperyrock Twp
Ramsey, John, pg.240, Wolf Creek Twp
Ramsey, Margaret, pg.396, Mercer Boro
Ramsey, Robert, pg.194, Springfield Twp
Randall, Mathew, pg.314, Mahoning Twp
Randolph [surname & first name switched?], Hailshorn[?] [Failshorn?], pg.394, French Creek Twp
Raney, Hugh, pg.398, Mercer Boro
Raney, James, pg.255, Hickory Twp
Rankin, Geo., pg.338, Shenango Twp
Rankin, John, pg.255, Hickory Twp
Rankin, Wm S., pg.398, Mercer Boro
Rapp, Jacob, pg.282, Salem Twp
Rawhouser, Elias, pg.196, Springfield Twp
Ray, Daniel, pg.300, Neshannock Twp
Ray, Jas, pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Ray, Jno D., pg.300, Neshannock Twp
Ray, Jno., pg.303, Neshannock Twp
Ray, Robt, pg.297, Neshannock Twp
Ray, Wm., pg.360, Cool Spring Twp
Rayler[?], William, pg.256, Hickory Twp
Raymond, David, pg.337, Shenango Twp
Raymond, John, pg.336, Shenango Twp
Rays, Wm., pg.336, Shenango Twp
Rea, Joshua, pg.298, Neshannock Twp
Rea, Wm, pg.299, Neshannock Twp
Reagle, Adam, pg.344, Lackawannock Twp
Reasnor, David, pg.234, Delaware Twp
Reasnor, Elizabeth, pg.235, Delaware Twp
Reasnor, Richard, pg.234, Delaware Twp
Reasoner, Samuel, pg.289, West Greenville Boro
Redd, G. W., pg.366, Cool Spring Twp
Redman, Andrew, pg.355, Lackawannock Twp
Redman, B., pg.352, Lackawannock Twp
Redman, Isaac, pg.198, Springfield Twp
Redman, Jas., pg.352, Lackawannock Twp
Redman, Taylor, pg.247, Wolf Creek Twp
Redman, Thomas, pg.198, Springfield Twp
Redman, Thos., pg.352, Lackawannock Twp
Reed, Andrew, pg.304, Neshannock Twp
Reed, Andrew, pg.333, Mahoning Twp
Reed, Andrew, pg.353, Lackawannock Twp
Reed, Charles, pg.219, Pymatuning Twp
Reed, George W.[?], pg.393, French Creek Twp
Reed, Gustus, pg.219, Pymatuning Twp
Reed, Isaac, pg.353, Lackawannock Twp
Reed, James, pg.329, Mahoning Twp
Reed, James, pg.346, Lackawannock Twp
Reed, John, pg.298, Neshannock Twp
Reed, John, pg.307, New Castle Boro
Reed, John, pg.350, Lackawannock Twp
Reed, John, pg.393, French Creek Twp
Reed, Michael, pg.211, West Salem Twp
Reed, Robert, pg.393, French Creek Twp
Reed, Robt, pg.298, Neshannock Twp
Reed, Samuel P., pg.294, Neshannock Twp
Reed, Saml, pg.297, Neshannock Twp
Reed, Stephen, pg.393, French Creek Twp
Reed, Thos., pg.322, Mahoning Twp
Reed, Wm, pg.294, Neshannock Twp
Reed, Wm, pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Reed, Wm, pg.325, Mahoning Twp
Reed, Wm., pg.351, Lackawannock Twp
Reeder[?] [Reeler?], Andrew, pg.327, Mahoning Twp
Regg [Rigg?], Robert, pg.302, Neshannock Twp
Rehael, Michael, pg.266, Slipperyrock Twp
Rehel, Henry, pg.239, Wolf Creek Twp
Reher, Abraham, pg.194, Springfield Twp
Reher, Jacob, pg.194, Springfield Twp
Reher, John, pg.194, Springfield Twp
Rehile, Leonard, pg.296, Neshannock Twp
Reimy[?], Wm, pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Reinhalt[?], Frederick, pg.306, Neshannock Twp
Relly [Kelly?], Daniel, pg.390, French Creek Twp
Remlay, Bolser[?], pg.189, Springfield Twp
Reno, Benjamin, pg.252, Hickory Twp
Reno, Charles, pg.256, Hickory Twp
Reno, Jessy, pg.233, Delaware Twp
Reno, Mrs S., pg.252, Hickory Twp
Renolds, Jas, pg.299, Neshannock Twp
Renport, Philip, pg.193, Springfield Twp
Retenour, Henry, pg.187, Springfield Twp
Retenour, William, pg.189, Springfield Twp
Retner, Nathaniel, pg.198, Springfield Twp
Rey, James, pg.213, West Salem Twp
Rey, Joshua, pg.194, Springfield Twp
Rey, William, pg.263, Slipperyrock Twp
Reyney, John, pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Reynolds, George, pg.215, Pymatuning Twp
Reynolds, Jno., pg.307, New Castle Boro
Reynolds, John, pg.192, Springfield Twp
Reynolds, M. S., pg.310, New Castle Boro
Reynolds, Mary, pg.223, Pymatuning Twp
Reynolds, Nathan H., pg.233, Delaware Twp
Reynolds, Riehan[?] [Ritchard?], pg.191, Springfield Twp
Reynolds, Robt, pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Reynolds, Wm, pg.298, Neshannock Twp
Reynolds, Wm H., pg.309, New Castle Boro
Reynolds, Wolcor, pg.370, Sandy Creek Twp
Rhodes, Jno H., pg.300, Neshannock Twp
Rhodes, Lydia, pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Riblet, John, pg.334, Shenango Twp
Rice, Allen, pg.201, West Salem Twp
Rice, Daniel, pg.208, West Salem Twp
Rice, Erastus, pg.250, Hickory Twp
Rice, Jacob, pg.250, Hickory Twp
Rice, James, pg.395, French Creek Twp
Rice, John, pg.395, French Creek Twp
Rice, John J., pg.283, Salem Twp
Rice, Owen, pg.200, West Salem Twp
Rice, Robert, pg.262, Slipperyrock Twp
Rice, Saml, pg.338, Shenango Twp
Rice, William, pg.191, Springfield Twp
Richard, David, pg.236, Delaware Twp
Richard, George, pg.229, Delaware Twp
Richard, John, pg.239, Wolf Creek Twp
Richard, Johnathan, pg.281, Salem Twp
Richard, Joshua, pg.226, Delaware Twp
Richard, William, pg.219, Pymatuning Twp
Richards, D., pg.298, Neshannock Twp
Richards, John, pg.219, Pymatuning Twp
Richards, Olven, pg.219, Pymatuning Twp
Richards, Robt., pg.367, Cool Spring Twp
Richards, Samuel, pg.321, Mahoning Twp
Richardson, Mary, pg.378, Sandy Creek Twp
Richenson, Nancy, pg.203, West Salem Twp
Richey, + Moses, pg.381, Sandy Lake Twp
Richison, John, pg.221, Pymatuning Twp
Richmond, Elizabeth, pg.245, Wolf Creek Twp
Richmond, Snath[?], pg.242, Wolf Creek Twp
Ricket, Peter, pg.216, Pymatuning Twp
Ricket, Samuel, pg.216, Pymatuning Twp
Rickets, James, pg.262, Slipperyrock Twp
Rickett, David, pg.218, Pymatuning Twp
Rickey, Isaac, pg.345, Lackawannock Twp
Rickey, J. R., pg.342, Shenango Twp
Riddle, Alexander, pg.366, Cool Spring Twp
Riddle, Geo. W., pg.240, Wolf Creek Twp
Riddle, James, pg.239, Wolf Creek Twp
Riddle, Saml., pg.308, New Castle Boro
Riddle, William, pg.239, Wolf Creek Twp
Ride, Benj., pg.358, Cool Spring Twp
Rigby, Eli, pg.307, New Castle Boro
Riggs, Jonathan, pg.336, Shenango Twp
Riggs, Jos, pg.331, Mahoning Twp
Riggs, Jos., pg.343, Lackawannock Twp
Righel, John, pg.187, Springfield Twp
Rihal, George, pg.265, Slipperyrock Twp
Rihal, Jacob, pg.265, Slipperyrock Twp
Riharl[?], Michael, pg.265, Slipperyrock Twp
Rileal[?], Joseph, pg.264, Slipperyrock Twp
Riley, Aaron, pg.277, Salem Twp
Riley, Edward, pg.367, Cool Spring Twp
Riley, James, pg.276, Salem Twp
Rilleman, Peter, pg.360, Cool Spring Twp
Rily, David, pg.316, Mahoning Twp
Rily, William, pg.279, Salem Twp
Rinaman, Henry, pg.386, Sandy Lake Twp
Ringer, Jos., pg.358, Cool Spring Twp
Rippel, James, pg.325, Mahoning Twp
Ripple, Jacob, pg.321, Mahoning Twp
Ripple, Jonathan, pg.321, Mahoning Twp
Ripple, Jos., pg.329, Mahoning Twp
Ritanour, George, pg.240, Wolf Creek Twp
Ritanour, John, pg.240, Wolf Creek Twp
Ritch, David, pg.280, Salem Twp
Ritchey, John, pg.191, Springfield Twp
Ritchinson, Rebecca, pg.201, West Salem Twp
Ritchinson, Robert, pg.201, West Salem Twp
Ritter, Isaac, pg.266, Slipperyrock Twp
Ritter, Jos., pg.308, New Castle Boro
Ritter, Phillip, pg.359, Cool Spring Twp
Roads, Hannah, pg.277, Salem Twp
Roads, Jacob, pg.277, Salem Twp
Roas, John, pg.187, Springfield Twp
Robb, And, pg.255, Hickory Twp
Robb, Isaac, pg.392, French Creek Twp
Robb, Isah, pg.243, Wolf Creek Twp
Robb, John, pg.386, Sandy Lake Twp
Robb, John, pg.391, French Creek Twp
Robb, John Jr., pg.386, Sandy Lake Twp
Robb, Joseph, pg.252, Hickory Twp
Robb, Joseph, pg.255, Hickory Twp
Robb, Robert, pg.391, French Creek Twp
Robb, Robt S. [T.?], pg.393, French Creek Twp
Robb, Thomas, pg.386, Sandy Lake Twp
Robbeson, David, pg.270, Slipperyrock Twp
Robbins, John, pg.344, Lackawannock Twp
Robert, John, pg.284, Salem Twp
Roberts, Burton, pg.279, Salem Twp
Roberts, Edward, pg.355, Lackawannock Twp
Roberts, Edward Jr., pg.355, Lackawannock Twp
Roberts, Jane, pg.263, Slipperyrock Twp
Roberts, John, pg.232, Delaware Twp
Roberts, Minor, pg.275, Salem Twp
Roberts, Nathan, pg.284, Salem Twp
Roberts, Owen, pg.263, Slipperyrock Twp
Roberts, Peter, pg.378, Sandy Creek Twp
Roberts, Rober, pg.277, Salem Twp
Roberts, Robert, pg.276, Salem Twp
Roberts, Thomas, pg.276, Salem Twp
Robertson, Andrew, pg.374, Sandy Creek Twp
Robins [Rolins?], Barbary, pg.187, Springfield Twp
Robinson, Andrew, pg.309, New Castle Boro
Robinson, Andrew, pg.313, Mahoning Twp
Robinson, Geo., pg.341, Shenango Twp
Robinson, Harry [Harvey?] Jr., pg.324, Mahoning Twp
Robinson, Henry, pg.235, Delaware Twp
Robinson, Henry, pg.324, Mahoning Twp
Robinson, Henry, pg.364, Cool Spring Twp
Robinson, James, pg.337, Shenango Twp
Robinson, James H., pg.324, Mahoning Twp
Robinson, Jas, pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Robinson, Jno H., pg.324, Mahoning Twp
Robinson, John, pg.201, West Salem Twp
Robinson, John, pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Robinson, John, pg.314, Mahoning Twp
Robinson, John C., pg.371, Sandy Creek Twp
Robinson, Jonathan, pg.213, West Salem Twp
Robinson, Martha, pg.339, Shenango Twp
Robinson, Nesbit, pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Robinson, Saml., pg.314, Mahoning Twp
Robinson, Samuel, pg.326, Mahoning Twp
Robinson, Thomas, pg.377, Sandy Creek Twp
Robinson, William, pg.201, West Salem Twp
Robinson, William, pg.378, Sandy Creek Twp
Robinson, Wm, pg.310, New Castle Boro
Robinson, Wm, pg.323, Mahoning Twp
Robinson, Wm, pg.323, Mahoning Twp
Robinson, Wm, pg.326, Mahoning Twp
Robinson, Wm., pg.334, Shenango Twp
Rockwell, Silvester, pg.252, Hickory Twp
Rodenbrush[?], Adam, pg.279, Salem Twp
Rodes, Lewis, pg.277, Salem Twp
Rodger, William, pg.270, Slipperyrock Twp
Rodgers, Alexander, pg.270, Slipperyrock Twp
Rodgers, Elisabeth, pg.270, Slipperyrock Twp
Rodgers, George, pg.270, Slipperyrock Twp
Rodgers, George A., pg.270, Slipperyrock Twp
Rodgers, George W., pg.269, Slipperyrock Twp
Rodgers, J. R., pg.398, Mercer Boro
Rodgers, Mary, pg.202, West Salem Twp
Rodgers, Nathaniel, pg.270, Slipperyrock Twp
Rodgers, Saml., pg.331, Mahoning Twp
Rodgers, Thomas, pg.266, Slipperyrock Twp
Rodgers, Thomas, pg.270, Slipperyrock Twp
Rodgers, Thos, pg.295, Neshannock Twp
Rodgers [Raofers?], James, pg.191, Springfield Twp
Rodgers [Raofers?], George, pg.191, Springfield Twp
Roe, Uriah, pg.304, Neshannock Twp
Rogers, Thos., pg.355, Lackawannock Twp
Rogers, Wm., pg.367, Cool Spring Twp
Roland, Jacob, pg.323, Mahoning Twp
Roland, Wm., pg.329, Mahoning Twp
Rose, Andrew, pg.242, Wolf Creek Twp
Rose, Andrew, pg.243, Wolf Creek Twp
Rose, Chapma*, pg.242, Wolf Creek Twp
Rose, Ephram, pg.364, Cool Spring Twp
Rose, Henry, pg.228, Delaware Twp
Rose, Isaac, pg.228, Delaware Twp
Rose, Isaac N.[?], pg.301, Neshannock Twp
Rose, Jacob, pg.243, Wolf Creek Twp
Rose, James, pg.243, Wolf Creek Twp
Rose, John, pg.231, Delaware Twp
Rose, Robert, pg.305, Neshannock Twp
Rose[?] Role[?], Sarah, pg.331, Mahoning Twp
Ross, Aaron, pg.371, Sandy Creek Twp
Ross, Abraham, pg.359, Cool Spring Twp
Ross, Benjamin, pg.277, Salem Twp
Ross, David, pg.388, Sandy Lake Twp
Ross, Davis, pg.373, Sandy Creek Twp
Ross, George, pg.388, Sandy Lake Twp
Ross, Jacob, pg.371, Sandy Creek Twp
Ross, James, pg.373, Sandy Creek Twp
Ross, Jarred, pg.370, Sandy Creek Twp
Ross, Jarred, pg.371, Sandy Creek Twp
Ross, John, pg.220, Pymatuning Twp
Ross, John, pg.370, Sandy Creek Twp
Ross, Levi, pg.331, Mahoning Twp
Ross, Stephen, pg.370, Sandy Creek Twp
Ross, William, pg.374, Sandy Creek Twp
Roth, David, pg.237, Delaware Twp
Rotrock, Alex, pg.341, Shenango Twp
Rotrock, Jacob, pg.355, Lackawannock Twp
Rotrough, Samuel, pg.230, Delaware Twp
Rowla*d [Rowlard?], Harry [Harvey?], pg.322, Mahoning Twp
Rowland, Asher[?], pg.379, Sandy Creek Twp
Rowland, Stephen, pg.369, Sandy Creek Twp
Rowley, Nathaniel, pg.359, Cool Spring Twp
Roxas[?], Joseph, pg.218, Pymatuning Twp
Ruckle, John, pg.365, Cool Spring Twp
Rud [Reed?], Joseph N., pg.258, Hickory Twp
Rudolph, John, pg.190, Springfield Twp
Ruker[?], Isaac, pg.388, Sandy Lake Twp
Rumpstag[?], William, pg.230, Delaware Twp
Runion, David, pg.210, West Salem Twp
Rup** [Ruper?], Caleb, pg.245, Wolf Creek Twp
Rupell, Jane, pg.373, Sandy Creek Twp
Rush, John, pg.329, Mahoning Twp
Russel, James, pg.280, Salem Twp
Russel, Joshua, pg.280, Salem Twp
Russel, William, pg.280, Salem Twp
Russel [Rupele?], James, pg.193, Springfield Twp
Russell, Owen, pg.302, Neshannock Twp
Rusta, Burton, pg.304, Neshannock Twp
Rusty, John, pg.334, Shenango Twp


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