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1840 Census Index

Taft, Benjamin, pg.205, West Salem Twp
Tailor, J. R., pg.366, Cool Spring Twp
Tait, Rev. Saml, pg.198, Springfield Twp
Tamblyn, Henry, pg.327, Mahoning Twp
Tannehill, Andrew W., pg.335, Shenango Twp
Tanner, James, pg.380, Sandy Lake Twp
Tanner, William, pg.396, Mercer Boro
Tanner, William, pg.398, Mercer Boro
Tate, Rebecca, pg.366, Cool Spring Twp
Tate, Washington, pg.366, Cool Spring Twp
Tayler, James, pg.325, Mahoning Twp
Tayler, James, pg.377, Sandy Creek Twp
Taylor, Aaron, pg.383, Sandy Lake Twp
Taylor, David, pg.266, Slipperyrock Twp
Taylor, George, pg.247, Wolf Creek Twp
Taylor, George, pg.359, Cool Spring Twp
Taylor, Jos., pg.366, Cool Spring Twp
Taylor, Kidale[?], pg.187, Springfield Twp
Taylor, Saml., pg.363, Cool Spring Twp
Tece[?], Jacob, pg.369, Sandy Creek Twp
Teffs, Solomon, pg.359, Cool Spring Twp
Teigler [Leigler?], Frederick, pg.298, Neshannock Twp
Teller [Leller?], Henry, pg.397, Mercer Boro
Temple, Abraham, pg.305, Neshannock Twp
Templeton, Nancy, pg.397, Mercer Boro
Templeton, Wm[?] S., pg.288, West Greenville Boro
Ten Broeck, H. W. B., pg.399, Mercer Boro
Tenbrook, Richard, pg.326, Mahoning Twp
Terell, Natham, pg.231, Delaware Twp
Thallimer, Andrew, pg.316, Mahoning Twp
Thather [Feather?], Johathan, pg.190, Springfield Twp
Theofore[?], George, pg.254, Hickory Twp
Thomas, Gilbert, pg.288, West Greenville Boro
Thomas, Henry, pg.385, Sandy Lake Twp
Thompson, Adam, pg.202, West Salem Twp
Thompson, Adam, pg.278, Salem Twp
Thompson, Adam, pg.279, Salem Twp
Thompson, Adam, pg.378, Sandy Creek Twp
Thompson, Alex Sr., pg.346, Lackawannock Twp
Thompson, Anthony, pg.243, Wolf Creek Twp
Thompson, Aquila, pg.206, West Salem Twp
Thompson, Archibald, pg.300, Neshannock Twp
Thompson, Burgess[?], pg.383, Sandy Lake Twp
Thompson, David, pg.257, Hickory Twp
Thompson, David, pg.289, West Greenville Boro
Thompson, David W., pg.203, West Salem Twp
Thompson, Ebenzer, pg.315, Mahoning Twp
Thompson, Ezekiel S., pg.305, Neshannock Twp
Thompson, Francis, pg.327, Mahoning Twp
Thompson, Geo, pg.299, Neshannock Twp
Thompson, Geo., pg.315, Mahoning Twp
Thompson, George, pg.221, Pymatuning Twp
Thompson, Henry, pg.354, Lackawannock Twp
Thompson, Hugh W., pg.200, West Salem Twp
Thompson, Isaac V.[?], pg.379, Sandy Creek Twp
Thompson, James, pg.190, Springfield Twp
Thompson, James, pg.193, Springfield Twp
Thompson, James, pg.300, Neshannock Twp
Thompson, James, pg.339, Shenango Twp
Thompson, James, pg.345, Lackawannock Twp
Thompson, James, pg.381, Sandy Lake Twp
Thompson, James, pg.396, Mercer Boro
Thompson, Jane, pg.221, Pymatuning Twp
Thompson, Jas., pg.351, Lackawannock Twp
Thompson, Jno, pg.328, Mahoning Twp
Thompson, John, pg.193, Springfield Twp
Thompson, John, pg.221, Pymatuning Twp
Thompson, John, pg.223, Pymatuning Twp
Thompson, John, pg.255, Hickory Twp
Thompson, John, pg.305, Neshannock Twp
Thompson, John, pg.334, Shenango Twp
Thompson, John, pg.350, Lackawannock Twp
Thompson, John, pg.375, Sandy Creek Twp
Thompson, John S., pg.348, Lackawannock Twp
Thompson, Jonathan, pg.351, Lackawannock Twp
Thompson, Jos, pg.304, Neshannock Twp
Thompson, Jos., pg.339, Shenango Twp
Thompson, Jos., pg.344, Lackawannock Twp
Thompson, Joseph, pg.202, West Salem Twp
Thompson, Layman, pg.357, Cool Spring Twp
Thompson, Rebecca, pg.328, Mahoning Twp
Thompson, Robert, pg.190, Springfield Twp
Thompson, Robert, pg.313, Mahoning Twp
Thompson, Robt, pg.255, Hickory Twp
Thompson, Robt, pg.300, Neshannock Twp
Thompson, Robt, pg.328, Mahoning Twp
Thompson, Robt., pg.339, Shenango Twp
Thompson, Samuel, pg.193, Springfield Twp
Thompson, Thomas, pg.254, Hickory Twp
Thompson, Thos, pg.300, Neshannock Twp
Thompson, Thos., pg.328, Mahoning Twp
Thompson, Thos., pg.347, Lackawannock Twp
Thompson, Walter, pg.220, Pymatuning Twp
Thompson, William, pg.194, Springfield Twp
Thompson, William, pg.221, Pymatuning Twp
Thompson, Wm, pg.300, Neshannock Twp
Thompson, Wm S., pg.305, Neshannock Twp
Thompson, Wm. M., pg.349, Lackawannock Twp
Thompson[?], Alexander, pg.346, Lackawannock Twp
Thorn, James, pg.266, Slipperyrock Twp
Thorn, Levina, pg.272, Slipperyrock Twp
Thorn, Smith[?], pg.267, Slipperyrock Twp
Thorn [Thom?], Robert, pg.381, Sandy Lake Twp
Thornton, Frank, pg.275, Salem Twp
Thornton, Jno., pg.331, Mahoning Twp
Thornton[?], Stephen, pg.379, Sandy Creek Twp
Tibbett, Silas, pg.360, Cool Spring Twp
Tice, Frederick, pg.221, Pymatuning Twp
Tice, Nelson, pg.221, Pymatuning Twp
Tidbale, Jas., pg.307, New Castle Boro
Tidbale, John, pg.307, New Castle Boro
Tidball, David, pg.310, New Castle Boro
Tidball, John, pg.299, Neshannock Twp
Tilus [Titus?], William, pg.255, Hickory Twp
Tingle, Andrew, pg.222, Pymatuning Twp
Tingle, Lewis, pg.222, Pymatuning Twp
Tingle, Samuel, pg.210, West Salem Twp
Tingler, Allen, pg.253, Hickory Twp
Tinker, Wm, pg.298, Neshannock Twp
Tisher, Thos., pg.306, Neshannock Twp
Tisley, Benjamin, pg.376, Sandy Creek Twp
Tith, Chas B., pg.299, Neshannock Twp
Tithace[?], James, pg.242, Wolf Creek Twp
Titmore, John, pg.245, Wolf Creek Twp
Tittsar[?], Jno., pg.315, Mahoning Twp
Tittsler, John Jr., pg.334, Shenango Twp
Titus, Isaih, pg.255, Hickory Twp
Titus, John, pg.255, Hickory Twp
Titus, Saml, pg.255, Hickory Twp
Todd, Andrew, pg.244, Wolf Creek Twp
Todd, James, pg.303, Neshannock Twp
Todd, James, pg.358, Cool Spring Twp
Todd, Margarett, pg.244, Wolf Creek Twp
Topher, Johnathan, pg.245, Wolf Creek Twp
Townsend, Abel B., pg.391, French Creek Twp
Townsend, Able, pg.392, French Creek Twp
Townsend, Charles, pg.288, West Greenville Boro
Townsend, Dallas, pg.319, Mahoning Twp
Trater[?] [Strater?], Horres[?], pg.273, Slipperyrock Twp
Travis, John, pg.359, Cool Spring Twp
Travis, Richard, pg.385, Sandy Lake Twp
Treat[?], Jos. W., pg.344, Lackawannock Twp
Trise[?], John, pg.260, Hickory Twp
Trolford, Jacob, pg.241, Wolf Creek Twp
Trolford, John, pg.241, Wolf Creek Twp
Trolford, John Jr., pg.241, Wolf Creek Twp
Trout, George, pg.260, Hickory Twp
Trout, Mary, pg.260, Hickory Twp
Trout, Michael C., pg.251, Hickory Twp
Troutmer[?], Benjamin, pg.257, Hickory Twp
Trubal, Jacob, pg.258, Hickory Twp
Trusel, Henry, pg.258, Hickory Twp
Tucker, Allen, pg.316, Mahoning Twp
Tucker, John, pg.275, Salem Twp
Tulkerson, J. C., pg.308, New Castle Boro
Tumble, Barnet, pg.277, Salem Twp
Tunison, James, pg.212, West Salem Twp
Tunison, Zebulin, pg.212, West Salem Twp
Tunnuel[?] Tunerel[?], John, pg.369, Sandy Creek Twp
Turner, Abraham, pg.277, Salem Twp
Turner, Alexander S., pg.389, Sandy Lake Twp
Turner, Hudson, pg.251, Hickory Twp
Turner, John, pg.267, Slipperyrock Twp
Turner, Riley, pg.277, Salem Twp
Turner, Robert, pg.267, Slipperyrock Twp
Turner, Saml, pg.245, Wolf Creek Twp
Turner, Sarah, pg.265, Slipperyrock Twp
Turner, William, pg.389, Sandy Lake Twp
Turner [?], Crickbaune, pg.363, Cool Spring Twp
Turner [Furner?], Gedeon, pg.267, Slipperyrock Twp
Turner [Tusner?], William, pg.190, Springfield Twp
Turner[?], Alexander, pg.358, Cool Spring Twp
Turner[?], Isaac, pg.375, Sandy Creek Twp
Tuttle, Benjamin, pg.224, Pymatuning Twp
Tuttle, David, pg.370, Sandy Creek Twp
Tuttle, Ishmael, pg.371, Sandy Creek Twp
Tuttle[?], Jared, pg.385, Sandy Lake Twp
Tuver[?] [Yuver?], Saml, pg.348, Lackawannock Twp


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