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The following 1850 census transcriptions for Mercer County, Pennsylvania were contributed by Richard S. Winder.  He has graciously made these freely available to all Mercer County researchers.  However, he still retains all rights to these compilations and he should be contacted before any non-private use of this work.  For approximate township locations, see 1850 Mercer County Map.  How accurate is the 1850 census?  Read the accuracy statement from the transcriber.

Warning - Many of these files are rather large and may take some time to load.  I've listed the approximate loading times for each file.  Should you incur any problems loading these census documents, please contact me.

Cool Spring Township  

(194k - 151 seconds*)

Salem Township  

(157k - 123 seconds*)

Delaware Township  

(202k - 155 seconds*)

Sandy Creek Township  

(205k - 155 seconds*)

East Lackawannock Township  

(77k - 68 seconds*)

Sandy Lake Township  

(82k - 74 seconds*)

Findley Township  

(89k - 76 seconds*)

Sharon Borough

(44k - 47 seconds*)

French Creek Township  

(54k - 52 seconds*)

Shenango Township  

(125k - 99 seconds*)

Greene Township  

(69k - 63 seconds*)

Springfield Township  

(106k - 87 seconds*)  

Hickory Township  

(155k - 122 seconds*)

West Greenville  

(77k - 68 seconds*)

Lackawannock Township  

(92k - 77 seconds*)

West Salem Township  

(176k - 137 seconds*)

Mercer Borough 

(74k - 68 seconds*)

Wilmington Township  

(42k - 45 seconds*)

Mill Creek Township  

(64k - 58 seconds*)

Wolf Creek Township  

(142k - 115 seconds*)

Pymatuning Township  

(152k - 121 seconds*)

Worth Township  

(75k - 67 seconds*)


Not sure which borough or township your ancestors lived in?  Go to the Every Name Index for the 1850 census.


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