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New Lebanon Borough

1870 Census - Mercer County (US Archives microfilm roll #1373)

Enumerator: R. F. Thompson
Post Office: Sheakleyville
Date of Enumeration: 6 July - 8 July 1870

Census entries are listed alphabetically by surname. The first number is the page number as found on the microfilmed pages of the census; second number is the Dwelling Number as indicated by the census enumerator; the third number is Family Number as indicated by the census enumerator. The last number, that which follows the given name, is the age of the individual as reported in the census. The place of birth, when in a U.S. state, is given in the standard two-letter postal code abbreviation.

This census was transcribed as part of the USGenWeb Census Project. Although I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, please be advised that this transcription has NOT BEEN PROOFREAD.

John MacDonald
1021 Hancock Road
Williamstown MA 01267-3021

John MacDonald 1999. Any commercial use prohibited

* =3D letter illegible

Pg#-Dwelling#-Family#, Surname, First Name Age, Place of Birth

383B-39-39, Bears, Adolpheus, 3 yrs, PA
383B-39-39, Bears, Almira, 28 yrs, PA
383B-39-39, Bears, Charles, 6 yrs, PA
383B-39-39, Bears, David, 35 yrs, PA
383B-39-39, Bears, Homer, 13 yrs, PA
383B-39-39, Bears, Phebe, 1 yrs, PA
382A-18-18, Blatt, Abraham, 37 yrs, PA
382A-18-18, Blatt, Austa A, 8 yrs, PA
382A-18-18, Blatt, Eva A, 10 yrs, PA
382A-18-18, Blatt, Isabell, 34 yrs, PA
382A-18-18, Blatt, William B, 2 yrs, PA
382B-28-28, Bole, Charles, 1 yrs, PA
382B-28-28, Bole, Mary J, 20 yrs, PA
382B-28-28, Bole, Wilson, 26 yrs, PA
383A-37-37, Brinniman, Anna, 51 yrs, PA
383A-37-37, Brinniman, Isaec, 50 yrs, PA
383A-38-38, Brinniman, Martha A, 27 yrs, PA
383A-38-38, Brinniman, R, 23 yrs, OH
383A-37-37, Brinniman, Rebecca, 25 yrs, PA
381B-8-8, Bromley, Anna M, 11 yrs, PA
381A-8-8, Bromley, Elizabeth, 16 yrs, PA
381B-8-8, Bromley, Emmie, 2 yrs, PA
381A-8-8, Bromley, John, 45 yrs, PA
381B-8-8, Bromley, John S, 9 yrs, PA
381B-8-8, Bromley, Orrins, 14 yrs, PA
381A-8-8, Bromley, Sarah E, 37 yrs, PA
381B-8-8, Bromley, William, 5 yrs, PA
383B-43-43, Calmen, Charles, 14 yrs, PA
383B-43-43, Calmen, M, 56 yrs, PA
383A-34-34, Clark, Allice, 10 yrs, PA
383A-34-34, Clark, Elvina, 19 yrs, PA
383A-34-34, Clark, James, 39 yrs, OH
383A-34-34, Clark, Margaret, 39 yrs, PA
383A-34-34, Clark, Mary, 5 yrs, PA
384A-50-50, Clenefetter, Emily, 32 yrs, PA
384A-50-50, Clenefetter, Milo, 35 yrs, PA
384A-50-50, Clenefetter, Plummer, 9 yrs, PA
381B-11-11, Clinefelter, Emoline, 32 yrs, PA
381B-11-11, Clinefelter, Milo, 32 yrs, PA
381B-11-11, Clinefelter, Plummer, 10 yrs, PA
384A-56-56, Congdon, George, 1 yrs, PA
384A-56-56, Congdon, Jeremiah, 30 yrs, PA
384A-56-56, Congdon, Laten, 3 yrs, PA
384A-56-56, Congdon, Martha, 24 yrs, PA
381A-6-6, Cooper, Henry, 21 yrs, PA
381A-6-6, Cooper, John, 23 yrs, PA
381A-6-6, Cooper, Lavina, 34 yrs, PA
381A-6-6, Cooper, Margaret, 24 yrs, PA
381A-6-6, Cooper, Mary, 28 yrs, PA
381A-6-6, Cooper, Mary E, 4 yrs, PA
381A-6-6, Cooper, Moria, 26 yrs, PA
381A-6-6, Cooper, Nancy Jane, 18 yrs, PA
383A-33-33, Corben, Elizabeth, 54 yrs, PA
383A-33-33, Corben, John, 16 yrs, PA
383A-33-33, Corben, William, 59 yrs, PA
384A-52-52, Corringer, L V, 34 yrs, PA
384A-52-52, Corringer, Milton, 37 yrs, PA
384A-52-52, Corringer, Vanury, 8 yrs, PA
384A-52-52, Corringer, Viola F, 11 yrs, PA
381B-15-15, Dean, Abner, 72 yrs, PA
381B-15-15, Dean, Elizabeth, 44 yrs, PA
382A-21-21, Dean, Margaret, 50 yrs, PA
381B-15-15, Dean, Ulymay, 2 yrs, PA
381B-15-15, Dean, Washington, 24 yrs, PA
382A-21-21, Dean, William, 66 yrs, PA
381A-2-2, Eckles, Arthur B, 5 yrs, PA
381A-2-2, Eckles, Charles E, 7 yrs, PA
381A-2-2, Eckles, Clark D, 11 yrs, PA
381A-2-2, Eckles, Esther C, 41 yrs, PA
381A-2-2, Eckles, John, 48 yrs, PA
381A-2-2, Eckles, Sarah A, 13 yrs, PA
381A-2-2, Eckles, Willie P, 17 yrs, PA
381A-4-4, Farver, M E, 22 yrs, PA
381A-4-4, Farver, R C, 26 yrs, PA
382B-24-24, Fetteroff, Catherine, 1 yrs, PA
382B-24-24, Fetteroff, Elizabeth, 27 yrs, PA
381B-9-9, Fetteroff, Elizabeth, 34 yrs, PA
381B-9-9, Fetteroff, Emmie, 11 yrs, PA
383B-48-48, Fetteroff, Eveline, 17 yrs, PA
382B-24-24, Fetteroff, Henderson, 4 yrs, PA
383B-48-48, Fetteroff, Henry, 67 yrs, PA
381B-9-9, Fetteroff, Henry H, 2 yrs, PA
382B-24-24, Fetteroff, Jacob, 30 yrs, PA
381B-9-9, Fetteroff, Kate, 4 yrs, PA
383B-48-48, Fetteroff, Maria, 59 yrs, PA
382B-24-24, Fetteroff, Mary J, 8 yrs, PA
381B-9-9, Fetteroff, Sadie, 9 yrs, PA
381B-9-9, Fetteroff, Samuel, 39 yrs, PA
381B-16-16, George, Abram, 31 yrs, PA
381B-16-16, George, Elizabeth, 32 yrs, PA
382A-16-16, George, Infant, 6/12 yrs, PA
382A-16-16, George, Leon V, 3 yrs, PA
382A-16-16, George, Marshel, 1 yrs, PA
382A-16-16, George, Nettie C, 2 yrs, PA
383B-46-46, Gibson, Elizabeth, 32 yrs, PA
383B-46-46, Gibson, James M, 28 yrs, PA
382B-30-30, Grove, Abraham, 2 yrs, PA
382B-30-30, Grove, Allice, 4 yrs, PA
382B-25-25, Grove, Catherine, 57 yrs, PA
382B-30-30, Grove, Charles, 8 yrs, PA
382B-30-30, Grove, David, 54 yrs, PA
382B-30-30, Grove, Elizabeth, 36 yrs, PA
382B-25-25, Grove, Jacob, 24 yrs, PA
382B-25-25, Grove, Jacob, 59 yrs, PA
382B-25-25, Grove, Jeremiah, 20 yrs, PA
382A-17-17, Grove, Jesse L, 1 yrs, PA
382B-30-30, Grove, John, 22 yrs, PA
382A-17-17, Grove, Jonas B, 22 yrs, PA
382B-30-30, Grove, Joseph, 20 yrs, PA
382B-30-30, Grove, M*wen, 17 yrs, PA
382B-30-30, Grove, Mary F, 26 yrs, PA
382B-30-30, Grove, Orrie, 10 yrs, PA
382A-17-17, Grove, Phebe A, 21 yrs, PA
382B-25-25, Grove, Sanalter, 17 yrs, PA
382B-30-30, Grove, Sarah, 6 yrs, PA
382B-25-25, Grove, Zilphy, 14 yrs, PA
384A-55-55, Hannah, Catherine, 10/12 yrs, PA
384A-55-55, Hannah, D J, 25 yrs, PA
381A-7-7, Hannah, Hannah, 31 yrs, PA
381A-7-7, Hannah, Ida, 3 yrs, PA
381A-7-7, Hannah, Mary, 1 yrs, PA
384A-55-55, Hannah, Samuel T, 28 yrs, PA
381A-7-7, Hannah, William, 6 yrs, PA
381A-7-7, Hannah, William, 33 yrs, PA
384A-54-54, Klepfer, Abner, 13 yrs, PA
384A-54-54, Klepfer, Carnenan, 44 yrs, PA
384A-54-54, Klepfer, Charles, 11 yrs, PA
384A-54-54, Klepfer, John H, 15 yrs, PA
384A-54-54, Klepfer, Mary M, 19 yrs, PA
384A-54-54, Klepfer, William, 8 yrs, PA
384A-54-54, Klepfer, William, 47 yrs, PA
383B-47-47, Kuder, Adelia, 28 yrs, PA
383B-47-47, Kuder, L, 38 yrs, PA
381B-10-10, Leech, Amelia, 22 yrs, PA
381B-10-10, Leech, James, 56 yrs, MD
381B-10-10, Leech, Jane, 57 yrs, PA
381B-10-10, Leech, Robert, 26 yrs, PA
381B-10-10, Leech, William, 33 yrs, PA
383A-35-35, Mason, Charles, 14 yrs, PA
383A-35-35, Mason, Elizabeth, 36 yrs, PA
383A-35-35, Mason, Emanuel, 16 yrs, PA
383A-35-35, Mason, John, 8 yrs, PA
383A-35-35, Mason, Marshall, 1/12 yrs, PA
383A-35-35, Mason, Peter, 40 yrs, PA
383A-35-35, Mason, Sarah, 10 yrs, PA
383A-35-35, Mason, William, 18 yrs, PA
383B-41-41, McCormick, Arch, 39 yrs, PA
383B-41-41, McCormick, Berton, 5 yrs, PA
383B-41-41, McCormick, Eliza, 29 yrs, PA
383B-41-41, McCormick, Hill, 7 yrs, PA
383B-41-41, McCormick, Leslie, 9 yrs, PA
383B-41-41, McCormick, Luley, 1/12 yrs, PA
383B-45-45, McElhaney, ELizabeth, 27 yrs, PA
383B-44-44, McElhaney, Hannah, 20 yrs, PA
383B-44-44, McElhaney, Hannah, 59 yrs, PA
383B-44-44, McElhaney, J M, 59 yrs, PA
383B-45-45, McElhaney, J M Jr, 32 yrs, PA
383B-45-45, McElhaney, Lilly, 1 yrs, PA
381B-14-14, Mook, Arthur, 6 yrs, PA
383A-36-36, Mook, Charles, 12 yrs, PA
381B-14-14, Mook, Craten, 5 yrs, PA
383B-40-40, Mook, David, 67 yrs, PA
383A-36-36, Mook, Elmer, 10 yrs, PA
383A-36-36, Mook, Etta, 8 yrs, PA
382B-29-29, Mook, George, 69 yrs, PA
382B-29-29, Mook, Gideon, 22 yrs, PA
383A-36-36, Mook, Henry, 16 yrs, PA
383A-36-36, Mook, Ida, 18 yrs, PA
381B-14-14, Mook, Jennie, 29 yrs, PA
381B-14-14, Mook, Josiah, 36 yrs, PA
381B-14-14, Mook, Julie, 8 yrs, PA
383A-36-36, Mook, Levy, 39 yrs, PA
383A-36-36, Mook, Lina, 2 yrs, PA
381B-14-14, Mook, Logan, 10 yrs, PA
383A-36-36, Mook, Lyda, 38 yrs, PA
381B-14-14, Mook, Margaret, 12 yrs, PA
383B-40-40, Mook, Margaret, 63 yrs, PA
383A-36-36, Mook, Omer, 4 yrs, PA
382B-29-29, Mook, Rebecca, 66 yrs, PA
381B-14-14, Mook, Sarah, 2 yrs, PA
383B-40-40, Mook, Sarah E, 23 yrs, PA
383A-32-32, Moor, Caroline, 18 yrs, PA
383A-32-32, Moor, Elija, 60 yrs, PA
383A-32-32, Moor, Eliza, 59 yrs, PA
383A-32-32, Moor, Elizabeth, 31 yrs, PA
383A-32-32, Moor, Lilly M, 4 yrs, PA
383A-32-32, Moor, Martha, 24 yrs, PA
381A-1-1, Muse, Adison, 29 yrs, PA
381A-5-5, Muse, Alley T, 2 yrs, PA
381A-5-5, Muse, Birdie, 10 yrs, PA
381A-5-5, Muse, Catharine, 44 yrs, PA
381A-1-1, Muse, Charles, 4 yrs, PA
381A-5-5, Muse, Florence A, 17 yrs, PA
381A-3-3, Muse, Frank D, 20 yrs, PA
381A-3-3, Muse, Hannah, 60 yrs, PA
381A-5-5, Muse, Homer J, 14 yrs, PA
381A-5-5, Muse, James M, 7 yrs, PA
381A-5-5, Muse, John F, 4 yrs, PA
381A-5-5, Muse, Martha, 21 yrs, PA
381A-5-5, Muse, P K, 43 yrs, PA
381A-1-1, Muse, Susannah, 25 yrs, PA
381B-13-13, Peters, Catherine, 66 yrs, PA
381B-13-13, Peters, Harriet R, 6 yrs, PA
383B-42-42, Peters, John, 44 yrs, PA
381B-13-13, Peters, Jonathan, 69 yrs, PA
381B-13-13, Peters, Margaret, 16 yrs, PA
383B-42-42, Peters, Susannah, 37 yrs, PA
383B-46-46, Porter, Allice, 10 yrs, PA
383B-46-46, Porter, William, 12 yrs, PA
382A-23-23, Reder, Andrew, 58 yrs, PA
382A-23-23, Reder, John, 18 yrs, PA
382A-23-23, Reder, Lyda, 9 yrs, PA
382A-23-23, Reder, Peter, 13 yrs, PA
382A-23-23, Reder, Sophiah, 50 yrs, PA
382A-20-20, Redman, D F, 21 yrs, PA
382A-20-20, Redman, Edwin, 16 yrs, PA
382A-20-20, Redman, J P, 13 yrs, PA
382A-20-20, Redman, Margaret J, 46 yrs, PA
382A-20-20, Redman, R, 50 yrs, PA
382A-20-20, Redman, Sarah E, 6 yrs, PA
382A-20-20, Redman, W A, 18 yrs, PA
381B-12-12, Reed, Infant, 4/12 yrs, PA
381B-12-12, Reed, John W, 29 yrs, PA
381B-12-12, Reed, Martha E, 22 yrs, PA
382A-21-21, Runcle, Mary J, 20 yrs, PA
382A-21-21, Runcle, Nancy, 20 yrs, PA
382A-23-23, Rupert, Catherine, 24 yrs, PA
382B-27-27, Scheeckengor, Elizabeth, 64 yrs, PA
382B-27-27, Scheeckengor, Henery, 67 yrs, PA
383B-49-49, Smith, Cassy, 12 yrs, PA
383B-49-49, Smith, Charles, 34 yrs, PA
383B-49-49, Smith, Clarence, 2 yrs, PA
383B-49-49, Smith, Elizabeth, 30 yrs, PA
383B-49-49, Smith, Ellentine, 10 yrs, PA
383B-49-49, Smith, Mary, 4 yrs, PA
382A-19-19, Spalding, Elizabeth, 17 yrs, PA
382A-19-19, Spalding, J. E, 27 yrs, NH
383A-34-34, Stephens, Jane, 66 yrs, PA
384A-51-51, Sterling, Alexander, 19 yrs, PA
384A-51-51, Sterling, Alexander, 54 yrs, PA
384A-53-53, Sterling, Allice, 2 yrs, PA
384A-51-51, Sterling, Anther, 26 yrs, PA
384A-51-51, Sterling, Catherine, 49 yrs, PA
384A-51-51, Sterling, Eliza, 11 yrs, PA
384A-53-53, Sterling, Eliza, 21 yrs, PA
384A-51-51, Sterling, Elizabeth, 42 yrs, PA
384A-53-53, Sterling, James, 23 yrs, PA
384A-51-51, Sterling, Jennett, 5 yrs, PA
384A-51-51, Sterling, Levena, 14 yrs, PA
384A-51-51, Sterling, Neoma, 16 yrs, PA
382A-22-22, Swingle, Charles, 7 yrs, OH
382A-22-22, Swingle, Elizabeth, 40 yrs, OH
382A-22-22, Swingle, Emmie, 14 yrs, OH
382A-22-22, Swingle, Henry, 9 yrs, OH
382A-22-22, Swingle, James, 6 yrs, OH
382A-22-22, Swingle, Lucy, 4 yrs, VA
382A-22-22, Swingle, S H, 44 yrs, OH
382A-22-22, Swingle, Sarah, 12 yrs, OH
382A-22-22, Swingle, William, 10 yrs, OH
382B-31-31, Vorheis, A E, 16 yrs, PA
382B-31-31, Vorheis, C M, 21 yrs, PA
382B-31-31, Vorheis, E. C, 45 yrs, PA
382B-31-31, Vorheis, Emoline, 43 yrs, PA
383A-31-31, Vorheis, J A, 13 yrs, PA
382B-31-31, Vorheis, Martha J, 18 yrs, PA
383A-31-31, Vorheis, Sarah B, 11 yrs, PA
383A-31-31, Vorheis, U. S Grant, 8 yrs, PA
382B-26-26, Wider, Allice, 6 yrs, PA
382B-26-26, Wider, David, 30 yrs, PA
382B-26-26, Wider, Loronce, 10/12 yrs, PA
382B-26-26, Wider, Mary, 4 yrs, PA
382B-26-26, Wider, Mary E, 25 yrs, PA
381A-5-5, Wolford, Martha, 38 yrs, PA

Transcribed by John MacDonald

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