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 Mercer County Ancestral Heroes

 Revolutionary War     P - Z






Death Buried Info
PATTERSON, Andrew Gunner, Corporal, under Capt. Thomas Wiley, Col. Benjamin Flower     1828 Mercer County    
PAXTON, Thomas Jr. Private, 6th battalion, Cumberland Co., PA Militia under Capt. William Straius and Col. James Dunlop 1761 Adams Co, PA 1851 Mercer County    
PERRINE, William Private, then Sergeant, NJ Militia 20 Nov 1753 Middlesex Co., NJ 17 Dec 1838 Worth Township, Mercer County Perrine Cemetery, Worth Township


Maxine Hughes

QUINBY, Samuel


Pvt, under Capt. David Howard; Capt. Benj. McCulloch, Capt Jacob Winter, Capt. Dart; Capt. Thomas Bay; & Capt. Geo Bruce

1753 or 1756 Hunterdon County, NJ 9 Sept 1842 Hickory with military honors, 10 Sept 1842, Oakwood Cemetery


RAMBO, Peter Private, 9th battalion, Lancaster Co. Militia under Capt. Ambrose Creain 1751 Wales 1821 Mercer County  


RIDDELL / RIDDLE Edward bombardier, 3rd Company, PA Artillery under Hercules Courtenay 1745 or 1758 aboard ship on the Atlantic Ocean 1826 Mercer County    
ROBERTS, Robert Morgan Reportedly fought in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown and White Plains (no record of service) abt 1743 Cecil Co., MD 28 Feb 1801   Stevenson Cemetery, Mercer County

Steve Seiple

ROSE, Andrew Private, Battle of Monmouth, moulded bullets and cannons for army, took Oath of Allegiance, Bucks Co, PA 1754 Philadelphia Aug 1815 Pine, Mercer County  


Mary M. Spanoudakis

ROSE, Isaac 4th Maryland Regiment; Washington County Militia more 1743 unknown, possibly - Doylestown, PA 7 Jun 1822 Wolf Creek Township, Mercer County Amsterdam Cemetery, Liberty Township


Dan Terry

SHEAKLEY, John Ensign, Col. James Thompson's Second Battalion, Third Company, PA Troops 29 Jan 1755 York (now Adams) County, PA 25 Sept 1816 Sandy Creek Twp., Mercer County

Sheakleyville Cemetery 

(at the top of the hill)

Steve Seiple

SIMONTON, Alexander Sergeant, 1st PA regiment 1734 Ireland 3 Jul 1821 Mercer County   ref.
SIMONTON, William fought in Battle of Brandywine and Long   from Easton, PA   Clarksville Morefield Cemetery ref.
SMITH, Abraham Private, PA Line under Captains Gaskins, Chatham, Morrow and Morrison, Col. Thomas Hadley 1755 Maryland 1837 Mercer County    
SMITH, Thomas Private, PA Continental line abt 1742   5 Mar 1826      
STEWART, William Lt. & adjutant, 2nd batt, Cumberland Co Militia under Capt. Wm. Donaldson, Col Moses Hazen's reg "Congress Own" 12 Aug 1738 Ft Stewart, Co. Donegal, Ireland 1811 Mercer, PA  

Laurel Anderson

WAKEFIELD, Thomas Private, Continental Army; fought at Valley Forge 1757 Mercer County 1844     ref.
WALDRON, Samuel V.  Private, NJ Militia; fought at the Battle of Brandywine and  at Camp Valley Forge with Geo Washington 27 Aug 1752 Amboy, NJ 23 Jan 1849 on a farm in Wolf Creek Township, Mercer County Waldron Cemetery,  Wolf Creek Township; grave is marked Sam'l Waldron, N. J. Con'l & Va. Rev War first white settler in Wolf Creek Twp; info

Daniel S. Waldron

WESTON, Edmund Private, Massachusetts Continental Line abt. 1745          
WILLIAMSON, James Lieutenant, 12th Regiment, PA Continental Line, Col. William Cooke, wintered at Valley Forge 1754 PA 1818 Greenville, Mercer County    
WHITE, Alexander   1748 Down Co., Ireland   Mercer Co. PA near Grove City in Mercer Co. PA

Eugenia Fee Dernosek

WILSON, Peter   20 Aug 1764 Ireland, settled in Jackson Twp in 1797 ref. 20 Jan 1843 Worth Twp., Mercer Co, PA Wilson Cemetery


WOOD, Charles Principal Field Armorer, 2nd PA Brigade 27 June 1860 Falmouth, Nova Scotia 4 Feb 1844 Harlinsburg Mercer Co.  


WYATT, Nathan Corporal 135th Regiment, militia, Christy 27 Apr 1778 Virginia, m. Mary Pelksey Foltsie in Mercer Co., PA 4 Jun 1800 28 Dec 1862 DeKalb Co., IN Bear Creek Cemetery, Jackson Twp, DeKalb County, IN

Dorothy Berg

YOUNG, John Private, 6th PA Regiment, under Col. Irwin 1746 Franklin Co., PA 1826 Mercer County    
YOUNG, William Private, Cumberland Co., PA Militia.  Capt. Thomas Askey's company, Col. James Dunlop's battalion 1743 Maryland 1820 Mercer County    



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