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John Enbodie

died 17 Jul 1813



  John Enbodie 
Mercer, (PA.) July 17.

In our last, was mentioned the suffocation of four young men in a well near this place, the particulars, as we can learn, are as follows: early on the morning of Thursday, the 8th inst. John, son of Mr. Daniel Enbodie, went down
into a well, which he and others had been digging at J.W. Reynolds' tavern, his brother in law, on the Youngstown road; its depth about 25 feet.  As soon as he reached the bottom of the ladder, he was seen to fall as dead. 

Stephen Clark, lately from Bedford, Penn. Immediately went down to his assistance, who on reaching the bottom, instantly fell an expired.  Jacob Enbodie, brother to John, ignorant of the cause of this shocing scene, hastened down, in the hope of rendering assistance to those already down, but he too, fell, on reaching the bottom, and expired in a few minutes - this tragic scene, was not to stop here, although those who were at the mouth of the well had become alarmed to a degree beyond description, yet Peter Wolford had the temerity to
descend the fatal ladder, with the thought of ascending, should be feel any disagreeable sensations on descending; on gaining the bottom, he called for a rope, to escape by the ladder, he came up about fifteen feet, then fell backwards, and expired.

More than one hour elapsed before they were got out.  Every exertion was made to restore them to life, by physicians and others but without effect, although they bled freely, and Wolford's pulse beat for some time after he was got out,

Experiments were tried afterwards, by letting down a chicken; it was drawn up instantly, but lifeless; it recovered after being in the pure air again -it was let down a second time, it was again drawn up, but recovered nomore.  Fire immediately extinguished on being thrown down.

Water was profusely thrown down the well to expel or break the foul air -it had not that effect, [W. Preas.]

"The True American":  Vol. 1, July-Nov, 1813: Bedford, Bedford Co, PA, submitted by C. Phillip Gilmore




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