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In membership the church is but a little stronger than it was at the close of the first year of its organization as it had then about one hundred and forty members and now about one hundred fifty in all.  Death and removals account for the other two hundred and fifty who have at some time been members of this fold.

As the church is surround by other denominations it is limited in opportunities for building up in membership but this need not necessarily be a hindrance to development and a steady growth in this direction is quite as needful as growth in other directions.

It may be interesting to not that besides those already mentioned as undershepherds of the flock, Blackburn and Gallagher, that Rev. R. C. Byers served the church for almost four years.  He took charge of the work in the spring of 1895 and resigned in the fall of 1898, Rev. L. B. Lewellen, then a theological student, supplied for a few months and he was followed by Rev. A. T. Carr, who had charge of the work until February 1900.  Rev. H. C. Cockrum took charge of the work in the following June and continued as supply until the next May.  In June, 1901, an indefinite call, as to time, was extended to the present pastor, J. H. Norris, and was accepted.

During the history of the church, there have been eighty-seven infant baptisms administered as follows:  Dr. Gallagher, 70; R. C. Byers, 9; J. B. Miller, 1; A. T. Carr, 1; H. C. Cockrum, 2 and J. H. Norris, 4.  Adult baptisms have been ninety-four and were administered as follows:  Dr. Gallagher, 66; R. C. Byers, 10; A. T. Carr, 2; H. C. Cockrum, 5, and J. H. Norris, 11.




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