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One Hundred Years of the 

United Presbyterian Church Greenville


submitted by Sue Elliott




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reception and found a hearty desire on the part of the people to co-operate with him in his work.  The foundations of the parish had already been well and deeply laid in the hundred years of its existence a line of distinguished and able men had ministered to its growth.  What they were and what they did are elements in the church that life [live] today.  The results of a faithful pastorate can never be adequately known: the far reaching influence of a pastor's life and work in a community are not mere matters of statistics.  Upon us rests a great responsibility which is all the more urgent because of the faithfulness which belongs to the past.  We cannot sit still and simply enjoy the fruit of other men's labors.  We must


       "Forget the steps already trod,

         And onward urge our way."


The truest appreciation of past achievements are shown by those who are in living touch with the present and who lay wise plans for the future.  Since the present pastor [Rev. D. G. McKay] began his labors, much has been accomplished that gives him cause for gratitude.  There has been a steady growth in the number of communicants added.  Already



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Mrs. Hannah Kidd - 

died 1900



Mrs. Nettie Mitchell Christy - died 1900



Mrs. J. G. McFate



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