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In addition to geographical and other advantages which Sharon offers, is what might be termed an "endowed community." During the lifetime of Frank H. Buhl, he and Mrs. Buhl created Buhl Farm, a playground of 500 acres, containing a lake, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a free nine-hole golf course, a picnic grove and children’s playgrounds. There are five miles of beautiful drives and many other features. Everything in connection with the Buhl Farm is free to the public.   

Upon the death of Mr. Buhl the residue of his estate became available as a permanent endowment fund to be administered by the Board of Trustees of the F. H. Buhl Club. To this Board had been transferred the F. H. Buhl Farm and the F. H. Buhl Club property, together with a fund for the operation of the Farm. This is a self-perpetuating body and during the past few years has carried on a great many benefactions.

Sharon's Yesterdays and Tomorrows, 1935, pages 11-12

  Biography of Frank H. Buhl


  Buhl Hospital


Statues of Frank H. and Julia Forker Buhl in Buhl Park

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Buhl Park

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Buhl Park

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Swan at Buhl Park

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Lake Julia around 1900, submitted by Jack May  

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Casino and Club House

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Buhl Country Club 

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Buhl Farm Memorial Gardens

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Moonlight on Lake Julia 

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Frederick W. Koehler Plaque at Buhl Park

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