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How to Join Us/Our Ancestors

    We are descendants of those who fought in, were civil servants in, or helped finance the Revolutionary War. The easiest way to become a Daughter of the American Revolution is to join through the genealogy of a close relative who is a member.  If so, you may need only your birth and marriage certificates, and perhaps those of your parents.

    For the list of our ancestors, not necessarily yours, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.  If you find your ancestor among them, you are related to some of our members.  This list contains only the ancestors of members of our chapter.

    If your family lore tells of an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War, or provided patriotic service in some way during the Revolution by supplying food or clothing to American troops, or by signing an Oath of Allegiance, we can help you find him.  If you know his name, we can look him up in the Patriot Index.  If he is not there, it just means that no other Daughter has him as an ancestor.  He may have had a military pension.  This can be found.  It may take a bit of detective work.   The DAR library in Washington, DC, has a treasure trove of genealogical information.

    Our chapter's registrar can help you document your lineage.  She has experience in this area and knows what you will need and where to find the information.  Census and other records in the Pennsylvania Room at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh are a great help, too.

    If you think you may have a Revolutionary War ancestor, and that you might like to join our DAR chapter, please e-mail us and we will arrange for you to attend one of our meetings.

Our Ancestors

red=other states

 Jacob Alter PA
Godfrey Antrim NJ
J. Henry Armentrout VA
David Armstrong PA
Timothy Barnes CT
Joseph Barnett PA
Martin Bash, Sr. PA
Thomas Bayles-NY
Capt. Thomas Beale PA
Samuel Bertolet PA
John Michael Best PA
Benjamin Bill CT
Joseph Billings MA
Capt. James G. Blaine PA
Lt. Samuel Borland PA
Lt. Bernhard Bowman PA
Adam Brandhofer PA
Seth Zephaniah Bryan VA Benjamin Cable (Keable) PA
John Campbell PA
Philip Clinglesmith PA
Timothy Connor PA
Simon Cooley MA
Samuel Craig, Sr. PA
John A. Cribbs (Krebs) PA
Lt. Col. Hugh Davidson PA
Caleb Davis PA
Capt. John Diggs VA
Col. Matthew Dill PA
John Drummond PA
Thomas Dunlap PA
David Elder PA
Robert Elliot PA
Capt. Joseph Erwin (Irwin)
Michael Fenstermaker PA
Gerlach Paul Flick PA
Jacob Flick PA
Samuel Frampton PA
Ludwick Fry VA
Onesimus Futch SC
David Gardner, Jr. CT
David Gardner, Sr. CT
Isaac Gardner CT
John Gearhart PA
William Green PA
Capt. John Guthrie, Jr. PA
Francis Harbison PA
Abraham Harding, Jr. CT
Adam Hill PA
Simon Hine PA

Peter Heilman PA
Sec. Lt. Jacob Holtzinger PA
Ens. Marcus Hulings PA
Thomas Humphrey VA
James Hunter PA
William Iddings PA
William Jack PA
Joshua Jackson CT
Robert Jackson, Sr. PA
John Johnston PA
William Johnston PA
Robert A. Jordan NY
William Keene PA
Nickolas Kepple PA
Corp. Matthias King PA
Michael Kistler PA
Philip Klingensmith PA
John A. Krebs (Cribbs) PA
John Large NJ
Oiver Lawton RI
Mordecai Lincoln PA
Daniel Linsenbigler PA
Robert Lytle PA
Thomas Maze (Mays) SC
James McClatchey, Sr. PA
Alexander McCutcheon PA
James McCutcheon PA
John McDowell PA
Andrew McKee PA
John McMurray PA
James McQuilkin PA
James Miller PA
Corp. Thomas Miller DE
Mary McC. Milliken PA
Alexander Negley PA
George Nolf, PA
William Patterson PA 

Joseph Peck NY
John George Peiffer PA
Samuel Phipps, Sr. PA
Joseph Potter MA
Henry Redinger PA
Michael Redinger PA
George Reynolds PA
John Christian Ries PA
Casper Ripple PA
David Roberts PA
Lt. Michael Schall PA
Anthony Shaffer (Shaeffer) PA
George Shaffer, II, Jr. PA
Johannes Shearer PA
Nathan Shumway MA
Stephen Shumway MA
John Silvius PA
James Sterling CT
William Stitt, Jr. PA
William Stitt, Sr. PA
Joseph Studebaker PA
George Stuyvesant PA
Tobias Stuyvesant PA
Joseph Thorn PA
Isaac Wagle PA
George Waldhour, PA
John Walker PA
Robert Walker PA
Peter Wannamaker PA
James Watterson PA
Edward White NJ/PA
Maj. James Wilkins PA
Benjamin Williams PA
Jacob Wolfe PA

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