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Mifflin County Biographies
"History of the Juniata Valley and Its People, Vol. II" 1913

Strode M. McKee

In 1738, when a large number of Scotch-Irish Presbyterians came to Pennsylvania, there were several by the name McKee, who settled near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They later separated, some going to Virginia, others going to Western Pennsylvania and the far west, others remaining and settling in what is now Cumberland county, near Carlisle. One of these was Andrew (1), the ancestor of Strode M. McKee, of Lewistown. The first of this branch in the Juniata Valley was Andrew McKee, of the second generation in Pennsylvania. He was born and lived in Cumberland county until after the revolutionary war, in which he served.

Andrew (2), son of Andrew (1) McKee, was born in 1721. He served in the revolution and in his latter years left Cumberland county and came to the Juniata Valley, where he had one hundred and fifteen acres warranted to him December 9, 1784, lying in Granville township, Mifflin county, Pennsylvania. One hundred years later this farm was yet in the family, and owned by Harvey McKee. Andrew (2) married and had sons: Robert, (see below); Thomas and Andrew (3). Andrew (3) was born May 29, 1780, died December 6, 1849. He settled in Charlotteville, Albermarle county, Virginia, married Martha Cannon, born January 7, 1774, died September 13, 1829, and their son Robert, born August 1, 1810, died March 11, 1893.

Robert, son of Andrew (2) McKee, was born at Carlisle, Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, July 15, 1775, and died April 13, 1845. When he came to Mifflin county he rode on horseback, following an Indian trail, Lewistown at that time being a settlement consisting of four log houses. After his marriage he settled in Ferguson valley, two and a half miles northeast from Strode's Mills, where he followed his trade of blacksmith and became the owner of three farms. He married, July 5, 1810, Orpha Strode, born April 30, 1787, died September 22, 1876. Children: I. Andrew, born May 1, 1811, died December 30, 1905; married Applebaugh. 2. Catherine, born February 7, 1813, died in Indiana in 1855; married Robert Rothrock. 3. Robert Anderson, born April 29, 1815, died in July, 1898; married Annie Comfort. 4. Mary, born January 8, 1818, died in June, 1909, married Ashley Pierce. 5. Hannah, born July 31, 1820; married Johnson Sigler. 6. J. Strode, (see below). 7. Thomas Means, born July 12, 1825, died June 3, 1826. 8. Isaac Harvey, born September 8, 1827, died January 23, 1904; married Jane McKee.

J. Strode, son of Robert and Orpha (Strode) McKee, was born in Ferguson Valley, Mifflin county, Pennsylvania, December 21, 1822, died in October, 1909. He attended the public school and grew to manhood at the home farm, which later he inherited, passing his entire active life at the old McKee homestead. In his later years he lived in Lewistown, where he died. He was a Democrat, and both he and his wife were members of the Presbyterian church. He married, August 14, 1861, Lucy Amelia McKee, born in Center county, Pennsylvania, October 27, 1839, died November 7, 1905, daughter of Samuel and Jane (McKinney) McKee. Samuel McKee was born in the year 1800. died in November, 1867. He married, June 7, 182 1, Jane McKinney, born in October, 1802, died in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, July 19, 1887. They resided in the Nittany valley, Center county, Pennsylvania; he was a farmer. Children of Samuel and Jane (McKinney) McKee: 1. Sarah Taylor, born May 14, 1822, died February 24, 1825. 2. Betsey, born November 13, 1824, died February 3, 1825. 3. Eliza, born January 18, 1826, deceased ; married John McKee. 4. Rachel, born February 24, 1828, deceased; married James Martin. 5. William, born September 17, 1831, deceased; married Rebecca Fritz. 6. Jane, born July 2, 1834, died April 4, 1904; married Harvey McKee. 7. Caroline, born May 26, 1837, died in 1857; married Hannawalt. 8. Lucy Amelia, of previous mention, married J. Strode McKee. 9. John Luther, born March 22, 1846; went west and was never after heard from. Children of J. Strode and Lucy A. (McKee) McKee: 1. Samuel Bruce, born July 6, 1863, deceased. 2. Strode McKinney, (see below). 3. Hattie Blanche, born March 19, 1869, killed at Lewistown Junction by a train of cars, February 2, 1903.

Strode McKinney, son of J. Strode and Lucy Amelia (McKee) McKee, was born in Ferguson valley, Mifflin county, Pennsylvania, July 3, 1867. He was educated in the public school of the valley, Lewistown high school and Lewistown Academy. He engaged in farming until 1904, then moved to Lewistown and in 1910 was appointed rural mail carrier. He owns the homestead farm in Ferguson valley, also the dwellings at No. 209 West Market street, and No. 126 Valley street, in Lewistown. In politics he is a Democrat, and is a member of the Patriotic Order Sons of America.

He married, November 15, 1892, Ella May Davis, born in Perry county, Pennsylvania, February 2, 1867, daughter of Luke and Ann (Clark) Davis. Luke Davis was born in Walker township, Juniata county, Pennsylvania, in 1838, son of Judah and Charlotte Davis, who came to Juniata county, from Berks county, Pennsylvania, by wagon. Luke Davis served three years in the war between the states, and now resides with his children, Mrs. Ella May McKee and son Ross, the latter a train despatcher at Altoona for the Pennsylvania railroad. Ann (Clark) Davis, mother of Mrs. McKee, died March 3, 1906; she was a daughter of Thomas and Ann (Rumbaugh) Clark, pioneers of Bloomfield, Perry county. Children of Strode McKinney and Ella May (Davis) McKee: 1. Helen Davis, born June 13, 1893. 2. Robert Lee, born October 22, 1894. 3. Charles Davis, January 14, 1896. 4. Joseph Andrew, January 25, 1899. 5. Mary Catherine, May 21, 1900. 6. Samuel Strode, April 30, 1905. The family residence is at No. 209 West Market street, Lewistown.

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