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Mifflin County Directories
1832 Gazetteer of Pennsylvania
Mifflin County Entries

[Transcriber's note: this gazetteer was compiled over 180 years ago, and names and boundaries have changed much since then. Some of these places may not be found on modern maps.]

Mifflin county, was formed by virtue of the act 19th September, 1789, from parts of Cumberland and Northumberland counties, and is bounded N. by Centre, E. by Union, S. by Juniata, and S. W. and W. by Huntingdon counties. Length 39 miles, breadth 15 miles. Its form is very irregular, and it may contain about 301 sq. ms.

This county is near the centre of the great transition formation of the state. It is surrounded by mountains, and traversed by several ranges of lofty hills. Crossing it from the S. we have Blue ridge, N. of which flows Juniata river, through Juniata valley, bounded northward by Limestone ridge. Jack's mountain, Stoney mountain, and Path Valley mountain. The whole of this mountainous region is underlaid with limestone, which, being near and on the surface in the valleys, renders them highly fertile. Iron ore abounds in many parts of the county, but more particularly in Union, Derry, and Wayne townships. Its quality is that well known and highly apprecialed, as Juniata iron. In the limestone valleys there are some caves, such as are common in limestone countries. That in Wayne township, called Hannewal's cave, is, we believe, the most extensive, having a depth of more than 100 rods. Considerable quaniilies of saltpetre have been obtained from it at sundry times.

The Juniata river enters this county from Huntingdon county, through Jack's mountain, below Drake's ferry, and forms the S. W. boundary for 7 or 8 miles, pursuing a S. E. course, then doubling by a narrow turn of 2 or 3 miles, it runs a N. E. course by Hamiltonville, Waynesborough, and Lewistown, to the Long Narrows, through which it flows into Juniata co. Its whole course through the county is about 35 miles in length. It receives from the county the Kishcoquillas and Jack's creeks, and several inconsiderable streams. The Pennsylvania canal follows the river through the co. keeping the right bank, for about 5 miles below Jack's mountain, thence crossing by an aqueduct to the left, near to Hamiltonville, it preserves that margin, giving to Waynesburg and Lewistown the advantages of its navigation.

The great western turnpike road, by the northern route, also follows the valley of the Juniata, and passing the towns of Lewis and Waynesburg, runs through the gap, at Jack's mountain. Another turnpike road leads from Lewistown to Bellefonte in Centre co. by which much of the iron of the latter county is conveyed to the Juniata river.

The towns of the county are Lewistown, Waynesburg, Hamiltonville, Belleville, Calhounsville, and McCollester'stown, &c. &c.

The whole population amounted in 1800, to 7000; in 1810, to 12,132; in 1820, to 16,618, and in 1830, exclusive of Juniata county, to 14,323. The taxables in 1828, were 2395.

There are in the county 9 churches, of which the Presbyterians have 5 or 6, the Methodists 2, and Episcopalians 1. There are a county Bible association, several tract societies, Sunday schools in such vicinages as admit of them, and a temperance society in each township. Common schools are established where needed, and usually well attended. An academy was incorporated at Lewistown in 1815, and endowed with the sum of $2000 by the state, and the expense of educating the poor under the laws of the commonwealth, amounts to $1400 annually. There are 2 newspapers published weekly at Lewistown, viz.: the Mifflin Eagle and Juniata Gazette.

The manufactures of the county, with the exception of flour and iron, claim little consideration. There are 3 furnaces and 1 forge. The principal exports are wheat flour, whiskey and iron. The quantity of wheat sent to market, has been estimated at 400,000 bushels, and that of iron at about 2500 tons. The state of agriculture is respectable and daily improving. The average price of improved lands of the best quality, in Armagh and Union townships more especially, is about 40 dollars the acre; in other parts of the county from 25 to 30 dollars the acre. There are no unimproved lands save the mountains, and they are of little worth.

The public buildings consist of the court house and county offices, built of brick, a prison of stone, an academy of brick, and the churches we have already mentioned.

Mifflin, Juniata, Huntingdon, Centre and Clearfield counties, form the 12th congressional district, sending 1 member to congress; Mifflin, Juniata, Huntingdon and Cambria counties, the 17th senatorial district, sending 1 member to senate; Mifflin and Juniata together, elect 2 members to the house of representatives. Mifflin, Juniata, Huntingdon and Centre, make the 4th judicial district, over which Thomas Burnside, Esq. presides.

Post Office / Post Master, 1832
Allensville, Christopher Horrel
Belleville, Francis McCoy
Brown's Mills, John Norris
East Waterford, Enoch L. Anderson
Lewistown, M. J. Walters
McAllesterville, Hugh Wilson
McVeytown, Richard Miles
Mexico, James Thompson
Mifflintown, David Crawford
Newtown Hamilton, Samuel Thompson
Oakland Mills, David McClure
Richfield, John Wallis
Thompsontown, John McGary
Tuscarora Valley, James Milliken
(The) Valley, William Thompson
Waterloo, William H. Patterson

Armagh, township, Mifflin co. bounded N. by the Path Valley mtn. which divides it from Centre co, E. by Union Co. S. by Jack's mtn. and W. by Union township. Centrally distant from Lewistown 12 ins. N. E. Greatest length 22 ms. breadth 6. Area 66,560 acres; surface mountainous, with fine valleys; soil in the valleys, limestone. Taxable pop. 428. The township is covered with knobs and ridges, and is drained by the Great and Little Kishicoquillas creeks, which unite in a gorge of Jack's mtn. through which runs the turnpike road from Lewistown to Bellefonte. The Kishicoquillas valley extends nearly half through the township from W. to E.

Allensville, post office Mifflin co. 84 miles S. W. of Harrisburg.

Belleville, post town Mifflin co. in Union township, on the E. side of Stone mtn. 169 ms. N. W. from Washington and 77 from Harrisburg, contains 15 or 20 dwellings, 2 stores and 3 taverns.

Brown's Mills, post town Mifflin co. 167 ms. N. W. of Washington 60 from Harrisburg.

Calhounsville, or McAllisterville, post town, Mifflin co., on the line dividing Greenwood township from Fermanagh, about 15 ms. N. E. from Lewistown. It lies at the foot of a mountain, girded by Cocalimus and Lost creeks, 158 ms. from Washington and 51 from Harrisburg. It is a small place of some half dozen houses.

Decatur, township, Mifflin co. bounded N. by Armagh township, E. by Union county, S. by Greenwood township, and W. by Derry township, centrally distant N. E. from Lewistown 14 miles; greatest length 13, breadth 9 miles; area, 55,680 acres; surface mountainous; soil, slate and gravel. Jack's mountain is on the N. and Shade's mountain on the S. boundaries, and Limestone and Black Oak ridges are in the interval. Jack's creek has its source in the N. E. confines of the township, and flows S. W. about 20 miles into the Juniata river, about one mile below Lewistown.

Derry, township, Mifflin co, bounded N. E. by Decatur and Fermanagh townships, S. E. by Milford township, S. W. by Wayne township, and N. W. by Jacks mountain, which seperates it from Union and Armagh township; greatest length 12, breadth 8 miles; area 34, 560 acres. Lewistown, the county town, lies on the river Juniata, at the foot of Limestone ridge; north of which, and S. of Jack's mountain, is Ferguson's valley. The Kishcoquilla creek flows S. through the township, into the river at Lewistown, and Jack's creek S. W. uniting with the river, about a mile below the town. The turnpike road from Duncans island to Huntingdon, runs W. through the town, and the turnpike road to Bellefonte, runs N. from it.

Greenwood, township, Mifflin co. bounded N. by Shade mountain and West Mahantango creek, which separate it from Union county, E. by the Susquehannah river, S. by Turkey ridge which divides it from Perry co. and W. by Fermanagh township. Centrally distant from Lewiston E. 21 miles; greatest length 17, breadth 10 miles; area, 72,320 acres. It is drained S. by Cocalimus creek which flows into the Juniata river, and E. by W. Mahantango which runs into the Susquehannah. Turkey valley runs along the S. boundary on the N. of Turkey ridge. Ridgeville, post town lies in the N, part of the township, on the Mahantango creek, embosomed by mountains, and Calhounsville, post town, is on the W, line.

Hamiltonville, or Newtown Hamilton, post town of Wayne township, Mifflin co., upon the W. bank of the Juniata r., and upon the state canal, at the S. end of the Juniata valley, 21 ms. S. W. of Lewistown, and 10 ms. from Waynes, burg. The town until the spring of 1828, contained only four huts, since that time, owing to the impulse given by the construction of the state canal, which passes through the town, many improvements have been made. There are now here some 20 houses, several stores and public houses,

Horreltown, Union township, Mifflin co. lies in the Kishicoquillas valley, contains 25 or 30 houses, 2 taverns and 2 stores.

Jack's mountain, a ridge of the Allegheny range, rises in Springfield township, Huntingdon co. and extends 70 miles, through Centre, Mifflin, and Union counties, to Penn's creek, near New Berlin.

Jack's creek, rises at the foot of Jack's mountain on the confines of Decatur township, Mifflin co. and flows S. W. about 20 miles to the Juniata river, about one mile below Lewiston, receiving in its course Bell's run and Meadow run.

Kishcoquillas creeks, Big and Little. The first rises in Armagh township, Mifflin Co. by several branches, which uniting near the centre of the township, flow S. W. along the N. foot of Jack's mountain. The latter rises in Union township, and flows N. E. along the same side of the mountain, to meet the first in a ravine, through which the blended streams flow S. through Derry township, to the Juniata river at Lewistown. They are rapid mountain streams, admirably adapted to mill works, and have some mills upon them.

Kishcoquillas valley, extends from the middle of Henderson township, Huntingdon co. N. E. through Union township, Mifflin co. into Armagh township. It is in length about 26 miles. It is drained by the Great and Little Kishcoquillas creeks. Bounded E. by Jack's mountain, by the Stoney and Path mountains.

Lewistown, post town borough and seat of justice of Mifflin CO. on the N. side of the Juniata river, and Kishcoquillas creek, 55 miles N. W. of Harrisburg and 162 from Phila., and 154 miles E. from Pittsburg. The state canal runs through this town, and its citizens appropriately celebrated the opening of the navigation upon it on the 5th Nov. 1829. The town increases rapidly, and has made great advances since the adoption by the state of its great system of canal navigation. The turnpike road from Duncans Island to Huntingdon, runs W. through it, and the turnpike to Bellefonte, in Centre CO. proceeds N. from it. A copious mineral spring rises on the farm of J. Milliken, Esq., adjoining the town. The town consists of 3 streets, crossed by 4 or 5 others at right angles, and has about 300 dwellings, many of them of brick. The court house and public offices, large and commodious of brick, stand in an open square near the centre of the town. There are here 3 churches, several schools, and an academy.

Limestone ridge, Mifflin county, rises in Wayne township, and runs N. E. through Derry and Decatur townships, to the confines of Union county, having a length of about 32 miles.

Lost creek, Fermanagh township, Mifflin Co, rises in the township by several branches, and flows into the Juniata r. about 2 ms. above the t. of Mifflin.

McVeytown, post town of Mifflin Co., 150 miles from Washington and 66 from Harrisburg.

Mahantango, West, creek, rises on the confines of Union and Mifflin cos., and runs S. W. about 12 miles into the Susquehannah river, forming in part the boundary line between the two counties.

Mexico, post town of Fermanagh township, Mifflin Co. on the left bank of the Juniata river, on the state canal and on the turnpike road leading from Lewiston E. about 16 miles from that town, 147 from Washington, and 40 from Harrisburg, contains between 40 and 50 dwellings, 3 or 4 taverns and 2 stores.

Oakland Mills, post office, Mifflin Co., 148 ms. from Washington and 41 from Harrisburg.

Perrysville, village of Mifflin co., consists of about 15 dwellings, 1 tavern, and 2 or 3 stores.

Richfield, post office, Mifflin co., 168 ms. N. W. from W. C, and 61 from Harrisburg.

Ridgeville, post town, Greenwood township, Mifflin Co., on the S. side of W. Mahantango creek, embosomed by mtns., and on the road from Calhounsville to Selin's grove, about 25 ms. N. E. of Lewistown.

Thompsonstown, post town, Fermanagh township, Mifflin co., on the Juniata r. and state canal, and on the turnpike road leading from Lewistown eastward, and about 25 ms. from that town; 141 ms. from W. C, and 34 from Harrisburg; contain between 40 and 50 dwellings, 3 taverns and 2 or 3 stores.

Tuscarora mountain, a noted ridge, of the Appalachian system, which may be considered as commencing at the Potomac river in Maryland, and running N. E. near 70 miles, forms the E. boundary of Bedford, Huntingdon and Mifflin counties.

Tuscarora, township, Mifflin co., formerly a part of Lack township; surface mountainous; soil, in the valleys, limestone; pop. in 1830, 827; taxables in 1828, 195.

Valley, (the), post office of Mifflin co., 171 ms. from Washington, and 64 from Harrisburg.

Walker, township, Mifflin co.; surface mountainous, with fine valleys,in which is a productive limestone soil. Pop. in 1830, 1379; taxables in 1828, 401.

Wayne, township, Milllin co., bounded in. R. by Derry and Milford townships, S. E. by Lack township, and by the Juniata r., which also bounds it on the S. and S. W., separating it from Huntingdon CO., N. W. by Jack's mtn. which divides it from that co. and from Union township. The Juniata r. running N. W., divides the township into two unequal parts. On the E. side, nearly parallel with the r., runs Blue ridge. On the W., between the r. and Limestone ridge, is the Juniata valley, and between Limestone ridge and Jack's mtn. are Long Hollow, and Ferguson's valley. The turnike road join Lewistown to Huntingdon, runs S. W, through the township. On the road, and on the W. bank of the river, and on the state canal, lies the post town of Waynesburg. Hamiltonville lies in the south part of the township.

Waynesburg, town, Wayne township, Mifflin CO., on the W. bank of the Juniata r., on the state canal, and on the turnpike road leading from Lewistown to Huntingdon, in the Juniata valley, and 11 ms, S. W. of Lewistown; contains 25 or 30 dwellings, 1 Presbyterian church, 5 stores, 5 taverns, and 1 grist mill.

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