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Mifflin County Directories
"Atlas of Perry, Juniata and Mifflin Counties, Pennsylvania", 1877
Business Notices


GROVE, J, Manufacturer of Wagons and Sleighs; General Repairing of all descriptions; Dealer in Tobacco, Cigars, and Notions, P.O. Siglerville
MACLAY, Samuel, Physician, P.O. Milroy
McCLINTIC, Hugh, Proprietor, Milroy Mills and Grain Dealer, P.O. Milroy
McCLINTIC, S A, Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, Hats, Caps, Boots Shoes, Notions, Drugs, and General Merchandise Lumber and Shingles, P.O. Siglerville
SWARTZELL, J, Surveyor, P.O. Siglerville
UNDERWOOD, Isaac and Co, Manufacturers of all kinds White Oak, Hemlock, White and Yellow Pine Lumber, Shingles and Lath, and Dealer in Doors, Door Frames, Sash, Blinds, Brackets, and General Merchandise, P.O. Milroy


BELL, J M, Principal, Kishacoquillas Seminary, P.O. Kishacoquillas
MANN W Jr and Co, Successors to Wm Mann Jr & Co Manufacturers of Axe and Edge Tools P.O. Lewistown
TAYLOR, Gen J P, Farmer, P.O. Reedsville
ZOOK, C C, Farmer, Reedsville


MYERS, Abraham, Resident, P.O. Mattawanna
ZOOK, I M, Farmer, P.O. Mattawanna


BENFER, George, Farmer, P.O. McClare, Snyder County
FISHER, F M, Postmaster and Dealer in General Merchandise, P.O. Painterville
INGRAM, A M, Farmer and Justice of the Peace, P.O. Decatur
LASH, F, Farmer, P.O. Decatur
MILLER, F H, Farmer, P.O. Soradoville
MILLER, S H, Farmer, P.O. Soradoville
ORR, W A, Farmer, P.O. Wagner
REIGEL, George, Retired Farmer, P.O. Painterville
SIPE, Franklin, Carpenter and Builder, Owner of Stone Building at Wagner Station, to be sold or rented on reasonable terms, P.O. Wagner
WRAY, James, Farmer, P.O. Decatur
WRAY, John, Farmer, P.O. Decatur


How, Wm, Clergyman German Baptist, P.O. Maitland


BATES, George, Real Estate Agent, P.O. Lewistown
BROWNE, N Foster, Principal Academy, P.O. Lewistown
BEAR, J D L, Propr. National House, P.O. Lewistown
BRATTON, W C, Dealer in Grain, Flour and Feed, Agricultural Implements, Rough and Hewn Lumber, Shingles, etc, P.O. Lewistown
COPLIN, W B B, Register and Recorder, P.O. Lewistown
COLEMAN, Wm W, Propr. Coleman House, P.O. Lewistown
ELDER, George W, Attorney, P.O. Lewistown
FRYSINGER, George L, Editor, Lewistown Gazette, P.O. Lewistown
FELIX, W H, Manufacturer and Dealer in Furniture and Undertaker, P.O. Lewistown
GOODHART & HOUTZ, Dry Goods, Iron Front Store, P.O. Lewistown
HAMILTON, John & Son, Insurance Agency, P.O. Lewistown
McCLINTIE, R H, Manufacturer and Dealer in Furniture and Undertaker, P.O. Lewistown
McFADDEN, J, Dealer in Drugs, Groceries, Provisions, Books, Stationery, etc No 8 East Market St, Lewistown
PARKER, J W, Attorney, P.O. Lewistown
SPETH, W F, Homeopathich Physician, P.O. Lewistown
STROHM, W H, Attorney at Law, P.O. Lewistown
WALTERS, H J, Attorney at Law, Editor and Propr. Democrat Sentinel, P.O. Lewistown


AURAND, Isaac, Farmer, P.O. Lewistown
AURAND, Harrison, Farmer, P.O. Lewistown
BROUGHT, W H, Farmer, P.O. Lewistown
BROUGHT, John H Farmer, P.O. Lewistown
BROUGHT, J Irvin, Farmer, P.O. Lewistown
McKEE, George, Farmer, P.O. Strode's Mills
McKEE, J Strode, Farmer, P.O. Strode's Mills


CONTNER, D M, Resident, P.O. Menno
PEACHEY, Jonathan, Farmer, P.O. Menno
PEACHEY, J A, Farmer, P.O. Menno
WELLER, George, Proprietor, Tannery P.O. Menno
WILSON, J T, Farmer, P.O. Belleville


APPLEBAUGH, R T, Farmer and Dealer in Choice Fruits, Apples and Specialty, Having from 700 to 1500 bushels annually I am prepared to fill all orders; Lovers of fruit would do well to visit this Farm; Shipments made to any point desired Orders by mail promptly filled P.O. McVeytown
BRATTON, Wm R Farmer P.O. McVeytown
BRATTON, M C Farmer, P.O. McVeytown
BRATTON, R E Farmer, P.O. McVeytown
FORGY, Robt Jr Farmer, P.O. McVeytown
GARVER, Mary C Resident, P.O. McVeytown
GARVER, Abraham Dealer in Groceries, Confectionaries, Tobacco, Cedarware, Queensware, Stationary, School Books, etc P.O. McVeytown
HORNING, Albert, Farmer P.O. McVeytown
HANAWALT, J S, Proprietor, Summit Dale Nurseries and Fruit Gardens I have good selections of Fruit and Ornamental Trees constantly on hand P.O. McVeytown
KINSEL, J A Farmer, P.O. McVeytown
KINSEL, M F H, Farmer, P.O. McVeytown
KIMBERLY, A J Farmer, P.O. McVeytown
LEFFARD, Adam, Farmer, P.O. McVeytown
MACKLIN & GILMORE, Proprietors, Keystone Broom Factory Manufacturers Best Brooms and Whisks P.O. McVeytown
MACKLIN W & Son, Dealers in Dry Goods, Notions, Fancy Goods, Hardware, Queensware, Hollowware, Willowware, Glassware, Ready-Make Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Paints, Oils, and everything usually found in a first-class Store P.O. McVeytown
McVEY, Mary K, Resident, P.O. McVeytown
NAFZINGER, D Farmer, P.O. McVeytown
PINCENS, J W & Son, Manufacturers of Steam Engines, Mill Gearing of all kinds, Agriculturel Implements, General Machine Work and Repairs P.O. McVeytown
ROSS, John, Owner, Ross Ore Bank, McVeytown Gap, one mile north of McVeytown Black Carbonite Ore, Lower depths of Veins, here this specimen alternates with Shale, and including the Yellow Hematite, measures from 24 to 28 feet; This is one of the most remarkable Ore Banks in the Commonwealth There being but one exceeding it in thickness and actual worth P.O. McVeytown
ROSS, William, Resident, McVeytown
RUBLE, M M, Farmer, Manufacturer and Dealer in Lime A supply always on hand and sold at market rates, also Owner of Sand Bank Sand Suitable for Manufacture of Glass, A No 1 Quality Speculators would do well to investigate; Orders promptly filled Residence and Kiln in Little Valley, P.O. McVeytown
RUBLE, G S, Farmer, P.O. McVeytown
STINE, J F, Farmer, P.O. McVeytown
SWARTZ, J A, Physician, Surgeon, and Druggist, Office and Residence, Corner Water and John Sts P.O. McVeytown
WILSON, Wm, Farmer, P.O. McVeytown
WAKEFIELD, A W, Farmer, P.O. McVeytown


CAMPBELL, R M, Pastor, Presbyterian Church, P.O. Belleville
GARDNER, W C, School Superintendent, P.O. Belleville
YODER, C G, Farmer, P. O. Belleville
ZOOK, J S, Farmer, P.O. Belleville
ZOOK, J D, Proprietor, Tannery, P.O. Belleville


COLWELL, J T, Farmer P.O. Newton Hamilton
CASNER, Jacob, Dealer in dry and fancy goods, Notions and everything pertaining to a first-class Country Store; Trading on a cash basis with my experience enables me to defy competition; Give me a call and be convinced, P.O. Shanks Run
COULTER, Geo W, Farmer P.O. Atkinson's Mill
DYSART, J C, Farmer, P.O. Newton Hamilton
EWING, S, Proprietor Carriage and Wagon Shop New Work and Repairing of all kinds done to order, Satisfaction Guaranteed; I am also prepared to do all kinds of undertaking Business and Residence, Corner High and Front sts P.O. Newton Hamilton
FORGY, D S, Farmer P.O. Newton Hamilton
HEISTER, David, Proprietor Grist and Merchant Mill Flour, Feed, and all kinds of Mill Goods always on hand and sold at lowest market rates, P.O. Newton Hamilton
JENKINS, David, Retired Farmer, P.O. Newton Hamilton
KINSLOE, R M and Son, Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hardware, Hats, and everything else P.O. Newton Hamilton
KAUFFMAN, JR, Watchman PRR P.O. Shank's Run
KINER, John, Farmer, P.O. Atkinson's Mills
LUKENS, W B, Manufacturer and Dealer in Grain, Flour, Feed, and Lumber P.O. Atkinson's Mill
MILLER, J D, Farmer P.O. Newton Hamilton
MCVEY, J R, Farmer, P.O. Newton Hamilton
MILLER, John, Retired Farmer P.O. Newton Hamilton
MORRISON, E, Retired Farmer, P.O. Newton Hamilton
MCDOWELL, J, Retired Farmer P.O. Newton Hamilton
NORTON, Felix, Retired Framer, P.O. Newton Hamilton
POSTLETHWAIT, John, Farmer P.O. Newton Hamilton
POMEROY, S W, Pastor, Presbyterian Church P.O. Newton Hamilton
POSTLETHWAIT, L V, Dealer in Dry Goods, Notions, Fancy Goods, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Hardware, Queensware, Glassware, and General Merchandise; Doing business on a cash basis; I am prepared to offer superior inducements to buyers, P.O. Newton Hamilton
PENNEPACKER, E, Farmer, P.O. Newton Hamilton
PECHT, John E, Dealer in Dry Goods, Notions, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Groceries, and General Merchandise Produce taken in exchange for Goods; Terms low as the lowest P.O. Shanks Run
SHADE, Phillip, Farmer, P.O. Newton Hamilton
THOMAS, B B, Manufacturer, Pig Iron Chas E Lockett, Supt P.O. Mount Union, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania
WHARTON, G B, Farmer and Proprietor Saw Mill P.O. Newton Hamilton
WILSON, MAJ Wm, Farmer and Aprarian; The Major is said to be the oldest inhabitant now living, born in Mifflin County during the 18th Century, P.O. Newton Hamilton
WITHRON, D, Owner, Beaver Dam Mills Flour, Feed and all kinds of Mill Goods always on hand and sold at lowest market rates; Also Lumber of all kinds sawed to order; I have on hand a choice lot of lumber and am prepared to fill all orders at prices that defy competition, P.O. Newton Hamilton

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