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Mifflin County Family Files
"The Sigler Family of Mifflin County"
Raymond Martin Bell, 1958

(note: instead of transcribing this little book, I have placed scans of the pages here, with the surnames extracted so that they can be found on the search engine)

Origin of family Other names: Ziegler, Bonn, Bunn, Eberts, Jung, Behl, Ohlbach

"Long Meadow," Derry Twp. Other names: Coxe, Parshall, Brown, Corbit

Capture of George, Jr. Other names: Baum, Means, Glasgow, Bell

Capture of George, Jr., con't. Other names: Parschal

Children Other names: Bunn, Van Horn, Osborn, Carson

Van Horns and Bunns Other names: Parleman, Brittolz, Ellis, Rockafeller, Raub, Carhart, Rittenhouse, Foster, Lincoln

Maps of Decatur Twp. Other names: Bell

Sigler Lands in Mifflin Co. Other names: Gross, Powell, Jones, McDade, Dyer, Marshall, Barclay, Dicas, Blaine, Bartram, Buchanan

Family outline, page 1 Other names: none

Family outline, page 2 Other names: "Osborn, Krepps, Riden, Leinstetter, Ort, Sterret, Fisher, Aitkin, Thompson, Snyder, Townsend, Stoneroad, Waters, Streeter, Gottfried, Montooth, Mathias, Walters, White, Keel, Bair, Irvin "

Family outline, page 3 Other names: Munsie, Shively, Feisel, Farrar, Liston, Searer, Maxwell, Myers, Bunn, Bell, Beatty, Hinds, Martin, Anderson, Kinsloe, Knight, Blackburn, Haller, Alexander, Hamilton, Hinds, Huffman, David, Bates, Steiner, Caldwell

Family outline, page 4 Other names: Horick, Barga, Ritz, Miller, Townsend, Ingram, Bubb, Harper, McNitt, Stine, Baker, McClellan, Wagner, Freed, Bailey, Rothrock, Sieber

Family outline, page 5 Other names: Van Horn, Matthews, Hannawalt, Campbell, Barron, Bailey, Meech, Burkholder, McAuley, Sterret, Coder, Kelley, Foltz, Wynekoop

Family outline, page 6 Other names: Van Horn, Stoneroad, Wallace, Patterson, Norton, Hunter, Connell, Sterret, Bell, Bratton, Young, Muthersbaugh, Mulholland, Gallagher, Alexander, Brennan, Wendenhall, Lind, Jones

Family outline, page 7 Other names: Gaiyer, Ross, McKee, Strode, Martin, Long, Doak, Hartswick, Aitkins, Beezer, Carson, Mitchell, Hester, Kuenzli, Lea, Coons, Ives, Winter, Ulrich, Ehman, Price, Cook, Bauer, Welge

Family outline, page 8 Other names: Niederhauser, Berkley, McCloskey, Kinsloe, Yingling, Dunmire, Murray, Henderson, Hopper, Cubbison, Wagner, Jackson, Himmelwright, Ettinger

Family outline, page 9 Other names: Bunn, Eckel, Hunt, Crawford, Creveling, Ferguson, Jones, Richardson, Jeffers, Alpaugh, Cole, Smith, Van Syckle, Johnson, Gravenstine, Kintzing

Family outline, page 10 Other names: Sterret, Steele, Kinsel, Logan, Peach, Martin, Hill, Birkel, Stine, Mertiz, Martin, Rimer, Raymond, Higley, Shively, Leatherman, Meyers

Family outline, page 11 Other names: Avery, Ward, McCullough, Dillon, Stroup, Mertz, Goss, Gray, Fleming, Frazee, Bangert, Landacre, Williams, Shuey, McBee, Bowerize, Bashford, Connaway, Gearhard

Family outline, page 12 Other names: Sample, Krotzer, Swartzell, Engle, Soult, Wyss, Myers, Haublitizel, Walker, Dotts

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